Best Rated 50 Amp RV Surge Protector Reviews And Buying Guide-2022

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Whether or not you have many heavy electronics installed in your RV, you must have the best rated 50Amp RV surge protector. It works by protecting your appliances against any problems caused by fluctuations in power. Also, when you overload your electric system, a surge protector will detect this.

The Camco 50 Amp RV Power Defender Voltage Protector plays the main role of protecting all your electronic appliances against any damages resulting from poor wiring. Also, diagnostic LEDs help to indicate and caution you if any impending dangers in your electric system setup beforehand.

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How To Choose The Best Rated 50 Amp RV Surge Protector?

Deciding on buying the best rated 50 Amp RV surge protector may not be an easy task, more so if you are a beginner. You may not know what to consider about buying the best and that which will not disappoint. Below are some points to note.

  • LED Display

Nowadays, most manufacturers ensure to include a LED display in their surge protectors to help with monitoring. They do this by cautioning and indicating to you if there are any dangers with your power system. They indicate all the issues that occur due to wiring faults beforehand.

Hence, your surge protector needs to have an easy to read, bright LED display for easy operation and monitoring. This will help you avoid any catastrophes. All the lights on the display have different meanings, so be sure to familiarize yourself with all that information.

  • Rating of Joules

Generally, joules determine how much surge suppression a surge protector can handle or how much it can protect your RV from electronic damages. If your surge protector has a high joules rating, then this means it will protect your RV together with its components more.

Moreover, in case overheating occurs, a higher joules rating will perform at maximum compared to that with a lower joules rating. Besides, if you always experience frequent power surges in your RV, then it goes without saying that you will need a surge protector that has a higher joule rating.

  • Ease of Installation

You should get a surge protector that does not undergo complicated steps and procedures for installation. If you are a DIY lover, you would want to settle for an easy tool to set up without needing help from a third party. For example, the plug n play design is the easiest to install.

Because you are dealing with electricity, you would not want to make any mistakes because it would lead to unwanted damages. To avoid these, buy a surge protector that is simple to install and that which comes with an exact manual outlining carefully all the steps you need to follow.

  • Budget

How much are you willing to spend on a surge protector for your RV? As much as this is a matter of personal choice, you need to be cautious about it. Getting a cheap surge protector will cost you a lot in repairing the damages caused by it.

To be safe, buy a good quality surge protector for your RV that will offer you maximum protection and still serve you for a long time. Good quality RVs are somewhere between $100 and $300. Anything below this price tag is a cheap option, and we would therefore not recommend it.

  • Type of Appliances in your RV

Before purchasing a surge protector, it is essential to identify the electric appliances in your RV and the power consumption for each of them. This helps you know the kind of surge protector to buy for your RV. First of all, you must purchase a 50Amp protector for a 50Amp RV.

After identifying the power consumption needs of your appliances, you can comfortably make a sound decision. If you have an A/C, refrigerator, heater, and television, you will need a power surge protector for optimum protection in case of high or low voltage conditions.

What Are The Best Rated 50 Amp RV Surge Protector?

01. Camco 50 Amp RV Power Defender Voltage Protector/ Monitor With Integrated Surge Protection (55306)

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Size: 50 Amp
  • Model: 55306
  • Brand: Camco
  • Manufacturerpart number: 55306
  • Dimensions: 27.5’x5.4’x X5.9’ inches
  • Electric Protection

It diligently protects against electric faults caused by reverse polarity, wiring issues, and open neutral. If any of these conditions are present during your RV appliances’ initial setup, the voltage protector will not allow power through. Moreover, it makes sure there are no power surges.

  • Weather-resistant

When put in an upright position, this Camco 50 amp surge protector can put up with any harsh weather conditions, be it rainfall, snow, harmful UV rays, or strong winds. This enhances its reliability.

  • Auto Connect/ Disconnect feature

In case of any dangerous conditions, for example, power surges, this voltage protector will disconnect on its own to avoid any damages. And once things get back to normal, it will reconnect automatically.

  • Diagnostic LEDs

The diagnostic LED lights have the main purpose of indicating any faults caused by wiring whenever you connect your power cord to the power pedestal.

  • Durable Handles

You can easily plug and unplug this voltage protector due to the durable power grip handles that give you a perfect and secure grip.

  • High and Low voltage protection

It protects your RV together with its appliances against both high and low voltage power surges. Dangerously high voltages of (>132 VAC) and low voltages of (<102 VAC) are kept in check.


