Best Air Compressor for RV Winterizing (Reviews & Buying Guide 2022)

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Winter seasons come with adverse cold temperatures that are not usually suitable for RVs, especially those that are under storage. It is essential for you as an RV owner to protect it from freezing using the best air compressor for RV winterizing. This is ideal for keeping your vehicle safe.

The Porter-Cable air compressor is one of the many brands used for winterizing your RV. Its powerful motor allows it room to operate efficiently in cold weather conditions. Besides, it features an oil-free design that ensures neither air nor oil leaks and tampers with winterization. It is easy to carry.

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Top 7 best Air Compressors for RV Winterizing

Below are our top pick 7 best air compressors for RV winterizing reviews to enable you to choose one that satisfies our needs.

01. Porter-Cable Air Compressor, 6-Gallon, Pancake, Oil-free (C2002)

Salient Feature

  • ASIN: B000O5RO1Y
  • Product dimensions: 19’x19’x18’ inches
  • Item weight: 31.2 pounds
  • PSI: 150
  • CFM: 2.6 S
  • Noise: 82 decibel
  • Hose length: 35 feet

Powerful Motor

This best portable air compressor for air bag consists of a low-amp 120-volt motor powerful enough to operate efficiently in cold temperatures. This enhances its efficiency by delivering a longer runtime.

Compact and Portable Design

Additionally, it is small in size, weighing only 34 pounds. This can be easily carried from one place to another hence convenient. You can use it both outside and inside the house.

Pressure and Air flow rate

At a maximum pressure of 150PSI, it is sure to store more air in its tank to serve you for an extended period. Further, it runs at 2.6 SCFM at 90PSI and 3.7 SCFM at 40PSI so as to recharge its 6-gallon tank faster than usual.

No leakages

Uniquely, it has an oil-free pump that makes sure there are no oil leakages, which improves the lifespan of this compressor. Besides, it becomes easy to clean and store it after use.


The six-gallon pancake-style tank of this air compressor enhances its stability such that it does not topple during use. Moreover, a water drain valve and rubber feet make it safe for use on rubber surfaces as there will be no scratches.


  • shroud handle for easy portability
  • console cover provides it with optimum protection
  • maximum pressure of 150PSI
  • durable and sturdy design
  • mess-free operation
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • powerful motor that operates efficiently in cold weather


  • the power cord is relatively short

02. Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit

Salient Feature

  • ASIN: B004B68XGC
  • Product dimensions: 10.87’x5.83’x7.48’ inches
  • Item weight: 10.75 pounds
  • PSI: 150
  • CFM: 2.3 S
  • Noise: 65 decibel
  • Hose length: 30 feet


The Viair 400P-RV is the fastest filling RV compressor among the other Viair products having a maximum pressure of 150PSI. It can quickly inflate 35 inches down to 30PSI within 5 minutes or less.

Flow Rate

Its high flow rate of 2.3 CFM at 0 PSI makes it perfect for heavyweight vehicles. At 150 PSI, it is able to generate a flow rate of 0.71 CFM, making it the best 12 volts air compressor.

Auto-shutoff Feature

It is straightforward to set the pressure you desire for your tire without the need to monitor it. The auto-shutoff feature ensures that no over-inflation occurs as it will switch off the compressor once the set pressure is attainable.

Power cord and Hose

It features a power cord measuring 8 inches together with two 30 inches air hoses, one primary and the other an extension. You can use the extension air hose when you need to reach far places other than the tire you are working on.


Moreover, the Viair RV air compressor has a 45-degree chuck and a 90-degree twist on the chuck to help you quickly access the dually tires at the back. In addition to this, there is a tire inflation gun, built-in pressure switch, carrying storage case, and alligator clamps.


