Best RV Cover For Hail (Reviews and Buying Guide 2022)

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Do you own a trailer and looking for ways on how you can protect it from the harsh weather conditions so as to make it last long? You need to invest in the best RV cover for hail in the market. However, the process of getting a suitable RV cover has been made quite challenging due to the wide variety of RV covers currently available in the market. In this review guide, we will be looking at some of the best RV cover for hail together with important factors you need to consider when shopping for one.

After a series of research and analysis we did find the Leader Accessories Premium 300D RV Cover as the overall best rv cover. This RV cover is made using top quality and durable materials making it last for a pretty long period of time. It comprises of multiple panels and available in different colors.

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Top 06 Best RV Cover for Hail Reviews

01. Leader Accessories Premium 300D RV Cover

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 18 x 14 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Material Type: 300D Polyester
  • Straps Amount: 2 Pieces
  • Air Vents: 6 on both sides
  • Fits RV Range: 27′-30′
  • Warranty Period: 2 Years

Do you have a travel trailer measuring 14 feet or 16 feet long and in need of a budget friendly rv cover? Then you can always count on the Leader Accessories Premium 300D RV Cover.


Measuring 8.5 ft. in width and 8.6 ft. in height, this Leader Accessories Premium 300D RV Cover can fit tightly and without any issues helping prevent any unwanted rips.

This rv cover is made using triple-ply and thick material on its single ply and top panel sides to help in protecting your rig. It comes with an adjustable and elastic tension panels that comes with a reinforced corners ensuring a custom fit. It also comes with a two year warranty which signals the high quality materials used in making it.


You will never experience any problem when placing this cover over the RV. Its adjustable panel tensions ensures  process of installation is easy and fast while its elastic corners makes it possible for you to fit the cover with lots of ease.

Its buckles which are quick to release make the cover to fit tightly ensuring you are more protected especially during the hard and windy climates.


  • Comes with a two year warranty period
  • Comprises of multiple panels
  • It is available in a variety of colors
  • Made using high quality and durable materials


  • Its wheels have no protection
  • More reinforcements are required for the corners

02. KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4-Ply Travel Trailer Cover

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 240 x 105 x 108 inches
  • Weight: 19.8 Pounds
  • Material Type: 5 Layers Top & 3 Layers Side
  • Straps Amount: 2 Pieces
  • Air Vents: 6 on both sides
  • Fits RV Range: 18′- 20′
  • Warranty Period: 2 Years

Coming in at the second position in our list of best rv covers for hail is the KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4-Ply Travel Trailer Cover.  This cover is well known for its durable and affordability. It suits people who are on a limited budget.


It is a perfect rv cover for vehicles that measure between 20 to 22 inches. It comprises of two reinforced straps which help in holding it tight to protect it from being blown away by strong winds.

It is an extra thick cover that consists of up to six ventilation outlets working against dampness. It is made of doors that are roll able and zippered which helps in giving easy access inside the RV. It comes fitted with yellow panels that are reflective to ensure visibility during the night and to help in deterring any intruder from breaking in.


This best rv covers perform very well during the winter season as it is waterproof and comes with anti UV light elements which help in preventing it from the damaging EV light effects from the sun.

Its materials are breathable which allows for ample circulation of air to help in preventing mildew and molds from getting into the rv car.


  • The cover is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions
  • Fabric used is waterproof and breathable
  • Very easy to set up
  • Access the interior of RV is very easy


  • Quite heavy
  • It is very delicate

03. Classic 73163 PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 246 x 102 x 104 inches
  • Weight: 25 Pounds
  • Material Type: PolyPRO3 Triple-ply
  • Straps Amount: 2 Pieces
  • Air Vents: 8 Covered vents
  • Fits RV Range: 18′- 20′
  • Warranty Period: 3 Years

Are you in need of an all season RV cover? Then this Classic 73163 PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover is your perfect choice.  It is an excellent cover capable of lasting for a pretty long period of time.


It is a perfect rv cover for trailers measuring 18 to 20 feet long.  It uses an adjustable tension panel for both the front and rear tightening whenever necessary.  Its elasticized hem corners helps in ensuring it can fit with ease.

This Classic 73163 PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover comes with an air ventilation system that helps in reducing win stress and preventing moistures, mildew together with other contaminants that are capable of damaging your car.


When using this rv cover, you can always have a peace of mind that your travel trailer will always be covered from the ground all the way to the roof. It offers total protection against any harsh elements which can lead to paint deterioration.

