Best Porcelain RV Toilet Reviews And Buying Guide – 2022

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If you are among those who own mobile homes or recreational vehicles, you understand how hectic it is to operate without a toilet. You don’t need just a bathroom but the best porcelain RV toilet for your recreational place.  A toilet is an essential part of our lives; you may feel the tough side of nature call if you don’t own one.

Campers, van dwellers, and those who own recreational vehicles attest that Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Hand Flush – Thetford 31667 is the best porcelain RV toilet ever with excellent features. To help you get the best porcelain RV toilet, go through our top 6 best porcelain RV toilet report.

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Top 06 Best Porcelain RV Toilet Reviews

01. Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet, White

Salient Feature

  • product weight: 23.5 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 18’x15’x20’ inches
  • Item model number: 302310071
  • manufacturer: Dometic
  • height: 18 inches
  • color: white
  • batteries required: No
  • cover: included
  • hand sprayer: yes

Perfect installation

If you plan to install a toilet for elderly persons, then Dometic porcelain rv toilet Series Standard Height toilet can be your perfect choice. Dometic Company is a competitive brand in the market with its affordable and premium RV toilets cater to all people’s needs.


Your older people are in love with recreational trips across countries. They need a suitable bathroom specifically designed for them to enhance comfortability and easy access when nature calls. Therefore, Dometic 310 series works better for them because of its excellent features and design. Still, on the style, this model comes with a hand sprayer for quick hand rinse.


The model is 18 inches from the floor, higher than enough to give these senior people ample time to accomplish the digestion process. It supports their knees as well as standing back-up. This model comes with cheap price tags than some of its counterparts in the market.

Powerflush rim

Besides, installation and using this RV toilet is simple and easy. Its PowerFlush rim is responsible for clearing the bowl faster than any other model. Also, it uses a small amount of water, making it ideal for environmentally conscious people.

Foot pedal

Another great feature of this model is its foot pedal. If you want to flush, no need to go over to the bathroom to do so; use one of your legs. More so, its top cover is automatic and closes itself immediately after use.


Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks associated with this model is its seat. The seat is small for heavy persons. But, it is an elegant model, value for money providing you with a lot of comforts.


  • Offers maximum comfortability
  • User-friendly
  • Struggle-free installation
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Takes small space


  • Small seats are not suitable for all users.

02. Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Hand Flush – Thetford 31667

Salient Feature

  • product weight: 7.4 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 15.75’x18.25’x29’ inches
  • Item model number: 31667
  • manufacturer: Thetford
  • height: 18.25 inches
  • color: white
  • batteries required: No
  • cover: included
  • hand sprayer: yes


Aqua-Magic V RV toilet brand is famous for producing graceful models with essentials features.  Thetford 31667 is one of their RV toilets that will turn your neck in the market.

Classic design

Its classic design makes it ideal for any recreational vehicle. Also, its design will enable you to flush without any hassle. I can’t also hide my feeling about its bowl; it features a full-bowl suitable for all people. Its height is also standard to comfortably enable you to do daily business.

Economical and attractive design

Furthermore, this thetford rv toilet features an economical and attractive design. This means that the model will not consume a lot of your space. The attractive design can easily fit in any bathroom. I can see a slight difference between Thetford 31667 and standard home toilets.

Single-handle flush

Also, this type of RV toilets comes with a single-handle flush that needs only a single push. Activating halfway leads to automatic water addition while full activation, the flush will clear everything with a full bowl coverage. Therefore, using this model is very simple.


Another impressive factor about Thetford 31667 is its weight; it is not heavy compared to other models. This feature makes the RV toilet portable. Also, you don’t have to worry about its installation; it is a piece of cake. More so, the model’s textured lid is responsible for not only resisting scuffs but also shedding required water.

Tough handle

However, the flush handle of Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet is not friendly to kids. Older people may also experience challenges with the model’s handle as it needs more effort. The handle is tough for individuals with less energy.


  • Hassle-free installation
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Full-bowl coverage
  • Easy to use
  • Well textured lid for resisting scuffs and shedding water.


  • A quite flimsy lid
  • Tough handle for kids

03. Aqua-Magic Bravura RV Toilet – Thetford 31100

Salient Feature

  • product weight: 18 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 20.75’x17.9’x19.25’ inches
  • Item model number: 31100
  • manufacturer: Thetford
  • height: 17-7/8 inches
  • color: white
  • batteries required: No
  • cover: included
  • hand sprayer: yes

Handle sprayer

If the above two options fail to meet your desires, I suggest you check on Aqua-Magic Bravura RV Toilet. It is also the best RV toilet with a hand sprayer for maximum comfortability. This model is full of sturdy plastic, giving it a beautiful white color.


