Best RV Rubber Roof Cleaner And Protectant Reviews & Buying Guide-2022

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Finding the best RV rubber roof cleaner and protectant and high-quality product is exceptionally challenging. However, it does not mean that the product comes with some fault. But the enormous amount of choices has made the complete process complicated. It has become tough to select one of the best rubber roof cleaners and protectants. In this guide, you will know some of the best products in detail, which will help to remove your useless worries over these. These products are the best-reviewed, and in-depth buying prices will give better outcomes and be a valuable tool.

B.E.S.T. 55048 rubber roof cleaner and protectant is one of the best rubber roof cleaners which enable easy cleaning of all the waste substances off your RV’s roof. It works on a non-petroleum formula, which easily cleans the RV roof and offers high performance. It is very easy to use and prevents your RV roof from molds and fungus.

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Top 06 Best Rv Rubber Roof Cleaner And Protectant Reviews

01. B.E.S.T. 55048 Rubber Roof Cleaner/Protectant – 48 Oz (Packaging May Vary)

Salient Feature

  • Brand: B.E.S.T
  • Dimensions: 8.5×4.75×3.5 inches
  • Model: 55048
  • Size: 48 oz
  • Cleaner formula: Biodegradable
  • Formula quality: Non-petroleum

This product is a must-buy if you are looking to extend the life of an RV roof. It is well known to remove harmful layers from the roof that might reduce down its life. It is very easy to use and has non petroleum formula which makes it non-toxic and it is non abrasive too. Few of the important features of it include:


This product has dual quality as it cleans and also protects the RV roof. This double-feature will help you to clean the RV roof and will ensure to cover the top by keeping it perfect like its original view. This product will extend the life of your rubber roof matting by dual quality performance of cleanness and conditioning at the same time.


The quality of this product is known as one of the best. This product’s professional strength is a non-petroleum formula, which helps to apply safely and quickly cleans streaks, oxidation, and applies the film as it also moisturizes your rubber roof. This product enables you to protect the RV roof for a minimum of two years.

Easy to use

The product is easy to apply as an easy access process to step on while processing with the cleaning of the RV roof. This will help to prevent mold, mildew, and fungus growth and make sure to give a continuous look by providing added years to your roof life.


  • This product offers two functions cleaning and protectants operation.
  • It helps to prevent fungus and mold.
  • This product offers two functions in one application.
  • This product provides easy to access operation
  • The product gives more durability.


  • Sometimes the product description and packaging can be varied.

02. Propack B.E.S.T. 55128 Rubber Roof Cleaner And Protectant – 128 Oz

Salient Feature

  • Brand: Propack
  • Dimensions: 11×7.5×3.5 inches
  • Model: 55128
  • Size: 128 oz
  • Cleaner formula: Biodegradable
  • Formula quality: Non-petroleum

Protecting the surface of RV roofs by just cleaning and conditioning is the dream of every Rv owner. If you have got this fantastic product, you need not worry any longer about the roof’s condition. Few of its noteworthy features include:

Effective function

This product also cleans and protects in one application, and one doesn’t need to go for two products in a separate way to use for two different functions. This product ensures high performance as it works very effectively by cleaning the RV roof and providing protection cover to the RV roof.

Graded quality

This product is more versatile and durable, which helps extend your RV rubber roof’s life by cleaning and protecting one easy go as the exclusive features are provided in one single application. This product does not contain any harmful chemicals, as it is a non-petroleum formula.

Ensure maintenance

This product has professional strength and safely ensured to clean all worst streaks or oxidations and also road film to moisturizers and preserves your RV rubber roof. To maintain the RV roof in better condition for ling, you must use the product for almost twice a year.


  • This product is a non-petroleum formula.
  • Provide safe and easy cleaning process
  • Protect against all odd mold, mildew, or even stop the growth of fungus.
  • This product will help to maintain RV roof for a long time as it is long-lasting
  • This product provides high performance.
  • Extend the life of your RV rubber roof.


  • Give a high tolerance to strong smells.

