Best K Cup Coffee Maker For RV (Reviews & Buying Guide 2022)

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If you’re a coffee lover, chances are you’ll appreciate not only the taste of the freshly brewed drink, but the experience of making it in a k cup coffee maker for RV. If you are a person who travels a lot, you will appreciate how much of an inconvenience and just how expensive it is to have to pull over and stop at a cafe or coffee shop en-route to your destination. The beauty of k cup coffee makers for rv is that this necessity is removed because you can blend your own coffee at will! Today, various brands of coffee makers can brew your cafe straight into a cup for you and there are different kinds of coffee makers on the market. Below are some of the best k cup coffee maker for rv:

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Makeris rapidly becoming a big hit among travelers. Anyone who travels regularly can tell you how this coffee maker is the best and how it makes delicious and sweet coffee. This model has some of the best, cutting-edge features that you will love.

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Top 07 best k cup coffee maker for rv

01. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer 

Salient Feature

  • Product dimensions: 13.3 x 9.8 x 13 inches
  • Item weight: 9 pounds
  • Water reservoir capacity: 48 Oz removable
  • Single serve coffee: 6,8 and 10 oz.
  • Colors: Multiple color  available

Keurig is one of the leading brands making high quality, long lasting products, and one device that has become popular from its long list of products is the Keurig K-Classic coffee maker. This machine offers a top level of performance and has the most amazing features that you will love. 

Can blend different cup sizes

With this state-of-the-art coffee maker, a user can mix different sizes of coffee. The maker is designed in such a way that a person can blend 6, 8 and 10oz cups. But it is recommended that you use 6oz, if you are a person who loves high- prepared coffee. Different sizes are also accepted, however, a lover of strong coffee might find the consistency a touch slight for them.

Large water reservoir

Users sometimes struggle to fill the coffeemaker’s reservoir with water, especially when they just need a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Hence, this machine is a dream come true for them as it has a large water tank compared to other machines. It’s the number one choice because it can hold 48 ounces. Of water. This reservoir lasts for many days if you want to mix a serving of coffee twice a day.

Integrated with 4 K-Cup pods

This machine has an assorted 4- K-Cup pods. In this collection you get the most charming selection of espresso and hot chocolate you have ever tried. These k cup pods come in a variety and are compatible with the machine.

Automatic timer

Keurig has installed automatic timers on their devices. This helps to automatically shut down the model after two hours so that you no longer have to check it regularly.


  • Users can mix coffee in different cup sizes.
  • The model is compact, elegant and easy to install
  • It has an automatic operating system.
  • It easy to clean the model
  • The model can also be used for ground coffee.


  • The model gets obstructed quickly in spite of continuous descaling
  • It comes with an heavy price

02. Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee Thermal Drip Instant Coffee Machine 

Salient Feature

  • Product dimensions: 7.3 x 5.4 x 11.6 inches
  • Item weight: 2.53 pounds
  • Water reservoir capacity: 14 oz
  • Single serve coffee: k-cup and Ground Coffee
  • Colors: Glazed Black

Sboly single serve coffee brewer is one of the top brewers that makes a k-cup pod and ground coffee that is classic. The machine has high tech features that use modern technology in brewing. It’s from these features that it is different from other coffee makers.



Sboly serve coffee has a base area that measures 7.3 x 5 inches and a height of 12-inches. It has a small compact design that weighs 14-ounces, and this makes the machine ideal for small space and can be transported easily. The reservoir is large enough in that it does not require constant refill when making much coffee.

Faster in brewing


This personal single-serve coffee has employed high technology, and you can get your pure taste and fresh coffee within 3 minutes. It also has a water adjustment system that allows you to control the amount of coffee you want to prepare.



The machine has innovatively designed with its compact design to increase machine durability and effective coffee making. The compact design makes it able to be used in tight places like tables and office tables.

Automatic cleaning and shut down


One of the best things with Sboly serve coffee is that once you have done with brewing coffee, you press 2-button for automatic cleaning. Cleaning is easy than you ever thought. Also, forgetting to shut down your machine should not worry you anymore. The device automatically turns off once it has completed brewing your coffee.

