Best Electric Water Heater For RV Reviews And Buying Guide – 2022

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Keeping in touch with nature is among the perfect areas of traveling in your RV. Accordingly, it is one way of getting outdoors while enjoying modern life conveniences. To avoid jarring icy cold showers, you need to consider high-quality water heaters as RVing’s essential appliances. The best electric heater for RV constitutes outstanding features for efficient performance, including high-quality material construction for longevity.

Our in-depth research contains the best electric water heater for RV that you should prefer in the market. Bosch electric water heater Tronic 3000 T4 Gallon is the top product in the market coming with premium gas lined material construction for a long term service. Additionally, the glass-lined interior ensures superior corrosion resistance.

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Top 5 Best Electric Water Heater For RV Reviews

01. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T 4-Gallon (ES4) – Eliminate Time for Hot Water – Shelf, Wall or Floor Mounted

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 17.4lb
  • Tank volume: 4 gallons
  • Dimensions: 13.75×13.5 x13.75
  • Electrical requirements: 120A/120V
  • Water fittings: ½ NPT
  • Pressure range: 150 psi
  • Temperature range: 65-145 degrees

Are you looking for an electric heater that fits your needs of space and water heating? Then Bosch electric Tronic 3000 is your most preferred choice present in three different sizes that easily fit any room of your environment. Additionally, it heats the water quickly, saving your time. Furthermore, glass lining makes it durable, ensuring long term use.

Save on Storage space

A Bosch water heater takes up a small storage space since it is easily mounted on walls or changed. The model is available in three varied sizes catering to your thoughts on hold. Regardless of size, they all have a lightweight that makes mounting an easy task.

Easy to Install

The device prevents you from having to go through a difficult time calling for plumbers to fix your system. Installing needs you to tap on the cold water system and have the heater installed directly to your sink. Alternatively, the heater can be fixed on the same approach with other large sources of hot water, making the heating process fast.

Pocket friendly

Bosch heater has you covered in financial terms. The price is affordable and makes it accessible to low-income earners. Additionally, the heater has a large storage capacity of up to four gallons, making it convenient for use even in long time showers.

Long-lasting Quality

The model has premium gas lined material for a long term service. The gas lined material ensures durability leaving you assured of an extended use period before spoilage.


  • Its installation is simple hence saving on cost and time.
  • Take a smaller space and can easily be mounted on walls
  • Saves on time through a fast rate of recovery
  • High quality and durability giving you a long duration of service
  • Comes with an impressive capacity of 4 gallon
  • Has a glass-lined interior for superior corrosion resistance.


  • The product might produce rusty water when used for many years.

02. Thermoflow UT10 2.6-Gallons Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater for Under Sinks 110V – 120V, 1.5kW at 120 Volts

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 14lb
  • Tank volume: 2.6 gallons
  • Dimensions: 18 x 12.2x 11
  • Electrical requirements: 23A/120V
  • Water fittings: ½ NPT
  • Pressure range: 115 Psi
  • Temperature range: 45F-167 degrees

If you are looking for a device that can save on your time while ensuring safety, then the thermoflow UT 10 electric heater meets your needs to the fullest. It has a large storage capacity of up to ten gallons, a protection circuit to ensure safety during installation, and saves energy through a thermostat function.

Safety features

The model constitutes overheat protection, which automatically cuts off electricity to ensure the user’s safety. When the water gets hotter than the set temperature. The auto cut-off connection cuts short the electric supply, automatically preventing the heater from overheating. Additionally, it reduces the chances of damage or spoilage resulting from rising temperatures to the heater.

Easy maintenance

The mini-tank water heater comes with a stainless steel design ensuring high durability and long service life. The stainless steel doesn’t rust, making it is easy to maintain. Additionally, the material energy efficient saving your energy bills.

Energy Efficient

The model saves heat by automatically shutting off when the water reaches the high set temperature, minimizing energy consumption. Additionally, it has high heating water efficiency, saving energy, and sparing you from incurring high expenses on electricity bills.

