Best GPS For RV Users Reviews & Buying Guide (2022)

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There is more than just purchasing an RV GPS. Is it reliable? Will it freeze after a short time? But more importantly, does it suggest the best available facilities? That is to say that you should always aim at getting the best GPS for RV users.

An example of such an RV GPS is the Garmin dezl 770LMTHD GPS, which is our best pick. It has a free lifetime map updates, voice recognition, sturdy crafting,  Bluetooth connectivity and much more.

However, there are many more items.

After intense research and experimentation, we can proudly present to you the top five RV GPS available in the market. Later is every detail of information essential to operate them.

But first, what is an RV GPS?

What is an RV GPS

RV GPS refers to a type of GPS that is customized to meet the needs of a typical recreational vehicle user. It is positioned on the vehicle dashboard such that the driver does not need to divert the eyes from the road to use it

Typically, it has installed maps and can access a database. Accordingly,  it can get the exact location of the user as well as identify the available routes to get to a specified location.

In RV GPS devices with advanced technology, they can even give a list of the best available facilities as well as interpret and respond to verbal feedback.

How did we pick the best RV GPS NAVIGATOR?

Before getting to the review, let me give disclosure on how we picked this best GPS navigator.

First, we intentionally took a close look at each of them, their features and functionalities. And definitely chose the top five that meant the expectation of a quality item.

Nevertheless, we took into consideration of their pricing. We can give assurance that they are the best priced in the market considering their capability and fantastic user experiences.

Among the five items, the team voted for the  Garmindezl 770LMTHD GPS to be the best of all.

How We Decided

–We researched every product, we review with our own.



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Top 05 Best GPS For RV Users reviews

01. Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator

Salient Feature

  • Voice-activated navigations: yes
  • Screen size: 7″ display
  • Maps: Free lifetime maps
  • Batteries: included
  • Bluetooth connectivity: supports

To begin is this item from the Garmin store, which is world respected when it comes to quality. To be specific, this RV is rated to among RV’s with the best resolution, intuitive, customizable settings and a large display.

Let’s have details on its features to validate the arguments.

7″ high resolution

Resolution is quite a critical feature when it comes to a GPS. Besides, who is ready to strain their eyes just because of an unclear image?

The good news is that this device has an ultra-high resolution for optimum clarity. Addedly, it has a large screen display of 800x 480 pixels.


What I love most about this device is its human-like nature. What do I mean?

Here are the details;

This machine is construction is such that it can offer real-time advises and cautions when driving on a risky path.

Yes! I was also that shocked. It behaves as a co-driver, who can see the other part of the road and warn you on a narrow road, sharp curves, steep hill and many more.

Who would not love such a safety-constructed GPS?

Free lifetime map and traffic updates

You don’t have to incur an extra cost to get the maps installed in your GPS.


That is for the bare fact that this GPS comes with a pre-installed map. And do you know what? You will be charged nothing extra for the map. But that is not all.

To top it off, this GPS for RV users has a system that sends real-time traffic updates. Consequently, you can easily avoid the highways with high traffic.

Voice-activated navigations

Just imagine having a device that can listen and respond to your commands just like a person. That would be nice for it will keep your hands undisrupted, right?

Now, this is it; this exquisitely constructed GPS has voice-activated navigation which makes it possible to not only interpret your verbal commands but as well respond to them intelligently.


  • Very high resolution for optimum clarity
  • It is compatible with Garmin wireless cam
  • Ability to respond to verbal commands
  • A very sturdy and widescreen display
  • It comes with free maps


  • The constant warnings may be irritating
  • Its setups and installation takes time

02. TomTom VIA 1535TM 5-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator with Lifetime Traffic & Maps and Voice Recognition

Salient Feature

  • Voice-activated navigations: yes
  • Screen size: 5″ display
  • Maps: Free lifetime maps
  • Batteries: included
  • Bluetooth connectivity: supports

Figure out this, having a GPS that will connect you to a specialist when in trouble or need clarity. Keep that aside, what of a GPS that can receive verbal commands and respond to them without a condition of getting your hands out of the wheel. Amazing, right?

Well, that is just a hint of what this GPS for RV users has to offer. Keep reading to get the real gist!

Bluetooth connectivity

Receiving regular calls is quite disturbing. Imagine having to get your hands off the wheel and access the phone to press the receive button. Honestly, as much as that is possible, we can’t overlook the risks it accompanies.