2-in-1 brewing


The machine allows you to brew both a coffee pod or brew a traditional cup of coffee due to the innovative features it has been incorporated with. With a simple button, you can choose either of the two brewing styles you need.


  • Has a small compact design that is ideal for remote places
  • Can brew either ground coffee or K-Cups with the machine
  • Easy to clean due to the automatic cleaning system
  • It is durable and less costly.


  • The brew time is somehow long when compared to its competitors.
  • Has a small water reservoir tank

03. Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Machine with Thermal Mug, Compatible with K Cup Pod and Ground Coffee

Salient Feature

  • Product dimensions: 7.3 x 5.4 x 11.6 inches
  • Item weight: 2.53 pounds
  • Water reservoir capacity: 16.6 oz
  • Single serve coffee:
  • Colors: Glazed Black

This is kind of like the bigger machines at a smaller market price. Comparable in footprint to the Keurig K 15, Sboly is designed for brewing coffee with or without a pod.  It has the option for using either your own ground coffee or K cups with an adjustable pod holder for each. It is a superior product with a strength control and brews coffee in minutes. Additional features include:

Fast Brewed Coffee

Enjoy a fresh, delicious and pure taste to start of your day. The brewing programming saves time and there you have a cup ready within 3 minutes. Besides, it keeps your coffee hot enough to add cream. With an adjustable water control, you get to regulate the exact amount of coffee you want and avoid wastage.

Durable and Compact Design

This coffee maker is not only small in size but also compact and durable. It’s extremely effective to handle brewing just like the bigger competitors. With such size, it perfectly fits in tight places such as office table, kitchen cabinets, countertops and more.

2-in-1 Brewing

You can choose K-cup pods or ground coffee to brew coffee. With a simple button on its side, the innovative coffee brewer conveniently allows for 2 brewing styles. Also, a large filter bag enough to keep 30gm of ground coffee and a thermal mug keeps your coffee hot for 6 hours. .

Auto-cleaner control

There is no hassle with cooling off the machine. With a simple press, the coffee makers cleans itself within a few seconds. This way, you don’t have to worry of a dirty brewer. If you forget to turn off the brewer, it will automatically power off once you are done brewing.

Upgraded basket filter

This model comes with a lid for the basket filter to keep the coffee grounds intact.


  • It’s easy to use and install
  • Ease to use
  • This coffee maker is efficient and reliable
  • Its compact hence can fit tight spaces


  • It generates loud sounds.

04. Singles Serve Coffee Makers For K Cup Pod & Coffee Ground, Mini 2 In 1 Coffee Maker Machines 

Salient Feature

  • Product dimensions: 9.42 x 5.99 x 13.79 inches
  • Item weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Water reservoir capacity: 30 oz
  • Single serve coffee:
  • Colors: Glazed Black

While this tiny brewer is perfect for crafting tasty coffee, it also prides itself on being the most ease-to-use option today. It packs a lot of features into a relatively narrow print for any coffee-drinking RV owner. Additional features includes:

2 In 1 Brewing

Do you want traditional-made coffee or just a cup with coffee pods? Either way, this brewer got your back. With a simple button, you can choose either of the two styles and enjoy your delicious cup.

Brew performance

Imagine getting a cup of fresh coffee within 30 seconds! You can use less water and more ground coffee for a strong flavor.

Meet Your Needs

A removable water tank fills enough water to avoid unnecessary spills. It also easy to clean with a removable drip tray.


No manual selection of the size of brew as the brewer comes with individual size buttons.

Compact Design

Small but powerful size that allows for fitting in your office, kitchen, trips and more. Save your place.


  • It has two coffee strength options
  • It comes with an affordable price
  • Its quality and design is top-notch
  • It can blend ground coffee due to its large Pod cup
  • It doesn’t generate loud noise


  • This model is not programmable

05. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for Single Cup Capsule with 12 Ounce Reservoir,Black

Salient Feature

  • Product dimensions: 7.4 x 4.3 x 9.06 inches
  • Item weight: 2.31 pounds
  • Water reservoir capacity: 12 oz
  • Single serve coffee: Single cup capsule with 12 oz
  • Colors: Black

Chulux coffee makes the right coffee for the people who are always on the go. It takes little space on your counter because it has small and compact design. It is designed for one person and provides hot and fresh 5-12 ounce cup coffee per minute.