  • connects and disconnects automatically
  • sturdy design
  • diagnostic LEDs for fault indication
  • surge protection of up to 4,200 joules
  • protects against both high and low voltages
  • weatherproof
  • durable power grip handles


  • noisier

02. Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Surge Protector With Cover-50 Amp

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 2.99 pounds
  • Size: 50 Amp
  • Model: SSP-50XL
  • Manufacturerpart number: SSP-50XL
  • Dimensions: 14’x5’x3.5’inches
  • Detection

It quickly detects open neutral, open ground and reverses polarity as soon as you plug it in. This makes sure that your appliances stay protected.

  • Pull handle

With a very strong and ergonomic pull handle, you do not face any complications in plugging it into your power source as it is convenient. You can pull it to any height that suits you for easy maneuvering.

  • Weather Resistant

Tough weather conditions like high humidity, rainfall, high temperatures, or snow will not tamper with this RV hardwired surge protector’s performance as it is weather resistant.

  • 3 LED Indicators

The LED indicators help to notify you in case of any faults in wiring or connections from a source of power in the RV. This early detection ensures that you protect your RV from dangerous hazards, including power surges. A surge failure indicator is also present.

  • Safety

Additionally, it boasts of thermal protection that further ensures your electronic appliances’ safety and your RV altogether. Further, it has a locket bracket that locks it in to protect it from thieves. There is also a case for covering it.


  • 3 LED indicators
  • thermal protection for additional safety
  • locket bracket
  • ergonomic pull handle
  • weather resistant
  • easy to install
  • comes with a chance for keeping it safe


  • produces some annoying noise

03. Hughes Auto Formers PWD50- EPO-H Power Watchdog Smart Bluetooth Surge Protector- 50 Amp Version

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Size: 50 Amp
  • Model: PWD50-EPO
  • Brand: Hughes Autoformers
  • Manufacturerpart number: PWD50-EPO
  • Dimensions: 12’x8’x5’ inches
  • Plug and Play

It is simple to operate by just plugging it in, and it will start doing its magic. Unlike other surge protectors that pose a 2-minute delay after plugging, this best RV surge protector only delays two seconds, thus saving time.

  • Advanced Surge Protection

For maximum protection of your RV, it efficiently offers 4,800 joules of advanced surge protection. This is relatively high in comparison to other brands that have a lower rating.

  • Built-in Bluetooth technology

You can easily monitor your RV’s power conditions through your smartphone because of the built-in Bluetooth technology. In case of any dangers, your phone will receive text alerts so that you can act before any bad thing happens.

  • Automatic shut down feature

If the voltage is too high9over 132V) or too low (below 104V), open ground, or open neutral, all the power units will shut down. If everything goes back to normal within the first 90 seconds, units will power back automatically due to the built-in 90-second power-on delay.

  • LED Diagnostics

The LED light indicators on this surge protector indicate any wireless fault alerts, including open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, open circuit, and miss wired.


  • 4,800 joules advanced surge protection
  • plug and play for easy connection
  • built-in Bluetooth command
  • 90-second power-on delay
  • LED diagnostics with wireless fault alerts
  • automatically disconnects and reconnects
  • durable construction


  • short Bluetooth range

04. Surge Guard 35550 Hardwire Model- 50 Amp

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Size: 50 Amp
  • Model: 0313.1104
  • Brand: Surge Guard
  • Manufacturer part number: 35550
  • Dimensions: 12’x6’x4’inches
  • Permanent Installation

The Surge Guard 50 amp requires permanent installation. Therefore the unit will be stuck within your RV and can neither be stolen nor destroyed by harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, heat, or rainwater.

  • Protection

It helps to protect your appliances and RV against any power surges (3850 joules), open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, low voltage below 102V, and high voltage above 132V, mis-wired pedestal, and high neutral current. These would otherwise lead to a lot of damages.

  • Automatic reset on power restoration

Whenever this surge senses danger within the power connection in your RV, it will switch off automatically. After normal power resumption, it will reconnect on its own within a 128-second delay. The delay helps to protect the compressor of your A/C.

  • Caution indicator lights

There are caution indicator lights that help to continuously monitor elevated ground voltage and surge failure, in case of any. This enables you to know if there will be any hazards brought about by the two.

  • Multi-mode Surge suppression

It has three modes of suppressing power surges. Your appliances will always remain safe and protected in case of any surges in power. This highly improves its performance.