  • auto-switch function
  • 60 feet primary and extension air hoses
  • heavy duty storage bag
  • great for RVs and trailers
  • the high flow rate of 2.3 CFM
  • maximum pressure of 150PSI
  • the runtime of 40 minutes


  • very expensive

03. Porter-Cable Air Compressor Kit, 1.5 Gallon, Oil-free, Hand Carry, 25- feet Hose (CMB15)

Salient Feature

  • ASIN: B006CVXGR0
  • Product dimensions: 15.5’x13.25’x20.5’ inches
  • Item weight: 20 pounds
  • PSI: 150
  • CFM: 2.0 S
  • Noise: 79 decibel
  • Hose length: 25 feet

Pressure and Air flow rate

Because of its maximum pressure of 150PSI, it can comfortably store more air in its tank so as to provide it a longer runtime. Besides, the airflow rate of 2.0 SCFM at 90PSI gives it quick recovery time, according to ISO1217.


It has a fully shrouded handle that allows the user an easy time to carry it around. There is also a water drain valve and rubber feet to enhance stability and to prevent any scratches that may occur on wooden surfaces.

Motor Power

It features a low amp 120V motor that is suitable for the cold weather and is hassle-free to operate. Also, it comes with an extension cord for easy connections.


This pump boasts of heavy construction to ensure it serves you for long without having to repair it constantly. Additionally, the oil-free design does not allow for any oil leakages, making it super reliable and simple to clean it up.

Noise Level

Its motor has a low noise level, at only 79 decibels, thus presents a quieter working environment when operating it. Besides, it cannot be destroyed by hot or moving parts because it is fully enclosed.


The manufacturer provides you with a 1-year warranty for the parts of the compressor in case of any malfunction.


  • 8 pc accessory kit
  • less noise
  • oil-free design
  • 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI for quick recovery time
  • easy to carry and store
  • powerful motor
  • 150PSI maximum working pressure


  • rubber feet could be made bigger for more stability

04. VIAIR 45043 Automatic Function Portable Compressor

Salient Feature

  • ASIN: B000X9EGFS
  • Product dimensions: 10.87’x5.8’x7.48’ inches
  • Item weight: 13.05 pounds
  • PSI: 150
  • CFM: 1.80 S
  • Noise: 60 decibel
  • Hose length: 35 feet

Compressor duty cycleThis is the amount of time an air compressor can operate in a given time period at 100PSI pressure and a standard temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This compressor is the only one on the market with a 100% duty cycle, which enables it to run for more extended periods.Automatic Pressure Regulation SystemThis feature is ideal for regulating pressure in order to maintain an internal tank pressure of 145PSI by cycling power to the motor of this compressor.Detachable gas-station-style inflation gunThis compressor features a removable inflation gun that makes it easy to fill tires by squeezing the handle present. It also acts as a pressure gauge because it shows you the current pressure of your tire.Automatic shut-off functionAfter setting the appropriate temperature for your air compressor, you can walk away and do other things. The auto-shutoff feature will automatically switch off the compressor once the temperature you set has been reached.Extra AccessoriesBesides an air compressor, there are other accessories that come with it so as to enhance its performance. They include a 25” extension hose with quick connect coupler, lever chuck, the heavy-duty sand tray with vibration isolators, 8” power cable, 3pc inflation tips kit, inline fuse holder, and a zippered carry bag


  • extra accessories
  • heavy duty tray to control any vibrations
  • automatic shut-off function for power saving
  • 100% compressor duty cycle
  • easy to monitor pressure
  • portable
  • convenient


  • alligator clamps are relatively small

05. AstroAI Portable Air Compressor Pump

Salient Feature

  • ASIN: B078LYX5YF
  • Product dimensions: 8.7’x7.5’x3.9’ inches
  • Item weight: 3.5 pounds
  • PSI: 150
  • CFM: 1.50 S
  • Noise: 63 decibel
  • Hose length: 35 feet

Powerful Motor

It features a pure copper coil permanent magnet motor that is very powerful, thus improving the performance of the air compressor. Further, it reduces energy consumption, thereby making it safe for you to inflate your tires. It also enhances durability.

