Best Portable Dog Fence For RV Reviews and Buying Guide-2022

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You would prefer not to leave your friend in a kennel or at home when you want to go out for a vacation or a trip. There are numerous apparatuses you can consider for RVing with your canine, and one of them is the best portable dog fence for rv. There are a ton of beautifully designed incredible choices that would profit your canine’s requirements. In the market, there are portable dog fences for little canines, for huge canines, for different canines, and all have their highlights and capacities to filter through, to such an extent that you might end up asking yourself, how would I pick the best?

In this article or guide, we will have a look at the absolute best versatile canine fences for RV. For instance Midwest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen/Pet Playpen stands out to best because of its sturdiness and ease of installation. Alongside this thorough rundown, we will incorporate an all-around considered purchaser’s manual to make the cycle somewhat simpler.

We trust that with this list of data, you can be able to choose a dog fence that best meets your canine needs.

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Top 06 Best Portable Dog Fence For RV Reviews

01. Midwest Homes For Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen/Pet Playpen

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 19.4 pounds
  • Measurements: 62 x 62 x 30 inches
  • Play diameter: 16 square inches
  • Number of panels: 8 panels

The MidWest Exercise pen sometimes it seems small, but the fact is that this pen can pack a couple of canines with its features. To make sure that your set up withstands any storm, this portable dog fence features 8 steel panels that are powder coated. These steel panels are additionally supplemented with 8 anchors and 8 stabilizations.

This pen is best suited for smaller dogs, however you can modify it to meet your requirements. You can decide to buy additional tops so that you expand it to your required size. Plus, having extra tops will be of great significance if your canine likes jumping.

This amazing dog pen weighs as little as 19.4 pounds and it measures 62 x 62 x 30 inches. This means that setting it up is never stressful for a dog owner. Once in place, this pen provides your pet with 16 square inches of play area. This space is enough for any puppy to play and run around. Finally, the added coat finishing of this portable dog fence is resistant to pests and rust.


  • Very sturdy due to the 4 thumb-snaps, 8 stabilizers, and 8 ground anchors.
  • Most ideal for puppies and sometimes it can be used as a crate fence.
  • Rust and pest resistance, courtesy of the extra coat finishing.


  • Its plastic supports are slightly weak.
  • Dangerous to your dog because of its sharp welded edges.

02. IRIS 24” Exercise 4-Panel Pet Playpen With Door

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 12.73 Pounds
  • Measurements: 35.25 x 35.25 x 23.63 inches;
  • Play diameter: 8 square feet
  • Number of panels: 4 panels

IRIS 24 is the second in our rundown. This Exercise 4-Panel is best for small to average-sized dogs, puppies, and other small home pets. This Playpen is mostly used as a play gate, indoor dog fence, dog exercise pen, and sometimes as a dog playpen. Once installed this playpen offers your puppy a play and run area of 8 square feet.

Each IRIS Playpen panel has a dimension of 33.6″W x 24″H with doors measuring 14.5” W x 16.5” H and the distance from one bar to another is 1.5”. The goodness with these pens is that they allow positioning them in different shapes to suit your space requirement and the dog’s needs.

The plastic board on the canine playpen with entryway safely interlocks with full-length linking bars. The panels for canine exercise pen with entryway additionally highlight a non-slide elastic foot to ensure no flooring. Try not to utilize bleaching agents, liquor, and benzine cleaners on this portable playpen.


  • The molded plastic frame makes this playpen sturdy.
  • It has a rubber-feet which protects indoor floors.
  • Can be easily installed minus using any tool.
  • Makes use of connecting rods to ensure safe panel interlocking.
  • Most suitable especially when training, playing, and indoor utilization.


  • This pen works for small and medium-sized dogs only.
  • Its mesh roof cannot be relied upon especially when you have two dogs inside.
  • It has limited space.

03. New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen

Salient Feature

  • Weight: ; 9.98 Kilograms
  • Measurements: 157.48 x 76.2 x 157.48 cm
  • Play diameter: 16 square feet
  • Number of panels: 8 panels

Number three in our list is the black metal pet playpen/exercise pen which is a product of New World Pet Products. This metal pet playpen and exercise pen offers not only your canine an amazing enclosure but also other family pets. It is secure and safe both outside and indoors. For maximum durability and resistance against rust and other things, this dog fence is made of a durable metal wire that has a black E-coat finish.

The other good thing about this exercise or playpen is that you can opt to use it independently or you can decide and join it to a dog crate so that you create more space for your pet. This playpen has eight –twenty four wide panels which are available in 5 distinct heights; 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″. When set up and fully expanded it offers your dog a play area or enclosure space of 16 square feet.

