Best RV Power Surge Protector Reviews And Buying Guide-2022

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Purchasing an RV surge protector is a crucial step to protect our valuable items from power fluctuations. Therefore, you need the best RV power surge protector to avoid losing much money from your investments. With many devices in the market, you may find it difficult to make the best choice.

The portable surge protector is our most preferred choice. It comes with outstanding features, including its ability to withstand any weather conditions ensuring efficient working even in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the model identifies faulty power instantly making it the best. Therefore, our in-depth research provides the best RV surge protectors you may choose from according to your preferences.

The HW5OC Hardwired EMS Surge Protector is a reliable device coming with digital displays for providing full information on the power source. The device gives full security at all modes, multi-mode, polarity, voltage, polarity, and open neutral. Additionally, it is easy to replace because it involves simply plugging and saving on time for repair. It comes with outstanding features, including protection for low and high power, lifetime warranty, among other features for performance enhancement.

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How To Choose the Best RV Power Surge Protector?

As an RV owner, you will definitely need to buy the best RV power surge protector if you need to protect it and its appliances from any surges and spikes in voltage. Without a power surge protector, appliances will experience damages that will need you to spend much on repairs. This, you do not want.

Being a newbie, you may not have any experience with surge protectors therefore making it difficult for you to make the right purchase decision. There are several important factors that you need to consider to enable you buy the right surge protector for your RV.

30 Amps or 50 Amps?

This basically means the type of electrical supply on your RV. Is your RV 30 or 50 amps? This is an important factor to consider. The surge protector you plan on buying has to match with the electrical supply needs of your RV.

A good surge protector, whether 30 or 50 amps should ideally protect your 50 amp RV conveniently and vice versa. You can easily differentiate the two using the prongs. A 30 amp has 3 while a 50 amp has 4.

Hence, after identifying if your RV is 50 or 30 amp, you can now comfortably buy a surge protector that perfectly suits your RV and the appliances present in it. Failure to do this may lead to false connections which will cause damages eventually.

Portable or Permanent Surge Protector

Mainly, there are two types of surge protectors; either portable or hard wired. Portable protectors are those that are easily mobile, in that you can move them from one place to the other. On the other hand, hard wired surge protectors are permanently installed on your RV’s compartment.

Nowadays, portable surge protectors are more popular among RV owners in comparison to hard wired ones. This is because they are easy to install and replace altogether. You do not need to have any electrical knowledge so as to install it. Their main downside is that they may be exposed to harsh climatic conditions.

Hard wired surge protectors are usually more expensive but are efficient as well. Moreover, they do not face exposure to tough environmental conditions such as rainfall and UV rays.

Easy to Install

Who needs a hard to install surge protector every time they need to embark on a journey with their RVs? You certainly need to get a surge protector that allows you an easy time to set it up and begin usage immediately. Most portable protectors install with much ease unlike the hard wired ones.

Hard wired protectors undergo a complicated process just to install and you may need an experienced technician to make this possible. Failing to install it correctly may lead to dire consequences.

Also, it is essential to make sure that the device you are about to buy comes with a clear set of instructions that eases the installation process. Do not buy something that needs the input of more than one person. You might be alone in the wild and do not know how to install.

UL Certification

A surge protection that features UL certification is more reliable as they as it is proven safe and secure for use by RV owners. If you need to ensure that your appliances are highly safeguarded, then get one that has UL certification. Such surge protectors have undergone frequent testing by experts and have passed such safety tests.

To achieve high performance and excellent output, a UL certified surge protector comes in handy. Those that do not have this kind of certification may greatly disappoint you and cause lots of damages therein.


Normally, budget is a personal decision. It depends on how much you are ready and willing to spend on a certain device. Surge protectors have different price ranges depending on size and the features they possess. Most efficient protectors may cost between $150 and 300$.

Anything costing below $100 may not be reliable. As the saying goes, cheap is expensive. Buying a cheap surge protector may cause a lot of damages which forces you to incur greater costs for repairs. Either way, get a surge protector that is economical but still delivers optimum performance.

LED Display

The LED display on a surge protector clearly outlines important information that you need to know about your RV’s electrical system. Most importantly, it has to be easy to read and understand. Something you do not understand will not quite make sense to you.

