Best RV Holding Tank Sensor Cleaner Buying Guide And Reviews – 2022

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Rv holding tank sensor cleaner is a product used to clean up the residue stuck on your RV holding tank sensors. These products work quickly to restore the level gauge and ensure accurate reading on your sensors. Most of these products are non-toxic and, therefore, safe to use in your RV and the environment. We have highlighted the best RV holding tank sensor cleaner in this article to guide you in choosing the product that fits your tank size. It is important to note that the tank sensor cleaners are available in three forms; liquid forms, powder, and drop-in pocket.

I would recommend the Unique RV DIGEST-IT Holding Tank Treatment Liquid – 64 Treatments because it has a large capacity and can use it for several treatments. You are only required to use a half ounce per treatment, making it a cost-effective product. It is non-toxic and, therefore, environment-friendly and safe for both your family and pets.

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Top 05 Best RV Holding Tank Sensor Cleaner Reviews

01. Caravan RV Sensor And Tank CLEANER – Fix Sensors, Clear Toilet And Tank Clogs, Eco-Friendly, Probiotic Bacteria Enzyme Formula, RV & Marine, Black Tanks, Microbial-Based Plumbing Solution

Salient Feature

  • manufacturer: Caravan
  • chemicals: No harmful chemicals
  • time taken to clear tank: 12hrs
  • Convenience in usage: 100% hassle free
  • Dosage of the formula applied: 8 oz
  • Dimension: 7.5*2*5 inches
  • weight: 2.29 pounds


This is one of the best formulae in the market that works efficiently. It breaks down the bacteria immediately. The enzymes produced in the process break down complex molecules into small particles that the bacteria can eat. This results in the elimination of blockages, human waste, odor, sludge, and toilet paper. When your tank has not been adequately maintained for a while, it will take to clear. Old tanks may also take longer to clean. You will have peace of mind when you use this sensor tank cleaner even when traveling due to its efficiency.


This is a safe product for the environment, people, pets, septic tanks, and waterways. The formula does not have harmful chemicals.

Easy to use

Fill the tank with warm water, shake the formula, pour and flush. Allow it to soak. It is still safe to travel and use your toilet when the cleaner is doing the job. The longer the soak period, the higher the cleaning success. Allow 8 to 12 hours.

Product dimensions and weight

the product weighs 2.29 pounds with a dimension of 7.5 * 2 * 5 inches. This is an easy to carry product from one place to another.


  • The formula is eco-friendly and, therefore, safe for people, animals, and the environment.
  • It is easy to use the formula by following the instructions given.
  • The sensory register correctly with this formula.
  • The product clears the tank overnight.


  • It may take longer than 12 hours to clean the tank with these products, especially when your tank is old.

02. Unique RV Sensor Cleaner – 32 Oz. | For RV And Boat Black Water Holding Tanks | Cleans And Restores Level Gauges | Works On Old And New Problems

Salient Feature

  • manufacturer: Unique natural products
  • chemicals: No harmful chemicals
  • time taken to clear tank: 12- 24hrs
  • Convenience in usage: 100% hassle free
  • Dosage of the formula applied: 32oz
  • Dimension: 3.15*3.15*9 inches
  • weight: 2.25 pounds


The tank cleaner takes 12 to 24 hours to do the cleaning. One sensor cleaner bottle should be poured into a tank with warm water for the tank to clear completely. This will allow the tank to dump easily.


Whether you are tank is experiencing old or new problems are there sensor cleaner works perfectly for both. The enzymes and the bacteria in the formula feed on wastes that clear up all the debris. The formula dissolves grease, solid waste, and paper. With this product, you don’t require to do manual cleaning.

Driving requirements.

When cleaning your tank, you don’t need to drive it around because the formula will still work correctly when the RV is stationary.


The formula cleans all the residue stuck on your RV holding tank sensors for accurate readings on your level gauge. This product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


The ingredients used in this product are eco friendly and safe for people, pets, septic tanks, and harbors.

Product weight and dimension

The product weighs 2.25 pounds with 2.15 x 3.25 x 9 inches.


  • Cleans old debris perfectly on one application
  • No harmful chemicals in the ingredients
  • Easy to use and following directions.
  • There is no driving required for the product to work.


  • It may not give results on stuck sensors.