It features an automatic shut-off and illuminated brew switch that provides a complete brewing cycle.

In-build water tank

The single cup coffee brewer has an in-built water tank of up to 12oz, which is fit for the personal make of 1.0 and 2.0 pod capsules for it to meet your preferred multiple favors.

One button control

The brewer has a brewing heating element system of 800w. The brewer features an automatic shut-off system that helps prevent it from overheating and keeping the brewer safe.

Fast brewing

With the high heating element, the brewer is faster as it takes 3 minutes to make one cup of delicious brewed coffee. You can also use it in boiling water if you need it within a short period.


The machine has a small and compact design, which takes a little space and makes it easy to travel with it to any place. It is ideal for office, home, small lounge, and dormitory, among others.  It can only be used on a 120V voltage.

In-built reservoir and removable drip tray

The brewer has the internal reservoir in that the amount of coffee you get equals the amount of water you poured into it. It comes out fresh without any mess.

One button clean

The BPA-free material of the tank filters and drip tray can be washed easily with a single button clean. The drip tray helps to keep the brew space neat and clean. Cleaning it, you only need to add vinegar and water to it and press the clean button.


  • Has a small and compact design that is great for travel
  • This model is Affordable
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is compatible with all standard pods


  • The water reservoir is small
  • It can’t  brew ground coffee

06. Single Serve K Cup Coffee Maker for K-Cup Pods and Ground Coffee

Salient Feature

  • Product dimensions: 7.30 x 5.40 x 11.60 inches
  • Item weight: 2.53 pounds
  • Water reservoir capacity: 14 oz
  • Single serve coffee:
  • Colors: Black

Are you in need of the best single cup coffee maker at your office, home, or at your camp?  You can’t miss having this machine because it is innovative and features two-button options that allow you to choose the two coffee brewing styles.

Dual brewing options

The machine allows choosing either adding a flavored k-cup or using the economic ground coffee beans in brewing. It has two button options that will enable you to select either of the coffee brewing styles.

Fast brewing

The machine is fast in that within the first 3 minutes, and you will be sipping your cup. You need to fill the oversized tank with water, then pour either ground or insert k-cup and press the go button.

Automatic shut-off and cleaning

This brewer features an auto-cleaning function that makes it easy for cleaning of the machine where necessary. It also has an automatic shut-off system that helps prevent the machine from overheating when making your coffee cup.


The brewer is a space saver because it has a compact and slim design ideal for hotel, RV travel, tiny house kitchen counter, or desk. If you have a small space within your home, this is the best solution for making your delicious coffee cup within that limited space.

Large water tank

The brewer has a large water tank that can be easily adjusted from 6, 8, 20, or 14 oz.  This is good in controlling your amount of coffee; you are preparing and save your grounds. It also features removable trays that fit well on large mugs, making it easy to remove it when required.

Long-time satisfaction

Gloridea aims to ensure that this single-serve coffee is meeting your brewing needs for an extended period. They offer the best service to resolve your coffee cup need in a secure way.


  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It makes a delicious, flavorful coffee within a short period of 3 minutes
  • The construction of the brewer is of high quality
  • Has a compact and slim design that is ideal for portability


  • Only ideal for small kitchen coffee cup

07. Sboly Coffee Machine 3 in 1, Tea & Coffee Maker for K Cup, Ground Coffee and Tea Leaf

Salient Feature

  • Product dimensions: 6.2 x 7.2 x 12.5 inches
  • Item weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Water reservoir capacity: 550ml
  • Single serve coffee:
  • Colors: Black

Sboly coffee machine is one of the best brewers that can brew ground coffee, k-cups, green tea, and black and flower tea at any place. You can make hot beverages quickly and conveniently for single-serve or high volumes as the machine is faster and features an auto shut off system.

Fast brewing technology

The brewer has an in-built heating system that heats water faster and provides high temperatures needed for coffee brewing within a short period. It can heat up to 185 degrees F within 2 minutes.

