Best Satellite TV system for RV Reviews & Buying Guide-2022

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It doesn’t seem easy to choose the best satellite TV system for RV without complete knowledge. Therefore we will discuss and cover all the best satellite Tv systems for RV in detail, including its features, specifications, and benefits.                                                                        

I will recommend Winegard Pathway X2 PA6002R Satellite TV Antenna as the best product because it is a compatible satellite In-Motion antenna which is smaller as well as quieter, sleek and compact unit and it provides the service of watching LIVE programs on road as well as this system has an updated design that reduces noise and improves the quality of tracking.

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Top 7 Best Satellite TV System For RV Reviews

01. Winegard Pathway X2 PA6002R Satellite TV Antenna and DISH Wally Receiver Bundle (Dual Arc, 2 TV Viewing)

Salient Feature

  • Satellite Acquisition: Automatic
  • Compatible Satellite: ProviderDish
  • Dish Satellites: 110⁰,119⁰, or 61.5⁰, 72.7⁰, 77⁰
  • Minimum Receiver Compatibility:
  • Dish Receiver: Solo HD receivers.
  • Unit Weight:16lbs
  • Dimension: 24.2 x 22.5 x 20.7

It works on dual technologies Western arc (110, 119, 129) and Eastern arcs( 61.5,72.7 and 77) orbits throughout United States for maximum SD/ HD DISH programming Dull weathers.

Two Televisions can be run on when two receivers for satellite are 72.7.

Receives best quality and HD dish programs and conflict with DISH Pay-as-you set its programming.

It is totally automatic, you just have to set the notions and the X2 will be rest.

The system get power through DISH receiver. You can subscribe it By Pay-as-you-Go Programming or easily activate it  by an HD account. It recommends the agreement of 2 years or any activation charges.

The coax cable of receiver passed power to antenna, No need of extra wire.

X2 PA6002R passage arrived in the bundled with the single tuner receiver of HD Dish wally, that is applicable for smart phone usage and help pay-as-you-programming.


  • As you want to change channel the passage X2 antenna will automatically will set frequency with satellite not required of any manual adjustment.
  • if you have HDTV than HD programming will be available, you have to activate your HD receiver with different HD programming package.
  • two receiver can be tuned wit single antenna.
  • It will works great if you will carry a case for base drum.
  • It is included with linking cable, when you do it, you have to cross the bridge.


  • It only functioning with 211k, 211z, 411 and wally receivers.
  • At the zip code local channels will not available.

02. KING DTP4950 DISH Tailgater Pro Bundle Portable-Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna and DISH Wally

Salient Feature

  • Satellite Acquisition: Automatic
  • Compatible Satellite: ProviderDish
  • Dish Satellites: 110⁰, 119⁰, and 129⁰ OR 61.5, 119.
  • Minimum Receiver Compatibility: 
  • Dish Receiver: Solo HD receivers.
  • Unit Weight: 16lbs
  • Dimension: 17 x 18.75 x 13.5

It is ideal for no need of any contract, you can pay Charges with DISH pay as you go Programming.

It is designed for outdoor usage such as camps or road in any weather.

This DISH wally receiver permit you to meet you DISH subscription in any place in the adjacent United State.

Before travelling you have to call for subscription of your portable dish for RV to receive the transmission where you want, you can only pay charges of month used or have to set existing subscription.

The Dish tailgater receives the transmission programs from satellite of HD either they are portable or roof mountable. this is ideal for RVs for outdoor lifestyles.  That portable Dish can be place on top of roof or you can attached with wall for flexibility. It is best solution for TV in camps. It has function to support two TV receivers and HD output transmission.


  • It is better than previous model, gets start with fast speed and scanning channel in very low time.
  • Material has ability to resist any weather without uttermost element.
  • Automatic satellite do accession and changing frequencies.
  • Wally receiver can work with new satellite.
  • It has option to get the eastern satellite with wally, and you can save money if you intend this on your single receiver.
  • it’s clear cover help you to receive exact and good transmission signal.
  • it has function of automatically locate and lock.


  • Found some difficulty to lock onto the HD satellite.
  • It is unable to work with Bell or Shaw.

03. KING VQ4100 Quest Portable – Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna (use with DIRECTV)

Salient Feature

  • Satellite Acquisition: Auto
  • Compatible Satellite: TV antenna
  • Dish Satellites: 110⁰
  • Minimum Receiver Compatibility: 
  • Dish Receiver: Direct TV
  • Unit Weight: 8lb
  • Dimension: 17.5 x 18.75 x 13.5

A portable antenna for satellite TV used with DirecTV service, that not conflict with SWM only receivers.

You can use it either portable or mounted on roof.