03. Tanktechsrx – RV Holding Tank Treatment & Cleaner – 16 Ounce = 32 Treatments – All Natural Probiotics For RV, Marine, Camping, Portable Toilets

Salient Feature

  • manufacturer: Tank Techs Rx
  • chemicals: Eco friendly
  • time taken to clear tank: 12hrs
  • Convenience in usage: Hassle free
  • Dosage of the formula applied: ½ 0z per treatment
  • Dimension: 11.2*2.6* 2.2 inch
  • weight: 1.2 pounds

TankTechs Rx uses less tank treatment and makes the formula cost-friendly.


You only need 1/2 ounces per treatment, and the tank will be emptied.

Length of time

The sludge’s thickness will determine the length of time taken for the solids to be turned into water.


You can use this product to clean during storage.


The product can be used in gray, black, and galley tanks.

No scent

The formula eliminates odor without any deodorizer.

Eco friendly

the ingredients of the products are all-natural, and no chemicals are used. This makes the product is friendly and safe for both people and pets.

Products dimension and weight

the product has a dimension of 11.2 * 2.6 * 2.2 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds


  • Uses 1/2 Oz per treatment, making the formula cost-friendly.
  • It’s an eco-friendly product.
  • Easy to follow instructions for application.
  • Versatile. It can be used in black galley and grey tanks.
  • It’s is an unscented product.
  • It’s the best product to remove stubborn sensor build up.


  • For first-timers, it may seem hard to follow instructions.
  • Produces a bad odor

04. Unique RV DIGEST-IT Holding Tank Treatment Liquid – 64 Treatments – For RV Black & Gray Water Tanks. Liquefies Sold Waste, Reduces Odor, And Clogs. Prevents Backups, Reduces Odor, And Maintains Working

Salient Feature

  • manufacturer: Unique manufacturing &marketing
  • chemicals: Non- toxic
  • time taken to clear tank: 12hrs
  • Convenience in usage: Easy to follow direction
  • Dosage of the formula applied: ½ 0z per treament
  • Dimension: 6*6*11.9 inches
  • weight: 9.04 pounds

This is a 100% satisfaction guarantee product that can prevent clothes clean level gauges and reduced odors.

Control odors

The formula reduces tank order under certain conditions. It is also designed to digest waste.

Eco friendly

This is a non-toxic product that is safe for the septic systems environment and your family. It is a formaldehyde-free formula.

The product is available in three formulas; the liquid powder and the drop-in pod. The liquid formula is an all-purpose treatment and controls the order in a variety of conditions. If you are a full-time RV camper, this is the best treatment for you. The powder formula is best used in warm temperatures and weather. The drop-in pod is convenient in camping where the weather is warm to stop


1/2 oz is used per treatment. The formula starts digesting all brands of toilet papers and solid waste immediately. It also dissolves heavy sludge and scam that has been intact for years.

Products weight and dimension

The weight of this formula is 9.04 lbs and a dimension of 6 * 6 * 11.9 inches.


  • Dissolve any brand of toilet paper within 3-4hrs.
  • Controls odor in the Rv
  • Easy to follow directions for usage
  • It’s is cost friendly because you only need 1/2 Oz per treatment.
  • Cleans and restores sensors immediately.


  • Noticeable odors
  • It may take more than a day to clean up heavy sludge.

05. Valterra Rv Trailer Camper Sensor Power Super Concentrated Sensor Cleaner V22011

Salient Feature

  • manufacturer: Valterra
  • chemicals: No harmful chemicals
  • time taken to clear tank: 12hrs
  • Convenience in usage: Easy to use
  • Dosage of the formula applied: 8oz can treat upto 40gallon tank
  • Dimension: 1.24*0.46*0.31 inches
  • weight: 1.62pounds


With one bottle of these formulas, you can do two treatments. Eight ounces can treat up to a 40-gallon tank.


it is a non-toxic product and, therefore, safe for septic systems dump stations and any other treatment facility. It is also safe for the environment, family, and pets. It does not harm piping tanks or valves.

Sensor restoration

The product works immediately to break down tissue soap and a waste for the normal sensor functioning. You will be able to have the correct tank gauge reading by cleaning the sensor.


The cleanser is used in both black and grey water tanks to restore normal sensor functioning.

Waste elimination

Heavy sludge and most rigid waste are eliminated faster by this sensor cleaner.

Product dimension and weight

The product dimensions are 1.24 * 0.46 * 0.31 inches. It weighs 1.62 pounds.


  • Easy to use product
  • It is non-toxic and, therefore, safe for septic systems, treatment facilities, and dump stations.
  • Restores the sensor functionality to normal
  • it can be used in both gray and black water tanks


  • You may need to use more of the formula to get great results.

