Best Dishes For RV Use [Reviews With Buying Guide -2022]

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When purchasing RV dishes, you need accurate information to purchase the right ones for you. When purchasing, look for quality, chip, break-resistant, easy to clean, and the dishes brands. This information will help you get the best dishes for RV use. Read the following guide to find the dishware set of your choice. We have highlighted the top 9 best dishes for RV to make the purchasing process seamless.

I would recommend you to purchase the Corelle dishes. These are great dishes that are dishwasher and microwave safe to make your work easier. If your food gets cold, you can put the food on the dishes in the microwave and warm them without worrying. The dishes are chip and break resistance and provide service for six people with the 18 set pieces. They are easily stackable to provide space for other dinnerware.

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Top 09 Best Dishes For RV Use Reviews

01. Melamine Dinnerware Set For 4-12pcs Dinnerware Dishes Set For Indoor And Outdoor Use, Dishwasher Safe, Blue

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: Hware
  • Set specifications: 12 set pcs 4*11-inch dinner plates 4*9-inch salad plates 4*7-inch soup bowls
  • Color: Blue
  • BPA free( Y/N): Yes
  • Microwave Safe (Y/N): No
  • Weight: 7.7 pound
  • Product dimension: 12.32 *12.16 *7.16 inch
  • warranty: If the set is damaged lost or stolen call the manufacturer within 24hrs.Product has a 12 months warranty


If you are looking for a dish set which can be used in a dishwasher, then a melamine dinnerware set is the products to purchase. The dinner set is strong glassware. It is 4-12 pieces of the sets.

Color and material

The dishes are blue with a stylish and classic pattern that makes them outstanding when set on the table. The multi-purpose dishes are made of melamine material that does not break easily.


The dinnerware set has 4 pieces 7 inches of salad soup bowls, 4 pieces of dessert plates that are nine-inch, and four pieces of dinner plates, which are 11 inches. The set is excellent for indoor and outdoor activities.


The set is light weighted and easy to wash with your hands. The package dimension is 12.32 * 12.16 * 7.16 in and weighs 7.7 pounds.

Save space

The dishes can bees talk easily to save on space. They can also fit on the RV cabinets.


  • They are lightweight and therefore easy to carry on hands and wipe clean easily.
  • They are safe for outdoor activities such as tailgating and picnics.
  • They are easily stacked to save on space in the RV cabinets.
  • The set is stylish and has classic patterns with beautiful colors that make them appealing.
  • They are durable with quality melamine material.


  • They are not safe for microwave use.
  • They can peel off when you clean them with hot water consecutively.

02. RV Melamine Dinnerware Set – 12 Pcs Dinner Dishes Set For Outdoor Use, Dishwasher Safe, Lightweight Unbreakable, Blue

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: Yinshine
  • Set specifications: 12 set pcs 4*11-inch dinner plates 4*8 ½ inch salad plate 4*6-inch 17oz bowls
  • Color: Blue
  • BPA free( Y/N): Yes
  • Microwave Safe (Y/N): No
  • Weight: 6.93 pounds
  • Product dimension: 12.4 * 12.4 * 6.69 inch
  • warranty: If the set is damaged lost or stolen  call the manufacturer within 24hrs. Product has a 12 months warranty


The dinnerware set is suitable for outdoor and indoor activities such as RV, party, and picnic. You can also give your friends and family as a gift in a nicely packaged carton box. They have stylish and classic patterns that compel you to use them every day.


The 12 set dinnerware is made of melamine material, and therefore you don’t have to worry about breakage. They are break and chip resistant.

What is included in the set

The set has

4 * 11-inch dinner plates

4 x 6 inch 17 ounces bowls

4* 8 1/2 inch salad plates


You can either watch the plates by hand or through a dishwasher. They are the top dishwasher safe.


the dishes are easily stuck to save on space in the RV cabinets.

Product weight and dimension

The set is lightweight with 12.4 * 12.4 * 6.69 inches dimension and weighs 6.93 pounds.


  • The dishes are BPA-free.
  • The plates are dishwasher safe
  • They are break and chip resistant
  • They are lightweight to carry, wash, and wipe them on the hands.
  • The melamine material is quality and durable.
  • They are space-saving dishes because they can easily be stack in the cabinets.


