Best 30 Amp EMS For RV Reviews And Buying Guide-2022

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RV electrical systems are very delicate. If these systems are not properly taken care of they can put a hole in your pocket. EMS helps in protecting the RV against voltage fluctuations, sudden surges, and acts as the first line of defense. In this guide, you will get to know about the best 30 amp ems for RV and much more. You will also learn about the differences and choose the best-suited product for yourself. EMS protects the RV from sudden voltage surges and other electrical damages. When you’re connected to a substandard electric supply, it could spell trouble for your various devices and gadgets, not to consider the batteries of your RV itself.

So, what is the best 30 amp EMS for RV? If there are any surges or spikes, it could produce unimaginable harm to your stuff, and no one wants that. Luckily, RV surge protectors are here to support. These devices allow you to connect into any outlet without the persistent concern that your gadgets could get fried in the process. Progressive Industries HW30C 30 Amp Hardwired EMS-HW30C RV Surge & Electrical Protector is the overall winner in this list due to its value for money and superior performance. It comprises of all the major modern technologies at a very genuine price.

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How to choose the best 30 amp eMS for RV?

An EMS is a machine that identifies flaws in the power supply and rectifies unexpected peaks of electricity to protect your recreational vehicle and its accessories. It’s a vital tool for every RV buyer, whether you use your RV frequently or once in a blue moon. It barely takes just one poor link to the pedestal power supply at a campsite to sizzle all your stuff. Our article studies into some of the safest RV voltage guards for your inner satisfaction.

For choosing the best EMS for your needs you have to take many things into consideration like as:



LEDs work as signs or warnings for any inconsistencies with power supply that can cause harm to your devices. This indicator also warn the user whenever the surge protector is not working or needs to be changed. Besides, the LED lights should be sharp enough and simple to see even at daylight.


Earlier variants of surge protectors had to close down abruptly whenever there was power surge. To solve this issue, recent variants use indicative mechanisms to recognize problems in power supply and provide you warnings in case something’s not normal. This characteristic is useful, particularly during working out new camping parks and you want to understand if the pedestal is assembled correctly before connecting your devices.


The most reliable surge protectors offer protection from voltage fluctuation, power rushes, and even for mis-wirings. The security here relies on how quickly the power unit can terminate the power whenever a sudden fluctuation occurs and the amount of energy it can manage without getting sizzled. Though, if surge guard provides a fast cut off device, then the energy rating won’t matter



surge protectors should be of the correct amperage that meets most things in your recreational vehicle. Most designs use as much amperage possible, and if they fail, the equipment will undergo overheating and end up frying up the system.

What Are The Best 30 amp EMS for rV?

Here are some of the best 30 amp EMS for RV we found:

1. Best Travel Surge Protector:Progressive Industries HW30C RV 30 Amp surge protector ems2. Best Portable Surge Protector: Portable RV Surge Protector Portable EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector3. Best Surge Protector Brands:PROGRESSIVE INDUSTRIES EMSHW30C 30 amp RV Surge Protector4. Best Surge Protector For Electronics: PROGRESSIVE INDUSTRIES EMSLCHW30 Surge Protector

1. Best Travel Surge Protector: Progressive Industries HW30C RV 30 Amp surge protector ems

Salient Feature

  • Amps/Volts: 30A/120V
  • Surge Rating: 44,000A max spike/ 1,790 joules
  • Response Time: < 1 nanosecond (10⁻⁹ second)
  • Indication: Remote Digital Display
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection:
  • Faults: Open Hot Indication, Open Ground Protection, Open Neutral Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Mounting Style: Vehicle Hardwired
  • Weather Resistant Cover Included: 
  • UL/ CSA Certified:

This EMS provides full protection of your RV against all kind of adverse situations. The security provided is amongst the top of the industry standards. You will have no problem and feel secure against frequent voltage surges, power, and polarity. Each system comprises a digital presentation scrolling continuously through power source knowledge. The product has accidental 240V protection. There is a surge failure indicator. It is UL certified and Canadian standard approved. A state-of-the-art microprocessor presents assurity, all time, even when you’re distant from your RV. The product also comes with lifetime warranty which is very useful for electrical appliances.

