Best Indoor TV Antenna For RV Users [Reviews And Buying Guide-2022]

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We all need to stay updated despite our location. With the Best Indoor TV antenna for RV, you can stay up to date with your favorite channels. We have tested different products to make sure we offer you the best.

For instance, the Winegard GM-600 is among the best items that are easy to use and maintain. The lightweight makes transport and storage more convenient. Follow this article to see some of the best indoor Antenna for RV.

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Top 06 best Indoor TV Antenna for RV Reviews

01. Winegard GM-6000 Carryout G2+ Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna with Power Inserter (RV Satellite for DIRECTV, Dish, BellTV) 

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 16.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19.75 x 16.50×16.25 inches
  • Height: 13.5 inches
  • elevation: 18-65 degrees
  • Item Model: Gm-6000
  • Brand: Winegard
  • Maximum receiver: 2

In a world full of TV antennas, the Winegard GM-6000 is among the most outstanding items with its superior construction for longevity. It features a new power inserter. The inserter consists of a powered over coax cable and simple switch providers. Besides, it is compatible with various providers.

Further, this satellite provider requires a subscription for you to enjoy the service—cheers to the user manual receiver. You can see the compatibility of this Antenna. For example, it comes with the DISH (standard and HD), DIRECTV, and the Belt.

Most importantly, it is very straightforward to set up this satellite provider. It is an automatic machine, and the carryout G2+ provides similar adaptability and features a power inserter. So, you don’t need a power cable. The patent ring has a perfect design for maximum signal strength in a compact antenna.

What’s more, this product comes with optional mounts. They include the roof mount, side mount, rear cab mount, tripod mount, and the ladder mount. Besides, these mounts are sold separately.


  • Highly durable to offer long lasting service
  • It is friendliest for beginners and easy to use
  • Has a faster signal acquisition to offer excellent service
  • The lightweight makes it convenient to store and carry around


  • Slightly expensive. This because one has to pay the shipping fee

02. Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna (RV Satellite Dish, Tailgating Satellite Antenna)

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 10 Lbs.
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 18 inches
  • Height: 16.0 inches
  • elevation: 110-129 degrees
  • Item Model: PA-1000
  • Brand: Winegard
  • Maximum receiver: 1

To those who love camping amusement, the Winegard Playmaker Portable Rv is the best choice for you.  This Antenna is suited with any DISH endorsement, making the installation procedure much more manageable.

This Antenna is best for RVing, picnics, campouts, Vacation apartments, hunting, Family gatherings, and many more. The best feature is its compatibility and needs less space making it easier to take it with you to every place of your choice. It is also fitted with one coax, no power cable required!

The DISH Playmaker is 100% automated and easy to set up in just a few minutes. Anyone can do the setup, power on the receiver, and TV after following the instructions, finish the receiver setup, and you’re ready to watch your TV, simple, right?


  • Easy and simple to use. The guide manual gives you easy time
  • Very Cheap. You don’t have to spend all your money on a single product.
  • Has a lightweight which makes it easily portable
  • It’s compatibility makes it a perfect choice for vacations and trips


  • The playmaker can lose signal during storms and thunderstorms
  • The DISH playmaker is only purposed for one receiver and might not work for the people who might need two TVs

03. Winegard PL-8035 Black Dish Playmaker (Dual HD RV Satellite Antenna Dual Receiver Capability)

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16x 16 x 13 inches
  • Height: 13 inches
  • elevation:
  • Item Model: Pl-8035
  • Brand: Winegard
  • Maximum receiver: 2

The Winegard is purposely made for the DISH program. The Dish Playmaker and Dish Playmaker Dual are of top quality. The antennae have lower cost movables that enable you to receive DISH satellites routinely with an easy setup quickly, so you can watch the DISH TV in HD everywhere you go. With this Dish Playmaker, you are always down to watch!

The DISH Playmaker Dual movable Satellite Antenna has a dual coax, an outlet that lets you watch separate programs on two different TVs on the same Satellite. It is also energized by one coax link through the DISH recipient, making it an effortless setup Antenna.

It is also a Fully-Automated Satellite Dish; it automatically acquires DISH HD satellite tropical locations making it much easier to watch your favorite TV programs. It also works, particularly with the DISH HD solitary satellite technological program.


