Best RV Starting Battery Reviews And Buying Guide – 2022

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Recreational vehicles come with the perfect design to have outlets to plug any appliance or device during the operation. For this reason, they tend to require added power units than average vehicles so that all the additions in it will run efficiently throughout. The best RV starting battery provide additional power to run all the plugged-in appliances in their RVs in the long run.

My research constitutes products packed with different features that make them stand out from their counterpart. For that reason, Delphi BU9034R MaxStart AGM Premium wins the day as the best option of all the top models in our list. It has super passed to provide them with over twenty times resistant to vibrations.

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How To Choose The Best RV Starting Battery?

There are numerous battery models available in the market that makes selection very difficult. However, picking the best RV battery is essential for comfort enjoyment while off-road and safety while camping and driving. This calls for your attention to the specific features that can make them highly reliable and efficient. Therefore, the buying guide contains outstanding features to consider when selecting the best RV battery for your power requirements.


The ampere-hours is the capacity rating or measurements of RV battery. Such a rating signifies the amount of current delivery that battery over a specified period. For example, a battery mode with 20Ah can deliver power amounting to 200A per hour. Getting the device with high power capacity is essential due to its ability to store more control and power distribution for an extended period.

Accordingly, you need to check the battery size and weight since the higher Ah models are extensive. Checking the battery weight and size is crucial since you need a room in your vehicle for storage. Besides, you require to select a battery with the ability to supply power progressively, going down to 50% of its total capacity.


The mobility of electric charges along the electrical conductor is by the use of voltages. The factory design of starting batteries and RV deep cycle constitute 12- volt direct current. Besides 12-volt batteries serving many cases, RV owners that require more power can combine batteries with 6 volts in a series of constructing 12-volt batteries.

The next thing to remember is that kits of solar power are capable of operating with 24-volt batteries. With these batteries, you require to use a power converter for converting DC to AC.

Charging manner        

The way you often charge your battery is another thing to consider when purchasing the perfect RV battery. Accordingly, it is vital to ascertain whether you will be utilizing solar power, shore power, or a generator in charging the battery of your choice. You can use the charger regulator if you lack one of the three options in distributing the correct charge at the appropriate time

The regulator is the best for automatic adjustments of current and voltage, thus protecting the battery. This is possible if you are charging a battery using generators, outlet, solar panels, or in a combination of the three sources. Regardless of the source for power delivery, controllers work by adjusting the current and voltage automatically.

The depth of discharge

The discharging depth is another thing to consider when buying a more reliable RV battery. Commonly, the depth of discharge’s expression is in the form of a percentage showing the battery’s capacity percentage removed from an ultimately charged device. Similarly, depth discharge is an alternative approach used to indicate the charge state of your battery.

The charge state is the fraction of the battery capacity still available. Before getting a lead-acid battery, it is vital to ensure proper discharge depth and life cycle correlation. For instance, a battery with 20% discharge only of its unlimited energy capacity contains a more extraordinary life cycle than the one discharged deeply by a capacity of 80%. A life cycle is the number of full charge/discharge cycles that the device can support before performance declines.

What Are The best RV Starting Battery?

Since there are several RV battery models available in the market, getting the right option for your RV can be challenging at large. Various RV batteries come with different features and specifications for optimum performance. In our project, we will cover the top market recommendable option worth considering.

01. Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Salient Feature

  • Product weight: 43.5pounds
  • Item dimension: 10’’ x 6.88’’ x 7.8’’
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Type ID: 2476
  • Vibrations: 15
  • Amp: 870A
  • Reserve capacity: 120mins

The 8016-103 D34 is one of the most incredible innovations from Optima Batteries. This model works both as a starting and deep cycle battery at large. It is the most recommendable market options due to their reliable performance and its dual purpose function. You will take advantage of both the purposes of just a single purchase.

Besides this, the Optima Batteries 8016-103 are great options for individuals looking for durable maintenance-free batteries. They are designed sturdy in an adequately sealed housing. Once you purchase this kind of battery, you rest assured that you won’t experience any type of leaks or spills as such in its entire lifespan.  Buyers of these models are also assured of no breaking down with these batteries due to constant vibrations and shocks that are common in most RVs.

Unique Spiral Cell design

The design ensures they deliver clean and robust power.  This is for the maximum safety of the people around and the surrounding at large.