The design emphasizes intelligent technology that can be used to identify and counter properly to reverse polarity, open ground, and open neutral situations.

The system has a digital layout and scrolling that gives the information on failure codes, current, and voltage.


  • A/C Frequency Protection
  • Time Delay is only 136 seconds.
  • Product is Field Serviceable.
  • Lifetime Warranty is available
  • Best value for money.
  • Surge protection in 3 mode available.


  • Warranty gets void on self-installation.
  • Occasionally makes a buzzing sound.

2. Best Portable Surge Protector: Portable RV Surge Protector Portable EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector

Salient Feature

  • Amps/Volts: 30A/120V
  • Surge Rating: 44,000A max spike/ 1,790 joules
  • Response Time: < 1 nanosecond (10⁻⁹ second)
  • Indication: Integrated Digital Display
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection: 
  • Faults: Open Hot Indication, Open Ground Protection, Open Neutral Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Mounting Style: Power Pedestal
  • Weather Resistant Cover Included: ✓
  • UL/ CSA Certified: 

It is specially devised for outdoor use and is weather-resistant and thermal proof. Its built-in polarity checker continuously monitors the status of the power to assure there are no issues. The unit has three bright LED signs that let you know if the setting is good. Complete directions are written on the face telling the color the indicator lights display to show various electric problems. Its sturdy pull handle makes for simple connection and disconnection. The device comes with rugged pull handle. You can also use it in all weather conditions as it has inbuilt all weather shield assembly which is a great news for the RV enthusiasts. It is hardwiredand provide the highest level of protection from electrical surges and voltage problems. The response time is even less than one nanosecond.


  • Weather Resistant: It is all weather proof.
  • Security Locking Bracket: It gives you complete peace of mind.
  • Specially designed for recreational vehicles with rugged pull handle.
  • In built scrolling digital display is available.
  • Portable deign: easy installation..


  • It may create a buzzing noise after a brief period of usage.
  • It might feel costly for general users.

3. Best Surge Protector Brands: PROGRESSIVE INDUSTRIES EMSHW30C 30 amp RV Surge Protector

Salient Feature

  • Amps/Volts: 30A/120V
  • Surge Rating: 44,000A max spike/ 1,790 joules
  • Response Time: < 1 nanosecond (10⁻⁹ second)
  • Indication: Remote Digital Display
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection: 
  • Faults: Open Hot Indication, Open Ground Protection, Open Neutral Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Mounting Style: Vehicle Hardwired
  • Weather Resistant Cover Included:
  • UL/ CSA Certified: 

This 30amp EMS protects an RV from sudden power surges. The analyzer arrives with a characteristic LED set up to show when wiring is damaged and handy on-unit instructions that describe what the distinct lighting combinations indicate. The device is fully loaded with all round features. It comes with high definition mode surge protection with status indicator. The products are available both in hardware and portable configuration so choose according to your needs. The country of origin is China for the product.

Overall, the guard is straightforward to use and set up when setting up an RV with an electrical supply. The product is also bit moderately priced and gives all round performance.


  • HD multi-mode surge protection available.
  • Value for price: The product is amongst the cheap and best.
  • The device is light weighted in comparison to competitors.
  • UL certified and approved by Canadian authorities.


  • Warranty: 3 years for Hardwires and only 1 year for portables.
  • Heating issues may occur for some devices.

4. Best Surge Protector For Electronics: PROGRESSIVE INDUSTRIES EMSLCHW30 Surge Protector

Salient Feature

  • Amps/Volts: 30A/120V
  • Surge Rating: 44,000A max spike/ 1,790 joules
  • Response Time: < 1 nanosecond (10⁻⁹ second)
  • Indication: Integrated Digital Display
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection: 
  • Faults: Open Hot Indication, Open Ground Protection, Open Neutral Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Mounting Style: Vehicle Hardwired
  • Weather Resistant Cover Included: 
  • UL/ CSA Certified: 

When it comes to electrical security devices, Progressive Industries has a big name. So it’s no wonder that this EMS makes an impression on our list. It has a particularly high surge protection capacity runs on 30 amps. The surge protector has easy-to-understand LED signs that tell you about any power issues. It has many useful features. The locking bracket secures it in position to assure it doesn’t get robbed. The device is UL-certified. The installation is pretty easy but taking the help of professional is recommended if there are no budget constraints. This is also product from country of origin being China.