Good news!

This GPS for every RV user has Bluetooth connectivity that diverts all the calls from the phone to it. Consequently, you can make a hands-free calling and receive by the support of the voice-activated navigations.

Lane guidance

Driving on the wrong lane is an offence in most states and countries.

Unfortunately some times you might be in the wrong lane unknowingly.

However, this GPS has lane guidance that alerts you in time on the lane that you should take when you approach an exit or complicated intersections.


Besides having the maps pre-installed for you, you can count no energy loss while using them. Why?

That is because a large screen display optimizes their clarity with a very high resolution


  • It shows the top-rated points of interest such as gas stations and hotels
  • Comes with an integrated traffic receiver, charger and USB cable
  • Lithium-ion battery which is known to be durable
  • Superlight and compactly designed for portability
  • Fast and easy settings


  • It is prone to overheating

03. Garmin dēzlCam 785 LMT-S GPS Truck Navigator with Built-in Dash Cam, 010-01856-00

Salient Feature

  • Voice-activated navigations: no
  • Screen size: 7″ display
  • Maps: Free lifetime maps
  • Batteries: included
  • Bluetooth connectivity: supports

Have you ever found yourself choosing the commonly termed “best route” just to get there and find heavy traffic? Indubitably, if you had an earlier notice about the situation, you are likely to have changed the route.


Here is a GPS that will give you not only the traffic updates but real-time updates. Thus, you can make timely decisions.

Real-time information

It comes with a free smartphone app which is compatible with any android or iPhone smartphone.  After pairing the GPS can give real-time information of a specific location such as weather or road traffic. Thus it is an up to date GPS for RV users.

Pre-installed maps

To add on, this GPS comes with pre-installed maps. Evento make it better, you don’t have to strain the eyes while stairing at them due to the ultra-high resolution.

What’s more?

By use of the installed maps, the GPS gives alerts and warnings when approaching a scary part of the road. That includes steep area, sharp corners or bridges.

Bluetooth compatibility

The phone notifications, messages and calls will no longer cause you to take off the hands from the wheel. Do I meanthat you just ignore the phone? Absolutely not.

That is because the GPS has Bluetooth connectivity which makes it possible to perform hands-free calling and call receiving.

Built-in WI-FI

Nevertheless, thedevice construction ensures that you are up to date.

It has a built-in wi-fi which makes it possible to receive all the road or weather updates.


  • Quite durable battery construction
  • The maps come pre-installed for you
  • A super light GPS for portability
  • It has a built-in dash cam compatibility
  • the case of the device is quite robust


  • It is not compatible with the rand McNallys camera
  • The settings and installations are lengthy

04. Garmin dezl 770LMTHD, Truck GPS Navigator with 7-inch Glass Display, Free Lifetime Map Updates and Traffic

Salient Feature

  • Voice-activated navigations: no
  • Screen size: 6.95″ display
  • Maps: pre-installed
  • Batteries: included
  • Bluetooth connectivity: supports

How would you feel spending expensively on a flimsy item? Personally, it leaves me devastated.

Worse, for a GPS, every time you will be on the road, it will be a constant reminder of the wasted hard-earned money.

However, the Garmin dezl GPS is here to bring a difference. It is an item constructed with high-level expertise to make it worth the money.

Check out its features for a studier conviction

7.0-inch display

Clarity and preciseness are what the screen promises.


It is super wide and still with an unbeatable resolution to ensure clarity of every detail on the screen.

Advisory and cautions

Further, its construction ensures that you are well-prepared before approaching any accident risk area.

That is possible by the advisory and caution alerts the GPS sends when approaching steep, sharp corners or any other risk part of the road.

State and country border notice

Even better, this fantastic item offers notices when approaching a state or country border.

Thus, you can adjust to the country rules as well as remove any credentials needed when crossing a border in time.

Free lifetime maps

Shockingly, this GPS comes ready for uses. The maps are pre-installed for you. Therefore, you will have to install it in your recreational vehicle and be ready to beat the road.

Mind you, the maps are installed free of charge for a lifetime.