High reserve capacity

Capacity reservation is another feature making this product one of the best-recommended items in the market.This battery model has a 120 minutes reserve capacity. This provides users consistent performance over an extended period whenever you need power.

Dual purpose

The Optima D34Mis a dual purpose battery and ideal for people who need power for strong cranking and a sure start. Besides this, the Optima D34M Blue Top battery can be useful even in harsh climatic conditions and still provide maximum starting power.

Durable and vibration resistant

The Optima D34M Blue Top battery is designed with high-quality materials to make it serve you for an extended period. Besides, it has a vibration-resistant feature that prevents vibrations’ transfer fifteen times more than other market models.


  • It is a dual-purpose model
  • Has a strong vibration resistant feature
  • Lightweight and compact design hence to shift from one place to another.
  • It is durable


  • The model can overcharge
  • It has a complicated warranty

02. Optima Batteries 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery 

Salient Feature

  • Product weight: 33.1 pounds
  • Item dimension: 9.32’’ x 6.8’’ x 7.62’’
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Type ID: 2476
  • Vibrations: 4
  • Amp: 720A
  • Reserve capacity: 90mins

The Optima 8022-091is incredible innovation in the market if you have all looked for a pure power battery to use in your RV. They are among the preferable market options delivering unsurpassed performance. The Optima Batteries 8022-091 are also among the durable batteries that most auto professionals have invested in getting a service for an extended period. Accordingly, they come with excellent features like the unique Spiral Cell techniques, vibration resistant quality, and other technologies to provide an increased cycle life than other market options at large.

These batteries offerstable performance in all climatic conditions. They are reliable, and they deliver the best of best, like other market models. We can sum up this by stating that they are among the durable option we have around. You won’t experience any leaks or spills with this battery in its entire lifespan.

High power cranking ability

These models are designed to provide high power outputs regularly. Besides this, the cranking ability remains constant even in harsh climatic conditions.

Heavy-duty usage

These models come with a leak-proof and high starting ability features. The outstanding featuresplace it among the options that are great for heavy-duty purposes.

Unique SpiralCell design

The design enables the battery to provide clean and robust power. This is for the safety of the people around and the environment at large.

High reserve power

The battery has a 90 minutes reserve capacity. It assures usersof continuous constant performance for an extended period. Besides, there is also consistent performance even when used in harsh climatic conditions.

Durable and vibration resistant

These models have a vibration resistant feature that prevents the release and transfer of vibrations when in use. Besides, they are durable market models; they will serve you efficiently for an extended period.


  • Designed to recharge faster
  • Easy installation since you can mount it in any position
  • It has an extended lifespan for durability increase and quality outcomes.
  • Delivers maximum starting power
  • Has a vibration resistant feature


  • It comes with an unclear instruction manual

03. Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Battery 

Salient Feature

  • Product weight: 59.8 pounds
  • Item dimension: 12.8’’ x 6.50’’ x 9.38’’
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Type ID: 2476
  • Vibrations: 3
  • Amp: 900A
  • Reserve capacity: 155mins

This is another popular option from Optima Batteries that serves a dual purpose. It works efficiently to both as starting and deep cycle batteries. This is the best option for people looking for flexible and versatile options to perform several applications. These batteries have endless applications, and users are assured optimum efficiency when using them even in harsh climatic conditions.

Besides the many applications they serve users, these batteries stand out of the rest due to their high reserve capacity. They have a receivingability of 155 minutes, making them a choice for deep cycling and trolling motor purposes. The Optima 8052-161 batteries deliver up to 900 cold-cranking amps.

Dual purpose

The factory design of this product makes it strong cranking and certain starting features. It is a dual-purpose market option ideal for people who look for free maintenance source of power for their RVs and boats at large. They also provide optimal starting power in bad weather conditions.

The unique SpiralCell design

This unique design enables the battery to give users clean and robustenergy. This is essential for the safety of your family and the surrounding at large.

Higher reserve capacity

These batteries have a 155 minutes reserve capacity. They offer users a stable performance for an extended period. Besides this, they also maintain their account even in bad weather conditions.

