Best RV Fridge For Solar Power Reviews And Buying Guide-2022

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If you are a lover of camping with your RV, you will definitely need to have a refrigerator to store away your foodstuff and drinks. The best RV fridge for solar power is the best option as it fits well in small spaces and uses a solar panel to run it.

The Costway Car Refrigerator is one of our best picks as it has a large capacity (55 quarts), which allows you to store enough foodstuff and drinks for more than two people. Besides, it is very mobile and cools fast, thereby leaving your food fresh the way you like it.

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Top 05 best RV Fridges for Solar Power Reviews

01. Costway Car Refrigerator, 55- Quart Portable Compressor Freezer

Salient Feature

  • capacity: 55-quart
  • voltage: 12V
  • Weight: 36Lbs
  • Coolers voltage inputs: 110-240V(AC)/ 12V/24V(DC)
  • Temperature range: -40F-500F
  • Color: Gray
  • Dimension: 27’x13.5’x21’ inches


The Costway refrigerator measures 54quart, making it possible for you to store drinks, foodstuffs, and snacks, including meats and ice cream, comfortably. With the max and ECO working modes, you can adjust the temperature of food to either chilled or frozen.


LED light and LCD display

It features an LED light that helps you to monitor and control the temperature of your foods and drinks, especially in situations where there is low lighting. Additionally, the easy-to-read LCD display allows you to set the temperature you desire while adjusting the compressor’s speed hence convenient energy efficient fridge for solar.


It boasts of a shockproof design that enables it to withstand any harsh environmental conditions. It ensures that the contents inside it remain in good condition. This makes it perfect for use at homesolar fridge, in RVs, fishing, and camping, among others.


You can easily access this fridge using the flip-top design that opens and closes conveniently. Besides, there is an impermeable liner that ensures your food and drinks stay in good condition for as long as you are outside there. The high-efficiency compressor improves its cooling function.


Intelligent Battery Protection

The intelligent battery protection feature makes sure to protect your car battery by offering three levels of protection; low, medium, and high. The fridge’s compressor will stop working once the input voltage gets to the minimum level. When the voltage gets back to normal, the compressor will start working again.


  • easily portable
  • cools faster
  • separate dual-zone design
  • easy to read LCD display
  • large capacity
  • multi-voltage system
  • versatility


  • poor quality cables

02. Joy Tutus Freezer, 42 Quart Portable Refrigerator, 15Min Cooling RV Fridge

Salient Feature

    • capacity: 42 quart
    • voltage: 12V
    • Weight: 38.8 pounds
    • Coolers voltage inputs: 12/24V(DC) 100-240V(AC)
    • Temperature range: 770F-320F
    • Color: Black
    • Dimension: 

25.75’x13.58’x17.4’  inches


This solar fridge camping is suitable for use in your SUV, truck, jeep, van, boats, RVs, and any other vehicles. Besides, you can use it at your home too. It has two power cables that connect to 12/24V DC with 100-240V AC inputs separately. If you have a solar system, they will be highly compatible.

Fast cooling

It has an aluminum interior box that drastically drops the temperature to attain 15 minutes of rapid cooling from 77 down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it can keep your foods and drinks frozen while closed, and when there is no power.

LED Panel

Additionally, this solar powered camping fridge boasts of a crystal clear LED display together with a digital temperature control system. It allows you to not only set the temperature you desire but also adjust it according to your preference. You can accurately grasp its temperature needs.

Separate Dual Area Design

This simply means it is large enough to house different compartments of freezer and refrigeration. The freezer compartment weighs 30L while the other one has a volume of 10L. This allows you to store various foodstuffs and drinks in different areas.

Low Noise Design

The maximum amount of noise it produces as it runs is 45dB, which provides you with a quiet environment, whether in the house or RV.


  • easy to press the switch
  • portable handles for easy movement
  • removable compartment basket
  • ingenious slot design
  • 15 minutes cooling
  • battery protection
  • LED display


  • Poor design of temperature control

03. Donmende 54 Quart RV Refrigerator/ Freezer Compact Vehicle Car Fridge Compressor

Salient Feature

  • capacity: 54 quart
  • voltage: 12V
  • Weight: 40.2 pounds
  • Coolers voltage inputs: 12/24V(DC)/90/240V(AC)
  • Temperature range: 350F to 40F
  • Color: Gray
  • Dimension: 22.4’x14.4’xx19.7’ inches

Digital Control Panel

Its digital control panel simplifies its operations. There is a power switch to power it on and off. Further, you can set and adjust the temperature according to your preference. You can also monitor the battery level easily. The Max and ECO running modes enable you to decrease and increase temperatures.