How To Choose The Best RV Holding Tank Sensor Cleaner?

While traveling in an RV, there are many things to think about to ensure you are safe on the road. One of the essential things to consider is a clean tank. An RV holding tank should be adequately managed using the best tank sensor cleaners. A variety of RV holding tanks sensors cleaners are available in the market, and below is a buying guide to help you shop.


Holding tank cleaners come in different forms. You can get the product in liquid powder or drop-in packets. When purchasing, choose the ones convenient for you for treating the tank after every dump.


Using formaldehyde-free products is advisable because it is prohibited in some areas. Formaldehyde-free products are sufficient to reduce odor and breakdown content faster.

Quality of the formula

the quality of the formula will determine how the breakdown of content will happen. Quality products will bring out great results and also bring back the sensor functionality into normal.


consider products that are safe to use in your RV for both your pets and your family. Using non-toxic and formulas that do not have chemicals is advisable because they are eco-friendly and safe for the septic systems.


Many brands sell Rv holding tank sensor cleaners. Consider a brand that is well established in the market in selling these products to get a quality and effective formula.

Bottle size

purchasing a formula with a large bottle size can be cost-saving because you have to apply the treatment on a weekly or monthly basis. This way, you will not have to worry about running out of the formula when traveling.


Before purchasing the sensor cleaner, it’s essential to consider whether it is compatible with your holding tank. The solution to use will depend on the tank size.


Purchase products that have instructions that are easy to follow in cleaning your holding tank. This way, you will take less time to walk through the process.

How To Clean Gray Water Tank Sensors?

Gray water tank sensors stop or working when there is a buildup of food grease on the sensor probes. This causes the sensors to misread. You need to correct this issue and get rid of the sensor’s grease to have normal functioning. The blue dawn dish soap is one of the best cleaners to remove grease and digests grim. follow the following steps to clean your grey water tanks sensors

Follow the following steps to clean your grey water tank sensors.

  • Fill the tank with water.

Close your gray tank valve and fill the tank with water to ensure it covers the misreading sensor to clean the unit effectively.

  • Pour the sensor cleaner on your kitchen sink line

if you’re using the blue dawn dish soap for at least 20 ounces of the formula on the Arby’s kitchen sink line. The formula starts to form back out on the line. You should not worry about this because it is a startup process of the grease consuming the dish soap to clean the pipe.

  • Overnight stay

Leave the process to work overnight to ensure the grease is wholly digested on your sink pipe.

  • Open the tank valve

dump the tank by opening the tank valve in the morning. You will be able to see a white or a grey residue on the pipe discharge of your holding tank. The residue on the bottom is the grease that was clinging to the holding tank walls

  • Rinse the tank

Use clean water to rinse your tank severally by filling and dumping it

  • Repeat the process

To completely restore the sensor’s normal functioning, you may need to repeat the process several times.

How To Use RV Holding Tank Sensor Wiring Diagram For Calibrating RV Tank Sensors?

At the One control touch panel home screen, press and release the icon at the top left five times.

Press yes on the warning box that will appear, asking you whether you would like to continue with the process.

Scroll down the touch screen until you find the tank monitor controller heading.

Rename each tank sensor by pressing the white box using the list of names available on the function.

Select the name you want and press the blue set button. This is done through the wiring diagram. You will receive a successful message on the screen indicating the name you have changed.

Repeat the step for other terms with the sensor connected to the tank monitor.

Every latching relay should also be given a name. You will use the wiring diagram and select the name. Press the blue set button, and you will receive a message that the process has been successful. Repeat the same process on the other latching relay.

After completing the process, press the home icon to complete the configuration and exit.

How Do You Replace A Black Tank Water Sensor?

The black water tank is usually at the rear left-hand side of the RV. It holds the waste and sewage water from the toilet. If it needs replacement, it can take you half a day to do the job.

Use silicone caulk court to provide the water tank with additional waterproof. Use the metallic ruler to know where the diesel line ends. Add a silicone caulk on the toilet cause as well as inside the RV. Remove the measuring tape out of the tank to know what is causing the sensor to misread. You simply need to install the hose miracle probe sensor, and the unit will function correctly.

What Are The Three Types Of Holding Tank Sensor Treatment?

RV holding tanks sensor treatment is available in three types. They include tablet liquid and a drop-in pocket. The liquid form is poured into the toilet or the sink line and flows down to the septic tank. Most people prefer the liquid form because it works faster and efficiently due to its volatile nature and its ability to break down waste and toilet paper.