Built-in safety control

The system helps to safeguard the brewer from overheating and electrical damage to it. The system also ensures that the machine hasn’t commenced when the tank has no water.

Automatic shutdown system

You should never worry about burning your coffee or leave it on or overheating. The brewer has a system that helps to shut it down when necessary automatically.

Water reservoir tank

The brewer has a large reservoir design that allows you to fill it up to 14 oz. for customization of the amount and strength. The coffee maker can make up to 550ml of coffee at one time.

Removable drip tray

The brewer features an adjustable drip tray that can be adjusted to cup size that fits 7 inches for a travel mug. This also helps to reduce spillage and easy to clean.

Spiral covers for Grounds and k-cups

It features a spiral filters covers that are of high quality to deliver smooth, rich flavor for every coffee cup.


The brewer is made of an isolated tea leaf compartment made from Tritan material that makes your coffee cup have a unique flavor and taste.


  • It is lightweight for easy portability
  • It is easy to use
  • Ha spiral filters that help to conserve the environment
  • Removable drip tray for easy clean of the reservoir


  • No cons indeed, has been reported.

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How to Choose the best k cup coffee maker for rv?-Buying Guide

While there are a variety of coffee makers in the market, choosing the best model is key to satisfying your taste bud. Below are factors you need to consider when looking for a perfect coffee maker.

Quality Insulation

Travelling in an RV means the road may not be that smooth. For this reason, you need a coffee maker that is durable enough to last and withstand long distance. Coffee makers made of stainless steel tend to be durable and comes with an added advantage of dishwasher safe. Unlike plastic housing, steel water reservoirs tend to hold temperatures for extensive periods. A coffer maker without the right thermal properties is as good a not having one. You don’t want to start your day on the wrong foot while on an RV.

Ease of Use

How do you want to make your coffee? Are you looking for a simple press maker and you done making. Or you want to take enough of your time over a cup of coffee? Depending on individual taste and preference, you can opt for a maker that requires time to make the perfect coffee. For other people, this can be stressing as they need a simple maker that is easy to use.


If you intend to travel alone, then a smaller maker is okay. However, for those in large groups, then a bigger maker is more convenient. Some people prefer a number of cups to get their maker running, while some are comfortable with one cup. The point is, always choose a maker that is enough for your needs so as to save time on brewing.

Power source

Majority of coffee makers use electric power. This tend to drain faster the RV battery. On the other hand, a number of models such as the French presses require no electricity. If you have no power source in your house, this model is convenient.

Extra Items

Depending on the model, some makers require extra items such as grinders and filters. Such kind of items means two thing, extra space and time. You will take time to make coffee using such models. For that reason, ensure you have everything necessary for brewing your favorite cup.

Easy Cleaning

You need a model that is easy to wash while on the road. Example of such perfect and easy to clean maker includes the French press.

What is a k cup coffee maker for RV?

Brewing coffee using a K cup maker is a unique experience for beginners. This cup is ubiquitous and accounts for almost half of all coffer makers. Just like its name suggests, a K cup is a small pre-packages containers containing freshly powdered coffee.

These cups are available in a variety of flavors, blend, roast and more. Typically, the design of K cups allows for a single perfectly brewed coffee without much effort. The cups are made of strong plastic with a filter layer. Besides, they have a foil layer wrapped around them to prevent moisture and maintain freshness.

Rather than measuring the amount of coffee you want to make, coffee machines use K cups to give the right amount. All you need is just to insert the pods into a coffee maker and there you have fresh steaming coffee in few minutes.

Rather than measuring the amount of coffee you need, which can be difficult if you only want a single cup, these machines use the K-cups.

What are the different types of coffee makers for RV?

Whether you are looking for a maker that handles everything for you, or you prefer more hands-on brewing, there’s always something everyone.

Drip Coffee Makers

These are the most common types of coffee makers you find in homes, roadside dinners, and tons of other places. They are designed with a carafe, water reservoir and a filler. However, more advanced versions require no usage of paper filters and instead use washable filters. You can also opt for a glass or thermal carafe for storage purposes.