  • They are not microwaved safe dishes.

03. Cambridge Plastic Plate, Bowl, And Tumbler Dinnerware | 12-Piece Set Teal

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: US Acrylic
  • Set specifications: 12 pcs set 4 * 2-ounces cups 4 * 6 ½ inch bowls 4 * 10-inch plates
  • Color: Teal
  • BPA free( Y/N): Yes
  • Microwave Safe (Y/N): No
  • Weight: 2.06 pounds
  • Product dimension: 10.31 * 10.31 *4.88 inch
  • warranty: 30 days  100% money back guarantee 3 years limited warranty


What’s is included in the set

If you plan to step up from disposable dishes, Cambridge plastic plates bowl and tumbler dinnerware can be a suitable replacement. The dinnerware set has the following

4pieces – 12 ounces cups

4 * 6 1/2 inch bowls

4* 10-inch dinner plates


The dishes can be easily stacked to save on space in your cabinets for other items.

Dishwasher safe

The dinnerware set is top-rack dishwasher safe, and therefore you don’t have to wash with your hands, making the process faster.

BPA free

The manufacturer uses the best BPA-free materials for food safety and uses the dishes daily.


The materials are made of quality plastic material, which does not shatter like glass. It will take a long time to purchase other dinnerware with this product.

Weight and dimension

The light weighted dinnerware sets weigh 2.09 pounds and 10.31 * 10.31 * 4.88 inches dimension.


  • The product is safe for daily use end BPA free.
  • The dishes and cups are easily stuck to save on space.
  • It is easy to clean with the dishwasher.
  • They are lightweight and easy to carry and wipe.
  • The dishes are made of the quality and durable plastic material.
  • You can choose the color of the reference between grey teal and Blue.


  • Not safe for microwave use.
  • They can only be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

04. Melamine Dinnerware Set For 4-12 Piece Dinner Dishes Set For Camping Use, Lightweight Unbreakable, And Dishwasher Safe, Marble Pattern

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: Marjoy
  • Set specifications: 12 pcs set 4* 11 inch dinner plates 4* 9 inch salad plates 4*6 inch soup bowls
  • Color: Marble
  • BPA free( Y/N): Yes
  • Microwave Safe (Y/N): No
  • Weight: 6.04 pounds
  • Product dimension: 12 * 12 * 7.08 inch
  • warranty: Lifetime warranty from manufactures defects


Set includes

The set includes

4 * 11 inch dinner plates

4 * 9 inch salad plates

4 x 6-inch bowls

Space saving

Compared to the conventional ceramic bowls and plates, the melamine dinnerware set takes up less space because the dishes are stackable. This makes your cabinets and kitchen cleaner and tidier.


Get a high gloss finish to allow food to slide on the plate for a quick rinse. The dishes are also top-shelf dishwasher safe to clean after the meals easily. Avoid using is the dishes in the microwave because the heat interferes with material integrity.


The dinnerware set has a marble color with stylish and classic looks that makes the table display beautiful. The marble dinnerware can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities and act as home decorations.


The set is made of heavyweight durable melamine material that is break and chip resistant.

Weight and dimensions

The melamine dinner sets have a dimension of 12 * 12 * 7.8 inches and weigh 6.04 pounds.


  • The plates and bowls are of the right size.
  • They are lightweight with great designs.
  • The melanin material makes the dishes quality and durable.
  • They are BPA -free
  • They are versatile for everyday use
  • Not safe to be used in a microwave.


  • Not safe to be used in a microwave.

05. Gibson Home Brist 12 Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set, Assorted Colors

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Set specifications: 12 pcs set 4 * 10 1/2 inch dinner plates 4* 8 inch salad plates 4 *6 inch bowls
  • Color: Assorted colors
  • BPA free( Y/N): Yes
  • Microwave Safe (Y/N): No
  • Weight: 5.94 pounds
  • Product dimension: 11 * 15 * 11 inch
  • warranty: One year warranty


The Gibson home Brist dishes have assorted colors that make the set colorful and stylish. The colors include orange, green, red, and blue. It is a 12 set service for 4 with

4* 10 1/2 inch dinner plates

4* 8-inch salad plates

4 x 6-inch bowls

Dishwasher safe

The dishes are top-rack dishwasher safe, but it is recommendable to wash them by hand for durability.