  • It supports hands-free calling
  • The dashcam is built-in, thus cost saving
  • A weather-resistant case
  • Gives suggestions of high-rated hotels and restaurants
  • you can easily change the route by use of route shaping capability


  • The Bluetooth headset is available separately

05. Rand McNally – OverDryve 7 Pro Truck Navigation with 7″ Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, and Free Lifetime Maps

Salient Feature

  • Voice-activated navigations: yes
  • Screen size: 7″ display
  • Maps: Free lifetime maps
  • Batteries: included
  • Bluetooth connectivity: supports

Are you dealing with a limited budget and still in need of a quality GPS for RV users? Take a deep breath! We got you.

The Rand McNally GPS is constructed to meet your expectations and much more. It is budget-friendly and still gives a fantastic experience on the road.

You find it hard to believe? Below are in-depth details on its features.

Bluetooth compatibility

Picture this out, being at a position of receiving calls along with responding to messages without getting any of your hands off the wheel!

Nothing magical here!

The GPS has Bluetooth connectivity which is compatible with any android and iPhone smartphone. Resultantly, while on the wheel you can receive all the notifications or calls by use of the GPS.

Sturdy crafting

When it comes to the durability of this item, I wouldn’t ask anything more from the manufacturer.

The case is not only eye appealing but of very robust materials such that it can absorb ground impacts.

Wide display size

Stop straining your eyes with a mediocre crafted GPS.

Get this item from the Rand McNally that has a widescreen that makes every detail clear.


  • The battery is not only durable but also included
  • A comprehensive display hence, no eye strains
  • It can receive and issue verbal commands
  • Comes with a lifetime free map
  • Supports hands-free calling


  • Prone to freezing in a long hour drive

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How To Choose The Best GPS For RV Users?

With a variety of GPS’s in the market, it might turn out tedious, especially while looking for the best GPS for RV users. Either way, no one is ready to compromises on quality at any cost.

To be on the safe track while purchasing a GPS for RV users, you should have in-depth details on the key features that you should look for. That will not only simplify the search process but also guarantee an item worth for the money.

Or are you ready for a fragile item that does not even serve its purpose? I guess not. Without further ado, go through this users guide until the end.

  • Screen

The screen is the primary interface between the users and the GPS. Consequently, a little compromise will lead to stressful GPS operations. Without any doubt, that is the last thing you could expect while on the wheel.

What should you consider to get the best user experience of the GPS?

First, the screen display should be comprehensive. That is to ensure that the images fit well in the screen for better viewing.

To add, the screen resolution is also critical. A higher resolution guarantees theclarity of the maps and any other images.

Lastly, if you have interacted with a broken screen, you can attest how unpleasant it is.

What am I driving at?

The screen construction should be quite sturdy, and if possible, with extra protection to prevent it from cracks in case of unforeseen impacts.

  • Interface

Imagine having a GPS which you will take ages to navigate through its settings. That will reduce the reliability of the GPS, and worse, in an emergency, it will not serve you well.

This is my point-

The interface of the GPS for any RV users should be quite user-friendly.

The settings performance should be possible at minimal expertise. Also, its responses should be speedy and very accurate.

Which is the strategy that you can apply to check on the GPS interface?

Simply, before purchasing the device, go through its dashboard, settings and check if you can perform them with ease.

  • Updates

How does the GPS receive the updates? Is it by use of real-time or near-real-time method?

A real-time GPS, also known as active GPS, gives the immediately-current updates.

As the name suggests, for the near-real-time GPS, it gives updates that occurred in the past few minutes or hours, but not on a real-time.

Which is the best among the two types?

Personally, I would prefer a real-time GPS.

This is my reason:

A real-time GPS gives updates of current happenings. Thus you can easily change the route or make instant decisions.

However, real-time GPS turns out to be expensive.  Thus, when dealing with a limited budget, near-real-time GPS can be a better option.

  • Installation process

Different GPS have different installation process. Luckily, most manufacturers provide an installation manual which is likely to simplify the process.

Nonetheless, there exist GPS that takes a lengthy installation process. Besides, some of them may require expertise leading to the hiring of a professional. Needless, to say, that is an extra incurred cost.

Further, you should check on the booting time. The best GPS should have a short time boot-up process.

  • Durability

Above all, for any purchase I make, I always check on its durability. That was after purchasing an item that short-lived my expectation. Not to talk of the extra cost I incurred to acquire a replacement.

The main parts that you should check on GPS to guarantee durability are the screen and the case.

