Best RV Sewer Hose System Reviews And Buying Guide -2022

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One of the essential parts of an RV toilet that sometimes people overlook is the sewer hose system. Getting the best RV sewer hose system for your recreational vehicle will result in a fantastic RVing experience. These items enable you to drain away waste acclimates from your RV.

Recreational vehicle owners can testify how disgustful it is to operate with a low-quality sewer hose. Therefore, to curb such disappointments here is Camco- RhinoFLEX 20″RV Sewer Hose Kit with pristine qualities that you can pick if in a hurry. The unit is free from unnecessary malfunctions and leaks.

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Top 5 Best Sewer Hose System Reviews

01. Camco 20′ (39742) Rhinoflex 20-Foot RV Sewer Hose Kit

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Item Model number: 39742
  • ASIN: B01HPR30U
  • Brand: Camco
  • Product dimensions: 9.5’x11.4’x16.2 inches
  • Hoselength: 20 feet
  • Manufacturer: Camco

Easy to use

If you are tired of using low-classRVseRVer hose systems, then Camco RhinoFLEX 20’RV Sewer Hosehas got you covered. The unit comes with easy-to-use and installation, enabling you to spend less time setting it up. The system comes with two suitable 10″ collapsible hoses full of polyolefin, sturdy material for its longevity.


The hoses have steel wire around them with four-prolonged bayonet and lug fittings to curb leakage problems. Also, the kit features locking rings to enhance more security when setting up the unit.More so, this model has a translucent elbow-like structure that gives you a chance to have a clear view of whatever is passing into your hose.


Furthermore, this best rv sewer hose support comes with four cups for maximum security. These 10″ collapsible hose technologygives you a chance to use a hose when the need arises. The most incredible feature with this kit is its ability to adjust to a 20″ hose from a 10″ hose fit the occasion.


More so, after setting up your sewer hose system, the model is capable of maintaining its shape easily. Another feature to appreciate with this system is its collapsible hoses. You can collapse them easily after draining sewer tanks and stores the hoses into their 4″ square bumpers.


Camco RhinoFLEX 20’RV Sewer Hose easily retracts, compressing each section to 39 inches. Therefore, when you remove the 4-in-1 adapter, it is easy to squeeze your hoses to fit the small place available. Sometimes you may need to replace your hose; it is straightforward because the swivel fittings and locking ringsare not permanent. Detach and preserve them for the next use.


  • Long-lasting as a result of rigid material
  • Hoses don’t lose their shape easily
  • The collapsible hose provides extra storage room
  • The kit is adjustable
  • Its four inbuilt prongs enhance more security from leakages


  • The fittings loosen easily
  • It is not scratch-proof

02. Valterra 20-Foot Dominator Rv Universal Sewer Hose Kit

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 5.74 pounds
  • Item Model number: D040275
  • Brand: Valterra
  • Product dimensions: 1.39’ x 5.43’ x 1.39’ inches
  • Hoselength: 20 feet
  • Manufacturer: Valterra


Campers can share their “a home away from home” experience with Valterra 20-Foot Dominator RV Sewer Hose. The system performs incredibly, putting everything in place and maintaining cleanliness in your recreational vehicle.

No leaks

What makes this sewer hoseunique is that it comes with a stabilized UV poly construction style. This design keeps off the model from leaks. Leaks are the worst bit of challengesa camper would never wish to experience.  It will sound awkward when camping with your relatives, and all over sudden, you see all waste spilling out.


This is the exact reason you should install this valterra viper sewer hose unit for your RV Toilet. Valterra 20-Foot Dominator RV Sewer Hose is super thick and abrasive resistant. The model alsocomes with two attachable 10″ hosesand the central connector. The hose’s size is 23mm thick wide enough to enhance durability and prevent the unit from scratches, leading to leaks.

Clear vision

More so, the model comes with a 90-degree clear view that enables you to see anything going through the hose. Thanks to the brandfor thisfantastic feature to help those with the habit of unhooking the hoses prematurely. The stockings comewith ready-to-use fittingsto enable you to connect them with a lot of ease; there is no need for proper assembly.


On top of that, Valterra 20-Foot Dominator RV Sewer Hose can suRVive in temperatures up to (-20) degrees (F). It will not break or crack; no need to worry. I think this is the reason why RVers residing in colder environments love the kit.


  • Provides a 90-degrees clear view to see anything it the hose
  • The model is collapsible
  • Comes with rotating fittings
  • Ready-to-use hose fittings
  • Its 23 mm thickness keeps off the unit from punctures.