The dishes are made of quality melanin material that our break and chip resistant.


The dishes are made of BPA-free materials for safety.

Space saving

The dishes are easily stackable to save on space on your RV cabinets.

Microwave safe

They can quickly melt in the microwave or when used in conventional.

Product and dimensions

The packaging dimensions are 10 x 9.5 x 5.75 inches and weigh 5.5 pounds.


  • It is a versatile set for everyday use.
  • The set is break and chip resistant with the quality melamine material it is made of.
  • The dishes are lightweight and compared to the conventional ceramic plates and bowls.
  • The assorted colors make the set stylish and colorful for dinner table display.
  • The BPA free feature makes the product safe for use.


  • You cannot use the dishes in a conventional oven or microwave
  • The dishes are only top-rack dishwasher safe.

06. Melamine 12 Piece Dinnerware Set – Dishes Set Suitable Indoors And Outdoors, Service For 4, Lightweight, Turquoise

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: Hware
  • Set specifications: 12 pcs set 4 * 7 inch salad bowls 4 * 11 inch dinner plates 4 * 9 inch dessert plates
  • Color: Turquoise
  • BPA free( Y/N): Yes
  • Microwave Safe (Y/N): No
  • Weight: 7.61 pound
  • Product dimension: 12.2 * 12.13 * 7.17 inch
  • warranty: 12 months warranty


What is included in the set

The dinnerware set has

4 * 7-inch salad bowls

4 * 11 inch dinner plates

4 * 9 inch dessert plates


The dishes are made of high-quality melamine materials that are unbreakable and chip resistant.


The set has a beautiful turquoise color that makes the dinner table beautiful when they are set.

Space saving

The dishes are stackable, therefore saving space on your RV cabinets. Avoid using the dishes in the microwave and conventional oven because they are not.


These dishes are stain-resistant and easy to clean. The sleek finishing next time is it clean. You will have no problem with odors or changing the plates’ color when you consider these said.

BPA free

The dishes are made of BPA free material. You can be assured your food is safe from toxicity.


You can use these dishes for everyday use due to their versatility. They can also be used indoors and outdoor activities. You can give to your families and friends, by packing them properly in the carton box.

Weight and dimensions

It is easy to carry and why the dishes due to their lightweight. The package dimension is 12.2 * 12.13 * 7.17 in which weighs 7.61 pounds.


  • They are lightly weighted to carry down to people.
  • They are dishwasher safe.
  • The quality material makes the product durable.
  • The dishes are versatile for everyday use.
  • You can easily stack them to save on space.


  • They are not microwave safe.

07. Corelle Dishes For RV Service For 6, Chip Resistant, Winter Frost White Dinnerware Set, 18pcs

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: World Kitchen (PA)
  • Set specifications: 18 set pcs 6 * 10 1/4 inch dinner plates 6 * 6 3/4 inch bread plates 6 – 18 ounces soup/cereal bowls.
  • Color: Winter Frost White
  • BPA free( Y/N): Yes
  • Microwave Safe (Y/N): yes
  • Weight: 8.88 pounds
  • Product dimension: 3year warranty
  • warranty: 3year warranty


This set provides service for six people. It has 18 pieces with

6 * 10 1/4 inch dinner plates

6 x 6 3/4 inch bread plates

6 – 18 ounces soup/cereal bowls.


The dishes color is winter frost white, which provides a simple and elegant look when displayed on the dinner table. It is a perfect set that can complement your other dinnerware.


The dishes are made of a healthy glass of Corelle triple layer. The material is break and chip resistance.

Space saving

The dishes are easily stackable to provide space for other dinnerware in the cabinet.


The dinner will be suitable for everyday use.

These dishes are suitable for everyday use.

Dishwasher safe

You can clean the dishes by hand or in a dishwasher.

Microwave and conventional oven safe

These dishes are safe to be used in an oven and a microwave making it easy to warm your food.