Simple Installation

You do not require to call a plumber to have your heater fixed since installation is easy. To start using the heater, you have to connect it to a socket. Additionally, you should have it tapped through the system supplying cold water and connects it directly to the sink. Moreover, you may have hot water provided at any point according to your choice and in a short period.

Saves on Storage

Thermoflow water heater saves you the trouble of looking for space to have it fixed. The lightweight makes it compatible with mounting on the ground. Therefore, it is friendly to small paces, and its design blends in with your environment’s colors.


  • Saves on time through fast heating, making its usability suitable
  • Safe to use because it cuts off power to prevent overheating
  • High durability and quality results in a long term service to the user
  • Maintenance is easy since the steel is stainless and does not rust


  • It is expensive, therefore affording one may be challenging.

03. Camplux ME40 Mini Tank Electric Water Heater 4-Gallon with Cord Plug,120 Volts

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Tank volume: 4 gallons
  • Dimensions: 22×11.75×10.38
  • Electrical requirements: 120V
  • Water fittings: ½ NPT
  • Pressure range: 150 psi
  • Temperature range: 50-140 degrees

Are you looking for pleasure and enthusiasm in your outdoor life? Then Camplux ME40 has got you covered in meeting all your needs when choosing an electric water heater. The model comes with a lightweight and compact design, making it friendly to small spaces. Additionally, it saves on energy and purchasing costs. The model has high quality and constitutes an approved safety.

Attractive exterior design

The exterior design is stylish and beautiful, matching well with other colors. Therefore, it blends well with bright colored environments for any room. Additionally, the model spares you from the trouble of choosing between colors that match your environment since it is the best option.

Storage capacity

ME40 stores water up to four gallons connected to a sink or bathtub according to your preferred choice. Therefore, you can place the device in any space of your compound. You can choose to have it at your kitchen station, at your garage, a water basement, or even on a boat. The model quickly avails hot water from any station because it functions independently of its position.

Easy Installation

Installing the Camplux tank is easy because you only choose the waterline and have it fixed directly to where you want the water directed. Accordingly, you do not need to purchase pipelines and pumps. Additionally, it saves on cost because recirculating pipes are expensive to buy. Fixing the tank does not necessarily need a plumber, which saves on your money.

High-efficiency heating element

It comes with a glass-lined tank preventing heat loss. Accordingly, the insulation enhances durability, thus improving the product’s service. Therefore, it saves your expenditure by preventing you from the trouble of purchasing another device after a short time.

Easy to use and control

Controlling the water heater is easy since it uses an external dial to control the temperature range. Additionally, it constitutes a CSA listed pressure and temperature relief valve that enhances your safety. Therefore, you need not worry about how safe it is to control the heater because your safety is entirely paramount.


  • It has a compact size fit for RVs
  • Comes with adjustable thermostat for automatic control of water temperatures
  • Its  CSA temperature and pressure help to the relief valve  and users safety
  • The model has various tank sizes
  • Easy to use and control the device.


  • The model comes with a short electrical cord, two feet long

04. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T 2.5-Gallon (ES2.5) – Eliminate Time for Hot Water – Shelf, Wall or Floor Mounted

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 15.5lb
  • Tank volume: 2.5 gallons
  • Dimensions: 13.75×10.75×13.75
  • Electrical requirements: 120V
  • Water fittings: 1/2  NPT
  • Pressure range: 150 psi
  • Temperature range: 65-145 F degrees

Bosch is among the best electric heaters available in the market and used for heating water anywhere you need. The model has a fast recovery rate eliminating long waits for water at your sink. Additionally, the device construction consists of premium glass-lined materials that act as durability assurance.

High Storage capacity

Bosch heater stores two and a half gallons of water for use in meeting your needs. Additionally, the hot water is available at any point you prefer. Therefore, the model saves you on the cost of installing hot water lines. The Bosch heater is ninety-eight percent efficient.

High-quality construction

The model construction constitutes premium glass-lined materials that ensure longevity services. Additionally, It has foam insulation free from CFC and provides sound insulation, promoting energy efficiency. The product’s high durability gives you full assurance by avoiding the costs of purchasing another only after a short duration.