  • Setting up the system is quite tricky

03. Lippert 359724 Waste Master 20′ Extended Rv Sewer Hose Management System

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Item Model number: 359724
  • ASIN: B010X65OHE
  • Brand: Lippert Components
  • Product dimensions: 19’ x 23’ x 5’inchesinches
  • Hoselength: 20 feet
  • Manufacturer: Lippert Components

CAM time-tested lock connector

Experienced campers refer to this sewer hose as “waste master.”

To me, I give it the name “waste manager.”You will never find a top-rated best rv sewer hose storagesystems like Lippert 359724 Waste Master. The kit comes with a CAM time-tested lock connector to prevent all leaks in your recreational vehicle’s sewage system.


Theseleak-proof lock fitting characteristics set the unit far from its counterparts.  The system can suRVive abusive rigors simple because its CAM lock is high-quality, specifically for industrial transportation purposes.If you have never come across this type of sewer hose kit, here it is; give it a try.


Its external texture is rough (helical coil) to withstand severe abuses, while the internal surface is smooth to enhance the consistent flow of the waste.This kit is also versatile as you can compress it get a 5-foot horse, and extend up to 20 feet. You will never get this fantastic feature in other brands,no recalling after extension. It stays in place with its shape and length.

Flexible discharger port

Furthermore, Lippert 359724 Waste Master features a flexible discharge port that folds itself up to ninety degrees. This feature enables you to fit the dock into the sewage outlet easily. With this unit, you will realize that the discharge port nozzle is user-friendly; you can quickly and comfortably maneuver it.

Ergonomic grip handle

On top of that, the permanently-connected nozzle comes with an ergonomic grip handle for comfortability. The model also comes with a shut-off valve to enhance maximum leak prevention.

When you compress the hose, it becomes 6 inches and 5 feet long. Give to this waste manager model.


  • Hooking is very easy
  • Heavy-duty waster master
  • Has a reliable seal to prevent leaks
  • Smooth internal surface to drain waste easily
  • Collapses and stretches comfortably.


  • Quite expensive
  • Permanent fittings may lead to storage problems

04. Camco 39634 Revolution 20′ Sewer Hose Kit With 360 Degree Swivel Fittings

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Item Model number: 39634
  • ASIN: B071G5TFZD
  • Brand: Camco
  • Product dimensions: 10’ X 11.5’ X 14’ inches
  • Hoselength: 20 feet
  • Manufacturer: Camco


I remember my granny telling me that “boy, don’t look at your situation, but what you can do.”I concur with the statement. How can you face challenges with low-class sewer hose units yet, you can afford a standardized model. Camco products are hotcakes in the market because of their quality.


This rv sewer fitting storage comes with two separate 10″ hoses that will easily store the unit. Keeping a whole hose might be an issue. Still, you can connect these two hoses to form a 20-foot hose. In short, this system is breakable for easy storage.

Frustration-free packaging

Campers don’t have a lot of space; that is why the Camco brand thought it wise to come up with an easy-to-store sewer hose system. Moreover, you can compress these ten feet hoses into two feet. Sometimes you may misplace and lose one of the hoses, don’t worry because you can still use the remaining half.

Swivel fittings

The model’s swivel fittings work incredibly attached at the end of these two hoses. The swivel fittings are 360-degrees enabling you to connect or disconnect the hose comfortably than other brands.


The unit is also budget-friendly coming with essential accessories that allow you to use it immediately from the market. The kit comes with other necessary accessories  like a 4-in-1 adapter, wire guards for hand protection, and storage caps


  • Swivel fittings for easy assembling and disassembling
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Standard length
  • Collapsible


  • Short time use

05. Camco Durable High Tensile Strength Vinyl Sewer Hose With Steel Wire Core.

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Item Model number: 39631-A
  • ASIN: B000BP7M8W
  • Brand: Camco
  • Product dimensions: 1’ x 1’ x 1’inches
  • Hoselength: 20 feet
  • Manufacturer: Camco

Heavy duty

Don’t underestimate this sewer hose system because of its position on our list. Camco (39631) Durable sewer hose is the final product on our list, yet with an essential feature, you would wish to get from the above four products. Storage of this product will not stress you because it collapses easily into 32 inches.


This sewer hose is full ofthe sturdy vinyl material that can withstand all hassles. Brands with low-class vinyl materials are always fragile, but this unit is over the bar. I think this is the reason why most campers refer it to a heavy-duty sewer hose kit. Its hose is full of 15 mils tough vinyl making it suitable for all seasoned campers. The percentage of vinyl material in this model is 25% more than any other sewer hose in the market.