Do you know that you can efficiently use this refrigerator both at home and in your car? For home use, there are 12/24 DC and 110V- 240V AC cables. Besides, it can work well with your solar system to keep its components cool.

Battery Protection System

To curb against the car’s battery going down, there are three protection levels to protect both the fridge and battery. They include; high, medium, and low. We recommend setting the battery protection on a medium level if you are using it in your RV.


It features a vibrant resistant design that ensures the fridge stays safe while you are out on the road. This makes it ideal for 4WDing because it can run on angles of up to 45 degrees horizontally.

High-Efficiency Compressor

Its high-quality compressor cooling technology delivers deep and fast cooling up to -20 degrees Celsius to maintain constant cooling temperature.

Special Features

Cleaning it is simply because of the drain plug. Moreover, there is a built-in LED that provides excellent illumination in dark or low light conditions thus making it suitable for use as solar powered cooler.


  • easily portable
  • easy to clean
  • LED light
  • beads chain prevent over-opening of the fridge
  • convenient temperature control
  • car battery protection
  • both for home and car use


  • cannot work as a fridge and freezer simultaneously

04. Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator 16 Quart(15 Liter)

Salient Feature

  • capacity: 16 quart
  • voltage: 12V
  • Weight: 18.92 pounds
  • Coolers voltage inputs: 12/24V(DC)
  • Temperature range: -40F
  • Color: C-15N
  • Dimension: 23.54’x12.6’x10.24’ inches


You can keep different types of food cool and fresh using the Alpicool refrigerator. Fruits and vegetables can be kept cool at 10 degrees Celsius, while drinks will maintain coolness at 0 degrees. Moreover, meat and seafood will be at -20 degrees and snacks like ice cream at -17.7 degrees.


This unique solar refrigerator measures10.2*23.5*12.6 inches, therefore able to accommodate 20 cans of 12oz cola, 10 packs of 18oz water, and 6 red wine bottles of 25oz together with another foodstuff.

Low noise design

It is very quiet as it produces less than 45dB of noise, which allows you to have noiseless rest in your car, and also, you cannot distract your neighbors because, for home use, it produces 30dB.

Anti-shake operation

You can easily travel on bumpy roads with your refrigerator as its robust and tough design prevents it from shaking. It can run comfortably in slopes that are below 45 degrees due to the 30 degrees shockproof feature.

Sealing Property Construction

Its construction constitutes thick and high-density foam insulation that works to lock in the cold temperature to prevent leakages. This ensures your foods and drinks remain cool and fresh.

LCD Control

The control panel enables you to monitor the activity of your fridge. You can simply increase or decrease temperatures as you desire and choose between the three battery protection modes.


  • three-stage battery protection
  • durable construction
  • easily portable
  • low noise design
  • LCD control panel
  • low energy consumption
  • 2 in 1 fridge and freezer


  • poor insulation

05. ACOPOWER RA Portable Solar Fridge Freezer for Car and Outdoor

Salient Feature

  • capacity: 42 quart
  • voltage: 12V
  • Weight: 33.8 pounds
  • Coolers voltage inputs: 12/24V(DC)
  • Temperature range: -40F
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 25’x15’x22.8’

Versatile charging options

The built-in battery of this fridge can never run out of power as it has multiple charging options. It has an AC port that allows you to charge it using a standard wall plug. Besides, the DC plug can fit a car lighter charger, generator outlet, or solar power. Moreover, the battery is easily replaceable.

Powerful battery

Its built-in 173Wh lithium-ion battery can last for between 10-15 hours when fully charged and at a 0 degrees Celsius temperature setting. This ensures that your food stays cool and fresh for long.


Featuring heavy-duty wheels and a retractable handle, you can easily roll your fridge from one point to another with much ease. Also, its lightweight and compact design make storage convenient.


It measures 40 liters and can comfortably carry eight 200ml sodas, 30 bottles of 500ml water, 64 cans of 355ml, and another 70 bottles of 236ml water. You can go out camping with your family and have enough food and drinks without having to stop at a food station.

LCD Digital Control Panel

There is an easy to read LCD digital control panel that lets you monitor and adjust the temperature inside the refrigerator. The various electronic temperature settings available on the panel can reach as low as -4 degrees Celsius.


