Best RV Awning Sunshade Reviews And Buying Guide – 2022

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It is highly essential to protect yourself from the UV rays. They can damage your skin, eyes, and increase the temperature of your RV. Having an awning is a blessing for your RV as it saves the RV interior too. Best RV awning sunshade is the beautiful and comfortable barrier between you and UVA and UVB rays. Well, vehicle awning is quite popular among travelers and event organizers. You can use awnings at the beach, motorsports events, on road trips, and on camping too. You can use awning sunshade with almost every vehicle to create extra space outside your vehicle.

We have shared few RV awning sunshades to assist you in choosing the best sunshade. After analyzing several RV awning sun shades on various parameters, we found that Tentproinc RV awning UV Blocker is the perfect sunshade for your RV awning. It possesses all the features which are required for RV awning sunshade. It provides you with 86% of UV protection and keeps your eyes and skin safe from harmful rays. Besides this, it is lightweight and provides a cozy shade for you. It prevents you from sun rays, windstorms, and rain.

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Top 06 Best RV awning sunshade Reviews

01. Tentproinc RV Awning Sun Shade 8’X15’3” Black Mesh Screen Sunshade UV Blocker Complete Kits – 3 Years Limited Warranty

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 8’X15’3 inches
  • Weight: 6.84 Pounds
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Colour Availability: Multi
  • UV Protection: 86%

The first product on the list is Tentproinc Awning for RV. It is the first choice of people and experts for awning sunshade.

It can be used as a front awning. It provides you with 86% UV protection from sun rays. It keeps the temperature low of your RV. Also, it provides a dark and cozy room. It makes RV more comfortable, prevents insects from getting inside the RV, and prevents RV interior and furniture from direct sun rays.

Also, you can make extra room outside your RV. Moreover, it breaks the wind’s force and reduces wind efficiency to prevent your RV from the harmful effects of high-speed wind and make your camping experience a wonderful and exciting one.

Due to lightweight, it’s easy to install. Moreover, it has four sets of plastic stakes and bungee balls with bungee bags. However, it’s suitable for 16ft RV awning as its 8FT drop by 15FT 3INCH length. Also, it is available in different colors, and it comes with three years of warranty. It is one of the awning sunshades to make your RV cool and make you enjoy your time on extremely hot days.


  • It gives 86% UV protection
  • It is made up of heavy-duty material and is lightweight
  • Comfortable and protect from UV rays and windstorms.
  • It is easily portable and easy to carry
  • It is easy to install and dismount


  • Its stakes are not that good.
  • It doesn’t get the fold.

02. Carefree 701508 Black 15′ x 8′ Drop RV Awning EZ ZipBlocker

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 2X20X7 inches
  • Weight: 7.68 Pounds
  • Warranty: 5Years
  • Colour Availability: Single
  • UV Protection: 85%

This product is the second most advisable product on our list. This awning can quickly get fit with different brand awnings. It just gets slid into the space of your awning. It is highly flexible and can meet the requirements of all types of RV awnings. It’s easy to install as its top portion always stays in the awning, and you only need to unzip the lower portion to make it much easier to install.

The material of this RV awning is vinyl coated polyester fabric. It gives you 85% UV protection and keeps you cool and comfortable. It is a long-lasting sunshade and is made of robust material. It comes of several lengths ranging from 10 to 19inches. It can easily be installed in both manual and powered RV awnings. It offers you another room in the outdoor area, just offering you protection from sun rays and offers little privacy too.

However, it comes with two pieces a 6″ lower panel and a zippered insert panel. You can easily reach up to the zipper using a ladder, and it comes with five years of warranty. Also, it doesn’t have a storage bag, rope, and stakes, which makes it hard to use with box shaped awnings. It can be used with several types of awnings, thus making it a versatile product.


  • Heavy-duty and high quality
  • It can get fold easily
  • Provides you maximum comfort
  • It is made up of robust material


  • Storage bags and ropes are not included.
  • Not good for box style awnings

03. Tentproinc RV Awning Sun Shade 6′ X 10′ 3” Black Mesh Screen Sunshade Complete Kits Motorhome Camping Trailer UV SunBlocker – 3 Years Limited Warranty

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 18.9 x 16.14 x 1.57 inches
  • Weight: 6.09 Pounds
  • Warranty: 3Years
  • Colour Availability: Multi
  • UV Protection: 86%

This RV awning can be used as a front shade, and it blocks the sun rays from the RV patio. Also, cut the UV rays’ reach by almost 85%, thus protecting your eyes and skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Also, the mesh fabric provides an excellent view with maximum comfort and ease of camping.

