Best RV Electric Dump Valve Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

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Are you tired of dealing with flimsy sewer hoses of your RV sewage holding tank that will leak, crack or split, making your hands soiled? The best RV electric dump valve can save you from all the problems you face during emptying and cleaning your RV holding tanks.

We recommend the Valterra E1003VP EZ Valve 3” as the most reliable and efficient electric dump valve. They provide the fastest and cleanest waste removal for RVs, travel trailers and fifth wheels. Drain Master is one of the leading manufacturers of RV drainage systems and is located in Hollister.

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Top 04 best RV Electric Dump Valve Reviews

01. Valterra E1003VP EZ Valve 3” Electric Best RV Waste Valve System, Black

Salient Feature

  • Brand Name: Valterra
  • Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Amperage: 2.5 Amp/ valve
  • Cycle Time: 1.3 seconds
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Weight: 4.75 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches

VALTERRA EZ-VALVE Electric waste system is designed to make your RV living full of convenience and comfort. One push waste valve control system allows you to drain your black water tank hygienically.

It has high torque and a water-resistant motor that is durable and works well for years.

It features a built-in 5 Amp breaker,which ensures the system safety. It also saves you from the hassle of replacing the fuse regularly. It works on 120 V DC and gives an output of 2.5 Amps per valve.

Once the valve is opened, the switch light turns on and remains illuminated until you shut the valve completely. That will remind you whenever you leave your valves open accidentally.

The valve size is the standard 3 inch that will fit almost any RV black tank drain pipe. The open cycle time is 1.3 seconds, with a total number of 6,000 Open/ Close Tested Cycles.

The valve length is 15 ¼” inch when open and 11 ½” when closed. It allows flow in either direction; moreover, it features an 84 inch Harness Length. Itsideal operating temperature is between 35 – 120 degrees.


  • It is designed with a T-handle, which makes it easy to open and close it manually.
  • It is a heavy-duty dump valve which gives a good performance.
  • It is convenient to use.
  • A malfunctioning gasket can be replaced easily.


  • There may be some installation issues in this product.
  • It would be better if the length of the control cable would be longer.

02. Barker24130 Auto-Drain Valve for RV Black or Gray Water Tanks – 3”

Salient Feature

  • Brand Name: Barker
  • Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Amperage: 200 mA
  • Cycle Time: 4 seconds for 3”
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.8 x 2 x 6.4 inches

Barker 24130 Auto-Drain valve is designed to perform a 12-volt push-button operation automatically on your RVs dumping valves. They can be used for both the RV’s grey and black water tank.

It is adaptable to both 1.5” and 3” conventional waste valves. They can be mounted to either of them without requiring any clumps or plumbing modifications. A separate wire can be used if you want to place the switches farther than the given wire length.

It is compatible with Bristol and Valterra 1.5” and 3” waste valve models. It allows convenient manual override, and the actuator can be easily disconnected when required.

They are manufactured with the high-quality materials that will not rust. These materials include aluminum, steel, and plastic. It is essential that you empty your holding tanks completely before you install these electric dump valves.

Both open and close cycles take place within 4 seconds for 3″ models. It comes with a switch box with a light to indicate open and closed valve, rocker arm switch, mounting bracket. The package comes with the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and operation.


  • The dump valve can be conveniently opened with a light push of the rocker switch.
  • The red flashing light does not let you forget the open valve.
  • The limit switches on both ends prevent you from stressing the valve.
  • It easily attaches to your existing dump valve.
  • It requires minimal care and maintenance.


  • The wire connecting the actuator with the switch is too small that is only four feet.

03. Barker Valterra-Bristol Model Auto Drain

Salient Feature

  • Brand Name: Barker
  • Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Amperage: 150 mA
  • Cycle Time: 3 seconds
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.9 x 6.4 x 5.8 inches (1.5”)
  •  10.1 x 6.5 x 5.7 inches (3”)

Barker Valterra-Bristol Model Auto Drain will dump your RV’s gray and black water tanks on a single push of its switch. No need to reach awkward positions; it saves you from the hassle of operating dump valves manually.

You will not require any extra plumbing fittings to install this valve.It works on 12 V DC with an amperage of 150 mA, and it gives a cycle time of 3 seconds.

It can be conveniently operated manually in any unusual circumstances, like battery failure or valve issues. Its parts are made of high-quality rust-resistant steel, cast aluminum, and plastic.Barker Valterra-Bristol Model Auto Drainis compatible with both Valterra and Bristol slide valves.

It can be installed without emptying the tanks. It comes with instructions for installation and operation. The package also includes a switch box and a rocker arm switch.You will not need to empty your tanks before its installation. It comes in grey color.