Durable and vibration resistant

These models have a vibration resistant feature that prevents them from releasing and transferring vibrations while in use. Besides, they are a durable option that serves users for an extended period. Accordingly, the product is fifteen times more resistant to vibration for durability


  • It is a long-lasting battery
  • You can mount this battery in any position
  • Dual purpose
  • Provides users high reserve capacity
  • Offers constant performance


  • It is heavy and bulky

04. Delphi BU9034R MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 24F / 34R (Reverse Terminal) #Starting

Salient Feature

  • Product weight: 41.8 pounds
  • Item dimension: 10.8’’ x 10’’ x 7’’
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Type ID: 12V
  • Vibrations: 20
  • Amp: 775A
  • Reserve capacity: 120mins

The MaxStart isthe most excellent market model that you cannot lack on our top list. They are premium options offered in an affordable range. This battery stands out of the rest due to its vibration and corrosion-resistant features. Compared to other models with a fifteen-time vibration-resistant feature, the manufacturers of these batteries have done an unusual thing at large. They designed the battery with a twenty times vibration resistant feature and thus beating other competitor models.

Accordingly, the Delphi BU9034R MaxStart AGM Premium battery emerges among the durable options we have around.  It has a sturdy housing that prevents leaks and spills from happening in its entire lifespan. Lastly, these batteries come with a 36 months replacement warranty. This is an excellent option worth your hard-earned money.

Cold-cranking power

These models cover a great range of cold cranking power. These enable cars to start whenever they are needed. Besides this, they deliver extended cold-cranking amps to ensure more energy for all the running units in your RV.

Reserve capacity

They also cover a range of reserve capacity that helps run all power accessories, starting from the heated seats and DVD players.

Corrosion and vibration resistance

Delphi BU9034R batteries have housing cases sealed with the various venting system for superior corrosion resistance. They also have optimized compression components, straps, and fortified posts for maximum vibration resistance. Unlike other batteries, Delphi BU9034R offers twenty times vibration resistance.


  • It has an excellent cycle life
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • It offers a high crank
  • Comes with a simple instruction manual for installation
  • Requires no maintenance


  • Takes long to recharge

05. Mighty Max Battery 12V 75Ah Replacement Battery for BCI Group 24M Starting Marine & RV Brand Product 

Salient Feature

  • Product weight: 50.70 pounds
  • Item dimension: 10.24’’ x 6.6’’ x 8.3’’
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Type ID: 2476
  • Vibrations: 8
  • Amp: 75A
  • Reserve capacity: 130mins

For individuals searching for a powerful and superior battery to use for vehicle starting, golf carts, and garden equipment, then Mighty Max ML75-12 volt battery is an excellent battery to buy. This is a reliable and amazing marine battery that will power all your machines or vehicles with minimal or no maintenance.

Mighty Max has become one of the best batteries due to its uncompromising calcium-alloy grid to provide excellent execution and incredible service life in buoy and cyclic applications. It additionally includes a retentive glass matt (AGM) innovation that makes it simple to mount in any position and to be without upkeep. It is used indoors and does not leak like conventional batteries. Hence, it’s safe to use and offers remarkable execution.

Amperage capacity

The Mighty Max battery comes with a 12-volt and 75-amperage, which implies that it is healthy and useful for numerous applications. Immediately after setting up the battery, there is no need to include water or acid as an AGM battery. You can likewise mount it in any situation you choose.

Needs less Upkeep

This battery does not require much maintenance. A user does not have to worry about checking the water or acid level in the battery. This is because it is an AGM battery and requires minimal maintenance. And in this way, you worry less as you do different errands.

Modern design

If there is one thing manufacturers have invested in, it’s the battery’s design and branding. This battery has an excellent design and made of high-quality materials. Also, installation is simple, and there is no need for fluids as with other types of batteries, such as the flooded wet cell battery. The battery measures 10.24 x 6.61 x 8.27 inches and weighs 50.71 pounds.

Mounted in any position

Many people think that this battery will be difficult to install and assemble, but you will not experience any of these problems since it is an AGM battery. The users have the freedom to mount this battery in any desired position or location. Plus, there are no leaks or spills as it well designed to withstand the leakages.

Has a long service life

This battery can last for a long time and guarantee buyers longer-lasting performance. Also, it has a maximum rate of discharge, deep recovery, and extreme operating temperatures. With these properties, this is a battery purchase for your RV.

