Best RV Cover for Sun Protection Reviews & Buying Guide – 2022

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Whether you love camping or you own a trailer, then you should know that an RV is the most important investment for you. Being out on the open road exposes your RV to harsh conditions, e.g., sun rays and dust, which is why you need the best RV cover for sun protection.

The RVs tend to act as a home while on the road due to modern technology; thus, it is essential to protect them. The King Bird extra thick RV cover mainly protects your RV against strong winds and has 6 air vents that allow moisture to escape leaving it mold-free hence the best product among the rest.

Getting a cover depends on the type of RV you have and the place where you are going to park it. RV covers will ensure your RV serves you for a long time and enhances its quality. It is essential to make sure that you only use covers that are of high quality.

Choosing the best quality of RV cover may prove difficult. This is because there are so many brands of covers in the market, ranging from poor to medium to high quality. Worry not! This article discusses 6 of the best covers, together with their pros and cons and other important information.

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Top 06 best RV cover for sun protection Reviews

01. ADCO 34846 Designer Series Gray/ White 31’ 7”-34’ DuPont Tyvek Travel Trailer Cover

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: ADCO
  • Item Weight: 34 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18’’ x 34’’ x 21’’ inches
  • Model : 34846
  • Brand : ADCO
  • Warranty: 3-years
  • Size: 31.7-34FT


Are you looking for an RV cover that can protect your RV from whichever harsh climate without limitation? The ADCO 34846 trailer cover has an excellent quality design that can protect against wind, dust, rain, snow, and strong UV and sun rays. This automatically improves the durability and performance of your RV.


Installing this cover is usually hassling free. Snapping buckles on opposing sides of the cover is a simple task with the weighted buckle toss-under. Moreover, the new slip-seam technology features strapping systems that cinches at the top and bottom to allow for a snug fit.


Even during storage, you can still access your RV through zipper entry doors on the sides of this tent. So as to ensure a perfect fit, it is important to measure the size of your RV or trailer, not leaving out the ladder and bumpers. Either way, this ADCO cover fits well.


Usually, its top panel reflects away sunlight leaving your RV with a cooling effect. Despite the fact that it is water-resistant, it has excellent ventilation. Further, a ladder cap ensures that your ladder does not wear out quickly. Rigid reinforcements make it resistant to any damages by the wind


  • the top panel reflects sunlight away to provide a cooling effect
  • water resistant
  • easy to install
  • three year warranty
  • all-climate protection
  • fits perfectly
  • zipper doors for ease of access


  • over tightening the straps may make it snap

02. ADCO 52246 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover- 31’7”-34’, Gray

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: ADCO
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25’’x 1’’x1’’ inches
  • Model : 52246
  • Brand : ADCO
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Size: 31.7-34 FT


Measuring 411*104*102 inches, the ADCO 52246 aqua shed RV cover is ideal for use in areas where there are rain and snow. It works to ensure neither harsh snow conditions nor rain will cause damage to your trailer or RV. It boasts of useful features that help it deliver maximum performance.


Notably, it is highly resistant to high humidity conditions, rainfall, and UV rays that may lead to the occurrence of fading or unnecessary cracking. Its triple-layer SFS Aqua shed top panel makes this possible. Ventilation can never be an issue due to the sewn in air vents. This keeps RV safe from rust.


Additionally, the unique cinching technology ensures that the cover fits precisely on to your RV. Also, the front and back buckle system curbs the cover against strong winds and any slack that may occur. You can still access your trailer after storage through the zippered entry doors.


When using this cover, you rarely have to worry about washing, waxing, or treating your RV’s roof. This makes sure there is no premature aging and keeps the cabin looking as though it is new. Least to say, all of its parts, including straps, buckles, and flaps, are highly reinforced.


  • perfect for moderate climates
  • proper ventilation with the sewn in air vents
  • front and rear buckle cinching system
  • zippered entry doors
  • triple layer SFS Aqua shed top panel
  • no premature aging or RV or trailer
  • easy to install


  • there is a risk of it ripping after a few uses

03. King Bird Extra-Thick 4-Ply Top Panel& Extra 2Pcs Reinforced Straps, Deluxe Camper

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: KINGBIRD
  • Item Weight: 19.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 240’’x105’’x108’’ inches
  • Model: 42226
  • Brand: KING BIRD
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Size: 18-20 FT


The King Bird extra thick RV cover boasts of an unmatched upgraded technology that ensures your RV stays safe from any harsh climatic conditions. Among the new upgrades, there exist tension panels at its central location that increase the stress area, thereby protecting it against any strong winds.