Excellent for small spaces

The model is perfect for small spaces due to its compatibility and lightweight. Furthermore, you do not have to suffer great trouble trying to create space where the heater will fit without creating congestion since you may easily mount it on the floor, shelf, or wall.

Desired Application

You may use the Bosch electric water heater in three different ways, including using the heater as a heating source for a single sink to boost another heater located far from the sink. Additionally, you may install the heater together with tankless heaters that mix up with cold water.


  • It is a good option for pre-heating water at a distance faucet.
  • The device takes less time for heating.
  • It has a Compatible size fit for small areas.
  • The model comes with affordable prices making it available to low-income earners.
  • The device is easily mounted on walls or under your sink


  • After prolonged use, the model may develop leakage issues.

05. Rinkmo Electric Tankless Water Heater 18KW 240V Instant Hot On Demand Residential Electric Water Heater for Bathroom Bathtub rv Whole House Shower Sink Small

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 21.3 pounds
  • Tank volume: 4 gallons
  • Dimensions: 13.12×3.12×17
  • Electrical requirements: 240V
  • Water fittings: 1/2  male NPT
  • Pressure range: 150 psi
  • Temperature range: 50-140 degrees

Rinkmo tankless heater is the best since it has high efficiency and improved design. Accordingly, it is available at an affordable cost making it accessible to low-income earners. Moreover, the device is efficient in performance while ensuring users safety.

Compact Design

The Rinkmo heater saves on space and is fit for installing in nontraditionalbasements. Therefore, you may have it fixed in garages, utility rooms, or even a closet. Additionally, the temperature display is easy to read, making operation easy.

Easy Installation

There are no complicated steps to follow when fixing the heater in your preferred space. Additionally, you are saved from any worries, even when you have a long shower without delay. You can get hot water anytime you need without waiting for preheating

Contains high-temperature sensors

It has high-temperature sensors and flow sensors, which are very crucial for the user. Reducing the flow rate or pressure minimizes the water temperature to get water with optimum and stable temperature. Additionally, you are safe even when bathing your kid because the weather will not keep on changing.

Varied usage

The model is fit for home use and suitable for commercial places, including Barbershops and salons, when in need of urgent hot and safe water. Rinkmo water heater has got you covered even when you require starting a business that needs you to purchase a tankless heater.

High-Quality construction

The metal shell of the Rinkmo heater is of high quality and fireproof too. Additionally, the screen displays the water’s actual temperature instead of the set temperature catered for by the screen. Therefore, you are sure whether the water is cold enough for your bath or excessively hot.


  • Has a compact size, saving storage spaces
  • It is cheaper hence easily affordable by many
  • High-quality materials used in construction ensures long-lasting service.
  • It is inexpensive to maintain the model


  • Not the best choice for long showers.

Choosing The Best Electric Water Heater For RV

Purchasing the best heater for RV can be very cumbersome since there are numerous products in the market. Just like any other appliance, getting the best quality device requires considering many things. Therefore, customers need to read this article as it constitutes moving parts that minimize burdensome when operating your water heater. Indeed, you will have the best opportunity of finding the model if you consider the following factors.

Powers source.

The source of power is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for the best electric heater for RV.  There are various options of the power source for your selection, including electric, battery, and propane operated model. You need to consider among the three references that can offer the highest number of advantages. However, many water heater owners prefer the propane and battery-operated units due to their portability.


Safety is the next aspect to consider when purchasing the perfect electric water heater.  Most RV water heaters come with a smart protection system, including freeze and overheating safety devices. The smart functions can automatically protect the machine when there is danger, thus extending the service lifespan. Besides, the machine constitutes auto-off used for preventing the heater from operation after a specified period.

Each device should be able to withstand extreme temperature changes and harsh weather of various outdoor places. You also need to consider if you are traveling along rough terrains, and there are protective features against voltage shortages and spikes.

Easily adjustable.

You need to ensure that the chosen device is easy to adjust since many manufacturers focus on creatinguser-friendly products. Purchasing a digital display device is essential since this modification enhances easy monitoring of temperature levels, operation customization, and flow rate. It is also crucialto select a machine with clearer knobs for easy control of the device’s water flow and power to offer what you require during the operation.