Intelligent Anti-burn

There is a fuse that protects it from burning out and another spare one that you can replace when the former stops working.

Overheat Protection

This best portable air compressor for Overlanding has an auto-shutoff feature that allows a maximum continuous operating time of only 15 minutes, which ensures your tires stay safe. Moreover, it prevents overheating by shutting off the compressor when it exceeds 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Variety of Applications

It is useful to inflate car tires, bicycles, motorcycles, sports balls, pool toys, balloons, and air cushions, among others. It is also perfect for draining off water from RV’s water lines during winterizing.

LCD Display

The white color on the LCD display is very bright to give you an easy time to read whatever is on it. The backlit LCD display is very useful in places with dim light to allow you to work conveniently.


It has a 0.5-1.5 PSI higher than the preset value of pressure to solve the problem of reduction in pressure after getting off the valve connector after completing inflation. This ensures accuracy.


  • bright LED light
  • easily portable
  • durability
  • accurate
  • wide variety of applications
  • overheat protection
  • powerful motor


  • operates slower when the engine is off

06. VIAIR 400P Portable Compressor

Salient Feature

  • ASIN: B000X9AXR8
  • Product dimensions: 13’x11’x9.5’ inches
  • Item weight: 10.4 pounds
  • PSI: 150
  • CFM: 2.3 S
  • Noise: 65 decibel
  • Hose length: 25 feet


The Viair 400P portable compressor is perfect for use by both off-road and on-road vehicles. It can comfortably inflate a 35-inch tire within the shortest period possible, probably 5 minutes or less. It is also ideal for the winterization of RVs because of its maximum working pressure of 150PSI.

Oil-free Design

Additionally, this brand of Viair does not use oil. Air from the compressor cannot mix with any oil residues that are in inflators that use oil. This improves its performance as there will be no oil leakages of any sort. Besides, it makes it easy to clean this inflator.

Monitor gauge

You can easily monitor the pressure being input into your RV tire or during winterizing using an in-built 5-in-1 inline inflator and gauge. This makes it convenient.

Working Pressure

It delivers a working pressure of 150 PSI at maximum. For this to be effective, your RV’s engine should be running as you operate the inflator. At 0 PSI, it works at a speed of 2.3 CFM. This improves its delivery time.


There is a one year limited warranty for this VIAIR compressor 400P tire inflator provided by the manufacturer. Hence, in case you buy this inflator and find out that it has any defects, the manufacturer will send you a new product as a replacement basing on the damages.


  • oil-free design
  • auto-switch off feature
  • maximum working pressure of 150PSI
  • easily portable
  • two 30 ft hose pipes for flexibility
  • open-ended tire inflation hose
  • vibration-resistant tray to reduce vibrations


  • it takes a long time to cool down

07. Viair 450P-RV Silver Automatic Portable Compressor

Salient Feature

  • ASIN: B0141KJTKQ
  • Product dimensions: 10.9’x5.8’x7.5’ inches
  • Item weight: 18 pounds
  • PSI: 150
  • CFM: 2.3 S
  • Noise: 40 decibel
  • Hose length: 30 feet

Automatic shut-off feature

This feature lets you set the desired pressure for the compressor that is appropriate for winterization, which is about 30PSI. You do not need to stand there and monitor as it will switch off the compressor once you reach the limit.

60 Ft. Hose

There are two 30ft hoses, one primary and the other an extension. Both of them help to increase the length needed for draining out the water in the RV lines during winterization. This length is perfect for trailer, RVs, or any off-road vehicle.

12-volt motor

This inflator gets its power from a 12v motor that ensures it delivers high-performance inflation to your RV tires at a rating of 150 PSI. It is also permanent and magnetic for excellent results. Again, this motor produces less noise.

