Best CB Antenna For RV Reviews & Buying Guide-2022

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Are you unable to select the best cb antenna for rv? There are many brands any one can get confused about. To make the best decision, you need to understand the antenna specifications alongside the pros and cons. That is the conditions for selecting the best cb antenna for your rv.

AntennaMastsRus is one of the best antennas in the market. It suits standard homes, and you do not need to have a ground plane. It is very flexible; it bounces back even when bent by an object as you are driving. Also, you can use it in other applications, including the boat, yacht, go-kart, etc.

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Top 05 Best CB Antenna For RV Reviews

01. AntennaMastsRus – Marine White AM-FM Rubber Ducky 15 Inch Antenna Kit for Your ATV, Boat, Camper, Go Kart, Motorhome, Pontoon, RV, Sailboat, Tractor, Trailer, UTV, Yach

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 4.8 ounce
  • Dimensions: 16.1×2.8×0.9 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number/ Item Model: A441-W
  • Best Seller Rank: #11 in boat antenna
  • Manufacturer: AntennaMastsRus
  • Date First Available: March 29, 2016

The antennae have vast applications. You can use it for rv, trucks, yachts and various land and sea carriages. The runner antennas are tall and white. It measures 15 inches. This means it has an extended length to capture signals. The antenna requires a shallow mounting space. Thus it is easy to install.

The antenna has a 180° swivel base. It means it can swivel 90°in all directions. The manufacturer assures you of 100% satisfaction as they provide you with an adjusting wrench. It uses a Motorola radio connector to capture radio signals.

The antenna is a marine standard. Thus, it can withstand harsh conditions on land and in the sea. It has the capacity to capture all radio signals in the US. Also, it is white in color. The color gives the antenna some aesthetic property. The coating is long-lasting and won’t peel off under harsh climatic conditions.


  • The antenna is easy to install; you will not need to hire an expert.
  • It is flexible. Thus it will not break when it accidentally experiences a deep bend.
  • The material is durable and rust-resistant. Also, it has a strong white coating.
  • It has a warranty. Thus you are guaranteed to receive a replacement in case of a fault in the packaged item.
  • The swivel feature allows you to twist it in any direction up to 90°. Thus, you can search the radio signals with ease.


  • t has a short mounting screw. You might experience problems while installing it.
  • You may experience hitches with the customer care service.

02. Wilson Electronics Drive X Rv Outside Antenna (311224) – Designed for use with RVs and weBoost in-Vehicle Boosters

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 3.08 ounce
  • Dimensions: 12.2×2.25×0.5
  • Manufacturer Part Number/ Item Model: 311224
  • Best Seller Rank: #87 in Radio Antennas
  • Manufacturer: Wilson Electronics
  • Date First Available: October 31, 2019

The outside antenna cable is 25 feet long. This shows it has a vast range and capacity to capture radio signals. The modular antenna can extend up to 28 inches. It has a side exit adapter that ensures that the signal path is not affected when the base swivels.

The spring base makes it strong and can snap back after a deep bend.  Also, it allows the antenna to bend in all directions without breaking. You can fix it in any size rv. The device elevates the antenna high enough to boost the antenna performance.

The Wilson electronics device offers several mounting options. Therefore, you select one that offers you the service you need. Each option has different wind resistance. If you expect to work in windy areas, select the option that serves you best.


  • It offers a range of mounting options. Thus, you can choose a mounting option to suit any wind conditions. You will not need a strong wind resistance in low windy areas.
  • The spring adds strength to the base of the antenna. Thus, it will withstand strong wind and knocks from tree branches.
  • The RG-6 cable is long. Thus, it will reach your radio no matter how big your rv is.


  • You cannot use the antenna with a home system. Thus, it will not be in use when you are not travelling.
  • It is not easy to install. You may miss out on some radio signals if you do not install well.

03. FireStik FG2DD-B No Ground CB Antenna Kit (Black)

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 32.5 x 7 x 2.5 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number/ Item Model: FG2DDB
  • Best Seller Rank: #110,822 in Electronics
  • ASIN: B000X39SPW
  • Manufacturer: FireStik
  • Date First Available: May 17, 2012

The antenna operates on a no ground plane system. It makes it easy to install. Also, you will use less money purchasing the antenna- ground plane adds to the price. The fire stick is 61 cm(2 feet) tall. It is made of a durable material and coated with black enamel.

This cb antenna for rv is compatible with fiberglass vehicles. Also, it is reported to serve purposes out of its description. For instance, one client used the antenna kit on a Tacoma, which does not classify as an RV. Others use it on their motorcycles. It means the antenna is very versatile in all situations.