  • Easy to setup. You don’t have to incur extra cost to pay an operator
  • You can watch two different TVs on the Same Satellite
  • Highly dependable and does not lose signals easily
  • It is an automatic satellite to broadcast all your favorite channels


  • The  optional roof kit to mount  your Antenna is sold separately
  • Constantly losing signals in case of weather changes

04. Winegard Pl-8000 White Dish Playmaker (Dual HD RV Satellite Antenna Dual Receiver Capability, Optional RV Roof Mount)

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 16 x 16 x13 inches
  • Height: 13 inches
  • elevation:
  • Item Model: PI-8000
  • Brand: Winegard
  • Maximum receiver: 2

The Winegard is exclusively designed for DISH programs, the Dish Playmaker and Dish Playmaker Dual are of high quality. The Antenna has low-cost portables that allow you to acquire DISH satellites automatically with an easy setup quickly, so you can watch the DISH TV in HD wherever you go. With this Dish Playmaker, you are Always Ready to Play!

The DISH Playmaker Dual Portable Satellite Antenna features dual coax, an output that lets you watch different programming on two other TVs on the same Satellite. It is also powered by a single coax connection through the DISH receiver, making it an effortless setup, Antenna.

One more feature is that it has an optional Roof Mount kit that allows you to mount the Dish Playmaker satellite antenna to your RVs roof.  The only downside about this it is sold separately.

It is also a Fully-Automatic Satellite Dish; it automatically finds DISH HD satellite orbital locations making it easier to watch your favorite TV programs. It also works exclusively with DISH HD solo satellite receiver technology and programming.


  • Easy to setup it does not need prior experience
  • It is convenient to carry and store
  • You can watch on two different TVs
  • Highly dependable


  • The  optional roof kit to mount  your Antenna is sold separately
  • Constantly losing signals in case of weather changes

05. King OAB500 Jack HD TV Directional Over-the-Air Antenna with Mount and Signal Finder 

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8.9 inches
  • Height:
  • elevation: 360 degrees
  • Item Model: OA8500
  • Brand: KING
  • Maximum receiver: 1

King Jack is perfect for Rvers searching for cheap over-the-air antenna preferences. If you’re looking to remove monthly wired or satellite bills now, you can get lucid digitized HD of more over-the-air local programs than ever before. Just connect King Jack to your TV Set and begin receiving clear digital programs. No more bills, no satellite purchasing.

King Jack offers an improved signal and advanced yet simple design. It as well provides better results than expected from such a compact TV antenna. Another feature is that you are always ready to travel.

The king Jack goes with all the equipment you need to connect and install your RV, and once mounted, it is ready for use instantly. You will also be allowed to displace your old Antenna with KING Jack in no time, making it easier and faster to watch your favorite local programs. With the wide selection range and increased signal strength, it is much easier to get stronger signals and watch local channels when you are away from home.


  • Has a broader reception range promptly locating strong signals and increasing reception
  • Easy to install and connect.
  • Has a wide selection range of signals. You can therefore watch all your favorite channels
  • Suitable for outdoor activities. You can carry it whenever you are travelling.


  • Sometimes it has a low tower signal
  • It has limited warranty.

06. Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna, indoor portable, 30 Mile Range, Original paper-thin, Reversible, paintable 4K-Ready HDTV, 10 Foot detachable cable  

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 10 x 11.5 x 0.55 inches
  • Height: 10 foot
  • elevation: 100 mile radius
  • Item Model: MH-110583
  • Brand: Mohu
  • Maximum receiver: 1

Mohu Leaf 30 is the prize-winning digitized antennas that started the cord-cutting innovation. Leaf 30 was the initial and remained one of the top-notch and most known HDTV antennae accessible on the market.

Leaf 30 TV antennas indoor can be painted and reversed to correspond with the décor and much appealing on the eyes than old antennas. Assembling is easier as plugging it, switching your TV on, and searching for channels.

With its easy installation process, Mohu 30 has been proven to reach up to a 40-mile radius and has a higher functioning 10ft. Removable coaxial cable, providing users the versatility to place the antennae higher on the walls or closer to a window for optimum reception. Leaf 30 also lets you have over-the-air networks in your locality without paying any fee.


  • It is the top indoor Antenna in the market
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • The best alternative to cable and satellite charges
  • Efficient and exceptional image quality


  • Doesn’t air some channels sometimes
  • Has limited warranty

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How to choose the best indoor Antenna for RV

If you are considering buying a TV antenna for your RV, the first verdict you need to decide is whether choosing an indoor or outdoor antenna is the one for you. Equating indoor and outdoor antennas, the indoor antennas tend to last longer since they are not subjected to elements in the air. Even though outdoor antennas tend to pick up many channels than the indoors only because they are mounted on the roofs, one can increase their indoor antennae signals by buying an Rv TV antenna booster.