It features extra thick fabric both at its top and on the sides. The 4-ply top panel and 3-ply side panel work hand in hand to protect your RV from scratches, dirt, dust, rain, snow, and harmful UV rays. The 2Pcs reinforced straps ensure the wind does not blow or tear the cover.


Additionally, the ventilation system on this cover is excellent. Each of its sides has 6 air vents that reduce the stress of wind and also prevent moisture accumulation. If there is a lot of moisture, it may cause rust spots on your trailer. Besides, it is water-resistant.


Accessing your RV and other parts of it is relatively easy. There are zippered doors on either side, and you can get into your RV even at its storage point. You can monitor the situation inside the trailer through a window on this cover. Moreover, it has a two year warranty.


  • 6 air vents on both sides of the cover
  • the extra thick fabric on top and side panels
  • 2Pcs reinforced straps to protect against wind
  • breathable and water proof
  • features an upgraded design
  • two year warranty
  • fits perfectly


  • quite expensive

04. ADCO 52205 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Class A RV Cover- 31’1”-34’, Gray

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: ADCO
  • Item Weight: 18 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23.3’’x22.5’’x18 inches
  • Model: 52205
  • Brand: ADCO
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Size: 31.1-34 FT


Another great model from the ADCO brand is the ADCO 52205 class A RV cover. This is perfect for a class A RV owner, just as the name suggests but not limited to the other RV types. Its water resistant properties make it an excellent fit for places with high humidity and rainfall.


It features a triple layer SFS Aqua shed that is highly resistant to either wind, rainfall, or snow that is common in moderate climate regions. Rain gutters and roof corner seams equally get protection from the top panel that beads water on contact. Besides, it eliminates any harmful UV rays.


Similarly, the three-layer polypropylene material on the side panels is breathable, thus gets rid off of any mildew and mold. Mold is not acceptable on your RV as it will likely leave behind spots of rust. Unlike many other cover brands, this one only weighs 18 pounds hence lightweight.


Because of the rear and bottom buckle cinching system, installing your cover on the RV is a simple task. It makes sure there are no slacks or billowing from strong winds. Never worry about ADCO covers not fitting your RV as they do precisely as long as you have correct measurements.


  • triple layer SFS aqua shed
  • breathable polypropylene side panels
  • protection against harmful UV rays, rain, snow, and wind
  • easy to install
  • side zipper entry doors for easy access
  • built-in air vents
  • comes with a storage bag


  • does not last long because of ripping

05. Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover, 30-33 Foot

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: AmazonBasic
  • Item Weight: 31 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 366’’X104’’X102’’ inches
  • Model: 33645
  • Brand: AmazonBASIC
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Size: 30-33FT


The Amazon Basics RV cover comes in 6 different sizes allowing you to choose one that is appropriate for your RV. They range from a length of 18 t0 33 feet. However, each size is sold separately. This cover works to efficiently provide protection against rain, dust, snow, and scratches.


If you want to invest in a long-term storage cover, this is the most ideal. It is easy to install and remove whenever you want to put your trailer into use. The integrated air vent system ensures there is minimal stress from wind and further ventilates moisture that is inside the RV.


Additionally, its roof has a 3 ply material while its sides feature a single ply breathable fabric. Both of them make sure that your cover maintains its resale value and does not age prematurely. Besides, the panels on the front and its back adjust easily for excellent results.

Installation and storage

With an integrated buckle attachment system, it makes it easy to install it over your trailer or RV. Its hem corners are elasticized to enable a custom-like fit. There is no need to crawl under your trailer because of the presence of a toss bag. Storage bag makes it easy to store.


  • the integrated buckle attachment system
  • air vent system for minimal lofting of wind
  • protects against dust, wind, dirt, rain, or UV rays
  • durable construction
  • includes storage bag
  • custom fit
  • adjustable front and rear panels


  • 1-year limited warranty

06. Goldline Travel Trailer RV Covers by Eevelle/ Waterproof Fabric/ Tan and Gray

Salient Feature

  • Manufacturer: Goldline Travel Trailer Cover
  • Item Weight: 70.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 485’’x102’’x104’’inches
  • Model: 43326
  • Brand: Goldline Travel Trailer Cover
  • Warranty: 5-years
  • Size: 34-36FT


Available in two colors; gray and tan, the Goldline trailer RV cover is ranked the most durable cover of all time. It does not rip after a few uses like most of the other brands because it constitutes a very strong and thick fabric. This is a must have for any trailer owner.