This is the point-

The screen should be quite sturdy to prevent cracking. Ideally, screens with a screen protector are much preferred.

Further, the case should be sturdy to absorb intense impacts.

  • Price

The pricing of GPS is the most debated factor.


That is because of the famous market slogan that you get what you pay for. Subsequently, conclusions are that expensive items tend to be of high quality.

However, that is not always the case. As a matter of fact, there are favorably priced GPS’s that give the best user experiences. Now, your question might be how to get them.

This is the trick, first, identify the features that you need in the GPS and check the available market options for the intended purchase.  Then make a comparison of the available choices

  • Smartphone compatibility

Lastly, GPS for RV users with smartphone compatibility is highly recommendable. Why is it so?

The smartphone compatibility makes it possible to operate the phone via GPS. Consequently, it supports functions such as hands-free calling.

Such GPS’s have either Bluetooth compatibility or a free app.

How Does RV GPS Work?

Global positioning system, abbreviated as GPS, is a navigation system that sends signals. A GPS receiver listens to the signals and calculates the distance from the earth satellites to determine the current location.

To understand how anRV GPS works, we will have first to understand its components and their functions.

Components of a GPS and their functions

GPS is consists of 3 major components. They include satellites, stations and receivers.

  • Satellites- also referred to as space, are the stars in constellations which send signals to the earth. Scientist work with the fact that they know how far the satellite should be at a specific time.
  • Stations- they are also called ground control. It refers to the humanmade setups that control activities such as operating and trackingthe satellite movements and monitoring their transmissions.
  • Receiver- is the user equipment that receives and transmits the signals. A receiver is the GPS device or even the phone.

To the main deal;

How An RV GPS Work?

An RV GPS works by trilateration.  A GPS device receives the signals sent by satellites that go round the earth.

To get the specific location of the user, the GPS device reads the signals from at least four satellites.

On each of the satellites that send the signal, a circle is drawn and the radius measured from the device to the satellite.  On the four circles created, the location is taken to be the intersection of the four circles.

When it comes to an RV GPS, it has access to a database with a map of the current location. Such that it can get locations of different objects or paths and use software to suggest the best of them.

Types Of RV GPS.

There are three major RV GPS types. They include street navigation RV GPS, sports GPS and handheld RV GPS.

Street navigation system

This type is recommendable when visiting absolutely new places. It offers functionalities such as when-to turn instructions, the mileage covered and the expected arrival time.

Due to its detailed instructions, most of the beginners prefer it

The user installs this unit in the dashboard, or if you prefer it to be handheld, you can remove it.

Sports GPS

Are you a sailor, boat captain or a lover of sports? Then sports GPS is remarkably recommendable.

Its constructions equip it with the ability to work in marine conditions as well as fit in the sports watches.

However, this type of GPS requires frequent programming and comes with a small screen display

Handheld GPS

Do you need an RV GPS that you can install in the vehicle and use while walking around? The handheld GPS has a compact design such that they are lightweight and can fit on an adult palm.

They give locations with a high level of preciseness in comparison to the street system GPS.  Consequently, lowers the possibility of missing the way even in a totally new place.

Benefits Of An RV GPS.

RV GPS is indisputably a powerful tool that can be handy in almost every industry. First, it was only used by militaries, but later it was made available to every civilian.  It is a standard tool for tourists, miners, agriculturalist, scientist, pilots and boat captains.

But what are the main benefits of having an RV GPS?

  • Getting locations

Have you ever been in a predicament that you have to approach a stranger to inquire on a route or restaurant to visit? If you are anincredulous person, you may be left wondering what if you approach a robber. And it goes without saying that it creates an awkward feeling

However, that is a thing for the past. With an RV GPS, you will not only have a suggestion and map of the route to use but as well as of the best available facilities.

  • Fast navigations

What I love most about using an RV GPSare the fast navigations.

Using the screen display, it indicates all the possible routes that are available to get to the destination.

Consequently, you are at a position of selecting the best route that is not only short but also with good infrastructure

  • Accurate time calculations

Time is a significant factor in our lives. And as the adage has it “lost time cannot be recovered.”

Regarding that, the RV GPS not only gives the route distance but also provides the approximate time needed to get to the destinations.

Consequently, you will be at a position to plan the travel schedule accurately such that you will be in your destination right in time.