Single Serve Coffee Makers

This model require a compatible coffee pod for brewing. For this reason, you only brew one cup of coffee at a time. Many people find this quick and convenient as they require less additional elements. With plenty of pods, you are assured of a tasty cup of coffee this way.


Percolators are more of traditional in brewing coffee. They can be electric or stovetop. To brew coffee, add water and powder to the maker and allow it to heat for some time. The model is best for people in large groups and most of them can be used on stoves where there is no electric power.

Pour Overs

Just like the name suggests, you only pour hot water over the grounds and allow them to heat for some time. Pour overs are easy and convenient for people who are camping or travelling. While they are easy, the approach can be messy especially if you don’t have a fine filter.

Under-the-cabinet machines

This machine is good for people looking to save on space. They are specifically designed for kitchens where space is an issue. Additional features that come with the model vary from machine to another. Some consist of fully programmable options while othersdon’t.

How does k cup coffee maker Work?

A K cup coffer maker works in a simple process. First, you need to create a hole through the foil and add hot water into the coffee ground. Then, the mixture passes through a paper filter. You then puncture another hold at the bottom to allow the freshly brewed coffee into another cup.

The cup consists of four main parts. The first part is a plastic out casing. The role of this to keep the coffee warm and fresh by preventing moisture and air into the cup. What a brilliant way of keep your favorite cup delicious and aromatic!

A penetrable filter forms the second part. The role of this paper is proper flavor extraction while removing hard coffee grounds.  Then, we have a foil seal that serves to store the coffee grounds. The seal creates an impermeable environment to prevent the entry of oxygen and moisture.

The last part consist of the actual coffee. The coffee is perfectly measured for only one cup.The brewing process only begins when a K cup is inserted in the brewing slot. Once all is set, you just pull the handle and close the space. A needle inside the chamber then punctures one hole on top and another on the bottom of the cup. The top allows for the passage of hot water through the fine coffee grounds while a paper filter allows for the coffee to sieve through it.

Once coffee has been filtered, it goes through the bottom hole. A cup is placed to allow the flow of fresh and aromatic coffee. And there you have your perfect coffee mug. The secret to this fast brewing process is that the chamber stores hot water all through. For automatic machine, water only heats after the machine is powered on.

Benefits of usinga k cup Coffee Maker forRV

Unlike standard machines, a K cup coffee maker offers an affordable and efficient solution to all coffee needs. Some of the benefits you get to enjoy include:

1. Guaranteed Fresh Coffee

This single-cup drip machine allows for brewing of one fresh cup at a time. Besides, it takes just a few minutes to have a fresh cup of tasty coffee every time. While instant coffee offers the convenience in terms of preparation, a cup maker gives a full and more concentrated flavor of coffee.

2. Less Coffee Waste

Brewing coffee in large batches means you will have to get rid of the surplus. This is not the same case with a K cup coffee maker. With this machine, you only make exact amount of coffee for every occasion. Since it allows for brewing of one cup at a time, there is no more brewing another mug of untouched decaf.

3. Variety

You can try making a variety of flavors without worrying about tossing out afutiletrial. For that reason, you can stock a wide range of flavors where one picks their taste and preference. Also, for those who don’t drink coffee, there are varieties for single-cup such as green and herbal tea.

4. Easy to Clean

K cup coffer makers are not only easy to assemble but also clean. All you need is a mixture white vinegar and water.

How do you make coffee in an RV?

Wondering how you can make coffee in an RV? From the right tools needed to ideal ratios, the guide below offers step-by-step instructions to coffee perfection.

Let’s get started…

1. Heat Water.

The right heating temperature ranges between 195-205 degrees.  You can either use a thermometer to measure the temperature or boil the water and allow it to cool for 30 seconds before brewing. Also, a small kettle does the magic of keeping water to specific temperatures until you start the process.

2. Weigh Your Coffee.

To attain the best flavor, use 12 oz of water for every 28 grams of coffee. This translated to 1.5 cups of water for 5 teaspoons of coffee. Adding more coffee means more flavor. Therefore, you can choose to make it stronger or weaker as per you taste. To know the best flavor for you, try a different of ratios and record.