It has function of multiple TV viewing output same satellite programs, and its satellite functioning best with Direct TV,  it is very light and catching signal properly even in slow to medium rain.

it get power from coaxial wire not extra cable used for it.

you can feel freedom by using King Quest for DirecTV at outdoors, his antenna completely automatic to approach your favorite program.

It works with DirecTV SD program with function of attaching controller accessory that can be purchase separately for making system conflict.


  • it is most ideal for watching sports, news, movies at parties, campsites, RVs, garages and even backyards.
  • it has simple process for paying service charges.
  • You can cancel its service at any time easily no any penalty will be induced.
  • Due to its light weight, it can be carry easily from one place to an other place.
  • in short time of switching on, it will locates automatically DirecTV Satellite signal.
  • this works on th HR 24 receivers.
  • it is easy to install, it provides clear signal in our RV.
  • you can add an other coax between the unit and the receiver upto 25 ft and get strong signals.


  • This is for DirecTV not HD, so you have to purchase other receiver to get local channels.
  • it is difficult to set up at first time.

04. Winegard PL-8000 White Dish Playmaker (Dual HD RV Satellite Antenna Dual Receiver, RV Roof Mount)

Salient Feature

  • Satellite Acquisition: Auto
  • Compatible Satellite: TV antenna
  • Dish Satellites: 61.5⁰, 110⁰, and 129⁰
  • Minimum Receiver Compatibility: 
  • Dish Receiver: Direct TV
  • Unit Weight: 8lb
  • Dimension: 17.5 x 18.75 x 13.5

Dish Playmaker is a dual portable satellite antenna having qualities of viewing two different programms on different tv on the same satellite transmission. it is most leading deal with designer and manufacturer of above than 1000 different standard class antenna products for the home, RVs, boating, tailgating and trucking industries.

Wingard PL Dish polymer have dual satellite system that finds automatically satellite programming no fixed antenna.

It is powered by a single coax connection across the dish receiver, and easy to setup. Satellite conflict DISH: 61.5(SD/HD) 110(SD/HD) 129(SD/HD).

it has high quality aluminum reflector that give maximum signal strength up to 20% greater, and excellent durability.

find automatically dish HD orbits satellite position and it makes easy to watch your favorite programms.

its upon your option to mount dish playmaker satellite antenna located at your roof RV.

Dish Playmaker is designed for dish programming; it has high quality, low price, providing you a rapid get dish satellite automatically.


  • No efforts to handle or carrying and easy to grip.
  • you can get enjoyment of HD Dish with solo receiver technology.
  • It has not long process or commitment, and no any charges for beginning and finishing services.
  • The dish network satellite receiver easily work on the phone hotspot.
  • Home reciever can works while you are at RV park if your home receiver is DISH model 411,nvip211k, VIP 211z or wally receiver.


  • RV portable satellite Dish is not compactable with dish receiver VIP.
  • It come with 25 feet cable with dish, you have to purchase extra cable if unreachable between receiver and the antenna.

05. Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna (RV Dish, Tailgating Satellite Antenna)

Salient Feature

  • Satellite Acquisition: Automatic
  • Compatible Satellite: Dish antenna
  • Dish Satellites: 16” diameter, 13” tall, 7lbs
  • Minimum Receiver Compatibility: 
  • Dish Receiver: Direct TV
  • Unit Weight: 10lbs
  • Dimension: 12x12x18

It is ideal for the RV, camper, cabin, fishing, hunting, and camper or become tailgater with the DISH playmaker.

Winegard PA-1000 Company made for the great cable TV of the world earthy and satellite video and data antenna products and addition for living peoples and Smartphone applications.

the setup of this portable antenna  very easy, and get power by attached single cable through DISH receiver.

can be used very easily, its weight is very light portable RV satellite dish.

it get power of 120 volts alternative current form connected coaxial wire from initial receiver

it is fully automatic dish, find orbits location of HD Dish satellite , make you easy to watch your selected programs.

the smallest portable antenna having diameter 16 and weight is 7lbs, requires less space to make it easy where you want to go.


  • It works with compatible receiver for the products 411, vip211, vip211k, vip211z and Walley.
  • These have no need of internet services.
  • If want to use 50 ft cable with this than you make sure line should be clear to the south.
  • Polymers work greats; its setting is very easy to RV.
  • Polymers scanned all channels into ten minutes and runs clear view.
  • Simply it connected with 25ft cable from receiver to antenna.
  • If you need only dish service then the pay as you go is best choice.


  • It will not work inside the room.
  • This Dish service work only in United state.