Product dimension

The package is lightweight and with a dimension of 11.25 * 5.75 * 11 in which weighs 8.88 pounds.


These dishes have a three-year warranty from the manufacturer against defects.


  • The dishes are break and chip resistant due to the quality material they are made of.
  • They are easily stackable for space saving.
  • The dishes are dishwasher safe.
  • They are versatile for everyday use.
  • You can use them in the microwave and the oven.
  • They are non-porous and easy to clean.


  • The edges of the plate don’t nest together.

08. 12 Pieces Melamine Dinnerware Set For 4 Outdoor Indoor Use Dinner Dishes Set For Camper Break-Resistant RV Use

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: Marjoy
  • Set specifications: 12 pcs set 4 * 9.75 inch dinner plates 4 * 7.75 inch salad plates 4 * 21 ounces bowls
  • Color: white
  • BPA free( Y/N): Yes
  • Microwave Safe (Y/N): No
  • Weight: 4.24 pounds
  • Product dimension: 11.1 * 11.1 * 7.3 inches
  • warranty: 30 days free replacement


The set is a modern design with camping patterns. They are suitable for camping, picnics and rving. The dishes are white in color that complement other dinnerware.

Saves on space

The dishes are specific because they are easily stackable, making the cabinets clean and tidier. You can arrange your cabinets properly to fit other dinnerware.

The service for 4 set includes

4 * 9.75-inch dinner plates

4 * 7.75-inch salad plates

4 * 21 ounces bowls


the dishes are made of unbreakable melamine durability. It is hard for them to crack or break when dropped on the floor

Dishwasher safe

You can clean the dishes in the dishwasher safely

Weight and dimensions

The package weighs 4.24 pounds with a dimension of 11.1 * 11.1 * 7.3 inches.


  • They are made of quality material that does not break or chip easily.
  • The dishes are lightweight for cleaning and carrying them.
  • The set is dishwasher safe
  • Versatile for everyday use
  • The dishes save space because they are easily stackable.


  • You cannot use them in the oven or microwave.

09. Gianna’s Home 12 Pieces Rustic Farmhouse Melamine Dinnerware Set Service For 4 (New Ivory)

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: Giannas Home
  • Set specifications: 12 pcs set 4 * 11 inch dinner plate 4 * 8.5 inch salad plate 4 * 7.5 inch bowls
  • Color: New Ivory
  • BPA free( Y/N): Yes
  • Microwave Safe (Y/N): No
  • Weight: 9.58 pound
  • Product dimension: 11.7 * 11.7 * 7.8 inches
  • warranty: Manufactures warranty may not apply



The set is made of melanin hard plastic material that is heavily weighted for durability purposes. The material feels like ceramic but lighter. It is break and chip resistant and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities.

BPA Free

The melanin material is BPA free and, therefore, safe for use.

Dishwasher safe

The dishes can be washed in a dishwasher machine safely. Avoid using the dishes in the microwave because of the plastic material.

Set includes

The 12 pieces dinnerware set service for 4 include

4 * 11 inch dinner plate

4 * 8.5-inch salad plate

4 * 7.5-inch bowls

Weight and dimensions

The product weighs 9.58pounds with 11.7 x 11.7 * 7.8 inches dimensions.


  • The dishes are BPA-free.
  • They save on space because they are easily stackable.
  • They are dishwasher safe.
  • The melanin hard plastic material makes the product durable.


  • They are not microwave safe

How To Choose The Best Dishes For RV Use?

BPA free

look at the dishes description and ensure they are BPA-free. This is because BPA is a hazardous chemical that may affect your health. Ensure your dishes have been made with materials that are free from affecting your well-being.


Consider the material the dishes are made of. Choose materials that are break and chip resistance for durability. Ensure the dishes can withstand the shaking and moving to avoid traveling together when driving the RV. Melamine dishes are recommendable for RV due to the unbreakable nature. Avoid purchasing dishes made of cheap plastic and glasses because they will break easily.