  • easy to install
  • can neither be stolen nor exposed to harsh conditions
  • automatic reset upon power restoration
  • 3850 joules of surge protection
  • protects A/C compressor
  • built-in intelligence
  • easy to understand LCD display


  • the remote LCD display comes separately

05. Southwire Surge Guard Portable 50-Amp 120/ 240-Volt Wireless Communication- Capable Surge Protector

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 5.62 pounds
  • Size: 50 Amp
  • Model: 34951
  • Brand: Surge Guard
  • Manufacturer part number: 34951
  • Dimensions: 24.06’x5.87’x5.75’inches
  • Patent-pending load side open neutral protection

This is the only surge protector that has this special feature. Its main purpose is to detect and protect your TV from any dangerous hazards from an open neutral in a 50-amp RV electrical system.

  • Fault delay sequence

It experiences a 10 seconds delay sequence before starting up together with a 128-second fault delay sequence to ensure your A/C’s compressor is protected against any damages.

  • Pull Handle

Plugging in this surge protector is very easy because of the ergonomic pull handle. It allows you to pull it up to whatever length you find comfortable for use.

  • Protection

This south wire surge guard 50 amp’s main purpose is to protect your RV against any wiring issues. There may be issues such as; reverse polarity, open neutral, and open ground. Any problems to do with low and high voltage or low and high frequencies are taken care of.

  • Safety

You should not be worried about your surge protector can disappear. Its cord has a security ring that allows you to lock it safely to prevent any chances of theft.

  • Lifetime warranty

Its manufacturer not only offers you a lifetime warranty on the surge protector but also connected equipment coverage.


  • lifetime warranty and equipment coverage
  • load side protection against elevated ground line current
  • protection against various wiring issues
  • security ring to prevent against theft
  • 10-second start-up sequence
  • easy to install
  • ergonomic pull handle


  • quite pricey

Related Post:

What Is A Surge Protector?

A surge protector is a device that works by protecting or shielding your electronic appliances against any power surges or voltage spikes arising from transmission through your RV’s power pedestal. In case the power pedestal stops working, or there is a fault in the electric lines transmitting power, it may cause a surge in power.

This is where our device comes in. It blocks out any overheating that may occur due to the problems above, thereby protecting your appliances. Furthermore, in too low or too high voltage, the surge protector also protects against damages.

If you run your electronic devices on a voltage lower than 100V, the protector will switch off the power to avoid damages to your device. The same applies to if you use a higher voltage than normal for running your devices. They will all be save by the best surge protector.

Also, some problems may occur due to faults in your wiring system. They include; open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, open circuit, and miss wired. A powerful surge protector sorts out all these issues. Do you now get why this device is a worthy investment?

Why Do I Need An RV Surge Protector?

A surge protector is an essential device for you as an RV owner. Just as its name goes, it serves as a protector for your RV and all its electronic appliances. Failing to invest in this will cost you a lot of repairs from the damages brought about by electric damages.

  • Protects against any poor wiring

Wiring problems in your RV will lead to trouble with your electric system, which causes a lot of damage to your electric appliances. If you are not sure about your RV’s wiring authenticity and cannot fix it, it is essential to invest in a surge protector ASAP.

  • Protection against low or high voltage

Connecting your RV’s power source to a power source at an RV park may cause you to be a little bit skeptical. This is because power spikes and high and low voltage conditions are a common occurrence in this place.

The surge protector automatically cuts out the power in case of these situations and reconnects when everything returns to normalcy.

  • Automatically switches off in case of dangers

These surge protectors are in such a way that they can sense danger, including voltage spikes and power surges within your power system, and automatically switch off. By doing this, they are protecting your RV. Once everything resumes normal operations, they will reconnect on their own. This saves you a lot of damages.

  • They are weatherproof

Most RV surge protectors are weatherproof. This simply means that they are resistant to harsh weather conditions such as high humidity, rainwater, snow, heat, or even snow. Hence, you can place them outside, and they will not be affected by the changing weather conditions.

Portable Vs. Permanent Surge Protector?

There are two main types of surge protectors available in the market. You can either find a portable one or a permanent protector, depending on your needs.

The permanent surge features a permanent installation in your RV’s compartment, usually around the wheel area. This means you cannot move it around. The best thing about this type is that it is safe from all the harsh environmental conditions, including weather not stolen easily.

Also, this protector always connected to power for as long as your RV is in use. Therefore, there are minimal chances that you may forget to plug it in to keep your electronic appliances safe. However, they are not easy to install and need a pro for this.

On the other hand, portable surge protectors are very easy to install as most of them just need you to plug and play. This is why they are very popular among RV owners.