Do you know that Goldline covers are even more potent than popular brands like Sunbrella and Tyvek? This cover is the only one that features a 600*300D filament polyester yarns construction with a thread count of 99. An additional micro-porous film allows room for breathability, thereby preventing against rot and mold.


No harmful UV or sun rays can penetrate through this cover because of treatment with Durapel UV sun inhibitor that protects against any damages or fading. You can always access your RV while it is in storage via two 108inches zippers that lie vertically along the cover’s side wall.


Installing this cover is easy with the help of adjuster straps at its front, which tightens it to ensure a snug fit. Moreover, the new endurance roof strap system not only supports the cover’s weight but also delivers maximum performance. It has an industry leading 5 year warranty covering it.


  • extra durable construction
  • 5 year warranty
  • endurance roof straps support the weight of the cover
  • Long-lasting UV sun inhibitor protects against UV rays
  • easy installation
  • extended zipper system
  • 100% waterproof


  • not budget-friendly

Buying Guide on the Best RV Cover for Sun Protection

It is not easy to purchase an RV cover as many brands in the market will easily confuse you. Also, being a newbie makes it even harder. There are certain factors that need to be put into consideration to ensure that you do not regret later on.


This is among the most vital factors to consider. Determining the size of the cover you want majorly depends on the size of your RV or trailer. It may be tricky to know what cover size will exactly fit. But you can always take measurements of your RV.

By measuring RV length, width, and height, you will be able to get a cover that fits snugly. If your trailer happens to be bigger, then we recommend you get a cover with an extra size. Also, there are universal covers that always fit, no matter the trailer size.

The material of RV Cover

To efficiently protect your RV from any damage, the material constituting the cover needs to be tough to withstand any tough conditions. Each of these covers has different materials, so it is upon you to decide which one will work best for you.

Polypropylene is usually resistant to damages by acid plus any unwanted cracks. Also, it is breathable and resists water to some extent. You should note that it is not fully waterproof. On the other hand, polyester is ideal for use in hot climatic conditions and protects against harmful sun and UV rays.

Sunbrella is suitable for protection against sun rays and also features a waterproof coating. You can use it in any weather. For rainy seasons, Tyvek works perfectly by curbing against water penetration. Again, it does not wear out quickly.

Air Vent System

A good RV cover should have air vents that reduce on moisture build up within your RV. This makes sure no rust spots or mildew are growing on your RV. The vents also do not allow wind billowing by letting in the air into the vehicle.

Ease of Use

An RV cover that does not give you a comfortable time during use is not suitable for you. First things first, it should be easy to install. There are covers that come with unique features that provide a hassle-free installation. You should check out for such.

What is an RV Cover?

If you own a trailer or a recreational vehicle, you would definitely have an idea of what an RV cover is. Whenever you are not using your vehicle, you are likely to store it. It risks exposure to harmful UV or sun rays, moisture, dirt, dust, and snow or rain.

This is where an RV covers come in. It ensures to protect your RV from all the harmful particles and harsh climate, leaving it new, thus maintaining its resale value. Usually, they feature durable materials and other unique accessories that make this possible.

Types of RV Covers

RV covers are of different styles, and each plays a unique role. Depending on the type of RV or trailer you own, you are able to choose one which suits your needs comfortably. They aim to protect different parts of your trailer. Below are some of them.

Windshield Covers

These covers mainly prevent your trailer’s dashboard against developing unwanted cracks. Apart from this, they also keep your chair covers safe from damage by UV or sun rays. They maintain a constant temperature within the RV and make sure there is no too much heat.

Dashboard Covers

It is essential to maintain the look and appearance of your RV’s dashboard. You do not want it fading because of harmful sun rays. This is why you need a dashboard cover which that has a design of pieces of carpet. It also keeps off any dust or dirt of your dashboard.