Dishwasher safe

Washing dishes is sometimes a hassle, and when you are rving, it is more hectic. Choosing dishes that are 100% dishwasher-safe can save you time and energy to clean up your sink. Purchase the dishes that are easy to clean so that in case your dishwasher has a problem, you can easily clean them by hands.


Purchase lightweight dishes as they are less likely to chip or break when they fall. It is easy to carry lightweight dishes and wipe them after washing them.


choose dishes that are easily stackable to create space for other dishes in the cabinet. You can also get stack organizers and plate holders to store dishes properly.


There are many brands in the market selling Rv dishes in the market. Choose those that have a competitive advantage in the market and have been in the dish selling industry for a long time. You will be assured of getting the best dishes from the brand and advice on how to use your dishes and store them properly.

Set size

The set size of the dishes will depend on the number of people who are living with. Most dishes come with a set of 12 pieces, while others have 18 pieces. Choose the dishes that fit your family to avoid buying others.

Microwave safe

Although many dishes for are we are not microwaving safe, you can consider this one start I received to be used in oven and microwave so that it can be easy for you to warm the food while it is in the dishes.


Dishes come with different patterns of color and style. It will depend on your taste and preferences when purchasing to choose the one that you like most. When purchasing, look for dinnerware that compliments you are other dinnerware and make the table display beautiful.


have a budget of how much you’re willing to spend on kitchen dishes. This way, you will purchase products that are within your budget plan.

How To Pack Dishes In A Travel Trailer?

1. Get silicon

2. Apply a little rim of silicon around the bottom of your plates and cups.

3. Stack them together

4. Store the in the RV cabinet


When you are not using the wine and champagne glasses, return them to their boxes for safe storage.

Get a tiered organizer for glasses and cups that you use on a daily basis. It acts as a less expensive drinkware organizer. The organizer keeps the glasses intact, and you don’t have to work about chipping or breaking when rving.

How To Care For And Clean Dishes?

Get a proper drain strainer.

A good drain strainer makes it easy to clean out dishes in your RV than the metal sink strainers.

Buy reusable brushes and sponges.

Reusable brushes and sponges are great because you can use them with water and natural dish soap.

How Do You Wash Dishes In Your Tiny RV Kitchen?

1. Before putting dishes in the scene, wipe off the food and grease

Get a napkin or a paper towel to wipe the leftover food before putting them in the sink. This process eliminates the formation of dried food crust. Wiping off foods reduces the effort used to clean up and prevent bad odor. Use the same paper towels or napkins is used while taking dinner to avoid filling up your garbage container.

2. Use the pyramid fashion when washing the dishes

Get a large container and clean the dishes as you start them inside each other. Clean all other dishes that do not fit.use the same water to clean the other stack dishes. The soapy water will form for easy cleaning of the stack dishes. Rinse your dishes and allow the water to come out of each other.

3. Clean dishes in order

Use a systematic way to clean the dishes from the most fragile to the list. You can start with glasses, silverware dishes and can also clean the dishes from those that are less likely to be dirty to the ones that are greasy. Clean your drinking real fast, then plates and bowls, and lastly, the serving dishes.


you can either use hot water or have a solution combination of 20% bleach and 80% water. This solution act as a disinfectant when cleaning your dishes. You can also use vinegar and water to make a mild disinfectant. This is used to clean your cabinets and surfaces.

Wipe dishes

you don’t need to waste water and soap on some dishes. For example, for the dishes you have used to take dry foods or snacks can be white and returned back to the cabinets. You will only need to rinse the dishes and try them off quickly. You also save time and energy.

What Is The Best RV Dish Storage To Organize Your Cabinets?

Your RV dishes need more protection than your dishes at home. There are various dish storage ideas for your RV to help you organize your cabinets. These storage organizers are readily available, and you can get them in shops like Amazon. Below are some of them that have more than 100 reviews and are at least four-star rated.

1. Upright dinner plate holder

The dinner plate holder holds six dinner plates. It prevents the dishes from sliding around when you’re putting them in the cupboard. Use the two-sided tape for adherence. The plate holder is 4.6 stars rated on Amazon and has over 100 reviews.

Collapsible food dishes

One of the advantages of collapsible food dishes is to maximize storage in a small kitchen. They are made of silicone material, thus preventing shattering and jiggling when traveling.