Their main function is to caution and indicate any dangers that may occur to your RV’s electrical system. The different lights on this display will indicate issues such as faulty wiring, reverse polarity, open neutral, open ground and high or low voltage among others. Thus, you need to familiarize yourself with the contents on the display.

What Are The Best RV Power Surge Protector?

01. Progressive Industries Hw50c Hardwired Ems Surge & Electrical Protection- 50 Amps

Salient Feature

    • Surge Protection: 5-Mode / 3,580J / 88,000A.
    • Ratings: 50A / 120V/240V / 12,000W.
    • Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C
    • Cable Length: 14′ Data Cable
    • Item Weight: 2.49 pounds
    • Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 5.7 x 4.9 inches


It has a remote control.

The device has a digital display of all information on the power source. The display comes with a remote control that allows the user to scroll continuously through the information. Therefore, the user must not be close to the device to know how the power source works. Additionally, the digital display shows the user all the information on voltage, current, frequency, code error, and the previous code error. Additionally, the lighted display on its front ensures the user reads instructions.

Saving previous error codes

The product ensures the user knows everything happenings in the power source. Furthermore, it displays the current code error and shows the previous code errors since it saves them.

Protection for low and high power

The model offers both under and overprotection, ensuring the safety of the rig of your vehicle. Therefore, your car has full protection from any surge, including low voltage providing you with peace of mind. Similarly, the device improves the thermal protection of your vehicle and its frequency protection too. Therefore, the device handles any surge saving the user from any troubles concerning both high and low power voltage.

It comes with a lifetime warranty.

The device comes with an unlimited warranty. Therefore, customers may take it back to manufacturing for any damages taking place within the transaction process. A lifetime warranty saves the user the trouble of purchasing another HW5OC. Additionally, the manufacturers issue any changes concerning the device to the users after purchasing to keep track of everything, including price changes.


  • It offers protection from both high and low surges
  • Saves previous code errors to help the user in future troubleshooting
  • Comes with a controllable digital display.
  • The lighted display ensures easy reading
  • The device has an overall smart design


  • It has a tight connection, which may make plugging it a bit difficult.

02. Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector – 50 Amp

Salient Feature

  • Surge Protection: 4200 Joules, 120/240V, 50A 
  • Cord : 10/3 AWG 
  • Brand: Technology Research
  • Item Dimensions: 22.1 x 3.8 x 3.5 inches

Surge Guard 44270 is another model that will provide you with the safety that you need. It is versatile and reliable to offer full protection to the users. Additionally, the outstanding model handles all weather conditions and is easily portable, ensuring easy movement to varied areas.

It has high versatility

The device tends to create a good impression on the users due to its versatility. It handles more than one task, including providing safety and protection to users. Consequently, users carry the device even on camping or travel outings.

It is fully reliable

With Surge guard 44270, there is no need for tension because it is capable of handling anything. It offers protection according to the RV demands ensuring your safety. Additionally, users rely on it without fear or doubt because it offers protection from the energy of up to four thousand Joules. Therefore, the surge protector has the full potential of handling high voltage.

Identifies faulty power

The surge protector ensures there is no damage to the equipment as a result of faulty park power. The device identifies any faulty power after analyzing circuits to give verification of pedestal power. Therefore, it protects your car from power surges and ensures your power system is not faulty.

It is portable

The device comes with a lightweight and portable design allowing the user to carry it from one place to another. Additionally, installing the protector is easy; you only need to plug it into the power source, saving time.

Has illuminated indicators

The surge protector ensures that the user is aware of the power status. Additionally, indicators have proper lighting ensuring the users easily read what they display. Furthermore, indicators display the voltage, frequency, and current of the power, ensuring the user knows when the power shoots preventing damages.

Able to handle all weather conditions

The device’s performance does not change according to current weather conditions. Therefore, it functions normally, regardless of whether it’s extremely sunny or freezing. Additionally, the device provides enough security, even on open neutral and open ground cases.