It is a perfect cover to use on wet climates and when you add the quick drying feature, you will never experience any issues related to humidity.  Its wiggly fit helps in reducing wind and moisture that can cause damage to your cover.


  • Offers excellent protecting from rain, snow and sun
  • Comes with zippered panels which make it easy to access doors and engines
  • Uses an adjustable rear and front extension
  • Comes with a three year warranty period


  • The stitches are quite weak
  • Not able to resist water effectively

04. KING BIRD Upgraded Class C RV Cover

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 276 x 105 x 108 inches
  • Weight: 32.5 Pounds
  • Material Type: 5 Layers Top & 3 Layers Side
  • Straps Amount: 2 Pieces
  • Air Vents: 6 on both sides
  • Fits RV Range: 20′- 23′
  • Warranty Period: 2 Years

Just like the other King Bird RV covers in the market, the Upgraded Class C RV cover is also reliable and performs very well during the winter weather.


It comes with a three play top panel. Made using a non-woven polypropylene fabric is a great feature that makes up for the three ply top panel shortcomings. Its size makes it perfect for trailers measuring 18 inches to 20 inches.


Its rear and front tension panel’s uses elastic hem corners that help in giving the RV the best possible fitting. It also comes with an extra warranty year which is a sign of the high and durable materials used in making it. It uses an integrated rope system that makes it perfect for people who are not interested in crawling below the RV.

Its air vents are very effective when it comes to preventing the buildup of moisture which makes it perform very well in its duties.  This best rv cover for winter also comes with zippers which are extra-long that helps in making it very easy to access.


  • Comes with air vents that help in preventing buildup of moisture
  • Very easy to access thanks to its extra-long zippers
  • Offer great protection against rain, snow and UV rays
  • Comes with a three year warranty period


  • Not able to entirely cover the wheels
  • Not effective for covering against sunny weather

05. ADCO 52244 Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 25 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Material Type: 4 Layers Top & 3 Layers Side
  • Straps Amount: 2 Pieces
  • Air Vents: 6 on both sides
  • Fits RV Range: 26’1″ – 28’6″
  • Warranty Period: 2 Years

In case you are in need of a RV cover that will offer effective protection to your trailer, then think of none other than the ADCO 52244 Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover.


It comes with a SFS Aqua Shed technology and has a great polypropylene build which makes it one among the most durable rv covers in the market. It comprises of almost everything you can ever need from rv cover ranging from the storage bag, rain gutter spot protectors to the ladder cap that helps in preventing contact with the cover.

Its material comes with extra adhesive reinforcement together with a buckle toss that is weighted ensuring easy installation.


It is very easy to install. It comes with Slip-Seam trapping system that offers a tightening feature while its doors which are zipper entry gives you direct access to the trailer without any issues.

This adco rv covers is capable of fitting all the ordinary sized trailers available in the market. It makes use of the micro porous film that allows air to go inside without failing to offer any protection to the trailer.


  • Very easy to install and comes with straps, buckles and zippers
  • Perfect SFS AquaShed triple-layer that offers protection against water
  • Offers great UV-rays, great moisture and puncture protection
  • Uses high quality and durable materials


  • Not suitable for sunny and hot places
  • It can easily lose strength and rip easily

06. KING BIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover

Salient Feature

  • Dimension: 324 x 108 x 105 inches
  • Weight: 35.2 pounds
  • Material Type: 5 Layers and 3-Ply Sid
  • Straps Amount: 2 Pieces
  • Air Vents: 6 on both sides
  • Fits RV Range: 24-27ft
  • Warranty Period: 2 Years

The KING BIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover is very popular amongst individuals who want to protect their trailers from sun protection. It is made of high quality and durable materials making it last for a long period of time.


It is made using UV protection fabric that offers top class protection against the sun rays. It is made using a white corner patch at its dual sides that helps in protecting the cover from any form of damage. It comes armed with two pieces of straps that are meant to offer protection against blowing away by winds and tearing.

There are up to six air vents on its sides that help in reducing the stress of wind and inside moisture meaning one does not have to worry about any damp.

It is made with a roll able zippered door that allows access to the RV doors together with its engines.


The quality and type of material used is effective against sleet, dirt, rain, snow, mildew and more. It means you should never have any form of worry when you use this RC cover.

Its two year warranty period is an indication that this RV cover has been made using high quality and durable materials.