  • It is an auto drain actuator kit for Valterra and Bristol.
  • It comes with all wiring and switches required for installation.
  • The steel and aluminum will not get corroded.
  • It is really effortless to install.
  • It is convenient to operate.


  • It requires frequent repairs.
  • It is not compatible with Valterra cable pull-type gate valves.

04. Portable Electric Drain Auger Cleaner with 8 Cutters

Salient Feature

  • Brand Name: Drain Master
  • Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Amperage: 2.5 Amp/ valve
  • Cycle Time: 1.5 seconds
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 1 ¾ inches

Drain Master Electric Dump Valves are a premium 3” Gate Valve system that can be used with 12 V DC.These sealing valves are designed for your RV’s gray and black water tanks. They are convenient, high torque, and fast- motion. They will empty your tanks by just a push of a button.

It can be used for both black and gray water tanks. It comes in standard 3″ size but can adapt to the 1.5″ gray water tank with reducer kit PN5205.

The Drain Master 5202DM20-RPMS feature 303 stainless steel gears. It comes with an LED indicator that tells you if you accidentally leave your valve open.

Drain master dump valves allow convenient opening and closing of waste valves by just a flip of a switch.It opens in only half of a second. It can be used to replace both manual and cable pull valves. It can be used on any bolt attached to the flanged valve connections.

It allows the waste to flow from a 3” ABS gate valve, with a gear reduction 50:1. It will enable double-sided manual override from both sides, including an Allen Wrench. It allows a second switch if you prefer mounting the switches at two spots in your RV.


  • This product is adaptable to existing bolts.
  • The electricity consumption is 2.5 Amp per cycle.
  • It is a convenient plug and play system.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • It is a reliable electric dump valve.
  • Its light remains on until you shut off the valve completely.


  • No cons were found.

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How to Choose the Best RV Electric Dump Valve? 

Should I install an electric dump valve for my RV black and grey tanks? Many people are confused between using the modern electric RV tank dumping method and the conventional manual dumping method.

Though the decision to switch the RV for electric dumping valves seems convenient, many people are reluctant to try them. Most of the RV technicians will tell you that these electric systems are not much reliable, and they require frequent repair and maintenance.

Are you confused? Let us sort out the things for you. Using the electric dumping valves is quite convenient because you don’t have to go out, sneak underneath your RV, fight with the valves, and get something disgusting attached to your hands.

With just a push of the buttons in the comfy interior of your RV, you can dump your tank waste into the sewer, but it’s not that simple. Some technical issues may hinder your dumping process. The electric RV dump valves may have specific issues on their electrical and mechanical systems.

For this reason, electrical dump valves require frequent repair and maintenance. These issues sometimes irritate the RV owners, especially when they are camping in mountains and other secluded areas where it is impossible to access the maintenance staff or new set of RV electric dump valves.

The decision to switch from manual to electric RV dump valves is a personal one and depends on what you choose. You may choose the convenience of hassle-free dumping or the comfort of almost no-repair requiring manual dumping valves. We have carefully prepared a buying guide for electric dump valves to help save you from the hassle of continuous repair and maintenance of malfunctioning valves.

  • The Quality of Materials:

The materials used in the construction of valves determine their durability. Most of the electric dumping valves are manufactured from steel, aluminum, and plastic with some rubber as well. As the valves are frequently in contact with the water and waste materials, they must be made of high-quality materials that will not corrode, rust, disintegrate or deteriorate with constant exposure to moisture, soap, and other waste materials.

  • Price:

Some people will consider the electric dump valves just a waste of money. But if you spend most of the time on your RV, they are worth it. Once you become addicted to the convenience they bring, you will not mind the money spend on the electric valve.

You may find cheap options available in the market, but they may be made of inferior quality materials. Installing electric dump valves is a hassle, and you may not want to replace them often. Above all, malfunctioning electric dump valves can ruin your RV picnic. You will not want to be fixing your RV dump valves at the campsite or a mountain adventure. Therefore it is better to spend a few more dollars to grab more reliable electric dump valves.

  • Brand:

The name of the manufacturer matters a lot when you are going to buy such a sensitive device. Low-quality valves made from substandard material will just become a day to day hassle. Selecting the electric dump valves manufactured by reliable names is a better decision. It may also give you a good warranty for repair and replacement. It may cost you a little bit more, but a reliable and good quality product always pays for its price.

  • Number of Switches:

At how many points in your RV you want to mount the switches? Most of the dump valves only come with one switch and buy a separate set of switches if you’re going to mount them at two places. Still, some valves support only one switch. So the manufacturers do not advise putting on additional switches for them. Check this detail from the product description before you buy a dump valve.