Tablet and powder form

These two forms work the same. The user is required to put the tablets on the toilet water. The tablet breaks into smaller particles that pass through the septic tank removing the grease and residue on the septic tank line and walls.

What Are The Advantages Of RV Holding Tank Treatment?

The system is cleaned.

RV holding tank sensor cleaners have enzymes and bacteria that clean the system properly. They also clean the level gauge and ensure the sensor reads correctly. When the holding tank is cleaned, it gives you alerts about any problem occurring.

Reduces odor

when the tank is not cleaned, there is a likelihood of a bad smell occupying the environment. Using holding tank deodorizer or the sensor cleaners can cover up and ensure the RV has fresh air in circulation.

Prevents clogs

The septic tank may fill up without your knowledge. with the holding tank sensor cleaner. You will be able to dissolve what is in the tank through these chemicals. This will prevent blockage and clogging of the tank.

How Can I Stop My Holding Tank From Smelling?

  • Refill the water tank

Refilling the water tank is vital to ensure things are flowing smoothly. This is important to prevent the tank from drying out and ensure whatever gets into the toilet mixes with fluid. The holding tanks will start smelling and get damaged when solid materials remain.

Add water and black water tank chemicals solution every time you flush the toilet and add water into the tank to ensure enough in the holding tank to prevent the bad smell. It’s essential to get the best quality chemical and follow instructions when using under holding tank.

  • Clean your holding tank


Tank sensors are the essential aspect of an RV. You must maintain them properly for better use when traveling. You need to use the best tank sensor cleaner for proper maintenance. We have highlighted the best RV holding tank sensor cleaner in the market to help you get the best products. Take time and go through the review.


What Cleaner Is Safe For RV Holding Tank Sensor?

Using a high-quality formula is the safest way to clean your tank sensor. The surface cleaner for your septic systems includes the following.

  • Unique RV sensor cleaner- 32 oz
  • Caravan RV center and tank cleaner
  • Unique 20 pack Rv digest
  • Camco 41553 TST ultra
  • TankTechRx -Rv holding tank treatment and cleaner

These products are non-toxic, and therefore you can be assured they are safe to use in your RV.

Is Bleach Bad For The RV Holding Tank Sensor?

No. When using bleach to clean your RV holding tank, fill the tank with water and bleach solution. Use a one-quarter cup of the bleach solution on one gallon of water. The solution is safe to be disposed of at a dump station.

How Do You Test An RV Holding Tank Sensor?

When your monitors indicate that your tank is still full when you have flushed, it means that it has a problem. Most likely, there could be stuck with the breeze on the sensor knob, causing misread.

To test the holding tank sensors, use a screwdriver to remove the tank screws. Wet your hands and touch the metal part of the screwdriver. This is a skill that is used to ground out every sensor as you look at the display. When you touch, you will realize the changes that will occur on display, and you will know which tank sensor is not operating.

How do RV holding tank sensors work?

If your RV has a traditional sensor, it uses a low voltage electrical system to complete the circuit. The senses are mounted on the tank’s sidewalls to ensure their heads are inside the tank while the sensors ascend physically or descend on the body of the holding tank in a line.

Can you leave your grey water tank open?

Yes. There’s no problem with leaving your grey water tank open because the water will run down the drain. This is because dumping is not openly done, and you don’t have to pay attention to how full the tank is.

How often should a black tank be dumped?

It’s essential to wait for the holding tank to reach 2/3 full before dumping. When you leave the process for a longer time, it will break down the solids correctly. It is therefore advisable to at least dump once a week.

Can holding tanks freeze?

Yes. You’re holding tank and freeze depending on the location they are at within your rig. They should be above the floor level to delay the freezing process through the interior furnace heat. If the RV holding tanks have already frozen, use safety gear such as goggles and gloves—Thaw the RV holding tank with a blow dryer. Ensure the distance between the tank and the blow dryer is between 6 and 12 inches. Bring the blow dryer back and forth over the exposed tank area, and it will be unfrozen. If you don’t have a blow dryer, you can use saltwater down the drain to unfreeze the pipes. Ensure the water is hot to thaw out.

Can I leave water in my RV black tank?

It is essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions and directions to ensure you’re using the tank correctly. Nevertheless, leaving water in your RV black tank ensures the tank is clean at all times. Most manufacturers’ instructions will tell you to leave the black tank valve open to prevent water from backing up and flooding in your RV through the toilet.

Cleaning your holding tank can keep your waste systems clean and free from bad smells. There are professionals you can hire if you cannot do it yourself to do the cleaning.

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