03. Dicor Corporation Rp-Rc-1gl Dicor Rubber Roof Cleaner Gallon

Salient Feature

  • Brand: Dicor
  • Dimensions: 12 x 7.5 x 4 inches
  • Model: RP-RC-1GL
  • Size: 128 oz
  • Cleaner formula: Biodegradable
  • Formula quality: Non-petroleum

This product is designed specifically with high formulation to gently handle the rubber roofing and keep it clean by removing the extra dirt layer and conditioning the entire surface. Some of its astounding features are shared below. These include:

Product Quality

This product is specifically formulated for RV rubber roofing. It is biodegradable, which enables deep cleaning formula and lifts the dirt or grime from the RV roof’s surface. This product is well known for its quality as it helps keep RV roof clean and provide long-lasting protection.


This product allows easy-to-use processes and prevents black streak from your RV rubber roof’s surface. You can easily spray on and brush by using a soft bristle brush. Using a bristle brush, you can apply the product on your roof conveniently and then rinse off. After that, it is straightforward to apply the protective layer to the surface of the RV roof.


The main feature of this product is that it offers more durability. The protection layer applied by using this product lasts for the long term. As mentioned earlier, it is straightforward to use also. This ensures the excellent maintenance of your RV rubber roof for a long time.


  • This product is formulated especially for RV rubber roofing.
  • This product contains biodegradable deep cleaning formula.
  • The product doesn’t offer any harmful effects.
  • It works for a long time, and make sure to keep your rubber roofing in healthy condition.
  • This product is easy to use, and one can easily use this product.
  • The work shows the best result with a decor roof guard roof protector.


  • Comes at a higher price than expected

04. Premium RV Rubber Roof Cleaner – Non-Toxic, Non-Abrasive RV Roof Detergent 64 Oz – Thetford 96016

Salient Feature

  • Brand: Thetford
  • Dimensions: 17×10.5×8.3 inches
  • Model: 96016
  • Size: 64 oz
  • Cleaner formula: Biodegradable
  • Formula quality: Non-Toxic

If you have been looking for a product that is entirely free from any abrasive component and gently cleanse and conditions the RV roof, then you have got this right.


Thetford’s Rubber cleaner for roof and conditioner is mainly formulated to act as a cleaner and degreaser. This product doesn’t consist of any abrasive components as it is safe and ensures to keep your RV rubber roof safe. The product contains several active ingredients that help remove oxidation, bird droppings, and dirt build-up quickly.


Thetford’s Rubber cleaner for the roof with conditioner is straightforward to use. It can be used in hardly three simple steps. Make sure to sweep the loose dust off the RV roof before applying Roof cleaner and conditioner. To activate the cleaner, make sure to use a sponge mop to clean and loosen the dirt or chalk from the surface of the RV roof.

Effective work

The product contains some active components that help remove heavy grime and chalk accumulation from the roof surface. This product helps to prevent black streaks also. It also offers safety as the product comes with non-toxic and non-abrasive components.


  • This product is specifically formulated as a cleaner for RV rubber roofing.
  • This product consists of many functional ingredients which enable to remove oxidation or dirt.
  • The product offers easy to operate functions
  • It is very convenient to use.
  • This is free from toxic and abrasive components.
  • Ensure safety and high performance


  • It requires rinsing

05. RV Rubber Roof Treatment – 1 Gallon – Anti-Static, Dirt Repelling, And UV Protectant – Protect All 68128

Salient Feature

  • Brand: Thetford
  • Dimensions: 11.5×4.5×2.0 inches
  • Model: 68128
  • Size: 128 oz
  • Cleaner formula: Non-Biodegradable
  • Formula quality: Non-Toxic

This material is designed to reduce your future worries. It works by making an outer coat on the roof surface, which further prevents harm to the roof.


The product comes in a lightweight, and the formula is enhanced for the protection of rubber roof. We can say this product is the best RV Rubber cleaner for roof and protectant as the treatment is proven to stop chalk roofing and minimized maintenance. This product provides additional protection to the roof membrane.