  • Installation:

How much technical skill do you have? Can you install an RV electric dump valves by yourself? The answer to this depends on your electrical and plumbing knowledge. Most of the RV enthusiasts prefer installing their RV dump valves by themselves. In this case, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do the installation on empty and clean tanks. You may also take the help of RV technicians or bring your RV to an RV service station.

  • Maintenance:

Consider the amount of maintenance required in order to keep the valves in good functioning condition. Some valves can be used for months without requiring maintenance and care. They just require proper lubrication periodically. You can get to know about this when you check customer reviews.

Some valves can be lubricated while they are in place, while some need to be taken out from the flanges to get the required maintenance. It may increase your maintenance cost.

Installing Drain Master Electric RV Waste Tank Valves

Installing the electric dump valve yourself or taking help from RV technicians is a personal decision. Before installing a drain master electric RV waste tank valve, you must have some basic mechanical and electrical knowledge.

If you prefer doing small mechanical and electrical tasks by yourself, you can conveniently install the electric dump valve. Follow the instructions given on the user manual or on your manufacturer’s website to make sure everything is done right.

Things You Will Require:

  • 7/16” wrench/socket.
  • A 12 V DC Power source where you can connect the switch.
  • An electric dump valve kit. The package usually includes valves, seals, operator switch, bolts, nuts, DOW 111 lubricants, and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The premium systems do not require a fuse for the switch.
  • The standard systems require glass type 5 Amp Fast Blowing Fuse ( Automotive Blade type fuses are not adaptable)

Instructions for Installing the Valves:

  • Preparing the Tanks:

Before you remove your old valves, it is vital to clean your tanks thoroughly. Cleanest tanks are better when you are working under your rig while the pipes are open.

You may increase your waste treatments and go for a few black tank flushing a few days before you intend to install your dump valves. You can use the manual flushing wand along with the built-in flush system for extended flushing.

  • Removing the Valves:

For removing the old valves, slide them out by unscrewing its four bolts. It is better to install the rubber sleeve on the grey tank than install it on the black, as there is a possibility of leakage.

  • Installing the Electric Dump Valves:

Before installing the dump valves, check out every little detail too regarding the valves and associated drainage system hardware. The pictures and diagrams are readily available online. You can also contact the company’s service staff for detailed guidance.

Clean and check the RV’s sewer piping and its flanges for any cracks or chips. Now attach the gaskets which are provided with the valve to the flange. Do not connect it to the electric valve during installation.

Now apply the given Compound 111 to the valve blade and rub on both sides. It acts as a valve blade lubricant. Now slide the valve into the flanges and gradually work out the pieces together. Do this with a slight twisting to accommodate the gaskets.

Lastly, add all the four bolts and nuts and tighten those together using a cross pattern. Its suggested torque is 20 inches/lbs. Over stiff nuts and bolts can crack the plastic.

When you install the valves, the motor should be facing up to a plane level. The recommended position is perpendicular up and down with a little bit of flexibility.

  • Installing the Wiring:

Once you mount the valves physically, make sure that there is no leakage. Now you can connect the electronic control switches and wiring to the 12 V DC power source.

Select the place where you want to install your switches—cut out a hole and place the switch plate with the given screws’ help.

Connect the electric valve with the electronic switches with the help of data cables. Label the respective valves or black and gray.  You can plug-in the data cables without the use of any tools. An extra plug is given on each valve in case you prefer an extra set of switches in your RV.

You can power it from a battery compartment or the main power distribution panel. You can use a 5 Amp separate fuse for both valves or a 10 Amp fuse if they share the power.

Benefits of  Motorized RV Waste Valves

Your memorable RV trip is now over. You have driven for miles, discovering the beautiful scenery of nature, and now you are about to reach your home. You will really be tired from the journey and looking forward to finally going to your home, you are getting some strange anxiety. There may be many reasons, but one of them may be that you are anxious about emptying your RV holding tanks.

Most RV drainage systems are not entirely designed to fit for the job they are used for. The substandard materials used in these systems can make your RV life a hassle. There are a number of benefits you get from using high-quality dump valves from reliable brands.

  • Electric Dump Valves Add Convenience to RV Living:

Developed by the drainage experts, the electric dump valves are the most convenient and quickest method of emptying your tanks. They make the process simple, safe, and hygienic. Now you don’t need to exit your RV in the cold weather, rain, or snowstorm to crawl your RV downside. Sit in the comfort of the RV interior, push a button, and you are done with the job. No more spending time on tank drainage; enjoy your trip to the fullest with RV electric dump valves.

  • Electric Dump Valve Are Worth the Investment:

Good quality electric dump valves may seem a little bit expensive, but the convenience they bring is worth the investment. Since evacuating the tanks is a continuous job for RV enthusiasts who spend more time on their RV than their homes, electric dump valves are valuable investments that add comfort and convenience to their life.