Camco (39631) Durable sewer hose is lightweight with only 3.2 pounds. This will enable you to maneuver it comfortably. The most important fact about this sewer hose kit is versatility. You will find it in various sizes such as 20″, 10, and 15 feet to enable you to use the size of your desires.


Above all, the product comes with affordable price tags to cater to all people’s needs yet, high performer. This unit will have your job correctly done; no worries.


  • Installation is easy
  • Perfect fit
  • Less expensive
  • Heavy duty with sturdy vinyl material
  • Storage is easy


  • Only suitable for seasonal RVers

How To Choose The Best RV Sewer Hose System?

Hopefully, you have the best RV sewer hose system for your recreational vehicle. But, if you still hold doubts, let us try to drive the nail home with some useful considerations. Just like buying anything, there are always some factors to consider before reaching the final decision.

Therefore, below are some of the common factors that may guide you to get the best RV sewer kit for your RV toilet.

The hose length

This is the first and most important feature to look at in a sewer hose system. There are hoses with standard length, medium, while others small length. More so, you will find other kits that come in different sizes to fit any distance.

Therefore, you should choose based on the distance of your sewage system from the RV toilet. If it is near, select the medium-sized hoses and if the space is long, go for lengthy hoses.

But, it is not advisable to operate with sewage systems close to the RV toilet unless otherwise. Choose according to your preferences.

Available storage space

Storage is another essential factor you need to be careful about depending on your RV place’s nature. If you operate under a fixed space, you need to go for models with compact designs to store them comfortably.

Thank God almost all of the above products come with an easy-to-store design taking small space in your RV. From the above review, you can realize that some hose is collapsible for easy storage.

Folding these items save space in your recreational vehicle. Most campers are in love with such models. Therefore, if you have a large storage area, go for bigger models but, if your space is tight, buy a compact-sized sewer hose system.

Hose thickness

Depending on how often you will be using your RV toilet, hose thickness matters a lot. If you are a frequent user or a big company around you, you will have to go for thicker hoses to withstand the hassle.

Also, thickness determines how long will the hose you wish to buy last. Therefore when you get in the market, consider this feature. Keep in mind the 23 mm standard size andthinkabout your preferences but don’t go down to buy a thinner sewer hose for your RVtoilet.

I would instead go for that model with a thicker hose for a smoother flow of the waste.

The flexibility of the hose

Before buying a product, you need to understand that sewer hose kits are portable items. So, it would be wise to buy a model that you can comfortably collapse for easy storage—the more flexible the hose, the more collapsible.

This feature will allow you to maneuver with the system quickly in any place. If you have the habit of moving around frequently, then you need a flexible sewer hose unit. Please don’t go for those hard models; they tend to crack and break easily.

Remember, too much folding of these models may result in breakages ending up with leaks.


Price should be the last factor to consider when buying the best RV hose sewer system for your RV toilet. How much can you afford? What is the cost of the hose you want to buy? More so, try to inspect the quality of the product and see if it meets your expectations.

I like saying that “cheap is expensive,” but you may find a cheap sewer hose system with necessary features. So, why buy pricier products in the name of the wealthy. Remember, you may end up buying many premium sewer hose systems per year.

Some are fragile, mainly for seasonal campers. Therefore, it is advisable to get a unit with standard quality and affordable to serve you for a while.

How To Use RV Sewer Hoses? [Step-By-Step]

A recreational vehicle sewer hose is usually that pipe responsible for draining the waste from the RV toilet to theoutside sewage system. Everything will go well if you know using the unit. These pipes are essential materials to clear yourRV place from unpleasant smells and maintain maximum hygiene.

Therefore, below are some of the essential steps to follow when using the RV hose sewer system.

Step 1: ObseRVe hygiene of the place

Before you drain the waste from your RV toilet, don’t forget that your health is significant. Put on some protective masks and gloves to prevent you from waste residues.

Step 2: connecting the RV sewer hose to the external sewage container.

Some of these models come with easy-to-use design with already fixed fittings while others don’t. Besides others come as full kit while others you will have to buy some accessories separately.

Therefore, fix the other end of the hose to the sewage system properly. Ensure that the seals are functioning to prevent unnecessary leaks.

Step 3: Connecting the system to your RV toilet

This step is straightforward as you need to use the fittings at the end of the hose to fix your toilet unit. If the model you are using features two or more separate hose, join them depending on the sewage system’s distance from your recreational vehicle.

Step 4:  Supporting your RV sewer hose

After through with connections, the next thing is to make sure the pipe is in an excellent working state. Some come with small stands to mount them. There also some units that come with hooks.