Furthermore, this RV toilet is compatible with all RV; it even allows for a permanent installation. It is a versatile RV toilet that you cannot wait to have in your mobile home or recreational vehicle.

Flush pedal

Also, the model features a single-function flush pedal for more accessibility. Halfway pressing the pedal adds water in the bowl, while full pressure on the pedal opens the model’s valve and clears everything in the toilet.

Pulse flush

More so, Aqua-Magic Bravura RV Toilet has a pulse flush that can offer you with near-instantaneous; featuring full-bowl coverage. Besides, this type of RV toilets features an easy-off cover pod and seat to allow you to clean it easily and quickly. The single-pedal flush is also convenient and large enough, featuring a pulsating flush that provides superior full-bowl clearance.

Removable front shroud

Its front shroud is also removable, allowing you to easily and comfortably access pedal mechanisms and mounting bolts. The great news about this model is its hand sprayer, which is useful for hand rinsing. This will reduce the consumption of water.


  • It is not heavy
  • Compatible with any RV type
  • Installation of the model is easy
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to clean


  • Some people claim that the pulsating flush is noisy
  • Quite taller

04. Dometic White 310 Series 302310031, 19.75″ Height Standard Toilet

Salient Feature

  • product weight: 23.2 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 19’x15’x20’ inches
  • Item model number: 302310031
  • manufacturer: Dometic
  • height: 19.75 inches
  • color: white
  • batteries required: No
  • cover: included
  • hand sprayer: yes


Here is another RV toilet from the Dometic brand. Products from this company will never disappoint you. Dometic White 310 Series 19.75″ Height is also a high performing and convenient RV toilet. It is also long-lasting with a high-quality bowl to serve you for years.


It is a classy gravity flush toilet specifically designed and engineered with incredible flushing technology. These features set the brand far from its competitive neighbors in the market. This technology also enables the RV toilet to consume a small amount of water; roughly, you can use a pint of water per flush.

Hand sprayer

Therefore, I don’t see the need to worry about wasting your water. This domestic rv toilet model also comes with a hand sprayer that you can use for hand rinsing. No more water wastage with Dometic White 310 Series 19.75″ Height RV toilet.


More so, this RV toilet comes with an easy-to-clean design and material for faster cleaning. The swirl-jet cleaning chemistry gives you ample time to ensure that your unit remains clean 24/7. When you are through with nature call, flushing should be efficient and easy; you don’t have to struggle.

Wood seat

The most critical feature of this model is its slow-close wood seat. It will provide you with a maximum comfortability than any other brand in the market. Still, this RV toilet features a comfortable foot pedal that you will not strain you. Slight pressing the pedal adds water in the bowl, while full press flushes everything from the bowel and fills the bowl within a matter of time.

Ceramic bowl

Furthermore, the model features a ceramic bowl also to allow you to clean it easily. Besides, it has a Vortex flush technology that performs smartly. It works efficiently also to reduce water consumption.


  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Water-saving RV toilet
  • Long-lasting
  • Reliable


  • Hard to find spare parts/accessories in the market
  • Some people complain about  their valves

05. Porta Potti White Thetford Corp

Salient Feature

  • product weight: 13.45 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 17.75’x17.6’x15. 25’ inches
  • Item model number: 92306
  • manufacturer: Thetford Corp.
  • height: 17.6 inches
  • color: white
  • batteries required: Yes
  • cover: included
  • hand sprayer: no

Elegant design

If you are a premium lover, then here is your package. Like other high-class RV toilets, Porta Potti White is another top-ranking and performing model with elegant design. Many campers and those who own recreational vehicles affirm that the unit is their top option. They also attest that this model is lightweight, sturdy, and compact for portability.


Apart from campers, this model is also ideal for cabins and trucks. You can use this RV toilet in places with no electricity and water. Besides, mariners and boaters can still use this model on boats.  They like the Porta Potti White model because it is versatile.

Sleek design

More so, it is easy to use and reliable RV toilet in the market. It comes with an elegant and sleek design for not only comfortability but also easy to use. “a home away from home” is what I can testify to when using this RV toilet. With Porta Potti White toilet, you will exactly feel the same way as the toilet in your bathroom.


The height and nature of this type of rv toilets seat are comfortable, and the bowl’s size is suitable for all people. Another incredible fact about this model is its battery-powered flush. This makes the item ready and handy to use when there is no electric power source. Therefore, if you plan to buy a convenient RV toilet, give Porta Potti a try.