The budget is one of the most critical aspects to consider when selecting the best water heaters in the market. It is necessary to recognize that most of our chosen products are affordable for our esteemed customers. Although top quality devices in the market are more expensive and require hiring professionals for installation, you need to consider the product you are willing to spend.


The cost of maintaining most water heaters are quite expensive. This requires you to select a machine with low maintenance requirements to save a large amount of money. Choosing a simple cleaning product is crucial since it will prevent you from incurring maintenance prices by hiring professionals to take care of your heating tools.

What Is An RV Electric Water Heater

It is the device that allows the usage of RV’s plumbing system in completing your home with hot water for dishes, comfortable showers, and beautiful warm suds for hand washing. Understanding the RV water tank and its proper use in your camper is essential to ensure it stays in reasonable condition for an extended period of operation.

Types of electric water heater for RV

There are various types of electric water heaters for RV available in the market for customers. These devices come with advantages and potential drawbacks. The following is a discussion of various water heaters to help you select the best for your home use to minimize customer fatigue.

  • Tankless water heater

Tankless is one of the best water heaters that you can find in the market. It comes with a modern advancement that is important for giving your home an endless hot water capacity. The heater contains coils that, when filled with water,get super-heated to help heat water instantly.It is important to be careful when picking the right size as per the family requirements since water tankless are available in different sizes and shapes.

  • Traditions storagetank water heater

The traditional storage tank is the next electric water heater found in most homes and canfamiliarize youwith the perfect operation. A tank on this tool is useful for water storage that requires heating. This shows that the water tank size helps determine the quantity of hot water available for your operation. Accordingly, the tank’s proper insulation is essential for keeping water warm when turning the heater on.

  • Condensing water heater.

This is another type of electric heater with a smart solution that makes it efficient for energy usage. Accordingly, this heater can use the other fumes of gas by capturing it for water heating. It is energy efficient because it can extract energy from flue gas and store it to pre-heat the boiler’s water. Like any other model, this heater has a storage tank that captures hot exhaust gas from the house through the flue.

How an electric water heater works

An n electric water heater depends on two heating components in warming water inside the tank. When attaining a designated temperature for water, the heating component can cycle off. Accordingly, the pressure and temperature valves open to stabilize the system if they rise above normal operating levels.

  • Position heating elements properly

The device uses 240volts in two heating components near the tanks and another near the bottom. Each element comes with a thermostat for temperature regulation. Thermostats are mechanical switches used for reading temperatures through the tank wall side and turn the components On and Off. Notably, thermostats for the typical water heater are not specific to voltage due to their unique rating, including 120 volts for residential operations and 240 voltages for commercial operations.

  • Commercial water hears

The thermostats for commercial water heaters can have a more dangerous and high operating temperature of up to 180 degrees Celsius. Besides, different water heater types require a maximum temperature of 210 degrees Celsius before the release of water by TP valves. It is important to avoid removing of TP valve as a way of preventing the risk of a violent steam explosion by high temperatures.

  • Safety purposes

To avoid scalding for safety purposes, use the recommended thermostat setting of 120 degrees Celsius for water heaters to distribute portable water into pipes where it can contact individuals. It is important to note that commercial thermostats with high temperatures are useful not only for dishwashing but also in other applications that require high temperatures.

How do I convert my RV gas water heater to electric?

The Conversion of RV gas water heater to electric involves simple processes without interfering with the tank’s gas services. Seemingly, you might operate a hot water tank on the gas until reaching a camping place that offers electricity to switch it over to electric.

Accordingly, you can plug a gas line off and utilize the electric service if the gas service is not operating. Mot camp regions include electric in their rate,making the hot water tank run cheaply on their electric. Below are simple steps to follow while converting your RV gas water to electricity.

  • Shut off the water supply.

Shutting off the water pump for distributing water to the RV is the first step in converting gas water into electricity. It involves removing the drain plug from the lower part of the hot tank situated inside the camper’s service door. The removal of the drain plug is essential to allow water to drain out efficiently.

  • Wrap the pipe table.

Wrapping the pipe table on the threads is the next step of converting the camper gas into electricity. It involves threading the electric component coming with the electric conversion kit into the drain and tightening it properly. Upon installation, the component takes the position of the draining plug.