Tire Covers

As the name goes, they protect your tires from harmful sun rays, which may damage their material eventually. Using this cover on your tires makes sure that they do not wear and tear, thereby needing regular replacement. Besides, your tires will not burst once you drive your RV after storage.

How to Put on a Camper Cover

Step 1: Clean your Camper

We do not recommend putting an RV cover atop a dirty camper. So, the first thing to do is to make sure it is clean. Get some water and soap and clean up every part of your RV, both inside and outside, for optimum performance.

Step 2: Get your RV Cover ready

The second necessary step is to set your cover in readiness for installation. You do not have to climb on your RV so as to install it. It is easier to use a ladder. Put your cover on the ground to identify where its rear and front are.

Step 3: Secure all protruding and sensitive parts on your RV

There are those parts that need to be taken care of before covering your camper. Such components include mirrors, bumpers, and anything that protrudes out of your RV. Take care of sharp edges and corners too by padding them so as not to tear the cover.

Step 4: Cover the top part of the RV

Carefully climb up the ladder along with the front part of the surface. Once at the top, pull the cover so that it covers a big part of the roof. This is to ensure the whole part of the roof is covered.

Step 5: Cover the front and sides

After covering the top, pull the pile of cover that remains towards the front part of the RV. Make sure every corner is covered as you let the cover fall over both sides of the RV.

Step 6: Make sure the rear is covered

The rear part of the RV is the last to cover. Pull the pile of cover with you as you climb down the ladder at the back of the camper. This ensures the whole part at the end is totally and fully covered.

Step 7: Secure the corners

This is the final step. While on the ground, you can now secure all the corners but do not pull them too tight. Check to ensure that the cover fits precisely around your RV.

How to Protect my RV Roof from Sun

Always give keen attention to the RV roof

The first step towards protecting your RV roof from the harmful UV rays of sunlight is to regularly check on it to ensure no damage has occurred. If you fail to attend to it keenly, you will not notice once the roof starts fading and cracking.

Once you notice there is an unusual activity, make sure to deal with it before more damage occurs. You do not want to replace a whole RV’s roof, as this is very costly. All in all, paying keen attention to your RV while in storage is a way of protecting it.

Clean your RV roof regularly

If you want to ensure your RV serves you for a long time, then cleaning it should be a regular activity. Dirt, dust, or any other debris that collects during travel easily damages the seal on your RV roof. If you do not wash them off, your RV rarely lasts.

Do not assume that cleaning an RV is hard and needs highly advanced chemical detergents. Surprisingly, you only need water and some mild detergent to clean it. However, it varies with the material the roof is made of. A rubber roof will require you to use a roof cleanser that is rubber safe.

Invest in RV roof covers

Storing your RV outside will automatically need you to invest in a good quality RV cover to protect it from sun and UV rays. Most of the bodies are waterproof and are highly resistant to the harmful rays. Also, getting one that fits snugly is essential.

Air vents present on the roof cover evaporate moisture inside the RV, thereby preventing any mold or mildew build up. This ensures that your RV does not age prematurely, and neither does it fade.

Benefits of an RV Cover

Protects against moisture

While your RV is under storage, it may experience too much humidity or moisture, which is not a good thing. Too much moisture leads to the build up of mold and mildew. It may also cause rust spots on your RV’s exterior.

In areas where weather is extremely cold, roof, windows, or dashboard may crack. RV covers have materials that are water resistant to prevent against this. Also, they have vents that let out any moisture trapped inside the RV.

Keeps RV safe from harmful UV and Sun rays

UV rays cause a great deal of damage to your RV, such asfading its color, scratches, or even cracking. You obviously would not want this to happen. Owning a good RV cover will save your vehicle from experiencing such damages.

Covers that feature 2-ply and 3-ply polyester or polypropylene construction are the best to curb against sun rays. Furthermore, there are those that feature special inhibitor UV treatment to provide maximum protection from UV rays.

Minimum Repair Costs

Once you cover your RV using the best RV cover for sun protection, you do not have to worry about any damages. These covers usually offer protection to both the interior and exterior parts of your vehicle.

This means you will not incur any repair costs because there is equally no wear and tear. When it comes to reselling your RV, the value will not go down because it will still look as good as new, only if you use an RV cover.

Who makes the best RV covers?


ADCO is a popular brand, having produced over 20 million protective covers since its inception in 1955. It focuses on quality and excellent customer service. Some of the most common covers are ADCO 52244, 22894, and Designer series SFS Aqua. They ensure to give your RV maximum protection.