  • It is multifunctional since it does not only handle RVs.
  • Offers protection to high amounts of energy
  • Easily portability model.
  • Identifies faulty power preventing damages
  • It is resistant to the weather


  • The readable Indicators are not very strong.

03. Hughes Autoformer Bx4370 Power Watch Dog 30 Amp Surge Protector (Pwd30)

Salient Feature

  • Surge Protection: 30 amp, 2400 joules
  • Brand: Hughes Autoformer
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 3 Pounds

BX4370 comes with high creativity and innovation to meet all the needs of the user. The model has all the features that any buyer would like in a good surge protector. Notably, the device takes little space, saving on storage. Additionally, it constitutes easy-grip handles, ensuring users’ comfortability while reducing fatigue.

A Bluetooth connectivity

The model comes with a built-in Bluetooth connectivity that allows the user to monitor the surge protector’s performance through their smartphone. In the case of odd readings, messages are sent to the owners by the PWD30. Therefore, the user must not stay near the device, checking whether anything goes wrong.

Automatic power shutdown

The device automatically turns off the power, ensuring users’ safety by preventing possible dangers arising when the power goes very high. Therefore, the PWD30 automatically cuts off the power supply after breaching safety parameters breached, ensuring your vehicle’s safety.

It takes little time to start working

The device saves on time by taking seconds only to turn on after it is plugged in. Additionally, the surge protector ensures the safety of delicate appliances of recreational vehicles. It does so by taking a delay of ninety seconds after power comes back on. Therefore, the user’s appliances are safe from any high voltage capable of causing damage.

Saves storage space

The product comes with a slim design that makes storage easy. Users vehicles with little storage space in their vehicles have their needs covered. Therefore, any user wanting to save on space in their vehicle’s rig should prefer the PWD30 surge protector.

Lightweight and easy-grip handles

The surge protector is easily portable because it is not heavy. It weighs around 3lbs making it convenient for the user to carry around. Additionally, the easy to grip handles make carrying the device easy for the user. Furthermore, the easy-grip handles protect users’ fatigue, ensuring transporting from one place to another.


  • Consistent performance ensures long time use.
  • It comes with remote monitoring through a Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sends Clear notifications sent to the user on the model functioning


  • Quality control over the device may be tiresome

04. Southwire 34930 Surge Guard 30a – Full Protection Portable With Lcd Display, Black

Salient Feature

  • Surge Protection: 30A
  • Universal Fit Type: 3600 Watts
  • Brand: Southwire
  • Item Weight: 3.39 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23.25 x 5.5 x 4.25 inches
  • Display: LCD display (English)

Southwire 34930 surge Guard 30A comes with the best design that makes monitoring their electrical systems simple. It takes little time to start working after plugging in, incorporating power delay to ensure electronic gadgets’ safety. Notably, the device comes with a sacrificial design that indicates whether the surge protector has been damaged.

It takes little time to start

The device saves time by running within ten seconds after plugging in. A countdown reads on the display of the surge protector signifying the start-up sequence. Additionally, the device ensures your electronics’ safety by incorporating a delay after the power is back on. Therefore, the user has an assurance of the electronics’ safety even after a power surge occurs.

It has a sacrificial design

The surge protector comes with an incorporated sacrificial design to let users know when damage occurs. The sacrificial protector informs the user when the protector needs replacement to prevent causing damages. Additionally, an indicator next to the surge shows whether the device is still in good condition. Notably, when lit, the surge protector needs a replacement. However, it may still function, but users should replace it for their electronic appliances’ safety.

It has integrated testers

The device comes with testers that give users information on power status. Users know about polarity, ground, voltage, and current. Therefore, the user is aware of any change that may take place in the power system and cause damage to the system. Additionally, it comes with an LCD for the reader to have clear readings.

It is portable

The surge protector comes with a design that ensures easy portability. Users, therefore, do not find it hard carrying the device from one place to another. Additionally, it is compatible with any environment and weather conditions.