Because you have to connect them to your RV’s power pedestal on the outside, you need to get weather-resistant ones. Also, you need to invest in securing them safely to avoid any theft cases. They are cheap and very convenient. We would highly recommend them.

How To Install 50amp RV Surge Protector

  • Step 1: Unplug RV from the power source

The very first thing to do before anything else is to unplug your RV from any power source. And if you are using a generator, switch it off as well as a precaution measure. After that, find a suitable location within your RV to place your surge protectors control box.

You should have a good view of the LCD display and consider the input and output sources.

  • Step 2: Cut power cord

After identifying a suitable location, get your RV’s power cord and cut it to about three and a quarter inches. Carefully remove it from the outer insulation of both the input and output cables. The next thing to do is stripping back each conductor 3/8 inches on both the input and output ends.

  • Step 3: Remove the cover from the control box

Get access to the control box of the surge protector by removing its cover. You will find six more screws inside it. Connect the ring terminals to the green input and output wires.

  • Step 4: Start the connections

Using the long cable that has plugs, slide in into the input side of the control box. Connect black to L1, white to L2, red to L3, and green to the ground screw. Reinforce the screws to ensure a secure connection.

For the short cable that comes from the junction box, you connect it to the T-2 output. The black wire connects with the sensor having a green tape while the red wire connects with the other remaining current sensor. The wire colors should match across the relay from each other.

  • Step 5: Double-check connections

At this point, you have to make sure that all the wire connections are correct and secure. But make sure not to overtighten the cables. You can then set the time delay jumper on the circuit board, depending on the manual instructions.

  • Step 6: Insert Display card

For display purposes, insert the display card and make sure that it faces you and should be in an upright position. Attach the control box with the six screws provided and then mount it to its position. The installation is now complete.

Safety Of 50amp RV Surge Protector

  • Before installing a 50 amp surge protector, whether hard-wired or portable, ensure careful reading of all the manual instructions. If you still do not understand, get a pro to carry out the installation for you to be safe. Use only the connections outlined.
  • Even though most surge protectors are weather-resistant, it is good to keep them away from harsh weather conditions. You can cover them up carefully for enhanced protection.
  • To keep your surge protector safe from theft, lock it on your power pedestal.
  • Do not use an RV surge protector together with your generator. This is because it will block power from getting to your RV because of the open ground indicator.
  • Conclusion

    Having gone through this article, you realize that the best rated amp RV surge protector must have a device for you as an RV owner. You will not have to incur any excessive damage costs because of low wiring and power surges by choosing among the 5 in our list above.

    We hope this article provides you with all the insight you need to purchase a power surge protector for your RV. However, if you have any questions on the best rated 50 Amp RV surge protector, feel free to visit our website. Our website features all the necessary information that will enable you to make the right decision when selecting your best product.

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    • What Is The Best 50 Amp RV Surge Protector?

    The best 50 Amp RV surge protector can highly and efficiently protect all your electronic appliances from any damages arising from surges in power and voltage spikes. Some of the best brands include Hughes, Progressive Industries, and Camco.

    • Can I Run My 50 Amp Rv On 30 Amps?

    Yes, you can plug your 50Amp RV into a 30 amp electrical system. You will need a dog bones adapter that plugs directly into 30 amp shore power at an RV park. Do not worry about the 30 amps causing damage to your RV.

    • How Many Volts Are 50 Amps?

    To find total voltage, you multiply amps by volts. Therefore, a 50 amp has two 120V hot wires. This means 50amps multiplied by two 120V(240V) gives us 12,000 watts. So to get the volts, you divide 12,000 watts by 50 to get 240V.

    • Can I Plug My 50 Amp Rv Into My Dryer Outlet?

    This may not be a good idea. The plugs of your RV and your dryer outlet may be the same, but they handle different voltage levels. Plugging the RV into your dryer’s outlet may cause damage to your home’s electrical system, burn up your batteries, or, even worse, cause a fire.

    • Can I Plug My 50 Amp Rv Into My House?

    Usually, experts do not recommend plugging your RV into your house if you are going for longer trips. Nonetheless, this is possible if you plug it in for a short period only. For this to happen, your RV will need a 30/50 amp and a 15/20 amp electrical outlet.

    • What Is Size Wire Good For 50 Amps?

    For a 50 amp surge protector, you will need a wire gauge measuring between 6 and 8. This is because it is useful to protect many appliances and requires a thicker gauge for maximum performance.

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