  • It is lightweight hence easy to carry
  • Offers up to five protection layers
  • Comes with scratch and dirt protection
  • Has a two year warranty period


  • Quite smaller for the camper
  • It is costly when compared to the other RV covers

How to choose the best rv cover for hail?

In order to choose the best rv cover for hail, there are a number of factors you need to keep in mind. In this section, we will be looking at some of the important factors you should never forget considering when shopping for the best rv cover for hail in the market.

  • Type of Material

You need to check the type of material used in making the rv cover to help you determine how durable it will be. Never go for something that is made of thin and flimsy materials since it will never last for a long time.

There are rv covers which are made of a single ply poly on the sides while their top have a three ply poly. Ensure the type of material you choose is based on the type of location where you will be using the rv cover. You have to know the location climate and factor that when buying a rv cover.

  • Size

Ensure the rv cover you are about to purchase is of the right size. Never settle for a very loose or very tight cover.

Whenever you are in the market for one, ensure that you know your trailer length. Keep in mind that there are covers that can only feet on trailers which are up to 10 feet long while other covers can fit up to vehicles that measure 17 feet long.

  • Level of Protection

There are different types of rv covers in relation to plies. There are those comprises of up to three layer materials while others do have a one layer material.  Ensure that whenever you are in the market for the best rv cover that you go for the ones that offer great protection against harsh weather elements. Check if the covers are able to repel UV rays, water or wind. The rc cover you settle for should be able to protect elements it will be exposed to on a regular basis.

  • Cost

What amount are you willing to spend on rv cover? When you determine your budget upfront, you will be in a position of saving lots of your time as you will do away with the covers that does not fit into your budget. This will leave you with few options that can you easily afford.

However, it is never advisable to have affordability of a product as the main factor whenever you are in the market for durable cover.  Cheapest rv covers are mostly made of low quality materials.  Ensure you factor in other important factors together with the price before you make your final decision.

  • What is a Hail protector?

Hail protector refers to a product that helps in covering your rig and offers protection against elements which can make it not last for a long time. Some of the elements the hail protector offers protection against include; sleet, snow, dust, rain and grime.

How does hail Protector/cover works to protect RV?

The hail protector works by offering your RV protection from the sun.  The sunlight will always fade the paint of your RV despite not causing any sunburn. Sunlight will also oxidize rubber components making the paint peel. It also offers protection against moisture. Rain does wear out the RV surface. Cover, the hail protector helps in preventing the rains from getting to your RV. It also helps protect the RV by preventing ice and snow from accumulation on it. When rains seep into the RV cracks and freezes, it damages the surface.

How to protect an RV Camper from Hail Damage?

Using covered parking is one of the best ways you can always use in protecting the RV from damage by hail. Although this is a no brainer, it is a fact. There is nothing that will add up to this protection type.

It will never matter if you have a pole barn, enclosed storage or carport. They all provide top protection from hail together with other types of threats such as exposure to rain and sun.  One great commercial option that works well is installing the RV covers. The covers are thicker than the coverings in a factory and they do add extra protection layer on the rig.

Considering your do it you options, it is possible to place an enclosure or a container of some types over the covers of a vent and skylights for the entire storm duration.  However, this will be if you do have the time and depending on what you will be using you might be forced to weight it down to ensuring it is in place.

It is also possible to use thick materials like closed cell foam, sleeping bags, blankets etc. All these items will have to be secured so that they can always remain in position. It is never easy to do this considering the wind is in most cases associated with very severe thunderstorms.

Does RV insurance cover hail damage?

The RV insurance will always cover hail, wind and storm damage.  It is important to note that the type of damage that is caused when you leave the doors, windows and vents open whenever the hail hits will never be covered.

For example, when you leave   the window and doors of your trailer open and a big hail comes when you are away and breaks things on the interior, then things which get damaged will never be covered. However, when the trailer was closed up and the hail ripped open the windows and doors damaging items inside, then you will be compensated.

However, there are policies which will always give you the option of excluding coverage of hail.

How do I protect my RV from hail without a garage?

In case you do not have a standard garage, it is always possible that you purchase temporary options such as sheds, carports and awnings.  However, if you are in need of the best protection level, you will always go for a metal cover instead of the fabric one. You will need to keep in mind that when you are not able to get a metal, fabric can always work provided it is in a good condition. Immediately its starts wearing down from the elements ensure you quickly replace it.

Keep in mind that when installing any temporary gauge type, never forget about the wind and  ensure it is in place by cementing its poles firmly on the ground. You also have to consider enclosing the sides using metal walls or a weather blocker that offers some coverage along the carport sides.