  • Internally installed: It can’t be taken from the shore power.
  • Relatively easy to install with just a few tools.
  • Inbuilt voltmeter and ammeter.
  • LED indicators: makes troubleshooting simple.


  • The product is not going to work with most of the portable generators
  • Product might seem costly either respect to other competitors.

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Types of RV surge protectors


If we talk about Basic Surge Protectors these surge guards are more straightforward it terms of job completion as it has user-friendly configuration.  Basically in other words we can say that these Surge protectors are going to act as a shield for you RV whenever or wherever you get high or low spikes. It is going to check the circuitry of your RV and further going to protect your RV from getting fried-up due to unstable surges. Lot of surges arrive with a sort of extension cables.


As the comprehensive surge guards provide you the high level of security so they are valued little higher than the normal one’s. To increase the security level of your RV some of the guards are equipped with electrical control systems. If we talk about what these guards will help you in so you’ll be protected from low and  high voltages, low and high line frequency, open ground, and faulty wiring.

Portable vs Hardwired.

Well, if we talk about the choices we get in the market for EMS to use in your RV are portable and hardwired forms. Don’t worry making a choice is comparatively super easy.

Lets see what we can do in portables one’s

If you are using the portable one’s not only you can remove it and connect it ever time you settle your RV at different place but also you can run it back and forth within the RV.

Lets see what we can do in hardwired EMS system

If you are implementing the hardwired EMS system in your RV, this will be long lasting and dependable but you have to get it hardwired in your RV. Generally, for installing a hardwired EMS it is recommended that you should  install it in your RV  in the section where the power cord is located beneath the RV. The advantage you get when you install this type of EMS is you don’t have to plug anything special every time you land at different power hookups.

Let’s see what are the advantages of RV surge protector.

Monitor the flow of current: If the surge guards are manufactured according to the United States power supply voltage, it is only going to support 140V of power supply to pass through the arrangement. If anything is higher than this constraint will ultimately damage the powered devices in no seconds whereas if the supply is less the device will fail to operate properly.

Recognize a damaged power supply: There are lot of surge protectors that will alert or warn you whenever you try to connect it to a faulty power supply. Also, alarm will blow if you are wrongly connecting the RV to the power source and other electrical irregularities.

Saving your investment: If you ever felt fear of blowing off all your equipment especially while attaching your RV to an unknown pedestal power. A surge guard presents a great value, as it’s a worthy investment that shields your RV and things inside from getting destroyed by some faulty power supply.

Security and safety: The Surge Guards are manufactured focusing mainly on the features to check the electrical shocks and fire dangers. The features of alert system will work with the help of indicators such as LEDs or alerts and emergency shut-off switches. During storm or lightening strikes these features are going to work wonders for you as they will shield you RV from such dreadful impacts.

Best RV surge protector price range.

Under 100$: If you want to get an entry level surge guards that will help you to recognize the faulty park power, you can get it under 100 $. You will find lot of RV surge protector that will provide power security of less than 2500 Joules. Within this cost range you will find some of the high end label market their surge guards.

100 to 200$: In this cost range you can find both portable and robust surge protectors and from them most of the surge protectors are not only weather-resistant but are also capable to deal with most of the high power consumption demands of a camper.

More than 200$: In this power range you will find the entire high tech and superior surge guards that are capable of not only controlling continuous power supply errors but they can also save the error codes so that future errors could not happen again. Some of the surge guards are mixed with EMS units that will provide full security to your RV.

Some other considerations.