You cannot compare this type of RV toilet with low-class models because of its sealed valves. The valve is responsible for preventing leaks and odors. Therefore, before you buy this toilet, you will have to consider the valve for maximum cleanliness and sanitation in your place.

Level indicator

This model also comes with other elegant features like the level indicator, sanitary spout container, and a tissue paper holder. All these features will make you use and operate your toilet hassle-free.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Emptying is easy
  • User-friendly
  • Odorless and leak-proof


  • Suitable for short time use only
  • Produce unpleasant chemical smell when new

06. Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet With Standard Crank Handle

Salient Feature

  • product weight: 28 pounds
  • Productdimensions: 17.75’x20.75’x21.5’ inchesinches
  • Item model number: crank handle
  • manufacturer: Nature’s Head
  • height: 17.75 inches
  • color: white
  • batteries required: No
  • cover: included
  • hand sprayer: no


I don’t think if your list is full minus this model. Yes, Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet is an organic, eco-friendly, and natural model that can also be your best choice. This RV toilet will never disappoint you. Find a place to fix it on your list.

Conversion feature

Despite being the last option on our list, this RV toilet comes with excellent features that will perfectly meet your expectations. It is capable of converting human waste to form a useful compost. No more complaints from gardeners that they don’t have enough compost. Remember, returning human waste into the soil makes the planet earth richer.


This RV type doesn’t need water; this unit is fantastic. It has a black water tank, but there will be no need to refill it. It is a self-contained toilet; the tank will be useless. So amazing!


Moreover, you can combine its grey tank with the black tank to create room for extra waste storage. Another feature that will attract you with this unit is sealed valves. You will operate in an odorless environment as if there is no nearest toilet. There is no need to dispose of the waste immediately.

Elongated seat

Also, Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet comes with an elongated seat that feels more secure and comfortable. It also features a circulation fan and vent hose for pressure air. Therefore, if you are a camper with waste dump challenges, this RV toilet may be your perfect choice. Because you can dump the model’s waste almost everywhere.


Therefore, you can put the compost in your garbage container and take it back to the soil. Using the unit is also simple as you can disconnect the parts when you want to dump waste contents. Above all, the model uses a 12 volts power plug.


  • Odorless
  • Eco-friendly
  • Has an extended lifespan
  • Doesn’t require a black tank
  • User-friendly
  • Installation is straightforward


  • Pricier
  • Regular emptying the urine jug is tedious

How To Choose The Best Porcelain RV Toilet?

You need to know the essential factors before buying the best porcelain RV toilet for your recreational vehicle. The reason behind this statement is the existence of different types of RV toilets in the market. Therefore, below are some of the vital considerations before making a final decision.

  • Installation of the toilet

Before buying an RV toilet, you need to be keen on its installation process. You have to find a model with a hassle-free installation. Some of these units require three bolts, while others need only two nuts for installation. What I mean is that you don’t have to spend much of your time installing it.

Also, carefully check and choose a toilet that you will quickly repair when it breaks. Investigate whether its accessories are more accessible. Also, an easy-to-install design will give you ample time when cleaning or unclogging the unit. On top of that, you will have to look at the size of the RV you want to buy; it should be suitable to fit in your place perfectly.

Don’t buy a unit that will consume a lot of your space. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a small RV toilet to give you ample time to repair, maintain, and install.

  • Sanitization

Here is another major factor that you need to pay much attention to when planning to buy an RV toilet. Cleanliness is the most crucial hygiene consideration. Therefore, if you decide to use these models, be ready to maintain maximum cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene.

Since these are portable toilets, the sealed valve should be there to prevent unpleasant smells and leaks. You only know that your health is significant and risky in a dirty environment. Therefore, an excellent RV toilet should keep you off from health complications. More so, buy a model that flushes correctly.

  • Budget

How much is the unit you intend to buy? Is your pocket heavy enough to buy the model? These are some of the few questions that you need to ask yourself before purchasing an RV toilet. This will prevent you from spending much money on a model with unnecessary features. The unit’s price may also allow you to spend little time choosing the best RV toilet.

Some products come with higher price tags, medium while other lower price tags. High-class products are for premium lovers, but you can still buy a unit with essential features at a lower price. However, sometimes you may have a fixed budget, make a choice based on your capability.

The price of a product usually goes hand in hand with quality. Don’t just consider the cost but also quality matters. The product might be expensive but low performing. Therefore, it will be wise if you think of the quality of an RV toilet too.