However, it provides you cozy space. Besides this, it lowers down the temperature almost 15 to 25 F degrees immediately.Moreover, it breaks the crosswind and protects from rain efficiently. It’s made with Vinyl Coated Polyester mesh fabric. It also has black eyelets and high extension bungees.

It has three years of warranty for covering fabric; bungees for defects occurred in manufacturing, grommets, RV awning shade and damaged caused by strong wind and rain is not covered. It offers high offers high quality, which makes it easy for users.

It’s easy to install this RV awning due to its lightweight. Also, it can get fit with almost all brands like Domestic (A&E), Carefree, Lippert, Solera, etc. Besides this, it comes under different color shades like – Blue, Brown, etc. It is of lightweight and made up of heavy-duty material, which makes it easily portable. It is available in customizable sizes and can fit awnings of all shapes and sizes.


  • Lowers the temperature up to 15-25 Degree
  • Keep your patio area protected
  • It is easy to install in an RV
  • It reduces the efficiency of the wind


  • Need to contact the brand for parts and extra material
  • Its warranty does not cover damage caused by strong wind

04. Carefree 291800 Vacation’r Screen Room for 18′ to 19′ Awning

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 30X39X12 inches
  • Weight: 24
  • Warranty: 1Year
  • Colour Availability: Single
  • UV Protection: Maximum

It is the fourth product on our list. It is a highly recommended RV awning sunshade to offer you a better and comfortable camping experience. It protects the sun’s harmful UV rays to a great extent and saves your skin and eyes. It expands your RV living space and offers to complete privacy.

This RV awning has high quality and specially designed to fit nearly all 12-volt patio awning with 8 feet extension. It is light weighted and made of rigid material. Also, it’s easy to carry these RV awnings. Besides this, it comes with a storage bag.

It can get fits under 18 feet to 19 feet awnings. The tight seal stops the bugs and water. It is easy to clean; only you need to follow appropriate procedures to get the RV awning clean easily. It comes with side panels to give complete protection from sunlight and keep the temperature inside the RV cooler.

It can get attached directly to the awning and does not require any drilling to fix and install it. You also do not need any holes, no fasteners and no rafters to set up the sunshade. It comes with an innovative design and features exterior multi privacy panels always to keep the rain away from your RV and offer you complete privacy.


  • Can be used as an extra room
  • Easy to carry comes with a carry bag
  • It does not require any drilling
  • It is easy to install and setup
  • It has an innovative and useful design.


  • Quality is not that good for box styled awnings
  • It provides only one year of warranty.

05. Shadeidea RV Sun Shade Screen for Awning – 9′ X 15′ 5” Black Mesh Sunshade Motorhome Camping Trailer UV Sunblocker Canopy Sunscreen Offer 3 Years Warranty

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 21X16X3 inches
  • Weight: 7.98
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Colour Availability: Single
  • UV Protection: 86%

The fifth product on our list is Shade Idea RV Sunshade screen awning. It is best for blocking sunlight and protecting privacy. It offers a comfortable and luxurious experience to RVers.

This RV awning sunshade blocks down the 86% UV rays and lowers temperature immediately. You can even enjoy the hot days under this sunshade comfortably. It can be easily installed only within 5 minutes. It prevents you from zipping two times, thus reducing your installation time.

You can see out through this, but from outside, people can’t see through it. It is made from premium durable material that is Polyester Mesh fabric. It is crack-free and offers no rust feature, thus makes it capable of being used lifetime. Also, it provides a three-year warranty.

It is effortless to install this RV awning. The actual size of this is 9FT drop 15FT 5-inch fits for 16ft awning. It is fitted for almost all brands. It can easily lower the temperature inside the awnings by a minimum of 40 degrees. You can easily leave it by rolling it up the awning. It keeps the RV temperature inside and makes RV free from all bugs and insects, thus enabling you to enjoy a wonderful camping experience.