This product enables coats with the rigid polymer and makes an anti-static barrier, reducing the chalking and repelling dirt. The treatment comes to sin only three easy steps but makes sure to clean the RV roof thoroughly and allow it to dry it properly before applying the product.


The product provides a barrier against UV light and the elements. This does the work to gain benefits in terms of quality and function. This product reduces the powdery roof chalk and keeps the RV roof in healthy conditions. The treatment is long-lasting as one treatment lasts for three to six months, depending on the climate.


  • This product lasts for a long time, depending on the climate.
  • In colder or dry weather, it can last even longer.
  • This product provides versatility with UV protection treatment
  • This product offers a convenient and easy to use process
  • Reduce maintenance up to 75% with more protection and less cleaning requirement.
  • Provide high quality and effective performance.


  • The product is non-biodegradable.

06. Camco Pro-Tec RV Rubber Roof Care System – Two Step Treatment Rids Dirt And Grime And Reduces Roof Chalking | Extends The Life Of RV & Trailer Rubber Roofs – 2 Gallons (41453)

Salient Feature

  • Brand: Camco
  • Dimensions: 10.88×10×7.63 inches
  • Model: 41453
  • Size: 128 oz
  • Cleaner formula: Biodegradable
  • Formula quality: Non-Toxic

This product works in two steps. Initially, it works gently to remove any kind of dirt from the roof, and later it protects the roof surface by UV protection.

Care system

The products offer a care system with two-step treatment. Firstly, it removes the black streaks and oxidation and secondly helps to protect it from further damage. The product contains a specially formulated blend of surfactants and conditioners which ensure deep clean and maintain conditions of your RV rubber roofing.


This product works effectively and keeps the RV rubber roof in better condition for the long term, and it is long-lasting. It is the main feature of this product. It will make the RV roof last longer by providing extra protection.


This product helps to resist dirt and protect against UV damage. Pro-strength and pro-tec rubber roof care systems ensure to reduce your future maintenance cost by cleaning and protecting against UV Keeps the rubber roofing in healthy condition.


  • This product protects against UV damage
  • Provide versatility and high performance
  • The quality of this product is unmatchable.
  • Provide two care system by two-step treatment
  • Reduce further maintenance cost
  • Cleans away tree sap, oxidation, and road grime.


  • The product is not cost-effective.

How To Choose The RV Rubber Roof Cleaner And Protectant?

Picking the correct RV rubber roof cleaner can be done by considering a few points. Having a grip on these elements will give a smart thought about what you’re searching for as an RV owner. It’ll likewise assist you with restricting the staggering measure of choices.

Also, the uplifting news is we will cover all these deciding variables inside this segment. In this way, continue reading, and you’ll get all the information you require to settle on the correct choice about these items.


RV rooftop cleaner comes in every extraordinary size, which implies you’ll have to think hard. The least complicated perspective about this factor is ensuring you don’t wind up purchasing some unacceptable measured rooftop cleaner that can’t deal with your whole rooftop.


As we clarified, the utilizing cycle for a large portion of these items will be somewhat straightforward. But it’s not something you need to underestimate. Because of this situation, it’s fundamental you guarantee the item has a simple utilizing measure before getting it.

A brilliant method to achieve this significant advance is by glancing through the client surveys. These phenomenal assets will give you all that expected to make an exhaustive assessment of an item’s ease of use. Choose only that cleaner which can be used easily.

Type Of Roof

As an RV owner, it shouldn’t be stunning to discover that RV rooftops can comprise different materials. In any case, more often, your rooftop will be either a rubber or fiberglass variety. These two types make practically almost every RV rooftops on the planet.


Any purchasing experience winds up being significantly more reasonable with a comprehensive built financial plan. You see, these items are accessible at a wide range of costs, which means setting a value point will restrict your choices fundamentally.