  • Comfortability

Here is another vital factor that, if you fail to consider, may end up with complaints. You need a comfortable place to release yourself. Sometimes we go to the toilet not only due to nature call but also peace of mind. Therefore, scrutinize the seat of the model you plan to buy

If it has a flush handle, foot pedals, it should be ergonomic to give you ample time to flush and use the toilet. Go for high profile models with standard heights to enable you to use them with a lot of ease. The Flushing system should also be convenient for more accessibility.

  • Users

If you have kids or older people, you need to be keen before making a final decision on RV toilets. Kids are the most sensitive users of these portable toilets. Go for standard-sized models that can be ideal for both you and your children.

If you have seniors around, you will have to buy an RV toilet with a raised height to support their knees. Let them not complain about the brutal nature of the available RV toilet.

  • Essential features

The number of features in a portable toilet makes work more comfortable. These features will help you to use the unit comfortably. So, before a final choice, check whether the model comes with all parts of your desires.

Get a model with features that will satisfy you. Some of these units come with elegant features to enable you to feel comfortable and use them with a lot of ease. For example, a hand sprayer is useful for preventing water wastage. Therefore, buy a product based on your desires.

What Is An RV Toilet And How Does It Work?

What is an RV Toilet?

RV toilet is an essential item to campers, mariners, boaters, and those who own recreational vehicles. They are famous for providing users with maximum convenience and comfortability 24/7. They come in various sizes to fit in any compact space.

How does an RV Toilet work?

  • The models also feature an elegant design with smart flushing systems. Some of them are portable, while others can be mounted permanently. Also, they are lightweight but made from heavy-duty materials. If you understand how to use these units, you will feel at home.
  • There are different market models to correctly work in marine, boating, camping, and all recreational vehicle. You will also find those that are ideal for cabins, yurts, and tiny homes. These models are convenient because they only need a small amount of water (one pint).
  • Some models feature excellent features like a single-flush pedal system. Slight pressing the pedal adds water in the bowl, while full press fills the entire bowl and clears all waste. Besides, a good number of RV toilets have swirl-jet technology that removes your bowl from messes.
  • An RV toilet, incredibly portable, can amazingly work in places with no water source or electricity. These toilets come in compact sizes than those in our bathrooms for portability. I think this is the exact reason why many truck drivers, recreational owners, and trailers like the units.

They come with features that you might not get in the usual bathroom toilets. The work with foot pedals and not tank handles.

How To Use An RV Toilet?


Using RV toilets is straightforward because they come with easy-to-use design and features to meet your expectations. Many of these models operate comfortably with features like single-flush pedal technology that a small press will halfway fill the bowl with water. On the other hand, the full pressure will fill the bowl within a matter of time.

Foot pedal

Therefore, when you are through with your nature call, just press the foot pedal.  To flush the residues, some of these units come with other useful features like a hand sprayer to allow you to rinse/wash your hands immediately after business. Models with such features are more economical to reduce the consumption of water.

Dumping garbage

If your model has a tissue paper holder, you are lucky because everything will be more accessible. After using the toilet, you will have to dump the waste in any garbage stop. You can do so instantly or after one day, depending on the number of people use the toilet. But, it is advisable to leave your toilet place clean for sanitization and hygienic reasons.

How To Clean An RV Toilet (Tank, Bowl, And Seal)?

  • Cleaning

Cleaning is the quick and most reliable maintenance that you can give your RV toilet. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the unit daily or instantly after use. Emptying the unit’s waste tank is always an excellent way to go. These portable toilets come with different features depending on their model.

  • Emptying the tank

But, generally, cleaning the unit should begin with emptying its tank. Cleaning the tank should be done using freshwaters and sometimes with a toilet detergent. To clean some sticky residues, you will have to use a toilet brush to scrub the area gently.

  • Flushing

A single flush will be enough to clean your tank after washing. On the other hand, cleaning the bowl is comfortable with a toilet brush and a toilet detergent. Apply a small amount of cleaning solution to the bowl. And if there is any sticky residue, take a toilet brush and clear the mess. More so, you may apply some small amount of toilet sanitizer to kill germs and bacteria.

  • Clean gently

Furthermore, the seal is the most part associated with holding dirt in an RV toilet. Therefore, remember to clean the region but not gently; you may interfere with its performance. Sometimes you may also lubricate the sealing of your unit for smooth operation.

How To Replace A Broken RV Toilet Seal?