Besides, they fold flat, hence convenient during travel or when storing them,

This portable dog fence is easy to set up and no tools are required. For secure outdoor installation, this exercise/playpen has four ground stakes. For easy assembly, this playpen also has 4 thumb-snaps for locking.

During setup, simply unpack, shape it, and lock the end panels together and your portable dog fence is ready for use. These playpens are versatile and they can be used for other family pets.

It is recommended that you choose this play/exercise pen according to your dog’s adult height. There additional products that can be utilized alongside this playpen. Some of them include; wire mesh top or sunscreen and New World Dog Crates. These additional products come in handy when you want a shade for your canine when outdoors or when you want additional security.


  • Best when it comes to storage or traveling because it folds flat.
  • Easy installation, no tools required.
  • Can be used with other family pets


  • This Playpen/Exercise pen doesn’t have a door.
  • Sometimes not ideal for small pets.

04. Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Dog Puppy Cat Exercise Fence Barrier Playpen Kennel, Outdoor & Indoor,8/16/32 Panels

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 81.92 Pounds
  • Measurements: 32 x 32 x 40 inches;
  • Play diameter: 16 square feet
  • Number of panels: 16 panels

Yaheetech is also among the best portable dog fence that you can gift your canine. This dog fence is with a rugged metal that has a convenient flexible design that enables you to shape it according to your space or preferences.

For a small decent-sized fence, you can use 8 panels, or if you want a bigger space you can use 16 panels but remember the 16 panels can be utilized to make two separate dog fences as well. Because of its design that allows for making a spacious perimeter, this fence is best for people with two or more dogs.

This dog fence has a door, rounded edges, and its sides are a bit high to prevent the dogs from jumping from the fence. If you want extra security or maybe you want to keep off wild animals you can opt to lock the door especially during the night.

Many canine owners appreciate the way that they can alter the shape of this fence, and it is sturdy enough since it’s produced using hardcore metal. You can utilize stakes to make sure that the panels are well secured to the ground or request extra stakes from the manufacturer to make a considerably sturdier fence. The huge space permits you to securely store a canine frill inside the fence as well.

The incredible thing about this compact canine fence is that it’s folds level and exceptionally versatile in the sense that you can plonk it to the rear of your RV, and you are all set! In any case, you should stop close to the region where you will set it up because it’s very weighty to convey.


  • Best for huge dogs.
  • Can hold more than one dog.
  • Very durable because it is made from heavy-duty iron panels that are powder coated.
  • Can be used either indoors or outdoors.


  • Has issues with latch loosening
  • Has some problems when it comes to loosening the latch.
  • It is somehow cumbersome

05. Bestpet Pet Playpen 8 Panel Indoor Outdoor Folding Metal Protable Puppy Exercise Pen Dog Fence,24″,32″,40″

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 52.8 Pounds
  • Measurements: 40 x 30 x 32 inches;
  • Play diameter: 16 square feet
  • Number of panels: 8 panels

Portable Puppy Playpen is another amazing product from the Best pet that you can use to contain your dog during a vacation. This dog fence features an 8-panel system that enables you to configure it according to your space and preferences. It is an amazing alternative during travel, its heavy-duty wire can be utilized as a playroom, pet hangout, a kennel, and a kennel. Playpen is additionally available in different heights, meaning it can be utilized for multiple pets or a single pet.

You only need to install your Playpen and watch your canines, felines, hares, and different pets mingle and play. This dog fence also has an option of combining more fences to make a much bigger play space. It is easily folded and simple to set up and disassemble so you can bring your pet anyplace you need to go. The already built indoor enables simple entrance and the anchor stakes help in securing the fence making it sturdy. With rust proof covered metal and adjusted edges, the collapsing pet playpen is worked to last.

Puppy Playpen not only keeps your pets contained, but also offers a dog owner good visibility to his/her pets. With this portable dog fence, you can join multiples playpen fences together and install in a shape that you most prefer.


  • Simple to assemble, no tool required.
  • Good for both outdoor and indoor.
  • Has a considerably big play area for your canine and other pets.
  • Can be easily assembled into various shapes.
  • Provides ample visibility for maximum pet safety.


  • Its frames tend to rust after some time.
  • Clients have complained about defective parts.

06. Petprogo Dog Fence Metal Playpen

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 88.5 Pounds
  • Measurements: 31 x 12.5 x 32 inches;
  • Play diameter: 16 square feet
  • Number of panels: 16 panels

PetProgo Dog fence is the last among the best portable dog fence for rv. This portable dog fence is made of a rust-resistant metal that is powder coated and it is accompanied by stakes that you secure to the ground to make a stable frame. It also has 16 panels measuring 31″W x 32″H. This gives more than enough square feet for arranging them according to your wish and offers your puppies enough space to run and play around.