  • It has a unique compatibility
  • Control is friendly to the user
  • Readable and useful display to the user


  • The surge protector design needs several overhauls

05. Surge Guard 35550 Hardwire Model – 50 Amp

Salient Feature

  • Surge Protection: 50 amp Surge Guard, 3850 Joules 
  • Reset: 128 second reset delay protects A/C compressor
  • Brand: Surge Guard
  • Item Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 4 inches

Surge Guard 35550 Hardwire model is another reliable surge protector that continuously monitors the power and automatically cuts it short to detect any power surge. The device also detects open grounds, high or low voltage, and miswired pedestals that may damage electronic devices. Notably, the product comes with outstanding features, including high voltage protection and weather-resistant features for functioning under any weather condition.

It automatically resets when the power comes back on

The surge protector does not require the user to turn it on when the vehicle’s power is set to go. It restarts automatically while ensuring there is no high voltage that causes damage to the appliances. Therefore, it saves the user the time of restarting the surge protector anytime the vehicle’s rig is running.

A high voltage protection

It comes with a unique feature of offering protection against more than three thousand joules of energy. Similarly, it detects any dangerous changes like a reverse in polarity or surge failures. Therefore, it assures the safety of the user’s electronics.

It is permanently fixed.

The device is installed permanently, which helps to prevent theft cases. Similarly, it is safe from any external damages. Additionally, it comes with a pull handle that makes plugging the device into any source power possible. Therefore, the user does not have to worry about storage or portability factors since once the protector is in place, it cannot be moved.

Short delay after a restart of power

The device design constitutes a reset delay of one hundred seconds. Therefore, any power surge after the power back does not damage the device. Similarly, it ensures protection of the compressor that controls the surge protector.


The device functioning doesn’t rely on weather conditions. Additionally, it comes with a cover that ensures safe outdoor use. Therefore, whether the weather is hot, cold, warm, or even freezing, the surge protector will function normally. With the model, you don’t have to worry even when the weather changes because the vehicle is safe from power surges.


  • The devices come with a lifetime warranty
  • Locking bracket ensures safety from theft
  • Its display is easy to read
  • The strong handle pull ensures comfortability


  • The device takes up a large storage space

06. Camco 50 Amp Rv Power Defender Voltage Protector/Monitor With Integrated Surge Protection, Designed With Easy To Use Powergrip Handles (55306)

Salient Feature

  • Surge Protection: 50-Amp, (>132 VAC) and low (<102 VAC) voltage
  • Time Delay for Reset: 140 seconds
  • Brand: Camco
  • Model: 55306
  • Item Weight: 6.82 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 27.5 x 5.4 x 5.9 inches

Camco 50Amp RV power defender voltage is another model coming offering protection to both high and low voltage. Additionally, it constitutes a comparison key that gives the user different lighting combinations warning on electrical issues. Additionally, the device can act against power surges of above four thousand joules of energy.

Offers protection for both high and low voltage

Apart from handling power surges, the device protects your car from both high and low voltages. Additionally, the electronic appliances in your car are safe from any damages. You should never worry since the surge protector handles energy up to more than four thousand joules.

It automatically connects and disconnects

The device comes with auto-connect and disconnects features to ensure the safety of your couch. It automatically disconnects and cuts off power when in case of a dangerous power surge. Notably, the automatic connection takes place when the operating conditions restore to normal. Therefore, the owner has full assurance that the appliances are safe from any surge with the 55306 in place.

The device is weather-resistant

It functions under all weather conditions regardless of whether they are harsh or not. However, the device resists adverse weather conditions when installed in an upright position. Therefore, your vehicle will be safe even during a freezing weather state.

Indicates any faults present

The device updates the user when there are any faults present in the circuit or power system. Therefore, the user takes precautions before starting the power of the vehicle. Additionally, the device ensures full safety of your vehicle’s rig even from the power system and not only a rise or fall in voltage or current.


  • It functions in harsh weather conditions
  • The good display makes ensures easy reading
  • It comes with power grip handles for easy transportation


  • It is pricey; therefore, affording one may be challenging.

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Who Makes The Best Rv Surge Protector?

There are numerous brands responsible for the manufacture of different RV surge protectors. You cannot regret purchasing working tools from each industry since they are of top quality and offers outstanding services to users. Below is a discussion of brands that make the best RV surge protector.

  • Progressive Industries.