  • Get a compatible seal

Due to daily wear and tear, the seal of your RV toilet may break. You don’t have to worry because such parts are replaceable. Use this quick guide to replace a broken seal. Buy a new seal, ensuring it is compatible with the broken one

  • Switching water off and water pipe

Place your RV on a flat surface, switch off the water source, and then disconnect any water pipe to the external source. The next thing will be to cut off the water source to your toilet using a rear valve.

  • Flushing

After disconnecting the water inlet pipe from the unit, flush it to remove available water and then dry your RV toilet using a rag. Your safety is vital; wear rubber gloves for protection from waste remains. You may also wear a face mask.

  • Open the bolts

Open the bolts holding unit and remove them. Some bolt may have up to three bolts while others only two.  Set the toilet aside before removing the old/broken seal. The seal may be wax or rubber, depending on the brand you use.

  • Clear the areas holding the seal

The next step will be to clear the areas holding the seals. Fit the new seal in the RV toilet’s flange suing a plumber’s sealant. Give it enough time to dry. After ensuring it is dry, it is now time to reinstall your toilet. Remember to tighten its bolts before reconnecting the external water inlet line.

Why Does My RV Toilet Bubble When I Flush?

  • You may experience bubbles with your RV toilet due to various reasons. One of the common issues might arise when the black tank is almost full of water. You can quickly determine whether the water tank is virtually full through hearing.  The sound will change when it fills up. Therefore, you can handle this challenge by emptying your RV toilet’s water tank.
  • Other issues that might result in bubbling include; dirt, twigs, dust, and pine needles. These substances may get caught beneath the vent cup forcing the water tank will send back its gas via the toilet.

How To Unclog An RV Toilet?

  • Staying with a clogged RV toilet is uncomfortable. Some people think that fixing such issues is difficult, but it is a piece of cake.
  • The most common materials that can clog your toilet is toilet paper. Therefore, before you go for a plumber, try to fix it yourself by removing the seal and pouring warm water into the bowl. Using hot water will break any material causing the blockage. However, sometimes hot water might not be suitable for some RV toilet with plastic materials.
  • Therefore, you may still use some chemicals to unclog your toilet. But, ensure that the chemical you plan to use is safe for your toilet’s fabric.

Tips On Using An RV Toilet

  • Press the pedal halfway

Pressing the pedal halfway will add a small amount of water to the toilet’s bowl. These RV toilets don’t need a lot of water unless you want to flush fatty residues.

  • Use specific chemicals

Use specific chemicals to prevent unpleasant smell. You can use sanitizers or sprays to flush them with the waste. When they get into the black tank, chemicals react, control the odor, and speed the decomposition process.

  • Use a small amount of tissue

Don’t use a large amount of tissue paper. Any bulky material will clog your toilet. Also, don’t dispose of substances like diapers or pampers in your RV toilet.

  • Flush the bathroom when the fan is off

Don’t flush your bathroom when the room fan is on. It will draw the odor and spread it all over your place.


You need comprehensive information before making a final decision on the best RV toilets. Let no one persuade you to buy a particular model that will frustrate you. I believe that after going through this our top six porcelain RV toilets; you are in an excellent position to make a better decision.

These are items that you will not miss in recreational vehicles, camps, boats, among others. The products have incredible and elegant features that make them ideal for recreation. They are portable as well as comfortable.

However, if you encounter any problem on our best porcelain rv toilet, never hesitate visiting on our website. We provide all the necessary information that will help you choose the best product that satisfies your needs.


Why Do You Need An Rv Toilet

If you have a recreational vehicle, you are a camper, mariner, or boater; then, you need an RV toilet. They are portable, coming with essential features to enable you to accomplish the digestion process.

Can You Use An RV Toilet In A House?

Yes, some of these models come with the mountable feature. You can fix them in your bathroom’s toilet. Also, you can use them independently, mostly those that use electricity.

Can You Use A Regular House Toilet In An RV?

These models are designed specifically for recreational vehicles. Therefore, it is not advisable to use such toilets for home purposes, but it is possible. If you choose to do so, prepare to empty the black tank daily.

How To Make An RV Toilet Smell Better?

Sometimes RV toilets produce an unpleasant smell and to prevent or reduce it is easy. Use some chemicals to unclog your toilet but ensure the chemical is safe for your toilet’s material.

Do I Need To Use RV Toilet Paper?

Yes, but it should be compatible with your RV toilet. Usually, there are RV tissue papers to prevent clogging. A one-ply of toilet paper can also work better. Remember not to use a large amount of tissue.

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