  • Run a service line.

Running a service line of 110 capacity to the hot water tank is another essential step of conversion. You need to maintain the service wire’s color code with the ground taking a white colour often. Accordingly, maintaining consistency with your RV is necessary for the process to take place effectively.’

  • Locate the tin cover.

It is essential to locate the tin cover of the hot water tank for easy removal. The process involves drilling a hole for the wire needed, peeling the insulation, and thermostat installation. Accordingly, you need to cut the service line of hot wire and that in the thermostat for one post to take one cut wire and the next post for another cut wire.

  • Attach the thermostat hot wire

The hot wire attachment is the final step of converting the RV gas into electricity. It involves attaching the hot wire from the thermostat to one of the electric heater posts and hooking the ground wire to the next post of the heater component.

The Size Of Water Heater Needed

Taking some time figuring out whether the current device’s size meets your requirements is necessary if the current water model is in your future. It involves calculating the capacity of hot water typically used during the busiest hour. For instance, the number of people ranging from 2 to 10 utilizes water capacity ranging from 30 to 80 gallons of water. The following is what you require to know the exact size of the water heater needed.

Determine the busiest hour of the day.

You need to ascertain the busy hour of operation during the day by calculating your peak hour’s demand.  The peak hour demand is the maximum capacity of hot water needed during your busy hour of the day. Similarly, it would help if you remembered that showers are the most in hot water utilization among the hot water appliances showers.

Add the hot water gallons during this hour.

After determining the busy hour of the day, you need to think of all the hot water operations that can fit into this specific hour. Most water heaters come with the first-hour rating, which signifies the number of hot water gallons provided by the unit per hour. Therefore, when there is a match of peak hour demand and the first-hour rating, the water heater can meet your hot water requirements.

Dialing In The Flow Rate

Dialing is a device used when controlling the rate of fluid or liquid flow. The dial flow tubing is simple to regulate and offers a consistent water movement through the system, andto protect crimped tubing.

What is better electric or gas water heaters for RV

  • Electric water heater

An electric water heater is a device that mainly depends on electricity for heating water.It is the best appliance for RV since they are very cost-effective and friendly to the environment. If you are a beginner, installing an electric water heater is very simple as it comes with easy to understand guidelines. Accordingly, you can use a solar panel or a generator to start this device without contributing to greenhouse emissions efficiently.

The electric heater enhances the efficient distribution of water compared to gas models. It enables families to take many showers while washing clothes and doing dishes in the camper without many challenges. Accordingly, this heater allows users to conduct multiple operations at a constant production of hot water on demand. The device release of greenhouse gas heaters makes them less demanding since their emissions are unfriendly to the environment.


You may experience the convenience of hot water if you are camping in the RV.  Minimizing hot water use can save you from spending many dollars to acquire a decent unit since many water heaters are highly expensive. Accordingly, smart practices, including dishwashing in colder water and rising them off in the shower, can prolong the hot water usage. Therefore, you need to choose your best electric water heater for RV and begin enjoying warmer water in your services.


Do RV heaters run on electricity?

Yes, the RV heater can run on electricity, although its recovery rate will be slower. Running it on both electricity and propane can be more efficient due to the provision of better results.

How do I know if my RV water heater is gas or electric?

Several modern RV water heaters depend on either liquid propane gas or electric model. You can only realize that your water heater is electric or gas following its operation. Water heaters usually operate in the gas model at the entry-level.

How long does it take a 6 gallon RV water heater to heat up?

Typically, the RV water heaters take a maximum of 20 minutes to heat the water. Accordingly, the device can take longer or less time, depending on the number of water gallons inside it.

Can you put an electric tankless water heater in an RV?

Yes, electric tankless water heaters can instantly heat water using a heat exchanger without a storage tank’s demand. The perfect device offers between 2 to 5 gallons of hot water every minute.

What is the best tankless water heater for an RV?

Bosch Electric Mini is the best water heater for RV. It is convenient and can run on 120 alternative currents. Accordingly, it is one of the smallest tankless heaters available in the market.

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