Shock and vibration resistant

This battery is shock and vibration resistant. This means that you can easily use the shower, and you don’t have to worry about the battery falling apart quickly.

Flexible battery

In addition to using this battery for your RV, you can also use it for your golf carts, motor starters, consumer electronics, power sports, portable machines, and much more.


This is a massive battery because it is reliable and designed for use in harsh weather conditions. In contrast to conventional batteries, this works perfectly at both high and low temperatures.


  • Its simple to set up as it accompanies flip handles
  • Comes with highly durable construction materials.
  • The battery can resist shock and vibration
  • It has a long service life.
  • It can work best indoors and outdoors.
  • It does not spill
  • The discharge rate of this battery is high.
  • It can be useful in severe weather conditions


  • Many users complain that this battery will not hold a charge for a long time.

06. Lifeline GPL-1400T AGM Starting Battery for RV

Salient Feature

  • Product weight: 50.70 pounds
  • Item dimension: 10.24’’ x 6.6’’ x 8.3’’
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Type ID: 2476
  • Vibrations: 4
  • Amp: 75A
  • Reserve capacity: 120mins

This is one of the best-built batteries. It is handcrafted in the USA and certified by the Coast Guard. It comes with a perfect design to build industry-leading standby capacity and life cycle capabilities. It’s an ideal combination of quality and superior materials.

It (above) is ok. You may a short description on brand.

Unparalleled Life-Cycles

When discharged to the BCI suggested fifty percent, these batteries give almost 1000 life cycles, nearly more than different advancements. Other flooded and gelled batteries range between 300 to 450 life cycles at fifty percent discharges.

When discharged at the suggested BCI of fifty percent, these batteries give nearly 1000 life cycles, essentially more than different batteries. Other flooded and gelled batteries have a life of 300 to 450 life cycles when discharged 50 percent.

Fast Recharge

This battery allows for a critical increase in charge rate with incredibly high current limits if the charge voltage has proper management. Clients regularly charge 100 Ah batteries from 500 amp chargers.

Unrivaled Construction

It has an aircraft class cell development, minimal interior resistance that gives high continued wrenching current. This battery is built to perfection and has exceeded military shock and vibration requirements.

Simple to maintain and use

With a legitimate charge, Lifeline batteries are maintenance-free. This excellent battery does not require water or acid to function.

Long Service Life

This battery has excellent properties that make it suitable for various uses such as marine and RV applications. And since they come with a 5-year warranty, users are guaranteed a safe and robust battery. Day by day and intensive applications additionally see 3-8 years of use relying upon the depth of discharge.


  • It is durable and easy to use
  • Constructed with  weatherproof materials
  • Built with quality materials for durability increase
  • Offers constant performance
  • Has a long service life.


  • The guide is a bit complicated

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What Is RV Starting Battery?

The RV starting batteries are devices with rigid construction to withstand the rugged status and spending more time enjoying the best outdoors without battery worries. Most RV starting batteries come with a warranty limited to 12 months for quality improvement and durability enhancement.

How To Connect RV Starting Battery?

When connecting RV starting batteries, you need to ensure that they have the same capacity rating and voltage to prevent charging problems and the battery lifespan. Similarly, do not cross the open terminals of both antagonistic and complementary to each other while connecting the batteries to avoid short-circuiting batteries and causing damages. There are various steps of connecting RV starting battery.

Series connection of batteries

Batteries connected in series help to increase the voltage while maintaining the capacity of amp hour. The battery connection process involves usinga jumper wire in connecting the opposing end of the first battery to the positive end of the next battery. This follows another set of cables and connects the terminals of both negative and positive batteries for your application.

Parallel connection

The parallel is another type of relationship used to increase the current rate while making the same voltage. Notably, you require a cable of heavy-duty to protect cables from burning out due to the increase of battery amperage. In a parallel connection, the process involves jumper wires in connecting terminals of both positive and negative batteries.

Additionally, your load’s connection to either positive or negative battery is essential for both batteries’ equal draining. The most preferred approach of making batteries equal is by connecting one end of the battery pack to the positive and the other pack end to the negative. Since the flow of electricity is through a parallel connection, you can link two connections similar to each other.

You can put this in a series using a single cable to bridge between negative and positive terminals. Besides, ensure safety and keep the connections in a track by making a diagram of the battery banks before construction trials.