  • It provides maximum protection
  • It offers very high privacy
  • It can be easily installed
  • It provides a high quantity of sunlight blockage
  • It comes in several sizes


  • It is not that helpful for preventing bugs

06. RV Awning Shade Motorhome Patio Sun Screen Complete Deluxe Kit (Black) (8’x16′)

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 8X16
  • Weight: Light weight
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Colour Availability: Black
  • UV Protection: Maximum

This product is cost-friendly and gives you the best experience. It adds privacy and comfort instantly. It has 8flat stakes with oversized washers and a rubber mallet.It has bungee balls and 14 packs of universal awning hooks. It blocks almost 80% of the sunrays and comprises100% Woven Polyester with a durable vinyl coating.

It is capable of blocking the sun and reduce UV radiation by up to 86%. It also keeps the temperature inside the awning low and enhances the thrill of camping. It prevents insects from coming inside the RV and is easily portable.

It offers an opportunity to shade a huge amount of area, thus offering you protection from sunlight. It offers a simple and best way to expand and enjoy your patio area of RV. It can provide you a whole room area outside the RV and enhance your privacy. It’s Sade can slip easily into the awning’s utility area with awning light hangers. It is one of the easiest and cost-effective methods to offer privacy and shade to your patio.

It blocks 80% of harmful radiations from the sun, thus protecting your skin and eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays. It includes storage bag, which offers you the convenience to store the RV awning sunshade easily.


  • Easy to carry as it comes with a storage bag
  • It is made up of high-quality material
  • Provides you extra space outside your RV.
  • It is made up of rubber mallet to offer rigid ground stacks.


  • It can’t get folded easily
  • It is not easily portable.

How To Choose The Best RV Awning Sunshade?

While buying vehicles, it’s advisable to carefully measure your RV’s length, height, and width. You can also make a rough diagram of the products you want to buy for your RV. Also, the diagram will help you to get a perfect product for your RV.

Sometimes the awning can be bigger or smaller according to your RV size, leading to a great disappointment.

Check out the essential factors you should keep in mind before buying an RV awning.


Before buying an RV awning, sunshine always looks out for the different qualities. You should always choose a product with high-quality e and design. Also, the product should prevent your RV from heat and water-resistant.

For example, you can buy woven polyester mash or Oxford fabric, which can be used for years.

Color, Size, and Shape

RV awning Sanchez comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors of different sizes. You can find shades of size smaller six into 8 feet and 21 into 20 feet for the larger size.

Also, check the size of the owning, which is suitable for your RV. Besides considering size, you should also buy an RV sunshade of a more going color with the interior of your RV.


Before buying any RV awning shade for your RV, always check the details product description carefully e of the sunshade. Also, always go through the seller’s images carefully, and you can also check the reviews and feedback from the buyers on Amazon.

Just give one thing in mind that most awnings have mounting hardware that can require additional components to fit it. Also, some of the suppliers provide a specialized mounting accessory for your awning Sunshade.

UV protection

While buying RV awning function, always look for the product to prevent you and RV from maximum UV rays. UV rays are harmful, and they can damage your skin. Before buying a product, always check if it’s meeting up with your requirements or not. Some of the RV awnings can give you 97% protection from UV rays, and some can provide 86% UV protection only.

Besides this, awnings are also used to cool down or lower the temperature of the RV. It also saves your interior from getting faded.

Protection from foreign elements

Get maximum protection from the foreign elements to ensure that your product has stakes,tie-downs, or bungee quotes that will secure each part of your RV.

More products with a slanted or dome-shaped roof can allow water and snow to fall off without accumulation. It can cause leaks and tear off the material of RV awning.

Do you need extra protection from the sun, wind, and rain? Avoid the storage of your awning when it’s damp and adjust all hardware regularly.

What Is An RV Awning?

RV awning can be used for different purposes in your RV. RV awnings provide shade and prevent your windows and doors from extra heat rain. It also protects your roof from the debris.

Also, if you use RV awnings, you can use the extra area outside your RV. Moreover, awnings provide you trouble-free travel for long years with a bit of maintenance.

Why Do You Need An RV Awning Sun Shade?

RV awning sunshade keeps the temperature low and protects the RV from sunlight and foreign elements. RV awnings prevent your RV from harsh climatic conditions like a rainstorm, UV rays, and wind. You can use the RV awning sunshade to cover your windows, doors, and slide topper.