  • Electric Dump Valves Are Clean And Hygienic:

Installing the electric dump valve in your RV saves you from the hassle of continuously dealing with the sewer. The electric dump valves also save your storage space in the basement compartment—no more handling the manual push/pull valves. 

The RV electric dump valves are a heaven for those RV lovers who find touching the dump hose and valves disgusting. Save your hands and clothes from getting soiled from black and grey water spillage from your RV tanks. Just push the on button and operate your RV dumping system from your couch.

  • Electric Dump Valves Prevent Tank Leakages:

Most of the dump valves feature LED light as an indicator of an open valve. The light will remain on until and unless you shut off the valve completely. It will eliminate your chance of leaving the valves open by mistake. This feature helps prevent unwanted spillage of the black and grey tank contents.

How do you lubricate an RV dump valve?

The 3” valve on the black holding tank and the 1.5” gray valve become sticky with time, especially when your RV is not in use. Drying of the tank components causes a sticky layer to form on the valves.

  • Cleaning:

Before you lubricate the valves, it is essential to empty and clean the tanks. Fill the tank with clean water and dump it. Repeat the process until the sewer ground inlet becomes clear, and no sediments are visible.

Separate the valves from flanges that join them with the piping. Now mix some detergent in hot water and soak the valves in it. Shake the open side of the valve in the water. It will remove the waste particles that accumulate inside the valve with constant use.

When the valve’s inner body seems to be free from debris, remove from water and blow in air to remove the remaining particles from inside.

  • Lubrication:

Now apply Dow 111 synthetic grease to the valve. Apply a thin coating of the lubricant to both sides after closing the gate.

Separate the seals and flanges and check them carefully for any cracks or damage. Replace if required. Then put a thin coating of grease on the seals and put them back on the flanges. Without moving the seals, put the valve back inside the flanges.

Hold the flanges tightly together to insert the bolts and nuts to secure them. The flanges should be tightly pressed against the valve while you place the bolts and nuts.Fasten the four bolts and nuts with the help of a wrench until it is tightened up to 20 inches/pounds torque. Over tightening may cause harm to the flanges and valve.

How to Lubricate the Valve without Removing It from the Flanges?

If you want to lubricate the dump valves without removing them from the flanges, you will need to install a grease zert, often called access port. It allows you to lubricate the valves by removing them. It makes the valve lubrication convenient and hassle-free.

Put a hole in the broadest part of the valve at the top from where the SS shaft is removed when pulled out from the body. This thickness makes it possible for you to tap on the body. Then you can enter a plug or grease zert.

This hole should be in the middle of either side of the SS shaft hole, nearly ½” distance to the SS shaft.

Applying excessive grease on the valve will make it difficult to pull and push. A plug is a better option as it allows you to use a silicone spray into the hole before plugging in.

Tip to Reduce Valve Stickiness:

While installation, keep the valves so that the valve body remains in the 3 – 9 o’clock position. In this way, if the water enters the valve body, it will go back to the pipe’s bottom. When valves are not installed in a 3 – 9 o’clock position of the lower handle, the water remains inside the valve body and causes stickiness.


The RV electric dump valves are the latest innovation in the RV lifestyle. They allow you to drain your RVs black and gray tank contents with the flip of a button. They provide the convenience of operating the RV interiors’ valves, a much significant feature for harsh weather.

Select the best RV electric dump valve to avoid frequent repair, maintenance, and replacement. Once you install them, they will last for years if provided with reasonable care and periodic lubrication. Enjoy your days on trailer truck, fifth wheel, or recreational vehicle without worrying about the overloaded tanks.

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  • How do you keep RV dump valves from freezing?

Several ways can save the RV dump valves from freezing. You can add a safe electrical heating source to the RV pipes and dump valves. The heating source’s temperature must be controlled carefully to prevent the valves and pipe contents from damage.

Adding “Non-toxic RV Antifreeze” to the gray and black tanks will prevent the contents of the tanks as well as the dump valves from freezing.

  • Should I leave my black tank open or closed?

If you leave your black tank open, you will drain all the liquid and the solids will remain standing there in the tank, causing contamination. You must completely close the dump valves on your black tank after you are done with dumping.

  • Does wd40 damage rubber seals?

Some people will say that WD40 can be safely used on rubber. However, it is better to use a silicone-based lubricant as the prolonged use of WD40 may cause damage to the rubber. WD40 is not ideal for use on rubber and may deteriorate it with time.

  • What is the best lubricant for rubber?

Silicone lubricants are the most recommended for use on rubber O-rings and seals. They are best for lubricating and water-proofing the rubber. In this way, they extend the life of the rubber and make it usable for years. Vaseline should not be used to lubricate rubber; it may cause damage to the rubber.

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