The package has all the components you need. The manufacturer allows for the return faulty antenna kit. Also, you will get a replacement or a refund for misplaced or tampered items. The no ground plane antenna kit makes the antenna easy to operate. The spring allows it to swivel in any direction.


  • It is light in weight. It will not cause a pressure dent in the surface it is mounted on, no matter how soft the surface is.
  • It is easy to install. Also, the manual gives you clear instruction on how to install the antenna
  • You can use the antenna on a range of vehicles. Sometimes, you can use it on non-recreational vehicles.
  • It is much affordable compared to other antenna kits available in the market.


  • The major disadvantage of this antenna kit is that it contains harmful chemicals. The chemicals have the potential to cause cancer and other body damage. Thus, take extreme caution while handling the antenna kit.

04. Pro Trucker Lot of 2 4′ Fiberglass 750 Watt CB Radio Antenna – Black

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Dimensions: 48 x 0.3 x 0.3 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number/ Item Model: 360-60420
  • Best Seller Rank: #319 in Two-Way Radio Antennas
  • Manufacturer: Pro Trucker
  • Date First Available: December 5, 2016

This package of cb antenna for rv consists of two antennas that are 4′ long. They are quite easy to install. The instruction manual is straightforward. The antenna has a power rating of 750 watts; thus, you are sure it will not blow up in case of high power voltage. However, do not experiment with higher voltages.

The cb antenna for rv has a helically wound to boost its performance. Also, it operates well on a co-phase setup. It ensures that they take care of truckers who use this setup. The radio antenna has no frills. Also, you can use it on a range of land vehicles.

The materials that make the antenna are the best in the market. That is why it performs better than all of its competitors in the market. Do not be surprised if the antenna exceeds your expectations. However, the design is suitable for on-land RVs only.


  • It is easy to install. The manual is straight to the point. You will not waste money on ‘experts’ while installing.
  • It has high-quality materials. They are strong and durable. Thus, the antenna will serve you for a long time.
  • It performs better than many of its competitors in the radio antenna market.
  • It has a nice finish that gives the antenna a nice luster.
  • It collects strong signals on land.
  • You will receive a package that is exactly as advertised. Thus, you will have a customer’s satisfaction.


  • You cannot use the antenna kit on offshore rvs. The design is only suitable for over the land applications.
  • The antennas are not turntable.

05. Magnadyne RV71 Recreational Vehicle rubber mast AM/FM antenna RV Motorhome 72″ lead

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 14.9 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number/ Item Model: RV71
  • Best Seller Rank: #110 in Radio Antennas
  • ASIN: B00V5P6N3W
  • Manufacturer: Magnadyne
  • Date First Available: February 15, 2011

If you need a replacement for your cb antenna for rv, then you should consider the Magnadyne RV71. It has a black rubber mast that makes it unbreakable. It can withstand strong winds and knocks from trees and other objects. It has a 72 inches long cable that makes it suitable for a standard size recreational vehicle.

The base is shaped like a ball. Thus, you can easily adjust and twist the antenna. The design is compact, giving the antenna a comfortable fit. The manufacturer offers you a warranty. Thus, you are sure if the product fails, you will get a replacement.

One interesting bit is that you can install it from the side of your vehicle. The package comes with an L-shaped wrench in case you need one. There are instructions on how to install the wrench on the manual. You can always consult the customer care for further directions.


  • You can mount the antenna upright at a 90° angle. It is a feature exclusive of this design.
  • It is a perfect replacement for an RV71 cb antenna or rv.
  • It captures more AM and FM signals than most of the competitors in the market,
  • The rubber material makes the replacement strong. Also, it will not be subject to rust.
  • You can use oil on onshore and offshore rvs.


  • It will eventually wear out due to exposure to direct sunlight.
  • If you do not read the description carefully, you may be disappointed by the products.
  • It has short bolts making the installation tricky.

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How To Choose The Best CB Antenna For RV

If you browse through search engines, you come across hundreds of cb antennas for rv. In such a situation, it becomes confusing to select. But, there are some fundamental principles you can follow. They will direct you to the perfect antenna to suit your needs.


The major role of the antenna is to trap signals. And as you see, the length gives a larger surface area to capture more signal. Thus, when you want a wide range of radio stations on your device, then select a long antenna. The ideal length is 8 feet and a half.

Many people think that such a length is ridiculous. Also, it does not fit many garages. So, they opt for shorter antennas for a smoother ride through a drive-through and packing in the garage. However, they miss out on several radio signals that the antenna will not capture.


Antennas are relatively cheap. However, as in any other market, high-quality antennas are more expensive than the rest. For instance, you will have to pay more for brands like Cobra, Firestik, K-40, Wilson and other big brands.