  • quick cooling function
  • easy to read LCD control panel
  • versatile charging options
  • portable
  • long-lasting battery
  • large capacity
  • works as either a freezer or fridge


  • it takes a lot of time to cool

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Buyer’s Guide On The Best Fridge For Solar Power

Because there are so many brands of refrigerators for RV that use solar power, it may be difficult for you to choose, especially as a newbie. There are certain factors you need to consider to make theright choice without regrets. Below are some of them.

  • Refrigerator Capacity

This is a crucial point to consider depending on whether you are using it at home or camping. You will need a big fridge if you plan on being on the road for long or how many people are accompanying you for camping or fishing.

A fridge that offers you enough storage space for your drinks, meats, vegetables, snacks, and fruits is the best. But if you are not on the road so often, you will not need a high capacity fridge or freezer. A bigger fridge will usually cost you more.

Can your fridge fit in your car or that little or big space you have? Before making a purchase, you need to ensure that you can store it away very comfortably.


  • Durability

A generator that can withstand tough environmental conditions to extend its life span is a must-have. You do not want to get a generator that will barely serve you for a year before breaking down. It is essential to check the materials that constitute it.

Solar fridges that have a steel or aluminum construction tend to last longer. Fridges fitted with anti-shake and shockproof features work well on bumpy roads and 45 degrees slopes. So as an RV owner, you ought to consider this before making a purchase.

  • Insulation Properties

Insulation in a fridge works by locking in cold temperature and locking out hot air, thereby maintaining a constant temperature. This makes sure your food stays cold and fresh all through. Moreover, this will put less strain on the compressor.

A good fridge should have a standard insulation thickness of 100mm to work efficiently. If you want to save some of the energy your fridge uses, you will invest in good insulation properties.

  • Portability

Get a fridge that makes it easy for you to move around from one point to another. Some have retractable or foldable hands that allow you to carry or roll without a hassle.

Besides, some have wheels that need you to push your refrigerator. This works for the heavier ones that have large capacities and weigh more. So whether you get a small or a big fridge, ensure that it gives you the option of mobility.

  • LCD Control Panel

How will you know the temperature of the contents inside your fridge? There has to be an easy to read digital LCD control panel for temperature control. Whether you want your food and drinks chilled or frozen, you can easily set your desired temperature and adjust it accordingly.

Being able to control the temperature also allows you to be in control the power consumption. This is why this panel is a must-have on your fridge. With the ECO and Max modes, you can decrease or increase temperature depending on how you want the content inside the fridge to be.

LED lighting goes hand in hand with the LCD control as it provides enough illumination in areas with low lighting. If your fridge has this, then it is an added advantage.

  • Budget

How much you are willing to spend on a solar fridge for your RV is entirely a personal choice. But the price of fridges depends on their quality, capacity, and features they possess. High capacity and good quality fridge will cost more.

Do not settle for anything cheap just because you do not want to tamper with your budget. Get something that will not break down after a few uses.

If your fridge has a warranty, whether 1 or 2 years or even more, it will be more expensive than it does not have. Besides, the more the features it has, the higher the cost and vice versa.

What Is An RV Fridge For Solar Power?

This is an RV fridge that runs on solar power. Simply put, it uses the sun’s energy to keep your foods and drinks cold and fresh. Usually, the sun transmits solar energy into either thermal energy or electric energy to get it up and run.

They are environmentally friendly, and this is why they are becoming popular. Additionally, it cuts on costs, especially the electricity costs because all you need is the sun’s free rays.

As an RV owner, having this type of fridge or freezer is convenient for you while out there on the road. In case you go to a remote area that does not have reliable power sources, this solar fridge will come in handy to ensure that you never run out of fresh food and drinks.

Types Of Solar Refrigerators

  • Solar Photovoltaic Operated Refrigerator

Being the most common among the three, it constitutes of solar panels that have photovoltaic cells. The cells acquire solar energy from the sun and convert it into DC power, converting into AC power that gets the compressor running.

At this juncture, we need to note that fridges can run on either DC or AC power. So if your fridge uses DC power, then there will be no need to convert it into AC.

The refrigerant solution circulates to get rid of any heat inside the fridge system because of the compressor. This leaves your fridge cool, including whatever that is inside.

  • Solar Mechanical Refrigerator

This type has the Rankine engine as its core part. The solar panels will garner the solar energy, which heats the refrigerant liquid. This process ensures that the Rankine engine starts running to turn on the compressor too. The compressor then cools the fridge system.

The downfall of this type of solar fridge is that it needs very high temperatures to power the engine present.