With this portable dog fence, it is possible to make a kennel or playpen depending on your needs at that time. It is durable however, when compared to other common dog fences it is a little bit heavier. It folds flat, hence convenient when it comes to storage or when fitting into the rear of your RV because it takes less space.

Because of its heavyweight, sometimes you might require somebody to help you set up this portable dog fence.


  • Most suitable when camping.
  • Very sturdy because of the heavy-duty metal used to construct it.
  • Sturdy and tall enough to protect your dog from jumping out.
  • It folds flat, hence storage is not a problem.


  • Sometimes the Latch loosens
  • Needs two people to set up.

How To Choose The Best Portable Dog Fence For RV-Buying Guide

No matter the kind of pup you have, just get the best model of dog fence for your pup. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to some features as discussed below for easier decision making.

You need enough materials and the best design for your pen. However, ensure it goes in line with the needs of your puppy. Although we focus on the nature of the pen, it is good to consider how old your dog could be and the type of breed it is. For instance, a German Shepherd puppy that is growing would not need a small enclosure.

As you work on specifications for the dog’s enclosure, ensure you narrow down on other requirements. At this point, you will need a buyer’s guide for a variety of portable fences there are while keen on the requirements of your dog.


There are different ways of looking at this aspect. First, you should get enough space to construct the fence. It should be firm, comfortable, and in which the puppy can move freely. Just to make the dog’s vacation as fantastic as yours, look for enough space in the yard. Consider the size of your dog as well. Size also key if you have more than one dog. Put up a fence that provides enough room for them to walk and play. Be sure not to make it so large that it becomes difficult for you to monitor them.


There are also several aspects of look at just like size. This is strictly pegged on the portability of the whole unit of the fence. Acquire one which is made of plastic or light metal and your setup will be complete. The weight of your dog matters here too. This therefore means that it should be able to beat the weight of the dog. This is because sometimes the dog will be jumping in excitement in the structure especially when it has seen you coming if you probably went hiking.


The height of your dog will determine the height of the dog pen you make. The height will make their stay in the pen comfortable and they will for sure be asking for the treats you always give them.

Keep the fence up high so that they may not imagine jumping or getting out of it. How old and what kind of breed your puppy is will determine the height of the pen because you want something that can last as long as possible.


A dog’s playpen should be that which can be carried around with a lot of ease. However, you want a playpen that can serve you longer especially if you plan to have a series of trips. This then means that you need to select the best model. The material used to make it should be light but at the same time able to withstand the test of time.

Withstanding harsh weather conditions, easy to be cleaned regularly, resisting corrosion are among the key features of an ideal pen. It will probably be placed outside and this requires that it is protected from harsh elements of weather to keep it staying longer.

Since dogs do several bites and scratches while in the pen, ensure that the material is resistant to these actions. The design majorly focuses on its color and opening. The two aspects are determined by where you want to place it. Sometimes, color may not be of major consideration but it is worth the choice.

Design also takes into account customizability. Some designs come along with panels that can be joined to give it different shapes and sizes according to how you want it. What is essential is that your puppy needs to grow with the pen. It is wise to select a pen design that meets this condition.


Versatility is another issue if you want to put it up either indoors or outdoors. Some pens have panels that can be undone or added to allow free movement and to increase the size of the structure respectively. This ensures that even if the area is not big, your dog can move in it without much struggle.

Considering material, you should also choose the best coating for your pen that can protect it from tear and wear because of the harsh weather conditions. If your pen is not having this, it is wise to keep it inside the building. Having read through this guide as you decide to buy a dog pen, then you are good to go.

Installing/Setting Up A Portable Dog Fence For RV

Setting up/installing a portable dog fence for RV is quite simple and no tools are required in most cases. You only need the manufacturer guidelines and you are set to go.

Set up in a level ground or area

The first thing to do is to identify the place to set up your dog fence. Look for level ground and make sure it is not too far from your RV vehicle because some fences are heavy and carrying them way far can be a problem. The reason behind choosing a level ground is because you don’t want to have gaps under your fence where your puppy may slip out. Also, an even ground may make your dog fence weak hence the risk of collapsing.

Unfold your dog fence

Once you have the ground set, now it is time to unwrap your portable dog fence. Most dog fences fold when storing and that is why you need to unfold.

Anchor the panels to the ground using stakes

Most dog fences come with loops and stakes that you will use to secure the panels to the ground. However, others don’t have, so check the manufacturer’s manual to establish whether they provide stakes.

The Benefits of RV Portable Dog Fences


It is so enjoyable to carry anything around with a lot of ease. This is a crucial feature in deciding which pen to select. Just set up a portable fence and it will act as a security perimeter. You will then have a smooth experience during your expeditions and picnics.