Progressive is a worldwide manufacturing industry of hardwired and portable EMS systems and RV perfect surge protectors. The construction of surge equipment constitutes high quality materials for durability and strength enhancement. Some of the products produced by progressive industry include HW50C Hardwired EMS Surge and electrical protectors to offer the highest level of surge and electrical protection available. You can wire them between electrical panel and AC inlet of your vehicles to prevent running the risk of leaving behind surge protectors and facilitating piece of mind during the operation.


Camco is the next common brand for the manufacture of the best surge protectors. The industry is capable of manufacturing numerous products using separate state of art facilities. These facilities include water pressure regulators, high quality water filters, hose elbows, plastic water heater pans, clothing, RV sewer water hoses and surge protectors. The brand is responsible in making surge protectors like 50 Amp RV power defender voltage protector. This devices comes with auto connection feature for dangerous disconnection and automatic reconnection after restoring normal conditions of operation.

Do I Really Need A Surge Protector For My Rv? Why?

Yes, there are various advantages why individuals require surge protectors for their RVs. Below are different benefits of using surge protectors for effective operations.

Regulate the electrical flow.

Most of surge protectors allow 140 volts only for power flow through the mechanism. It can get destroyed by anything more than 140 volts and the equipment can struggle when subjected to a temperature that is less than 140 hence failing to perform efficiently.


Safety is another benefit that users can enjoy from surge protectors. They design these devices with the extra protective features to prevent fire hazards and electrical shocks. Additionally, the modifications include shut-off switches for emergency. These features are important for protecting the RV from lightning strikes effects where there is a storm

Identify a faulty power supply.

Many surge protectors provide alerts to users when trying hooking up the RV to unregulated power supply. Accordingly, individuals can get alerts in case of improper connection between the power source and RV as well as other electrical anomalies.

Protect your investment.

Investment protection is another advantage users can enjoy when purchasing surge protectors. Many RV users experience the blowing fear of the equipment particularly when joining the RV the pedestal composite power. Accordingly, surge protectors offers the best value since it is a decent investment for protecting RV and the equipment inside getting destroyed by power that is faulty.

Do I Need A 30 Amp Or 50 Amp Surge Protector?

The perfect way of thinking about surge protector you require to choose a proper product for shore power RV with 30 or 50 amp. Using 30 amp pedestal adapter or a 50 amp home outlet is important for better plugging into the RV.

If you need quality investment of surge protectors with no breaking the bank and scaling the great RV adventure, it is important to look for 30 amp from surge guard. Accordingly, the model is highly portable and made for 30 amp connections and designed for simple installation.

Besides, the device allow easy hardwiring directly into the electrical system of RV. The setup of this device is important for simple hooking and plugging in the power cord to the required pedestal immediately after installation.


There are numerous RV power surge protectors in the market today with advanced specifications. Each model has unique features for performance enhancement. Our in-depth research selected the best modes to help in making a perfect choice. Therefore, customers need to visit our website and study safely on the best RV power surge protector performance to avoid later inconveniences.


Can an RV surge protector go bad?

Surge protectors are not made to last forever. They wear out eventually. The lifetime of a surge protector is measured according to the joules. Once the joules are over, then the device also stops working partly or completely. But if you use to well, it will last you a longer period.

Is RV safe in lightning?

Yes it is safe in case of lightning. If your RV features heavy metal construction, then it will surely withstand lightning and keep the people inside it safe. Always stay inside your RV and ensure to disconnect the whole electric system beforehand and also turn off all the electrical appliances. This will prevent further damages.

How do I secure my RV surge protector?

Surge protectors are prone to being stolen because they are installed outside your RV. Therefore you need to securely lock them in place to prevent against this using a bicycle chain and a padlock. You can also use a lockbox that is spacious enough to protect the surge protector together with its electric cord.

What causes reverse polarity in an RV?

Reverse polarity may occur due to swapping of neutral and hot wires by improper connection. Accordingly, the pedestal plugs of RV reverse polarity may be huge damage to all the pedestals linkage.

What is inside a surge protector?

Surge protectors contain metal oxide varistors (MOV) and gas discharge arrestors. These two components enable electrical devices or appliances to go on operating, and at the same time diverting excess energy to the grounding wires.

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