Tire Attachments

It is easy to access the inner tire’s valve system on the rear tires because of a 45-degree chuck and a 90-degree twist on the chuck. Besides, there is a gas station-style inflation gun with a 160 PSI gauge that monitors pressure.


It only weighs 18lbs, which allows you to carry it around in a storage bag and also to store. This best portable air compressor for jeep comes with alligator clamps that will enable you to easily connect it directly to the RV or the RV’s 12V battery so as to start operation.


  • 150 PSI working pressure
  • easily portable
  • 60ft air hose
  • auto-shut off feature
  • well built
  • produces less noise during operation
  • features a variety of accessories such as a pressure gun


  • its recovery time is slow

Buyers Guide on the Best Air Compressor for RV Winterizing

Making a decision among the many brands of air compressors for RV winterizing is not easy. You may probably get confused in the process and end up buying the wrong thing and regret later. Below are some vital factors you need to consider when shopping for the best air compressors.


CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and measures the rate of air flow per minute. It shows you how much pressure an air compressor can pump out at a given time. If CFM is high, then it means the compressor is able to inflate your tire at a faster rate.

Usually, a bigger air compressor will have high CFM rates. So if you want to save time, you will consider this factor. On the other hand, PSI measures the amount of pressure output by an air compressor. Most tires have their maximum PSI indicated on them.

THE standard CFM and PSI rate of an air compressor should be more than 2CFM and between 60-150 PSI, respectively. Notably, the higher the air compressor’s hose power, the higher the CFM and vice versa.

The most appropriate pressure to use during winterization should be between 30-40 PSI so as to avoid any adverse damage to the RV’s plumbing system. You should not use high pressure if you want to achieve optimum performance.

Permanent or Portable Air Compressor

There are mainly two types of compressors; portable and on-board. Many vehicle owners prefer portable compressors as they are convenient and present less hassle during operation. It is straightforward to carry them around your tires when checking for their pressure. Moreover, you rarely need to install them.

On-board compressors nonetheless are common in over landing rigs. They are usually located underneath your engine compartment. They cannot be moved around like the portable ones. It is important to note that when the vehicle is in motion, these compressors can still run. Besides, they are hard to install.

Length of Power Cord and Air Hose

It is necessary for a compressor to have a power cord and air hose for connecting it to your vehicle and for inflating your tires too. A lengthy hose is usually better as it is flexible and can reach the other tires of your RV without you having to carry around your compressor.

However, it may be tricky to store a compressor with a long cord and hose. Also, it may cost expensively. But if you are looking to achieve efficiency and high-performance results, then you may consider having this. A longer cord enhances flexibility, which eases operation.

Noise Level

Nobody wants to have an air compressor that produces a lot of noise during use unless you do not mind. But you should be mindful of your neighbors. Therefore it is good to check out for one that produces the least or absolutely no noise during operation.

Level of noise is measured using decibels. The standard decibels for most compressors range between 40 to 90 decibels. If a compressor has a lower decibel, like let’s say 65 decibels are going downwards, then it is appropriate for you. It will not produce much noise.

What is RV Air Compressor?

An RV air compressor is a tool that adds pressure to your RV tires, truck tires, SUV tires, or trailer tires through inflation. Not only is it limited to tires, but it has extra compatible nozzles that enable it to carry out other applications.

These applications include inflating sports balls, filling pool toys, bike tubes, motorcycle tires, and any other equipment that needs inflation. It works by converting power into energy stored in the form of pressurized air. The pressurized air is stored in an air tank that comes with it.

Types of RV Air Compressors for Winterizing

1. Viair 45043 Automatic Function Air Compressor

The fact that this compressor possesses a 100% duty cycle makes it run for extended periods of time. With the automatic shut-off function, it saves on time and power such that when you leave your compressor on while not in use, it will switch it off. Moreover, it features a powerful motor.