  • Timely emergency response

Let me explain this by an example. Imagine, while nearing a road intersection, where the two available routes can take you to the target destination. Assuming that the route with the highest preference has traffic or an accident has occurred, a real-time RV GPS will give you an earlier notice.

Consequently, you can timely avoid it and choose a better and safer route.

  • Fast transportation

Do you remember that most RV GPS has access to a database? Perfect!

Now with the use of the data from the database, it can identify the routes available in the area.

Consequently, by comparing the route’s distance, you can efficiently compute and get the fastest route for fast transportation.

  • Access to the best routes and sceneries

An RV GPS not only give the current location but a step farther, it will also provide suggestions on the best routes available and sceneries.


It has access to a database which contains all the available sceneries and routes in the current location. Consequently, by use of algorithms and feedbacks, it is at a position of identifying the commonly used routes and the frequently visited sceneries.

Do you get what that means?

You will no longer be doing a try and error method, but you will be sure of excellent services to the restaurants you intend to visit. As well, the security and the infrastructure of the suggested route will leave you comfy.

How To Use An RV GPS?

Learning how to use anRV GPS is not a brainer thing. Nonetheless, here are some tips to help you get it done with ease and faster.

Step1; purchase the best RV GPS

You might be wondering why I highlighted this step, and it is an obvious thing. But there is a reason.

This is the point

The installing and usage experience of the GPS depends on the item you purchase. Getting an item with a poor user interface will leave you frustrated.

Besides, while purchasing the RV GPS, you should ensure that it has user documentation or manual that explains in details how to operate the tool.

With that said, let’s get to the next step.

Step2; read the installation manual

Before getting your hands dirty with the installation process, I would advise that you go through the installation manual.

Get to understand the different parts of the RV GPS machine and their functions.

Still, read through the installation process trying to visualize the procedures visually, until every detail is apparent.

Step3: install

Now it is time to get things done.

Hold yourRV GPS device and install it on the vehicle’s dashboard per the instructions available in the manual.

The installation is easily detachable such that you can take it from one RV to another without any struggle.

Yes! It is as simple as that.

Step4; use the device

Congratulations! You just installed the RV GPS device all by yourself. I hope you are energized to learn how to operate it.

But as you could guess, it is simple, just like its installation process.

The GPS has a screen that offers a user interface. The features available on the screen dependson the screen manufacturer. Thus you still have to go through the manual to get every bit of the details.


In a nutshell, purchasing the best GPS for RV users is not easy. Will the GPS suggest the best camping sites? Will it give updates on real-time? And many more questions leave the buyers in a dilemma.

But I got good news for you.

You don’t have to keep stressing on a mediocre crafted GPS. This article highlights the top five best GPS for RV users. Nevertheless, it gives a detailed buyers guide and beginners-level guide on how to use it.

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Do I really need anRV GPS unit?

In my view, I will not hesitate to recommend an RV GPS unit.

This is the reason; it gives access to the various available routes, restaurants or tourist sceneries. Subsequently, you can perform a comparison and get the best choice.

To add on, most of the RV GPS has time calculation software. Thus you will not be only aware of the distance to be covered but as well as time to be spent behind the wheel.

Do these RV GPS units ever cause any issues?

If I would say no, I would be lying.

That is by considering that an RV GPS is a humanmade device, hence not immune to mistakes.

One of the common issues related to RV GPS is constant freezing after being on for a lengthy time.

Will these units update themselves when new roads are built?

The answer to this question can be yes or no.

Who are the road builders? Is it a permanent road such that the national highway authorities are aware? If so, doesn’t appear on the current map of the state or country?

If it appears, you can be sure that the GPS unit will update it.

However, to make the newly built roads available on the map, you will need to update the map.

What warranty options do I have once I buy a GPS unit

The warranty options available depend on the GPS brand.

The common warranty options are yearly warranty, limited lifetime warranty, or a lifetime warranty.

The terms and conditions of the warranty depend on the manufacturer.

What are good RV GPS brands?

The top three RV GPS brands are Garmin brand, TomTom brand and Rand McNally brand.

They are respected due to the quality items they avail as well as professional customer services.

Do GPS systems come with lifetime updates?

The lifetime of maps in a GPS also depends on the manufacture. For example, the lifetime of Garmin maps is 24 months.

After that, it will be out of service, and you will need to download a new map.

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