Nearly all portable dog fences are made in such a way that they can withstand extreme weather conditions. The rust-resistant coating prevents it from rusting. This is because most of them are placed outside. The sturdy material used to make it goes further in protecting it from extreme conditions.


All other considerations are just important but the cost of establishing a portable dog fence is quite crucial. Permanent dog fences are costly to put up compared to portable ones. However, both are available and do not cost much to establish. Assembling and installing them is easy while the maintenance cost is relatively low.


Their versatility in nature makes them to be folded into shapes, sizes, and designs that are compact. Another versatility nature is when they can be kept indoors or outdoors. In both cases, they can offer the safety needed by your pup.

What Type Of Dog Fencing Is Best For RV ? (Portable Vinyl Dog Fence Vs. Roll-Up Portable Dog Fence Vs Aluminum Portable Dog Fence).

Vinyl dog fence for RV is preferred because of its privacy and durability. When compared to other dog fences, vinyl dog fences limit distraction from outside and this will keep your canine stress-free and relaxed. With these fences, you don’t have to be stressed about kids feeding your puppy through the fence or disturbing it. Furthermore, when you have a vinyl dog fence you won’t be stressed about your dog licking the fence.

On the other hand, a roll-up portable dog fence for RV is recommended for calm and small dogs that don’t tend to dig or chew. For huge dogs that like digging and chewing consider a vinyl or aluminum dog fence.

Before you opt for either vinyl, aluminum, and roll-up portable dog fence for RV be sure you know your canine better. If you have a playful and troublesome puppy go for aluminum or vinyl and if your puppy is calm and doesn’t like chewing then roll up a portable dog fence for RV.

Taking Care Of A Portable Dog Fence After Use.

First, you need to know the type of material your portable dog fence is made from. Some may have a mixture of materials like metal, wood, and plastic.


If your portable dog fence is made of metal parts like stainless steel, use a soft cloth to wipe it immediately after use. Keep in mind that your dog fence has been outdoors, so it is most likely that it will get dirty and you have to clean even if it is made of stainless steel.

Wood and plastic

In case your portable dog fence has some wood or plastic parts, even the coated wood, it is still necessary to clean it. Clean by simply wiping off the visible dirt using a piece of dry cloth.

Keep the parts in good shape

Another way of taking care of your dog fence is by ensuring that its parts are kept in a good shape immediately after you dismantle it. Some of these parts that need to be kept in good shape include; hinges, panels, stakes, and doors. These parts tend to wear first than other parts of the fence.

Read More:


It may not be wise to keep your dog confined in a small fence. This will add more trouble. Therefore, keep your dog comfortable by installing a spacious dog fence. A sizable safety perimeter should be done around your dog but be sure to leave a space for it to play in.

By reading this article, you have come out with all the features needed to shop for an ideal fence and many alternatives to go for.

Yahee tech Portable Dog Fence comes as a solution for those who are at crossroads on which option to pick. It has 16 panels which allow you to design it the way you want depending on the size of your puppy. It also has an exit door which is essential in the prevention of your pet not to escape. All you need is happiness for your dog whenever you want to travel together. A dog fence is therefore a guarantee of safety for your dog. Some aspects like being foldable make it convenient for any road trip you want to embark on.

If you are looking for information regarding the best portable dog fence for RV or dog related products then you are in the right place. Our website will provide you with the information you want.


What Is The Cheapest Dog Fence For Rv?

The cheapest alternative to choose for dog fences is the PVC Deer Block Netting. This is undoubtedly the best option there is. You may want to make DIY dog fences. They are pocket friendly too.

How Tall Should My Fence Be For A Dog?

Look for a fence that goes up to six feet. A Labrador, Golden retriever which is husky may unlikely be deterred by a four-foot-high fence. 6 feet is just enough for most breeds. However, with time, you may consider adding fence extensions to make them high.

Does Electric Dog Fence Have To Make A Complete Loop?

It is not always the case to have the electric fence to make a complete loop for it to shock. In approximately a second or so, the charger of the electric fence relays current to the wire. This action is reversed back to the fence charger. The circuit is now complete and a shock is dealt on the dog which eventually learns to stay away.

How Do You Secure An RV Dog?

If you keep your dog in a towed camper, it is wrong. Always enjoy your ride together with the dog as you travel. Also, buckle up your dog in a seat belt which is crash tested. This will protect your dog from injuries in case of an accident.

Which Is Better? Wired Or Wireless Dog Fence?

Wireless fences are not reliable but can be easy to install. If you intend to contain almost ¾ acre of your plot, a wired system is so ideal.

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