Classic Accessories

This is a company based in the US and has existed for about 35 years and more. It is popularly known for producing RV covers, umbrellas, hammocks, and seat belts,just to mention a few. They make user-friendly covers that are not only of high quality but very durable.


CAMCO does not disappoint when it comes to manufacturing RV covers, which is one of its popular products. It has been in existence for 50 years, founded in Greensboro. The CAMCO ultra guard supreme RV cover is one of its high performing covers and gives your RV an appealing look.

King Bird

King Bird uses the latest technology to manufacture highly professional RV covers that suit all your RV needs. It comes up with Anti-UV composite fabric that is suitable for heavy duty top and side panel material. This ensures that your RV stays for longer and maintains its resale value.

How to Protect the RV Covers

RV covers do need protection, too, despite the fact that they keep your RV safe. If you do not take good care of your RV, then it will not last you a long time. Suitable maintained RVs usually have an increased lifespan. This is very encouraging to most of the users.

Like we have seen above, some covers are prone to ripping, and this happens when you over tighten the straps of your cover. In case you notice any holes or rips, repair immediately because if left unattended, it will lead to worse damages.

Also, as you carry out your daily maintenance routine, ensure to check for any snow, dirt, or dust build-up on the cover’s exterior if there are any, clean or wipe off. Do not wait for them to cause damage to your cover when you can avoid that early enough.

Besides, to prevent your RV cover against damages by gutter spouts, you need to invest in an RV gutter spout protector. It easily installs from the rooftop of your RV or trailer to save you from performing the balancing act on each corner of your RV using a ladder.

Additionally, when your cover is not in use, clean it well then leave it out to dry. After this, ensure you fold it carefully and store it in a storage bag that comes with some RV covers. Stuffing it carelessly may cause damage to the material.


Having gone through this article, we are quite sure that you have enough insight into anything to do with RV covers. There are different brands, but our focus is mainly on the 6 best RV cover for sun protection.

We now believe that choosing an RV cover that fits your needs is easy after reading this. Ensure that you consider the factors we mention above before making a purchase decision without any regrets. Also, we highlight a step by step process of covering your RV using our covers.

Whether you park your RV under sunny or windy or rainy conditions, one of the RV covers on our list will ensure maximum protection for your RV. All said and done, we hope that you find this article helpful.

However, if you have any question concerning the best RV cover for sun protection, feel free to visit on our website. We provide all the necessary and detailed information on all types of RV that will enable you to enjoy throughout.

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What is the best RV cover for the sun?

There is a variety of RV covers to choose from to protect your RV from harmful sun rays. You can try the King Bird extra thick RV cover, ADCO designer series SFS cover, or CAMCO ultra guard class c trailer cover. All these have the same goal of protecting your RV against the sun. However, King Bird extra thick RV is the top-notch of all the products since it is capable of offering powerful protection from the damaging sun rays.

Are RV covers worth the money?

If you do not have a cover for your RV, then you may end up spending a lot of money on repairs. Also, you will need to frequently wash your RV to keep it safe from dirt and dust. RV covers are convenient because they offer a long-lasting solution.

Should I cover my RV in the summer?

Yes, you should, as this ensures that harmful rays from the sun do not fade away its color or do not cause cracking. Nonetheless, it all depends if you are willing to spend extra money on an RV cover, or you prefer regular washing.

Do RV covers really work against the sun?

Finding an RV cover with materials that block away harmful UV rays is vital. This surely works against the sun by blocking those rays from reaching parts of your RV.

What is the best RV cover for winter?

RV covers by either ADCO or CAMCO brands are the best when it comes to cold weather, such as during winter. They often prevent any accumulation of snow or build up of ice on your RV’s exterior. Also, melting water cannot penetrate easily.

Are ADCO RV covers waterproof?

No, they are not waterproof. A waterproof cover may stop moisture from escaping, which eventually causes a build of rust, mildew, or mold. ADCO covers are water resistant so as to bead off water and have an air vent system to allow escaping of moisture.

What size of RV cover do I need?

It is difficult to determine the exact size of the RV cover you will need without knowing the size of your RV. Therefore, you have to measure the length of RV from one bumper to the other. Also, consider the width and height, making sure you leave out the hitches.

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