2. Porter-Cable Air Compressor Kit (CMB15)

The unique feature of this compressor is its recovery time because of the air flow rate of 2.0SCFM at 90PSI. Also, its low 120V Amp is easy to use and starts in cold weather conditions. Moreover, it does not leak air nor oil because of its oil-free design.

3. AstroAI Portable Air Compressor Pump

It features a super-power permanent magnetic motor, which makes it suitable for use during winterizing. Additionally, there is an overheat protection feature that prevents the air compressor from overheating. It is very accurate and eliminates any guess work, thus giving precise pressure reading. The large LCD display is very user-friendly.


4. VIAIR 40047-400P- RV Automatic Compressor

It boasts of heavy-duty dual battery clamps with the inline fuse for easy and safe connection. There are no vibrations when using this compressor for winterizing because of the vibration-resistant diamond plate sand tray. Additionally, it has two hoses, each measuring 30ft for maximum flexibility, thus efficient.


5. PORTER-CABLE C2002 Air Compressor

This compressor features a pancake-style construction that offers it enough stability to prevent it from toppling over during use. With high pressure of 150PSI, it is able to provide longer run time, thus the quick time of recovery for the compressor. It only weighs 34lbs, which makes it easy to carry.

How to Winterize an RV using an Air Compressor?

During winter, water is likely to freeze and expand after that. This may then damage the water lines on your RV, toilet, or water heater. To protect your RV’s water system against such damage, we outline the following steps.

Step 1: Get your tools ready

The first thing to do is to get your tools ready for the winterizing. The most important things you need are an air compressor and a blow out plug.

Step 2: Drain all the water

Get rid of any freshwater in your RV. Also, drain the water in your holding tanks. You can then wash your waste tanks (black and gray tanks) thoroughly to remove any foreign materials that may harden and even produce odor during storage.

Step 3: Get your RV ready for winterizing

Clean the interior of your RV, clearing away any food residue, containers, or any dirty dishes to make sure that there is no room for attracting pests during storage.

Step 4: Bypass and drain your water heater

Some units have an in-built bypass valve to help out with this process, depending on the model of your RV. It may have between 1 to 3 valves. So bypass your water heater using the bypass valve near the incoming lines at the rear of the water heater.

Step 5: Open up all faucets and valves

The next thing to do is open up all faucets, valves, showerheads and any other water lines that may not be open. While at this, you can even flush your toilet and turn on the water pump and let it run for about thirty seconds. This ensures that any water in the lines is drained out.

Step 6: Connect the air compressor

Connect to the city water connection using a blowout plug. Further, apply maximum pressure of 30 PSI and connect the hose of the air compressor to the blow out plug. Turn it on and wait for it to blow out all the air. After this, turn off the compressor and disconnect the blow out plug.

What happens if you do not winterize your RV?

Many RV owners are not amused when the winter season is approaching. If you are planning to pack your RV during that season, you need to protect your RV’s water system from freezing. Freezing could cause much damage to your RV, and you would not want this to happen.

Leaving any liquids in the drain lines of your water system will cause them to freeze. Freezing leads to expansion, and this eventually causes these lines to crack. This will lead to many damages, which will make you incur lots of costs during the repair. To avoid this, drain all water in the pipes.

Rodents and pests are a common disturbance if you leave food particles and drinks in your RV during winter. It is necessary to clean up your fridge, food cabinets, dirty dishes, and food leftovers that may attract pests. Before winterizing, there is always a need to clean your RV thoroughly.

Moreover, failure to winterize will not only cause blockages of your toilet, sinks, and drainages but also cause leakages. Accumulation of moisture in your RV leads to the development of mold and mildew that may cause rot and rust to different parts of the RV. Batteries may also freeze and fail to work.

Benefits of RV Air Compressors

Easy to Use

RV air compressors are easy to use, and that is why they are popular among vehicle owners. They are simple to install. You only need to attach its hose to the battery of your car or cigarette lighter socket, and alas, it starts working.