Compatibility: You should keep in mind to check if the surge protector is perfectly synced with your RV’s electrical supply or not. As lot of RV’s are provided with two types of power supplies 30 or 50 amps with a distinct plug, check which power supplies is installed in yours.


Warranty: Check whether your surge guard is secured by warranty or not as some of these are not. There are companies that also warranty the devices that are connected to the surge guard which often covers a little percentage of the losses when there is a power surge going through. Also, warranty protection is often a promise of the quality of the product.

Portability: Surge guards are of two types portable and hardwired. Portable designs are more economical, lightweight, and are also simple to install. Whereas Hardwired guards can only be installed by an expert and usually cost more in opposition to the portable ones.

What are the top brands of best 30 amp ems for rv?



For portable and hardwired RV, smart surge protectors and EMS systems Progressive Industries is one of the awesome international brand. The company was established in 1968 and the main office is in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, United States. Some of its most popular devices are the Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C and the Progressive Industries SSP30X Smart Surge Protector.


Camco was established in 1986 and at present has more than 130 patents. The company produces over three thousand goods in its five different state-of-the-art plants, including several other high-quality products. Its main office is in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States, and has working offices established all around the globe.

What is 30 amp EMS surge protector?

An electrical management system (ems) is a device that protects your RV devices from unexpected surges in electricity. It comes in two variants. One is the 30amp and other the 50amp version. You have to match the device with your electrical variant of the RV. The EMS device offers you a full electrical shield from most of the possible problems you could encounter. Ems devices are of two types basically, portable and hard-wire versions. The portable one is plugged in the pedestal power post and moves it outdoor while the hardwired model requires you to connect it with the RV. The hardwired is connected to the RV so you need not worry about leaving it outdoor and it is safe in all weather conditions too.

How to install 30 amp EMS surge protector on RV?


If you’re a newbie with AC systems, don’t know how to remove the ends of wires, etc., Then DON’T TRY TO PERFORM THE INSTALLATION ON YOUR OWN. You should take the help of a professional.

Wiring it yourself may even nullify your warranty.

So, Install at your own risk.

  • Wiring Overview: Setting up an EMS is pretty simple. Behind your shore power attachment on the RV is a wire package. For 30A, it’s three different wires that are hot, neutral, and ground.

The goal is to simply put the Surge Guard in-line between the shore power attachment and the configuration board or an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) for those with a provided generator.

Most time you would likely require a bit of additional cable. 6 gauge wire is fairly conventional, but balance what you previously have placed.

  • Control Cable: If you bought the circuited control panel, running this simplistic phone-style string to an interior closet might be your largest wiring blunder. Be ready for this as well. If you have to work it into some close places, you might have to split the ends off. This implies you need to be accustomed to setting your RJ-12 connectors.
  • Preparation: Get up in whatsoever all of your wiring is, and familiarize yourself with the circumstances. Be assured you are protected getting wherever you will require to go. You might want to get to your configuration panel if you’ll be adding wire between it and the surge protector.

RV EMS Vs Surge Protector: what is the basic difference?

The key difference here is the Performance and Price basically.



The difference between the two types is how they do their expected job. The surge protector only saves your appliances from unexpected electric surges and varying voltages, an EMS provides a full safeguard against all power-related problems including current rushes, low and high voltage changes, wrongly wired power terminals, and many more. In simple words, the EMS provides all-around electrical protection from most of the major problems. And thus you might have to spend some extra bucks to get your desired work done which is fair enough.


Though both surge protectors are within an affordable area, the ems is going to cost more than a surge protector because the previous offers your RV electronics high-level security in comparison to the latter.The EMS types give you a complete electrical shield from most of the potential power-related problems you can imagine of. Because of its extensive security matched to the surge guard, the EMS arrives at a greater value than its match.

Why Do I Need an EMS over RV Surge Protectors?

Unlike outdated campground pedestals, if you have simple RV surge protectors, it is not going to provide you the sufficient protection. Whereas an EMS is little more costly but provides you an added protection this can be said as the protection cover for your RV. It is better to pay a few extra bucks on protection now to avoid paying costly repairs later.