Can A Deep Cycle Battery Be Used For Starting My RV?

The deep cycle battery cannot be useful for starting the RV since the required batteries for distributing 12-volts to the RV are the house devices. House batteries only deep cycle batteries modified to offer a steady amount of current for an extended period. Accordingly, this application does not require both marine and starting batteries. The plates for deep cycle batteries are very thick and designed for deep recharge and discharge repeatedly.

Can I Run A Deep Cycle Battery And A Starting Battery In Parallel?

Yes, you can run both the starting battery and deep cycle battery in parallel. The installation is straightforward as their parallel connection leads to forming a single battery bank that is very large. However, you require a deep cycle device if you start a lead-acid battery instead of choosing a gel of various charging requirements. Accordingly, they can tolerate deep discharges that may hinder a typical starting device.

Can You Use A Marine Starting Battery For A Trolling Motor?

It is challenging to utilize a marine starting battery in the process of trolling your motor. This is because marine starting batteries give fast but powerful energy spurts within a short period. Accordingly, the manufacturer designed these models for engine starting and recharged by the engine alternator rapidly. The fact that these batteries are capable of starting battery tasks, you cannot use them for trolling motors since they are not efficient for the operation.

What Size Battery Do I Need For My Motorhome?

The required size for the motorhome depends on the demands and the amount of space available. Their numerous options you can use, but one 12V deep cycle house device can be useful as it gives a large amount of amperage per hour.

Deep cycle batteries supply power to different fuses, including refrigerators, lights, mechanisms, motorhomes, and water heater, among other applications. Accordingly, you canrecharge these batteries often and get drained deeply than starting devices, thus powering your lights and other appliances at a level that is lower than other machines can start the engine.

Do I Need Two Batteries For My RV?

The minimum Rv requirement is four battery connections, and you need to continue tracking the references made for efficient performance. Although you may join several batteries to each other as you need, you need a battery box for keeping separate cells secure and safe. If you are using two sets of batteries, it is essential to connect them parallel, forming a power bank series for efficient operation

Benefits Of RV Batteries

Electricity generation

Electricity generation is one of the outstanding significance of using RV batteries. The batteries serve as a power supply when most needed for efficient operation. Accordingly, these batteries are necessary for motorhome parking, turn off, or the composite.

Provision of a comfortable camping experience

Families and friends need something that makes them feel comfortable when they are out camping. The RV batteries ensure that each person in the camp is comfortable by light provision during the night and keeps the heater and AC on when it is cold and hot.

Save gas and money

Purchasing devices with minimal gas consumption is crucial for money safety and gas bills. RV batteries are among the best appliances that can gas and money by powering electronics inside without starting the RV. When putting on the RV, it can power all the machines in the area. Notably, do not leave the RV batteries running because you may end up spending a lot of resources or filling aback

Power other vehicles

Apart from RVs, batteries can be useful for starting smaller vehicles, including electric wheelchairs, boats, bikes, and scooters.

Final Verdict

RV batteries are necessary devices every RV owner should invest in. They provide sufficient power that enables continuous running of all devices and appliances plugged in your RV all through. Considering the features of the best RV starting battery in the market, our top picks can serve you efficiently for an extended period. They are the best options worth their price tag.

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  • Can I run my RV without a battery?

You cannot run your RV efficiently without a battery because most of the RV battery system is for their proper functioning. Therefore, you require a good battery and its best charging system for power conversion.

  • Why Is My RV battery draining so fast?

There are various reasons for your RV battery to drain very fast,such as a lack of charging for a long time. Overcharging is another reason that makes your battery drain significantly faster and loses a charge holding ability.

  • Do RV batteries charge when plugged into shore power?

Yes, it is possible for RV batteries plugged in the shore power to start charging automatically and run electrical tools. The process involves sending energy through conversion to the 12-volt batteries and 120VAC breaker panel.

  • What is the difference between RV battery and marine battery?

Marine and RV batteries are interchangeable. The marine battery comes with a slow discharge rate and larger reserve capacity than RV batteries.

  • How do you know if your RV battery is bad?

Compatible charging is one way of determining whether the battery is good or bad. The charge readings below 12.5 volts is an indication that the battery cannot hold a charge for an extended period.

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