It is best to buy biodegradable ones, which will don’t hurt the environment. We should likewise specify that biodegradable RV rooftop cleaners will, in general, be somewhat more costly than non-biodegradable choices. At long last, it’s something you should consider before settling on the ideal item.

What Is An RV Rubber Roof Cleaner?

The RV roof cleaner is specially designed to clean and protect the RV’s roof; over time, the exterior parts can suffer from dirt build-ups, bugs, grime, and road film. There can be oxidation, but with a cleaner, these roof and exterior issues can be solved.

This type of product makes you free from the problem of bending your knees and back to clean the roof. You can also use a mop or sponge to clean the roof.

Specialties of RV roof cleaner

It will also condition and protect your RV from outdoor pollutants, from the sun, and from extra maintenance works. These products can save you a lot of time, it has no harmful elements, and the application is simple too; you will only need a mop and a bucket of water to do your job.

If you are going to use the cleaner often, it is best to buy the one with the spray bottle or the one with the container, whichever type you will be saving a lot of money

It is easy to apply

It doesn’t need a hose because many of the products have a no-rinse formula; all you need is apply it on your RV and let it do your job.

Extra protection

I t is also a good conditioner which will protect your roof. It leaves a protective coating that has anti-static properties.

Reduces maintenance

You could decrease the maintenance time by using an effective and powerful cleaner. It is very reliable and effective. It is also used in boats to protect the surface.

Sun protection

This will help your RV to escape those harmful rays which are thrown by the sun. There are some varieties with wax, which protects the roof from degradation, this is the best benefit that you can get.

Even after giving all these details, some still may want to use the regular cleaning methods; well, nobody stops you, and can do whatever you want. But always keep in mind that there are specific products for specific purposes.

Just like you can’t use the detergent to take a bath, or you can’t brush your teeth with shower gel, just like that, you can’t use any standard cleaning products in your RV (Or in any vehicle in that manner).

How To Treat RV Rubber Roof

Having an RV comes with the duty of support and upkeep for its different segments. As it bears the components on your excursions, the top of your RV is exposed to beating rain, blasting warmth, even potentially day snow.

Forestalling issues is far superior to problem fixups in the heavy rain; with legitimate cleaning and fix, the top of your RV should last around 20 years. As a rule, you should clean the top of your RV like every three months, with more frequent cleaning if you’re frequent traveling.

Give close consideration to the caulking to avoid rain spilling through your roof.

Great RV rooftop support requires realizing which kind of rooftop you have; Rubber covered, fiberglass, or aluminum.

Steps To Clean RV Rubber Rooftop

Rubber is the most mainstream RV rooftop covering material, as it is cheap and lightweight. Essential steps to clean a Rubber RV Roof

Use care when dealing with an RV rooftop to evade falls – Make certain to instructions and guarantee rooftop access and cleaning guidelines.

Blend your cleaning arrangement. Blend 6 ounces of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner with 8 cups (half-gallon) of cold water in a container.

Clear rooftop – Clear the RV top of any garbage, leaves, or mud with a brush.

Wash – Utilize a hose to shower down the rooftop and wet the sides of the RV to dodge clean streaks if cleaner runs down the sides.

Apply cleaner – Utilize a mop or delicate vehicle cleaning brush and container to clean the RV rooftop. Work in segments, so the cleaning arrangement doesn’t get to become dry. (Drying makes it a lot harder to eliminate.)

Clean – Foment any stains, grime, or build-up with your mop or brush.

Wash – Hose down the rooftop segment and, toward the end, the total of the rooftop and sides of the RV.

Benefits Of RV Roof Cleaners

Roof cleaners are specially designed to solve harmful build-ups; removes all kinds of things that can destroy the roof and reduce its useful life; it keeps the surface free from contamination, protects the roof for a long time, and keeps it clean and free from damage.

It is convenient

never use all those unnecessary noxious cleaners and harmful chemicals on the roof; instead, use these specially designed roof cleaners for RV roof cleaning. You can rinse it off without worries about the RV design roof cleaners, making it an easy and quick process.