You need to ensure that the RV sewer hose sticks to the place to withstand the flow pressure.

Step 5: Cleaning the RV sewer hose

After you are through with draining waste, don’t forget to wash your sewer hose using freshwater and cleaning solutions. This will not only improve its performance but remove unpleasant smells.

Benefits Of Using Sewers Hose System.

  • Easy drainage

A sewer hose system is a handy unit that enables you to drain sewage accumulation from the RV toilet to the septic tank or external sewage management.

  • Maintenance of maximum hygiene

Also, the system is ideal for maintaining maximum hygiene in your recreational vehicle. If the hose is in an excellent working state, you will feel less unpleasant smells while draining the waste.

  • Saves time

Save on time. You will spend less time emptying your RV toilet waste holder with such a system than doing the action manually.

  • Highly reliable

Also, these systems are useful when it comes to reliability. Regardlessof the number of individuals using the toilet, these RV sewer hoses can suRViveany hassles of nature call.

  • Eco-friendly

RV sewer hoseis also eco-friendly. If you care about the environment, then this unit will be suitable for you. Smooth flow of waste to the septic tank without spillage keeps the environment clean.

Best Brand Of Sewers Hose System For RV

Camco product

Camco is the leading brand in the market with its high-class yet, affordable RV hose sewer systems. As people say,”we lead, and they follow,”Camco products are hot cake in the market. They manufacture different products like home appliances, and RV hose sewer systems are one of their products.

Budget friendly

Also, their RV sewer hoses are budget-friendly. You will not spend much of your money to get the models. The company caters to the needs of all individuals that might need refined products.

Highly durable

More so, their items are durable enough to serve you for some time. Leave alone low-class models from other brands for seasonal use. You need a system with an extended lifespan. You will never find the chemistry behind the materials that this brand uses to manufacture its products in any model.

Offers variety of options

Depending on the space available for storing these RV sewer hoses, the Comco brand provides you lots of options to fit in your RV space. Many campers like compact items that don’t need a lot of space. Comco answers all these questions.

Comco is the say and the way to go.


This report can make a good company if you want to buy or replace the RV sewer hose unit in your recreational vehicle. I hope you now have yourRV sewer hose system. Sometimes you may already have these units, but you choose to replace you for a few reasons.

All the above items are the best coming with affordable prices to spare your pocket from getting dry. The report has other essential information to enable you to use RV sewer hose systems correctly. Use the buying guide to finalize your decision-making process on these models.

However, if you have any question concerning the best rv sewer hose system, do not hesitate visiting our website. Our website provides a variety of information that will enable you make the perfect decision in cchoosing your best product for you.


Are RV Sewer Hoses Universal?

Yes, most recreational vehicles feature a primary three-inch hose sewer outlet designed explicitly for fittings. I think it is essential to know that recreational vehicles have two tanks for black water and the other one for greywater.

It would help if you also understood that these models are prone to larger debris so that the black water tank will need an outlet pipe of three inches. The grey tank is compatible with outlet pipes of about 1.5 inches.

Does New RVS Come With Sewer Hoses?

When buying a new recreational vehicle, they are some essential accessories that will accompany the unit. Among the extra accessoriesare the RV hoses. Other additions include propane tanks, batteries, and many others, depending on the model you will buy.

Sometimes the seller may pose extra charges to the RV you want to buy or advise you to buy the system separately. But, better those who include the cost of essentials to that of a Recreational vehicle.

How Do I Connect My RV To The Sewer?

Knowing how to connect RVto the sewer is advantageous compared to manual dumping the waste. Use the following tips to secure your sewer hose to the RV;

  • Consider safety measures; wear safety gloves
  • Close the valves of your RV before removing the cap
  • Connect the hose to your external waste containers and the other end to the RV.
  • Open your black tank’ valve slowly to drain waste from the tank
  • Open the valve of your grey tank slowly also to empty the tank
  • Close the tanks’ valves
  • Disconnect the hose from both ends and install a new cap

Can You Dump Black Water On The Ground?

Yes, but it is not healthy. If you care about the environment, then you will not do so unless you treat the waste. However, dumping the black water on the ground will increase soil fertility, especially in gardens. Therefore, the smell will not bother you; go on.

How Do I Store My RV Sewer Hose?

Storage of RV hoses is a critical idea for maintaining the shape and performance of a particular unit. Put your hose in a box,then close it for the next use. Also, store these items in a specific place near the toilet to prevent disease and spillage of waster residues. More so, don’t combine your drinking hose with the sewer hose.

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