3. Rinse/Wet Your Filter.

Before you brew, rinse your filter with hot water and repeat. This is important to prevent coffee with a hint of paper in the actual cup. Paper residue lends a kind of woody taste. Just place the brewer in a dripper and pour over hot water while ensuring all sides are clean. Do it for about 5 seconds and then discard the water.

4. Grind The Coffee.

Grinding the coffee to a coarser mixture ensure you have fine control over flavor. While this gives you a better flavor, grinding may introduce some bitterness. Your work is to hit the right medium size grind like sea salt for better taste. The simple rule, grind fine for richer flavor.

5. Pour Water.

Once you are done grinding, now add the coffee ground into a filter. Water is introduced in two portions: bloom and brew. For bloom, pour about 30gm of the whole amount of water into the filter and allow the grounds to soak. Give it about 30 seconds and pour the rest of the water. Now sip your coffeeand feel the taste of greatness!

Tips for making the best coffee

Use fresh beans- Coffee is best when used fresh. You can choose to roast coffee on your own or buy from a local dealer. Coffee ground packaged and stored in vacuum sealed bags are best. In the same line, always store coffee grounds in air-tight bags. Never freeze nor refrigerate roasted beans as they tend to absorb moisture and lose their flavor

Grind on your own- Grind your coffee immediately before brewing for the perfect results. Coffee is known to lose flavor after 30 minutes of grounding. Also, ensure you grind in tight pot with the right size.

Golden Ratio- It’s recommended to use a scale of measurement to achieve the right quantities. The golden ratio states that you need to use one gram of coffee for every 18gm of water.

Brewing methods matter- Not all methods are created equal. Find the best that works for you and stick on it.

Use the right water- Quality and clean water givers high quality coffee. Use bottled or filtered water instead of tap water.

The bottom line

Nothing is cheerful like having a cup of coffee on the open road. Not only coffee is one of life’s little treats, but also a perfect way to re-energize yourself. Just think of the fresh aroma of coffee as it stirs your senses. Having the best K cup coffee maker for rv will offer you a freshly brewed and aromatic taste on your buds. With a coffee maker on board, you won’t require anyone to make your favorite cup of coffee. Besides, you not only ensure it tastes exactly how you want, but also get the right amount without wasting any grounds. Sounds amazing right?

If you are looking for information and product advice on best k cup coffee maker for rv, this website has the best, most informative information. It contains all the information about the various products and buying guides. Always click on the link to purchase any product you feel suitable.

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Q. Can I dump K cup into a regular coffee maker?

Yes it possible. Simply remove the cover on top ofthe cup and pour the coffee into a paper filter. Just use the regular coffee maker just like you normally would. However, use the right amount of coffee for good results.

Q. How do you use K mini single serve K cup pod coffee maker?

Choose a brew size by pressing the rightcontrol.  Then, insert a K cup in the opening of the brewer. Once water reaches the right temperatures, it runs through the coffee. Finally, fresh brewed coffee flow directly into your cup. That’s it!

Q. What is the best K cup brewer on the market?

The Cuisinart Coffee Center ss-15 deliver a dynamic brewing process. With great temperature consistency and excellent cup-speed, this brewer is powerful, durable and easy to use. The machine also packs tons of features including a water reservoir, auto-shutoff and flexible dip tray.

Q. What is the best mini coffee maker?

The Keurig K-mini plus coffee maker is one of the best and affordable brewing machines. It features a small carafe holding up to 5 cups of coffee and is designed to offer the freshest coffee possible. With a removable drip tray, you can easily dispose and clean for spills.

Q. What is the best single serve K cup coffee maker?

The K-Elite. It’s consistent and brews flavorful and smooth tasting coffee. The machine features ease-to control buttons and a capacity of up to 12 ounces of coffee. Also, it comes with the largest water reservoir capable of holding up to 9 cups of water.

Q. What is the most reliable K cup coffee maker?

The Nespresso Pixie is a top quality coffee maker that can be programmed to give out the strength of coffee you need. Also, it’s capable of producing barista-style results thanks to a powerful pressure pump.

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