Protecting your investment:

RV is an impressive investment and you want to keep your investment safe for a long time. The safest bet is to monitor the way power supply into your rig. Power fluctuations or even a faulty pedestal can put your RV into some serious damage.


The good quality EMS provides you the best level of safety for your RV. RV surge protectors are there in the market but they can’t match the level of safety provided by the EMS. Notably, the latter ones are cheaper in the market so if you are low on budget then only you should choose them. The EMS is the recommended one for your peace of mind.

It could be that wiring has been modified and it may get loose. Electricity is very complex. All it needs is a repairman with just a sufficient lack of expertise to do the job badly, and you’re screwed. Never try to put your 30amp RV into a dryer outlet in a conventional house. The dryer uses 240v whereas the RV works on 120v. So keep these things in mind.

Safety of 30 amp EMS surge protector

Identify faulty power supply: There are lots of surge guards that give you warnings in case you try to connect your RV to a damaged or uncontrolled power supply. You also get warnings if there’s an abnormal attachment between your RV and power source and other electrical applications.

Regulate the electrical flow: Surge guards manufactured in the United States only allow 140 volts of power to pass through the arrangement. Anything more will damage the powered designs in no time. Anything less will make the device strain and fail to perform effectively.

Complete Safety: They included electrical management systems (EMS) to enhance the level of security to your RV. They shield from fluctuating line frequency, high and low voltages, open ground, and faulty wiring.

Potential shore power problems you can avoid using surge protectors.

There can be various reasons due to which your RV’s gadget and the  wiring could get damaged while you have attached you RV at a park or anywhere else.  Reason could be such as you’ve encountered a power surge or you might have not wired power pedestal correctly or else you have faced the major drop in voltage.


Your devices and the wiring would get damaged if there is too much energy is passing through the lines into you RV.  Generally, due to lightening these power surges occurs and it induces very high voltage that can hamper the surge guard of your RV. So how can you save your devices and the wiring? Simply, unplug until you see the sky is clear and the storm is gone.

Don’t worry the EMS will protect your RV if the surge protector is not working up to the mark. Nonetheless, your power safety equipment might get damaged.



Yes, this happens sometimes.


When you buy your RV you spend a lot of money and do a lot of homework before going to lock the deal for your favorite one. So you should also give proper time to decide how you could save your vehicle from potential hazards which often cost a lot. It is better to spend some on the surge protectors. You should do a proper research before buying and choose which suits your needs. The final decision for you will depend on your budget as well as individual camping needs. If you’re a fully dedicated to your RV, give yourself a gift and take the EMS surge protector.

Whether you go with any of these electrical management systems, the amount you spend for it is well deserving it keeping in mind the expensive losses it’ll save you from. We have tried our best to give you a comprehensive analysis of the best 30 amp ems for RV available in the market. So what are you waiting for go grab the best EMS for your recreational vehicle.

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Is 300 joules enough for a surge protector?

A high number signifies better protection. 300 joules is not bad but you should look for around 600-700 joules for best protection. The rating tells how much energy the surge guard can absorb before failing.

Will a surge protector work against lightning?                                   

The energy produced by lightning is enormous so simple surge protectors won’t survive. But an EMS would protect you against most lightning cases though it may be vulnerable to something catastrophic.

Can a surge protector cause a fire?

A surge protector can cause proper owing to improper usage and overloading, this has more chance when the cords have multiple outlets.

Why is my 30 amp RV plug getting hot?

The plug gets hot when not used properly. The main culprits are overloading, poor quality of cord and sometimes it is the loose connection.

What is the safest surge protector?

Simple surge protector only saves your devices from sudden electric surges and uneven voltage changes whereas an EMS offers you complete protection against all power related concerns. So the safest bet is using an EMS.

Do you use a surge protector with a generator?

Yes but you have to keep one thing in mind If you use a generator with a surge protector no matter if it’s a hard-wired or portable one you require to embed the floating neutral.

Can I plug a surge protector into an extension cord?

Yes you can. But make sure the extension code can handle amount of load as the surge protector otherwise you risk yourself of facing fire hazard.

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