Having an easy to carry air compressor makes it easy for you to move it around from place to place and also store it after use. This improves its convenience and also makes sure it delivers high-performance results.


It is good to have an air compressor as it will play many roles that you will find helpful. Other than inflating your vehicle’s tires, it can help to winterize your RV, inflating sports balls, filling pool toys and air mattresses, spraying and painting, and other home repairs.


High-quality air compressors make sure to deliver good results to avoid under inflation or over inflation of your car tires. This is so because there is a gauge that allows you to set the desired pressure you want and an auto-switch feature that controls this.


Air compressors keep your tires safe from any damage by maintaining their pressure and prevent leakages.

Safety Tips for Using an Air Compressor for Winterizing

1. Never place your air compressor in conditions that are wet as this is not safe. It can damage your compressor or cause electronic failure.

2. Make sure to perform a routine safety check on your compressor before putting it to use. Check things like the level of oil, power supply, motor, hoses, and electric cord, among others. This is basically to make sure it is safe for use for winterization.

3. You can put on protective gear such as goggles for the eyes and anything that can protect your ears from the noise produced by the compressors.

4. While the compressor is running, we do not advise you to add or change the oil. This could lead to a fire. To avoid this, always add oil when it is not in use or after it has cooled down from the previous use.

5. Ensure the fittings on your hose fit appropriately. Any loose fittings can deter your compressor from performing effectively and even lead to damages.

6. Do not connect your air compressor to the RV’s water tank. Instead, connect the blow-out plug to the city water connection on your RV.

7. It is advisable to apply low pressure when winterizing using an air compressor. This avoids any damages to the RV’s water system and lines. Therefore use pressure that is as low as 30-35PSI for efficient results.

8. It is necessary to use an air compressor with an oil free design so as not to blow oil through the air line, thereby tampering with the winterizing process.


If you get to know what to look for in an air compressor, such as quality, noise level, CFM, and PSI rating, among others, then it will be easy to make a decision. Winterizing your RV is very important as it saves it from damages and incurring unnecessary costs.

We are sure that this article will enable you to purchase the best air compressor for RV winterizing that is appropriate for you. Choose wisely among the 7 we have listed, and you will not regret it.

However, if you have any questions about the best air compressor for RV winterizing, you can comfortably visit our website for more information. On our site, you will get all that you need to enable you to enjoy our products. Welcome.

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What PSI do I need to winterize my camper?

You need a minimum pressure of 30PSI and a maximum pressure of 50 PSI so as to winterize your camper for excellent results. But it is safe to maintain the minimum pressure to avoid damaging the water lines because of high pressure.

How big of an air compressor do you need to winterize your RV?

This is a personal preference. But for standard purposes, a 20-gallon air compressor is more than enough for you. But if you need a smaller compressor, you can get one between 5 and 10 gallons.

What happens if you do not winterize your RV?

Failing to winterize your RV may lead to blockages and leakages of your RV’s plumbing system. Also, there may be a build-up of mildew and mold that could cause rotting and rusting to parts of your vehicle. Further, the battery may also freeze and eventually stop working.

How much does it cost to winterize your RV?

The cost may vary from as low as $20 to as high as $250 depending on winter. If your RV has more accessories, including a washing machine, dishwasher, and freezer, among others, it will cost more.

What do you do if pipes freeze in RV?

All you need to do is run a pink non-toxic RV anti-freeze through your water system. Also, you can raise the temperature of the frozen sections of the pipe safely until the ice melts. This makes sure that your pipes do not burst out.

At what temperature do you need to winterize your RV?

It is best to winterize your RV during the winter season in places where the temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below. This is important so as to prevent against any damages to your RV.

Will pipes unfreeze on their own?

Yes, they can unfreeze on their own, but the damage would have already been done. Therefore, we do not advise you to let your pipes unfreeze on their own. Use the recommended steps and procedures to unfreeze your pipes.

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