As any expert would advise, you will get away with cheaper radio as long as you have a high-quality antenna. Thus, you have no reason to buy the cheapest brand in the market.


There are antennas you can screw on the car while others you attach with a magnet. A magnetic antenna is better since you can move it around to find better reception. Also, you don’t need to mind about the length since you can unmount it before you drive into a garage.

Coil Location

There are three designs of coil locations. They include the top-loaded, center loaded and base loaded.

Top-loaded is the cheapest and the most common cb antenna for rv. They have low wattage and are highly effective. Thus, it will save you on power input. However, with such low wattage, you cannot use it on ham radios.

The antenna material is mainly fiberglass coated with a thin wire. Since the coil is at the top, you can mount it lower on your rv. It is known to be the most versatile kind of antenna.

The center loaded has the coil located near the bottom of the antenna. Then, there is a thick stainless steel shaft below the coil. You can get the coil in a plastic case. However, the upper part of the antenna is normal. You will mainly find these antennas on trucks and semi RVs.

For the base loaded antenna, the coil is at the base covered with a plastic case. The antenna has a magnet that allows you to mount it at the roof of your vehicle. They are heavier than other kinds of antennas and require higher power input.


Different antennas have different wattage capacity. When you are selecting an antenna, consider the wattage that your radio emits. Many cb radios emit a wattage of 4 watts. Only a few extend to 12 watts. However, if you select an antenna that has a capacity of large wattage, it will not help your radio perform better.

How To Install CB Antenna On A Motorhome (Step By Step Guide Line)

Follow the following simple steps to install a cb antenna on your motorhome.

Choose an Antenna Stop

On this step, you have to select the spot based on your preference. Observe your motorhome to determine if you need an extra antenna kit. You can fix your antenna at the front, back or at the side.

Set the Antenna

Use the instruction manual to set the antenna. There are clear steps to handle that, depending on the brand and design. When you set, you can seal around the cable to prevent moisture from reaching your rv.

Tune your Antenna

Once you set the antenna, it is ready to use, But you have to check if it can access a wide range of radio signals. Thus, you need to tune your antenna to make sure it is effective. At this stage, you will know any adjustments you need to take.

Mount Your Radio

Every cb radio has instructions on how to mount. Follow instructions depending on the brand. The only standard measure is a flat spot to mount the radio.

Perform a Radio Check

The last step is the crucial one. Please check if the radio signals are working. You need to turn on the radio and tune the channels available. However, you need to avoid channel 9, which is an emergency channel. Also, channel 19 is known to collect truck information. Thus, it might infringe on your privacy.

For you to announce your presence, you need to sit ‘Break’ or ‘breaker’ at the conversation gaps. You then remain silent and wait for a response. Alternatively, you can request for a radio check.

After all the steps above, you are ready to use your cb antenna for rv. You will manage to keep in touch with your fellow home movers. You can use the radio to talk, listen to radios, or listen to traffic news.

When We Use No Ground Plane CB Antenna In RV?

There are some instances you will mount a ground-based antenna, and it won’t just work. The reason could be that the rv needed a no ground plane this case, you will experience poor performance and high SWR.

There’s an easy way to identify a vehicle that needs a no ground plane. First, the vehicle will have a fiberglass coating on its outer shell. Then the second factor is that it barely has any metallic chassis where you should mount the antenna.

Where To Use NGP Antenna

Examples of vehicles that should use NGP includes camper shells, motor homes, motorcycles, and boats. You will need a special NGP coax to install the antenna. If you are not purchasing everything as a kit, you can get them separately at radio spares stores.

The basic requirement for a ground-based antenna. The absence of the metal surface will force you to use a no ground plane antenna. This antenna radiates downwards. Then the metal surface collects the signals and launches them to the atmosphere. An insufficient metal range will limit the transmission range.

What is a FireStik antenna? Is it the best CB antenna for RV?

Firestik is a brand that produces high-quality cb antennas for the American market and beyond. Their cb antennas for rv are coated with a wire. The company also manufactures various antenna accessories. The brand is very popular for its superb performance and availability of spare parts and replacements.

There are several designs of firestik cb antennas. Each one is made to meet a specific need. Thus, with firestik, you will get what you need. Most of their products are best sellers in their category. The company prides in selling over 9 million antennas around the world. What other reason do you need to see that the brand is the best?

Are Firestik Antennas Reliable?

There is no doubt that the Firestik Antennas are the best in the market. You definitely need an antenna that will give you high performance and will last long. You will get all that with a firestik antenna.

When you need a cb antenna for rv, select a firestik antenna. You will have a smooth radio experience with the best antenna in the world. They have improved their technology since 1975. The customer service is excellent. Thus, you can get a replacement or a refund if you are not satisfied with their products.