There are so many factors to check while purchasing and choosing the best RV TV antenna for you. These includes

  • Material – There are countless new models of antennas being manufactured for higher definition use. You must crosscheck that your preferred choice is in this case before buying.
  • UHF and VHF Signals- Do you wish to acquire all the possible channels in and around your local area? Make sure your proposedRV antennae can get to take both Uhf channels 14-51 and VHF channels 2-13 for you to enjoy your favorite local programs. Do not refer to products that pick specific numbers of channels. They might frustrate you.
  • Weight- IndoorTV antennae for your RV should be lighter in a matter for easier stowing.
  • Wi-Fi Capacity – Many RV TV antennae will have Wi-Fi abilities, which are top best for using the internet while you are RVing. If you prefer camping in places deeper in forests, maybe you will want to have an antenna that has a strong Wi-Fi aptitude.
  • Price – price plays a more significant role when it comes to choosing perfect indoor antennae. You should work on your budget first and discern the options available.
  • Installation –relying on your skills, you will also want to check out on the instruction for your RV TV antenna installation. Some models are easier to mount than others. Also, examine places for installation.
  • Where to buy – it is crucial to check out local or online websites and whether they supply antennas.  Check out The most reviewed antennae in your area. We would like to suggest Amazon as our top pick, whether it is the full set for the antennae or just certain RV TV antennae parts.

Why do you need an indoor TV antenna for RV?

You don’t always have to cut yourself off from the rest of the world every time you’re traveling or having a camping date. You can still keep yourself up-to-date with recent news and even watch your favorite programs by owning the indoor TV antenna. You can as well update yourself with the weather news so you can plan your trip appropriately.

It is best to review all the top products and choose the one that suits you better and one that will have more substantial signal coverage so that you can still enjoy all your programs even when you’re miles and miles away from home.

Always check on the stability of any antennae chosen and roof mounting plates also durability of some of the parts for more comprehensive servicing as you go about your trips and camping activities.

How to Replace an Indoor TV Antenna for RV?

There are several causes one might opt to replace an antenna. Many people do replace the old antennae with the digital antennae’s, which have more features.

Before replacing any antennae as mentioned above, do your research wholly and exercise precaution when working on the replacement venture.

The first step is to remove the Old antennae. You can use scrapyard tools to remove old sealing and access the installing screws.

Secondly, go inside the RV and remove the old antennae handles. Detach the coax cable.

The steps state to place the new Antenna in the hole with the arrow on the bottom plate facing the RV front and draw an overview around the antenna bottom using a sealing to make it steady. Link the coax cables from the RV on the new Antenna following the instructions. Stiffen the screws that come together with the antennae also check if the antennae are rotating. Also, check on the RV to whether it’s joined well and the cables are well instated.

After all the connections are made, turn on the TV, follow the TV steps, and perform a scan for the channels.

How to use an indoor TV antenna for RV

If you have electricity powered antennae, you will have to plug it into the wall. Some designs have USB power plugs that you can connect to your TV directly.

Scanning for channels on your TV

After plugging in your antennae on the wall, you now progress to turning on your TV and go to the settings menu. Find the selection where you can select either cable or antennae input and select antennae. Next, set your TV to auto search for channels. Let your TV start searching for all available channels

Adjusting Your Antenna Position

Getting the best reception for your TV antenna needs many trials to place your antennae in your room. There also can be a significant variation in the number of channels you get depending on antennae position, placement, and height.

For an indoor antenna, one is requested to place it next to a window when scanning for channels to set up a baseline. Jot down the channels you get, then move your antennae and check again. If some channels get lost, manually add them back using your TVS management menu and jot them down to end up with a general directory of all possible channels. Next, go to a weak channel and move your Antenna around right away till you get better reception. You might have to repeat this over and over for some time.

What are the Most Trusted Brands of Indoor TV Antenna for RV?

Many brands in the market makers and sell different types of antennae’s. But like any other competition in the market, some brands manufacture legit products and are extensively reviewed by people from different parts of the world for their authentic and original works. Here are some of the brands.