Moreover, RV awnings can save your money by preventing the interior and exterior of RV from lousy weather.

There are a plethora of benefits of RV awning sun shades, which make it the most essential part of the RV. Check out a few of the most important benefits of using RV awning sunshade:

  • RV awnings prevent your RV from harmful UV rays.
  • You can keep that heat far away from the RV by using RV awning.
  • It prevents the RV from harsh weather conditions.
  • Also, it is easy to set up the RV awning and can be used easily.
  • Indeed, it keeps your floor, interior, and drapes from fading.
  • You can even enjoy the rain without getting drenched.
  • However, it blocks the sun’s heat and harmful rays but not the site view.
  • Besides this, it gives an aesthetic look to your interior and outdoors to your RV.
  • RV awnings can be controlled manually as well as from remote.

The Material Of Which RV Awnings Are Made

RV awnings are made up of different materials. The Material of RV depends on its usage. However, a different type of RV awning material is aluminum, alloy, steel, polished Canvas, acrylic, etc. These materials play a significant role in RV awning, whether it’s used as accessories or shade.

List of the materials are:


Aluminum with steel is considered as the best material for permanent awnings. Aluminum Awnings are durable and don’t require more maintenance. However, you can fix aluminum awning on windows and doors or as a patio cover with external support. And you can easily find aluminum awnings in a residential area.

Polyester Awning

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is flexible and rolls easily. Also, it’s easy to wash the polyester. The polyester awning is the perfect solution for shade as you can attach them to the door or hang it on the tree.

Acrylic Material

However, the acrylic fabric is the best for locations that are full of rain moisture. Also, the acrylic material is water repellent and doesn’t fade quickly.


Vinyl is fabric coated in vinyl and has a mildew-resistant nature. They look great with led lights because of the coating and translucency.


Canvas awnings are not used more often for RVs nowadays. They are not durable and can get ripped under harsh climatic conditions.

Types Of RV Awning Sun Shades

You can find RV awning in a wide variety. They are made of different materials and have other functionalities. Before buying an RV awning, always check out the different options.

You should spend your money on valuable things. Check the list of different types of RV awning shades below.

Fixed RV awnings

These types of RV awnings are installed permanently on doors and windows of your RV. Fixed awnings protect from sun rays and rain continuously.

However, they have a few disadvantages.

  • They can quickly fall while driving.
  • Less flexible as it’s challenging to change the awning position of Fixed RV awning.

Vinyl Awnings

Vinyl Awnings are the second-best choice for RV awnings. Vinyl awnings are faded and scratch-resistant.

Also, UV rays and pollution can’t penetrate the material quickly. These awnings are waterproof.

Disadvantages of Vinyl RVawnings are

  • RV awnings attract dirt and dust.
  • They are prone to mildew and mold.

Acrylic Awnings

Acrylic material is the first choice for making awnings. There is full air circulation from the acrylic awning. Besides this, they handle sun, rain, snow, wind, and dust properly. Also, after a watch, it gets dry quickly.


  • The acrylic awning is not waterproof
  • It can quickly get overstretched, which can cause weeping in the wind

Patio Awnings

There are also called shelter mornings. However, they are made of extra fabric material, giving you the freedom to create an extra room outside your RV. That means a roof, walls, and a door for exit and entering.

You can also use this extra room as storage when you park your RV under a tree or shade. Besides this, additional walls protect against water splashes during rain.


  • There is poor ventilation if there are no windows in patio Awnings.
  • It isn’t very easy to install the patio awnings.

Automatic Awnings

Automatic awnings work on a single button. Is there automatic they are the most convenient awnings

Drawbacks of automatic RV awnings are

  • They’re quite expensive they are quite expensive
  • However, due to the complicated installation, you need an expert for it
  • Its maintenance is a bit expensive

Slide-out awnings

Slide-out awnings are both automatic and manual. They can easily roll out when you want to sit in some shade. Besides this, they are budget-friendly and made of canvas.


They are not water-repellent, so that they can create a pool on the roof slide-out awning.

How To Easily Install RV Awning Sunshade

Are you looking forward to buying an awning for your RV? Do you want to know how to install the awning yourself? Well, RV installation is not like inventing the law of physics. Moreover, you need to follow specific procedures and physics to install the awning.