What Is The Most Common CB Channel?

CB is an abbreviation of Citizen band. The name was coined in1976 to refer to personal radio services. Truckers and home movers are the largest consumers of the cb radio channels. They depend on the information to know the road conditions. That way, they can avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Anyone can access the cb channels. There are no licence, citizenship or age requirements. However, you should only use channel 9 for emergency cases. The only restriction there is on foreign governments and tier representatives. The aim is to protect American citizens from intruders. There are 40 channels you can access from your radio. Only a few are locked for special reasons.

Which Channel Is Common?

Since many people who use the cb channels are truckers, the common channel they use is channel 19. They need to gather the information they will use so that they have an idea of the correct turn to take. Due to this, there is a dedicated channel on most radios to bring the channel instantly.

Since channel 19 is dedicated to inland use, there was a need to have a channel to cater to RVs in the sea. In this case, channel 13 is popular among marine users. However, if you have a recreational vehicle on land or the sea, you can use this channel.

There was a point when channel 9 was popula1. But since some agencies started relying on information to the authorities, it was converted into an emergency channel. The move dropped the popularity of the channel.

Why Do We Use Wireless CB Antenna For RV?

Most antennas have a wire connecting the radio and the antenna. Thus, it is so limiting since you can only use it inside your vehicles. However, if you need to walk around your vehicle and use your radio, you will need to use a wireless antenna. Also, it improves efficiency since there is no chance of the wire breaking down.

When using RVs, you step out of the vehicle on many occasions. When you are out, you need to keep up with the traffic news. You can also contribute to various chats with other truckers. Thus, a wireless cb antenna will enable you to keep in touch.

Where Else Do You Use Wireless CB Antenna

Do you have a low range car and you need a cb antenna? Then a wireless antenna is what you need. It is perfect for highway use. You can use it in a 1-mile radius away from the vehicle. Also, you can use it in marine applications.

The wireless antenna holds the future of cb radios. They give user flexibility and are compatible with most RVs. Also, they are affordable and easy to install.


We have answered your question on the best cb antenna for rv. As you can see, there is no straight answer as to which antenna you can buy. Each design is made to suit a specific need. What you need to assess is the needs and the type of RV you have.

Other factors that affect how you choose your cb antenna includes the brand of your preference. Also, look at the power watts that your radio emits. If the antenna supports lower wattage, it will not work on your radio. You can select a higher wattage, but it will not affect the performance of your radio.

Follow the steps we have given above to select a suitable cb antenna for your cv. Keep in mind all the factors that may affect the installation and performance of the antenna. More so, do not mix the components of the ground plane and no ground plane antenna.

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How Many Watts Should my CB Antenna Be?

Every antenna has a specific wattage rating. That rating indicates the wattage the individual antenna will handle. Anything above the rating will damage the antenna. Thus, before you purchase an antenna, check the wattage that your radio pushes out.

Many radios have a power of 4 watts. Thus, if the antenna rating is 4 watts and above, it is just okay. However, there are a few radio brands that push out up to 12 watts.

What is the Best Height for a CB Antenna for rv?

The radio wavelength determines the antenna height. Experts recommend that the height of the antenna should be ¼ of the wavelength. In many cases, the antenna ranges between 5-10 feet. However, the FCC allows you a limit of up to 60 feet.

If you choose a short antenna, it locks you out of some of the radio channels. Thus, you should select a reasonable height for your antenna. You can choose a long antenna and install it lower on your vehicle. But ensure it’s tip is above the roof by at least 1 foot.

How far does CB radio reach?

Cb radio has the purpose of keeping people in a certain range in touch. Also, users can access up to 40 channels within their range. You can use the b radio for personal or business purposes. Thus, it does not have to cover a vast region.

Various cb channels have a range of between 3 miles and 20 miles. The range is affected by the terrain. On smooth terrain, the range is longer as opposed to rough terrain.

How do I maximize CB range for rv?

Several factors affect a radio range. The first is the terrain. There is not much you can do about the terrain. However, you can review other factors such as your station location and radiofrequency output.

You can also increase your antenna height to increase your radio range. Also, a bad antenna setup affects your radio range. Other factors that affect the range are weather and time of the day.

Does coax length affect SWR?

The loss of signal over a cable is relatively insignificant. However, if your coax cable is 50 feet, then you can notice some loss in signal. The loss will increase with an increase in length. There are cases that you will notice a loss of ⅓ if the original signal is a cable of 100 feet long.

To maintain the original SWR, ensure that your cable does not exceed 18 feet. In case you need a longer cable, keep it under 30 feet. It will help avoid problems with signal losses.

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