Winegard Company is a reliable leader in networking, focusing on crafting and fabricating the most reliable products available for use over various software, including with high-techs such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi, and many others. The Winegard firm trails span several states over several locations to serve their customers better and provide a range of Antenna and intelligence in manufacturing


For two decades, KING has been ahead, creator and pioneer in crafting and producing Wi-Fi, Satellite, and over-the-air antenna networks. From the primeval days of this firm to the present, KING Company have always been proud in creating products that help their customers to connect with the Wi-Fi and TV programs which they enjoy, wherever they go. Although the products they make have changed and advanced over time, their technique has always stayed unique: they constantly endeavor to create products that are easier to install and operate, top quality, and are more enjoyable to use.

Abracon LLC

This is a global creator of frequency control, signal packaging, clock allocation, and magnetic elements.  The firm offers a wide range of crystals, resonators, real-time clocks, antennas, Bluetooth units, filters, inductors, transformers, and circuit protection parts.


This is a global head in solving electromagnetic interference problems and supplying wireless communication resources. Laird’s certified RF units enable secure, reliable wireless network in the ouster RF environments in medical, technical, and commercial settings. On 2 July 2018, Laird refrained from being a public firm and moved into private proprietary after being taken by Advent International.

MTI Wireless Edge

This firm claims to be a world leader in the evolution and production of low-cost antenna services, including smart antennas, MIMO antennas, and dual wireless utilization variation. Supplies antennas for both military and trade markets from 100 kHz to 90 GHz. It was founded in 1972.

Sumida America Components, Inc.

This is a leading fabricator of coils and wire-wound electronic goods.  They have over 31,000 goods on their coil list. All products are produced outside of Japan in different locations in the Asian region and Mexico – enabling Sumida to reduce costs, spread risk, and fasten up global response times.


The firm has applied 1,000 RFID and IoT schemes worldwide.  They offer a wide selection of active, passive, and not passive RFID readers, labels, and systems. They have Featured, and form elements of devices include rugged, elevated-temperatures, on-metal, tires, animals, medicinal, hazardous, beacons, wristbands, tamper-proof, and nail. The firm  Has RFID, GPS, and cloud-enabled accessible control, personnel, assets, and vehicle tracking for different companies such as health firms, construction agencies, petroleum, gas, and production.

Murata Electronics

It is a global head in modern electronic materials, electronic elements, and multi-functional, higher-density units. Murata goods can be found in mobile phones, home apparatus, auto applications, energy management schemes, and healthcare gadgets.

The Range of  a Digital  RV TV Antenna

The known range is 60 to 80 miles away. Except if you live on the top of a mountain under an ideal reception state or approve a blurred picture as good TV reception, the very top antennae will offer a reliable range in the of 60 to 80 miles. Any TV antennae seller that claims more than 60 to 80 range is lying to you.

Safety tips for Digital Rv Antenna

Power poles, telephone, and cable TV lines carry vast amounts of electricity. If you, by accident, you touch one of them with your body or a conductive item, like a TV antenna, you’ll most likely get an electric shock and even die. This is why the safety guidance we’re about to share with you is so necessary.

Ladder Safety Tips for Installers

In case aerial wires aren’t touching your Antenna, you can remove it yourself. There are still some very vital safety measures you need to take, though. This guidance starts before you climb up on the roof. Discussed below is what you need to know before you intend to mount your antenna.

Keeping in mind that electricity is a part of this process, it’s best to use a glass fiber ladder instead of one that’s made of metallic materials. A wooden ladder is much advisable since it does not conduct electricity.

Check your ladder for any damage. Replace any broken ladders with new ones.

Ensure your ladder’s footing work well and have anti-slip pads.

Keep your ladder up in a safer place with a sturdy base and more substantial support.

Set your ladder at the angle advised by the ladder maker.

Be keen to ensure your item stretches three feet on top of the landing.

If you are moving up or down, put one hand and both feet, or both hands and one foot, on the ladder every time.

Avoid carrying anything so weighty or insignificant that you lose your balance and trip over.

Be sure not to stand at the top of the ladder. Moreover, don’t pull, strain, or make abrupt movements when you’re on it.

Put your ladder away from doors and paths to avoid minor accidents.

Avoiding Overhead Wires

After climbing on top of the roof, it’s time to mount or remove that Antenna. Now what? It’s time to take note of those overhead power lines. If you’re body contacts these wires, you could detect a severe electric shock. In many cases, it has been lethal. Since antennas are of metal and other conductivity items, you could endure a fatal shock if your Antenna comes into contact with the power lines.