Before going for the installation process, ensure that you have the right size of awning according to your RV.

Check out the following procedure; it will help you install the RV awning sunshade in your RV.

Step 1 Purchase of an RV Awning

Firstly, you should have an appropriate size of awning for your RV. Bigger or smaller size can create problems in your RV storage compartment and windows. Therefore, it’s advisable to measure before buying an RV awning.

Follow the steps below to take appropriate measurements for RV awning:

  • The railing track is connected to the top railing shell frame of the RV. These spot marks should be at the top of your measurement.
  • To measure height, measure from the ground to the top of the railing.
  • The total side to side measurement is your width. Choose the point beyond the edge of the door where there is no storage or window, as it can block your awning.
  • While measuring width, always look at the floor line of the RV as there will be the bottom brackets attached.
  • Also, buy vinyl or canvas awnings, as it’s easy to repair the wear-tear in it.

Step 2 Install Supporting Hardware

So, now you have your new awnings for your RV. Let’s fix your new awnings.

  • Attaching the awning railing to the top of the RV is the essential step of the awning installation. However, place the awning at the right position according to your previous measurement. Now, place the screws and tighten them with a power drill.
  • Once the railing gets tightly screwed, unroll your awning by dragging the awning tube downwards and towards you until the awning gets unrolled completely.
  • Now, glide the upper arms of the awning in place and hold the awning taut with one hand and adjust the tension arm using knobs on each side. After adjusting the tension of both arms, you are ready for the next step.
  • As the awning is fully extended, unfold the supporting legs. Now, place the support legs against the floor line of the RV.

Awnings come with bottom brackets; you can use them. Well, many people stake their legs directly on the ground. Well, it’s advisable to use bottom brackets as they provide excellent support. However, you can attach them to the floor line at the marked place in your RV.

Place each leg in the bottom bracket.

Step 3. Prevention from elements

You can do a few things to increase the lifespan of your RV. To increase its life, you should save the awning from getting screwed because of wind and other elements. Check out the steps below to save your RV from getting wear-tear.

  • Purchase awning deflapper to avoid flapping. Install it half-way along with RV awning. However, flapping can lead to severe damages.
  • Secure your RV awning by firing tie-downs and stakes correctly.

Step4. Care

  • However, if you want your awning to last for a long time, protect all the essential components.
  • You can use silicone spray as a lubricant to adjust knobs and tension arms.
  • Always keep the one arm higher than the other; it helps the rainwater fall from the top.
  • Clean your RV awning more often. Also, use a vinyl cleaning solution to deal with mildew and mold.
  • Don’t forget to clean the bottom.
  • Moreover, always apply the appropriate sealant to the brackets and rail screws. It will prevent water leakage into your RV.

How An RV Awning Works?

RV awnings are made from different materials and come in different sizes and shapes. You need to grab some extra parts, and you will get extra storage for the RV sidewall.

However, the awning rail is connected to the top edge of the rafter. As rafters are adjustable, they can extend the awning up and down. The support arms carry the whole weight of the unit.

Moreover, the roller tube has rolled up fabric that keeps the awning in place while traveling down the road.

Overall, retractable awnings are the first choice of RV users. Because they are flexible, sturdy, more comfortable to use, and can’t get damaged easily. Also, they don’t have any support poles, which can be the reason for trip hazards.

Besides this, the retractable awnings work on the remote.

How To Repair An RV Awning Fabric?

If your repairs are more than real or small, never remove the spring load and caps yourself as it can lead to serious injury to you. Before going for the maintenance and repair of the awning, check out the guidelines thoroughly.

How To Repair Tears Or Holes In RV Awning

You will mostly discover the small wear-tear or holes after putting the awning. However, usually, people ignore to check the damage of awnings because of a hurry. However, it’s better to learn about the damages that can occur after reaching the campsite. If you have a tent repair kit, no worries, you can quickly repair the damage.

Things to remember while going on a trip

  • Repair tape is the essential component of a repair kit. However, if your kid doesn’t have repair tape, you can get it from the nearest RV dealer.
  • Moreover, you can contact your RV awning seller and ask how to purchase the extra material for awning, which is compatible with your RV awning. Also, keep water-resistant glue in your repair kit.
  • Besides this, always keep a non-abrasive, water-based fabric cleaning solution or detergent to remove mold, mildew, and dirt while repairing the awning.