It is safer than you think

Regular cleaners used to clean homes contain many harsh and harmful chemicals, but choosing RV roofing cleaners will keep those hands safe and smooth

Save time and money

Using an effective and powerful cleaner, you can reduce the time spent cleaning, which will take hours with a regular cleaner – almost all new products leave a protective coating that protects your roof from damage and keeps it safe.

If you use the right kind of cleaner for cleaning your RV roof, you can significantly reduce the amount of time which you spend in cleaning your RV. It is more efficient when you are using a spray bottle.

Pocket friendly

Almost every newly designed RV roof cleaner contains a unique formula that will leave a specific coating to protect your RV’s roof from all kinds of damage. You must use the right kind of cleaner. Choose a brand that suits you and your budget benefits of RV Roof Cleaners

Why Do You Need An RV Roof Cleaner?

There are many positive points to using an RV cleaner, mainly because it is specifically made to clean RV roofs. It is safe, convenient, environmentally friendly, and time-saving to check out those points that we have written below to see why you need one in the first place.

An RV roof cleaner may be the solution to many of your problems. The RV roof cleaner can also work as a degreaser. It doesn’t have any harsh or harmful chemicals, and it is straightforward to use. All you need to do is to get a bucket and fill it with water and get a mop and start working.

It is best for you if you buy it right now

What are you waiting for? It is not so much costly compared to the amount you will have to spend if you didn’t take care of your roof? Please don’t wait until your RV roof gets all damaged, dirty and colourless buy one right now.

Save your precious time

Nobody wants to spent there the entire time to take care of their RV roof; an RV roof cleaner can save you valuable time

Saves your money

If you managed to buy one of RV roof cleaner and protector right now, you are saving the future payments that you will have to make if you didn’t buy one

Makes your RV roof look great

Come on, who doesn’t want to make their RV roofs shiny and stainless.?

Get one right now, so your RV roof can always look good as new.


The RV roof cleaners shared above are one of the best RV rubber roof cleaner and protectant. Their mentioned features and pros with cons will help you quickly select the RV roof product. It will give you the essential components of your RV trips without worrying about roof maintenance. These products will exceed your expectations and make your camping experience more exciting and thrilling.


How Important Is It To Use A Protectant?

As per the experts, it is recommended to use a protectant after applying a cleaner. It will help ensure that the unneeded issues come back by using a protective layer on your roof. To keep the RV roof in a new shape, you need to apply protectants after cleaning. This will keep the RV roof in healthy conditions.

Can You Clean RV Rubber Roofs With Bleach?

Usually, experts don’t recommend using bleach for cleaning a rubber roof. Using bleach for cleaning purposes will lead to nightmare issues like cracks, tearing, bubbling, and even deterioration. Instead of bleach, it is recommended to use a rubber roof cleaner and protectant to keep your roof healthy.

What Is The Best Way To Clean An RV Roof?

To clean the RV roof in the best way possible, you must purchase one of the best rubber roof cleaners and protectants. You must have an idea of the top brands while buying the product. By applying the best cleaner on your roof, make sure to use protection to ensure better cleaning performance with protection. The protectant will help to keep the RV roof maintained.

How Much Do You Need For Your RV?

It is a complicated question as it doesn’t have a simple answer too. It depends and varies based on certain factors. It will depend on the amount of product you have and the quality of better cleaning performance. Kindly read the product’s instructions to ensure the quality and then indicate how much you will need.

How Often Do You Use This Product?

According to the experts, it is recommended to clean the RV roof every four to five-month, or there is a need otherwise. Cleaning your roof every four months will keep the RV roof in better conditions and increase your roof’s likelihood to stay in top tier shape.

How Can I Tell If My RV Roof Is EPDM Or TPO?

If the RV roof is TPO, it will be glossy, and if the RV roof is EPDM, it will be not. RV roof texture will also give you some hint to indicate what type of roof is on your RV. Mainly EPDM seems very smooth while TPO resembles to be slightly bumpy. These features will help you to tell if the RV roof is EPDM or TPO.

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