Here are a few strategies to enable you prevent striking, touching, or making contact with overhead power lines:

Ensure to place your ladder base as far and away from the poles as you can so those wires aren’t near you when climbing on the roof.

Be sure to be informed of the location of all the power lines at all times when you’re on the roof.

Do not mount the Antenna during the night. (These power lines are black, which makes them harder to see in the dark.)

Don’t mount an antenna during adverse weather conditions. (These aids evade slip-and-fall wounds and lightning strikes.)

Put together your Antenna after you climb on the roof. (Attempting to carry and Antenna up a ladder could create a falling risk.

Don’t run your cable over power lines.

When you’re done with your mounting, make sure to cross-check for the power pole location before you go to. (It’s much easy to forget about those live wires because you’re anxious to get off the roof and be done with the installing process.)

Antenna Grounding: It’s Important

Staying cautious on the roof is a more significant part of the job, but it’s not the only one. Safeguarding your home against lightning that can strike antennae is a more substantial part of it, too. Lightning effects can cause waves that can destroy your TV and other electrical gadgets. These strikes also causefires. There are ways to shield your home and everyone in it from these conditions. There’s only one known way to do that, and that’s to ensure that your outdoor antenna mounting is well-grounded.

Before you try to earth your installation, you have to make sure you’re doing it right according to your area’s rules and regulations. Grounding regulations differ under each city, county, and state. You need to ensure you know precisely how your site requires you to ground your mounting. There’s only one known way to do this, and that’s by visiting your city planner’s offices or city hall.

Installation Source

So, are you plotting on getting up on the roof to mount an antenna? We’ve already made it pretty vivid that we intend to help keep you safe.  Additionally, you should carry many grounding appliances and safety equipment to help you stay safer with the tips shared.

There are several procedures that you can assist yourself while mounting. One of these processes is to make sure you have everything you require before getting on the roof. This involves ensuring that you know the correct steps for mounting these gadgets and have everything you need. Also, reread the instructions over and over to make sure you have correctly mounted the antennae.


Choosing the best indoor TV antenna for RV might be challenging, considering many similar products in the market. Still, the above article has clearly stated and explained in a detailed form more about the Indoor TV antenna for RVs. the top picks for any outdoor activity, and the best brands worldwide. As we have seen, the antennae have different dimensions, heights, and weights; pick one that also suits your environment to avoid accidents and other hazards.

Choose an indoor TV antenna for RV that is more compatible with you and join a thousand other users worldwide and enjoy your outdoor activities more!

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Does the Antenna come with a mounting plate?

Yes, most of the Antenna comes with mounting plates. And those without, the dishes are sold separately.

What is the Warranty?

Since most companies have different warranty periods, it is safe to say warranty ranges from 90 days to 5 years, depending on which brands you have purchased from. Also, warrants depend on the purchased item, whether it’s a part of the antennae or the whole set.

Benefits of RV Antenna 

The RV antenna can pick up the satellites’ waves and give you the localized channels without you having to do the subscription. You can get shows in HD: since an RV antenna can pull better reception into it, you’ll get the best signal strength so you can watch your shows in a higher quality definition.

How to troubleshoot King Jack Antenna

  • Confirm that the TV is set to the right input for using an antenna
  • Check whether all connections are secured and are on the correct ports
  • If the Antenna is installed outdoors, ensure there is no water in the connectors on the coaxial cable
  • Visibly check the Antenna, the coaxial cables, and the matching transformer (the gadget that links the Antenna to the cable), and any other device that may be in the mounting  for any ruin, and change any items that are damaged
  • If you have a second TV set, try it to ensure the TV is working properly


How to improve TV antenna reception

  • Find out where the broadcast turrets are in your area. Pointing your Antenna at TV contagion towers can enhance reception. …
  • Place the Antenna on or next to a window or higher for better reception.
  • Test various antenna locations.
  • Also, scan your TV channels to see the available channels and where the antennae reception fits better.

Why is additional hardware required?

Hardware is required because it aids in boosting Wi-Fi strengths and enhances good performance for the antennae.

Is an RV Antenna considered Free TV or Subscription?

It is considered free to add that, Over-the-air broadcasts are accessible from the signal pressures used by cable and Satellite, providing you with a perfect high definition television. Again the only money paid is when one is purchasing the antennae. From there, he/ she starts receiving free over-the-air channels instantly after connecting their antennae to their digital TV.

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