Restore a Tear

You can quickly repair the tear by using repair tape if it’s under two to three feet. However, it’s advisable to do these kinds of repairs before heading to the camp. Also, if you forgot to check your awning, you can still recover the damage while camping as long as you have a repair kit.

  • If you use an oil-based cleaning solution, it won’t work. Always use water-based and non-abrasive cleaning solutions. It’s essential to remove all the dirt, mildew, and mold, but do it carefully.
  • After cleaning the area, dry it with an absorbent towel or washcloth cautiously. Never leave any moisture on the area; allow it to get dry under natural air.
  • Afterward, keep a clean board under the tear and cautiously apply the tear’s repair tape. Now, remove all bubbles under the tape smoothly.
  • Despite removing the tape applied at the wrong angle, apply the second piece of tape to cover the tear. Never remove the already applied tape.
  • After the one side gets taped, apply the tape on the other side of the wear by following the same procedure.

How To Repair A Big Hole Or Wear An Awning?

However, if the tear is more massive than 2-3 ft or it’s a hole, then you will require a matching material to restore the awning. Don’t worry; this patchwork will not look ugly as it is almost invisible.

  • Use the extra material, which matches your current awning pattern. Now, cut a square from the material of extra length and width compared to the ragged hole.
  • Moreover, use a sharp knife to cut all the loose and hanging material from the ragged hole’s edges. This step will give a clean and smooth edge to the awning material.
  • Now, apply the glue at the underside of your awning and on the edges of the hole. Place the new material at the bottom of the hole. It will land the edges firmly on the applied glue.

However, doing minor repairs to your RV awning is not a complicated task. You need a bit of knowledge and the repair kit with all the required material. If you can’t repair, you can hire an RV professional to do it for you.


Hence, it’s advisable to measure before buying an RV awning sunshade. We have listed the best RV awning sunshade in the post above. RV awning sunshade makes your camping comfortable and secure. It keeps the temperature inside your RV low and protects insects from entering the RV.

I hope this post will help you to buy and install the most compatible RV awning sunshade for your RV. I have shared explained all aspects of RV awning sunshade in detail to make your buy the RV awning sunshade for you.

Enjoy a vacation and Happy traveling.


Does a sunshade offer full privacy?

No, a sunshade doesn’t offer full privacy. Not even sunshade, which is not made up of see-through mesh, cannot provide full privacy. You can only get full privacy by buying a room that can be zip closed as a tent and provides a complete private fabric.

Are RV sun shades hard to clean?

Yes, RV sun shades are hard to clean because the fabric of sun shades can’t bear harsh chemicals or scrubbing, but it becomes easy to clean them if you follow the procedure correctly. To clean RV sun shades, you should remove them and bring to indoor.

What is the sunshade fabric?

Sunshade fabrics are created to protect RVers to protect from intense heat and UV radiation from the sun. You must consider your use while choosing a sunshade fabric to get the best output. You should measure the quality of sunshade based on UV blockage, shade factor, and openness factor.

Do they have side panels?

Yes, RV awnings have side panels to protect you from rain and sun rays. They have a panoramic window, and their extensions lie down to the ground and can easily be used at the right and left both of RV.

Do they lower the temperature?

Yes, RV awnings reduce the temperature to a high extend. They prevent the sun from shining through glasses and windows, thus keeping the RV cooler’s temperature and assisting furniture and carpets from fading. They also block UV rays to prevent you from its harmful effects.

Will the shade decrease insects?

RV sun shades help decrease insects to a higher extend but can’t prevent bugs from entering the RV completely. The Insects are smart enough to fly around the sunshade and enter RV from minute holes. But most of the Insects are not allowed to enter by RV sunshade.

Are shades allowed in campgrounds and state parks?

Yes, one camping unit without any additional tent for every campsite is allowed on the campgrounds and state parks as per the property manager’s permission only. If they allow you to take the shades, you can easily take them and enjoy camping.

Do they block the sun?

RV sun shades block the sun very well. They mostly block in a range of 80 to 86 percent of UV rays. But you can still view them and give you a feeling as you are viewing the world through sunglasses. They keep the temperature inside your RV cold.

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