  • Solar Absorption Refrigerator

Just as its name goes, it puts to use the absorption cycle that enables it to deliver the cooling effect to the system of the refrigerator. Here, there is no compressor, but a generator that gets heat from solar energy.

After that, the generator converts the refrigerant into a liquid inside the condenser to provide a cooling effect

Why You Need A Solar Power Fridge In Your RV.

  • Environmental friendly

If you love going green, then the solar fridges are a perfect fit for you. There are no harmful substances released into the environment as your main source of energy is from the sun’s rays. No combustion. No pollution.

  • Suitable for emergencies

This generator eliminates the likelihood of your food going bad in case of any power outages. First and foremost, you will quickly put your solar panel in place and use the solar energy to power it up to get it running.

Secondly, they usually have batteries that store some of the energy acquired from the solar panels. This will ensure your fridge remains in operation even when there is no solar or in case of blackouts.

  • Cost-effective

As we all know, solar energy is free. Free. Apart from being free, it is readily available. All you will need to buy is solar panels. Moreover, some fridges run on DC power, which will not require you to convert into AC power to run the compressor.

This means that you will buy fewer solar panelsthan if you had to convert DC power into AC power, thereby saving you money. Besides, it cuts on all electricity costs, thus cheap.

  • Portability

The fact that you can easily carry around this fridge is just incredible. This is because most of them feature compact and lightweight designs,making them easy to store in your RV. You do not need any help when carrying or installing them,

Also, they come with retractable handles, shoulder straps, or even wheels to make it comfortable enough for you to carry them with you whenever you want.

  • Consumption of power is low

Unlike our typical refrigerators that we use at home or in hotels, these rarely use a lot of power. And this is what makes them popular among RV owners who love camping or living off the grid. The amount of kWh they consume on a daily is not much.

  • Versatility

Are you aware that you can use them as either fridges or freezers? How convenient, right? By just adjusting the temperature appropriately, they serve you well, depending on whether you need the contents inside frozen or chilled.

Besides using them in your RVs, you can carry them in your SUV, boat, car, truck, trailer, and other vehicles. You can still use it in your house, for those who live alone and do not want to budget for a big refrigerator.

Maintenance Tips For A solar Power RV Fridge

  • Do not insert any sharp objects into your solar fridge as this will tamper with the functioning and may be dangerous.
  • When parking your RV, ensure that it is well leveled. You can even use a leveler when need be. If not, it will cause the refrigerant fluid to leak out. This may be dangerous for your fridge.
  • Do not expose the fridge to direct sunlight. If you need to cover your RV side that houses the refrigeratorto prevent this, please go ahead. It will save you the repair costs.
  • Ensure you regularly clean it, including the removable parts that are if it has. A dirty fridge is not attractive and may end up attracting rodents or even cause mold to build up.
  • Ensure you lock the door well after use to prevent leakage of cold air to the outside or warm air sneaking inside the fridge. This improves its performance.
  • Check regularly to ensure that the compressor and evaporator are working correctly. If your fridge frosts regularly, it is essential to defrost it on a regular basis too.


Having dug deep into the 5 best RV fridge, we are quite sure that you will not face any difficulties in making a purchase decision. Ensure to concentrate on the factors that make a solar fridge appropriate for use.

As an RV owner, you genuinely need this fridge to cut on costs and have enough food and drinks without making frequent stops. The best RV solar fridge is one that has useful quality features and keeps your food fresh for as long as you want.

However, if you have any questions about the best RV Fridge for solar power, don’t worry. You can visit our website anytime to get your problem solved. Our website provides all the necessary information you want to enable you to make the right choice in your purchase.

Read More:


  • How many solar panels do I need to run an RV refrigerator?

You need to find out the wattage of your RV fridge by multiplying its amps and volts. Determine the starting and running watts too. If your fridge uses an average of 1.11kWh daily, you will need 300W solar panels.

  • How long will a 12-volt battery run an RV refrigerator?

This largely depends on your refrigerator setup and battery. If the 12-volt battery has an amp rating of 100Ah, it can deliver 5 amps every hour for about 20 hours before it completely drains out.

  • Will a 100W solar panel run a fridge?

A 100W solar panel is relatively low to run a fridge as it requires a high voltage AC or DC power so as to run efficiently. Therefore, we would not recommend you to use this.

  • Do solar panels drain batteries at night?

With a solar charge controller, the batteries will not drain as it prevents power from running back to the solar panels during the night.

  • What size of solar panel do I need to run a fridge?

You will need approximately four solar panels that have a watt rating of about 1000W.

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