How to Install an RV Cover from hail?

The process of install and RV cover is not that difficult. However, there are certain stages where you might be forced to climb on the roof which most people tend to hate. It is advisable that you always go through the different installation stages with extreme caution to avoid being involved in any type of accident.

There are some RV users who are capable of completing the entire installation procedure within 10 minutes.

  • The entire installation process starts by cleaning the RV. It means the RV should be free of any debris or dirt.
  • Ensure the RV is well dried before you start putting the cover in place. In case it is still wet, then the situation can be very dangerous since most of the process of installation will require you to walk on the roof in order to have the cover unrolled. It is from there that the cover will drop down to the sides.
  • There are people who resort to using the ropes as an effective way of pulling the cover over to the highest RV point. However, this procedure will require one on use a step ladder and a broom to guide him or her in case of issues like the antenna or AC.
  • It is also advisable that you consider using a reinforcement material that will help offer you protection against the stress points and sharp edges.  Ensure the material is used before you even secure the elasticized hems of the cover. You can thereafter use straps, ties or buckles after securing the part.
  • Ensure that the hems below the front and back of the vehicle are secure as well. After you have placed the cover on RV, most people do find it helpful to secure it using the tie-down straps. The action will help in ensuring the cover does not blow off or up from your car.
  • When you correctly secure the cover, you will ensure that it does not rub against the corners or sharp edges. In case it happens, high chances the cover will tear.

Why You Should Use Best RV Covers for Hail?

Although most people do use them for protection, there are several benefits that come with using the RV cover for hail. Below are some of the most outstanding benefits you will enjoy when you invest in an RV cover.

Less maintenance

No one wants to be cleaning their trailers after every one or two months. The watermarks, dust and so on that comes with the vehicles can cause lots of damage to your car. The same applies to the bird droppings, moisture that gets inside, leaves and scratches from animals and insects, mildew and other similar factors. RV covers will help protect your trailer from all of them which will lead to less maintenance practice.

UV and Sun rays’ damage

Sun is one big enemy of metal, paint and lots of other materials. The UV light does corrode and deteriorate the stuff and the level of damage can even be irreversible when it comes to trailers. The RV cover helps the best protection to prevent the UV light from getting into the roof and sides of your RV.

Safety and Security

At times keeping items inside the trailer is a perfect idea to help in saving your house space. This will mean the RV will end up being a slight preoccupation especially when you keep items that are valuable inside.

To help you in releasing some tension and the trailer be of a lesser concern, you can consider using the RV cover as it will help you make the trailer less visible and also protect it from the burglars.

Helps in saving lots of money

You are definitely protecting the RV together with the items so that they do not get damaged fast. When they do not get damaged, it means you will be saving lots of money in repairs and buying of new items.

Although you will spend a few bucks to purchase a RV cover, it will help cover your trailer for several years to come which will be cost effective on long term basis.


We do hope that you will now be in a position of finding the best rv cover for hail with all the above information. All you have to do is apply the information you have learned from this review guide in your search and you will be in a position of getting rv cover that suits your requirements.

Ensure that you go through the buyer’s guide section to familiarize yourself with some of the important factors you need to know before you settle on any rv cover.

In case you do encounter any issues during your search or have a suggestion or addition, never hesitate letting us know in the comment section. We will always get back to you within the shortest time possible.

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Do RV covers protect from hail?

The RV cover will help in protecting your RV from weather and other harmful issues outdoor. It will help in preventing hails, winds and rain from getting into your RV.

Is it better to cover your camper or not?

The RV cover helps in repelling the UV rays. This will help ensure that your RV never suffers from any seal damage.  It is always a great idea to cover your camper as it will be protected from sleet, rain and snow.

Who makes the best RV covers?

There are different manufacturers making RV covers in the market. One of the best performing RV cover maker is the King Bird. King Bird does come up with RV covers that offer best wind resistance, has vent openings and never performs badly against what it is up against.

Should you cover your RV in winter?

In case your RV will be outside in most time during the winter, it is appropriate that you always cover it. Covering it will help in offering protection against UV rays exposure which will easily damage its paint finish.  It will also help in protecting the RV from tree sap, droppings from bird and wind damage.

Do Hail protection covers work?

The covers will never offer lots of protection as you would hope. You need to keep in mind that even some of the heavy duty RV covers only offer between elements and your rig.

The ineffectively of the cover will increase as the hail size increases. However, smaller hails can easily be prevented by the covers.

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