They are also good dishes to store food in the refrigerator and also microwave safe. The versatile products can also be used as a dish to eat food. It is easy to clean and store them in your cabinet.

2.Camco plastic stack -a- plate organizer

this is a product manufactured by Camco RV accessories, which is a leading company in this industry. At the bottom of the plate, the organizer is a non-slip grip to prevent the plates from sliding around when driving your RV. You can also use a double-sided tape for proper attachment and keep the plates in place. The organizer comes in to set one for dinner plates and the other one for saucer plates. The small set fits up to 7.25 inches. The larger organizer fits up to 10.25-inch plates.

3. Bamboo dish rack to hold plates

This is a versatile holder that can either be used as a drying rack or a dish holder in your cabinets. It is 12 inches long and comes with two racks.

Plate and cutlery organizer.

This is an all-in-one at the dishes storage organizer that you could get for proper organization. Eltow is the manufacturer of the product and targets dish organization in a picnic at a birthday party. The organizer is also convenient in RV dishes for proper organization. It works best on RV plastic dishes. The organizer has space spots for stackable bowls and cups, dinner plates, salad plates, and a spot for cutlery.

RV kitchen Cabinet Shelf

Cabinet shelves are space saving for the small kitchen due to the use of vertical spacing. The kitchen cabinet shelf is adjustable from ( 15.75″ to 30″ ) to fit different sizes of the cupboard. For dishes to stay put and prevent them from sliding when driving, get an adhesive. You can also get protectors between your plates. The product is highly rated and has over 3000 reviews on Amazon.

Other holders include stackable cups and bowl holders, extra shelf to hang under kitchen shelves or under the table.

What Is The Best Thing To Do To Ensure Items Don’t Move In Your Cupboard When Rving ?

purchase non-slip mats to line them up on your shelves. They can be used in closet bathrooms and kitchen. These mats prevent items from moving and toppling when driving.

  • You can use nails and screws for wall items
  • Store items in plastic containers
  • For the bedside items, mount them
  • Hook installation
  • Use velcro strips


Just because you are having does not mean you can only use plastic and disposable dishes. You can make your everyday meal great by using the best dishes to feel like you are still at home. We have highlighted the best dishes for RV use that are break and chip resistant. They are easy to clean and have no problem with orders or color-changing. These dishes are BPA-free and are easily stackable to create a space for other dinnerware. Read the highlighted reviews and gets the best rv dishes for your RV kitchen.

Read More:


How Do I Secure My RV Dishes?

You can apply silicone around the bottom of your dishes. Silicone keeps them from moving around when dining and rving.

Put a ledge on the shelves to prevent them from sliding off the cabinets when driving. To prevent them from rattling together and causing chip cut pieces, decor top liner, and put in between the dishes.

It is important to purchase stackable dishes and bowls for easy storage. The chances of these dishes falling are almost nil.

Are RV Dishes Microwave Safe?

The material of the dishes determines whether they are microwaves safe or not—for example, the melamine dishes and not microwave safe. When exposed to the micro rays, they break and damage easily. It’s important to consider microwave-safe dishes so that you can heat the food when dining on the go.

What Is The Most Durable Material For RV Dishes?

Melamine is the most durable material for RV dishes. The material is break and chip resistant. Melamine also withstands regular shaking and moving when the RV is on the go.

What Is The Best Brand Of Dinnerware For RV?

  • Marjoy
  • Gibson Home Brist
  • Hware
  • Camp casual
  • Cambridge
  • Yinshine
  • Corelle
  • Gianna’s Home

What Is The Safest Dinnerware For RV?

  • Yinshine 12- piece rustic melamine dinnerware set
  • Hware 12-piece melamine Rv dinnerware set
  • Coleman 24-piece enamel dinnerware set
  • Stansport 24-piece enamel tableware set
  • Craft and kin 12-piece melamine dinnerware set
  • Camp casual (CC-001) melamine 12-piece dishes set
  • Preserve 20310 everyday tableware set
  • The Lakeside collection 12-piece dinnerware
  •  Hware 12-piece melamine RV dinnerware

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