06. RV Wholesale Direct King Dish DTP4900 Tailgater PRO Premium Satellite TV Antenna w/ 2 Wally Receivers

Salient Feature

  • Satellite Acquisition: Automatic
  • Compatible Satellite: Tv antenna
  • Dish Satellites: 110⁰, 119⁰, and 129⁰ OR 110⁰, 119, 61.5
  • Minimum Receiver Compatibility: 
  • Dish Receiver: Direct TV
  • Unit Weight: 27lbs
  • Dimension: 26 x 19 x 16

Introducing the cutting-edge redesigned DISH Tailgater Pro with the principle ever ultramodern clear cover. It’s merely better, by design. Benefit from dwell HD DISH tv for pc TV wherever the fun takes you with the Tailgater Pro premium TV for pc TV antenna.

 tv for pc plus 2 Wallys. Trans TV for pc TV antenna for dish provider supplies one hundred percent nationwide protection utilizing western and Jap satellites (110/119/129 or 110/119/61.5).

Lightweight and bunched (8 lbs), the dish Tailgater is Trans or roof-mountable – Mounting toes included.

Included coax cable gives clear-cut setup with computerized TV for pc acquisition and switching.

Supports a couple of TV viewing with the built-in twin coaxial outputs (programming needs to be on the identical satellite).

Weather-resistant supplies face up to excessive heat/cold


  • The DISH Tailgater Pro’s versatile plan is good for portability or roof-mounting.
  • The award-winning thought contains an unique interactive on-screen screen for hassle-free set-up for DISH programming.
  • It’s far totally automated and works correct out of the box when linked to a well matched DISH HD Solo receiver.
  • When you are gazing TV out of your car for greater than a couple of hours, periodically run your car to take care of battery life.
  • As soon as powered on, merely adopt a policy the straightforward on-screen instructions.
  • With Pay As You Go TV, there isn’t any contract required and no activation fees.


  • This system not allow you to record programs
  • It works for only Dish only not for DirecTV.

07. Winegard RT2035T Roadtrip T4 In-Motion RV Satellite Antenna – Black

Salient Feature

  • Satellite Acquisition: In motion
  • Compatible Satellite: Satellite antenna
  • Dish Satellites: 110°, 119°, 129°
  • Minimum Receiver Compatibility: 
  • Dish Receiver: Direct TV
  • Unit Weight: 16 lbs
  • Dimension: 15.6 x 18.75 x 15.63

It is a compatible satellite In-Motion antenna Road trip T4, that is a smaller and quieter, sleek and compact unit.

 The antenna has an ultra lightweight and smallest footprint. It is a fully automatic roof mounted antenna with ON and OFF button. New motors and updated tracking algorithms reduce noise levels and improve tracking capabilities. The system provides the service of watching LIVE programs on road as well as this system and available in a black color

If you are looking for entertainment while travelling, The RoadTrip T4 provides you entertainment in motion. The enhanced design of antenna combined with high gloss rounded dome for checking and maintaining the signal strength specially in a bad weather like rain or thunderstorms etc.


  • You can enjoy entertainment in your car by watching your favourite and live programmes as it is an in-motion antenna.
  • As Winegard has smallest in motion antenna, only minimal roof space is needed.
  • it does not requires storage space.


  • You might face signal issues  in other portion of house other than the place of device installation.
  • If you are using it during travel on very bumpy roads, you will loose reception.

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How To Choose The Best Satellite TV System For RV?

It is necessary to use a TV for RV which is reliable, durable and stable on bumpy roads when car is moving. Let’s suppose, you are in a shop to buy a new satellite TV system, but with so many other options it can make the decision-making process a bit overwhelming. so there  are some questions you need to ask yourself:

Do you want an automatic antenna or manual?

Do you want a permanent roof mount antenna or portable antenna?

Is high definition really important for you?

Which provider fits best? Dish Network, DIRECTV, Bell TV or Shaw Direct?

Do you have a  plan of using multiple TVs at the same time?

Is in motion viewing important for you?

What is your budget range?

Winegard has different options for you to select your desired satellite TV system. For example if are a traveling person, portable satellite antenna would be the best option to choose for your vehicle. On road travelling, in-motion antenna ensures a live and high definition programming. For your home, roof mounted antenna is perfect.

A mobile satellite TV antenna enables you to watch TV programs anywhere. The configuration of RV is done in such a way to obtain signals in a case of unique physical barriers.

It is available in HD quality and very affordable prices so anyone can afford it. Furthermore it is very easy to maintain as it’s very small in size and light weighted so just needs to fix on the little roof space and does not required any storage space. Winegard Offers interesting features so you can enjoy watching your favourite programmes while travelling. It has an excellent tracking capabilities without any noise.

Winegard company is the leading television reception products provider in RV industry since 1953. The best thing is that they have the most diverse product line and a proven track record when it comes to quality. Winegard has launched more than 10 new mobile television antennas in past 3 years.

How To Watch Satellite TV In An RV?

There are two ways to watch satellite TV on RV, but firstly you are required to choose between a portable antenna or a mounted antenna.

Winegard satellite TV systems makes it really convenient to watch satellite programming anywhere.

  •  A mounted antenna is a good choice for your Home based RV, which required only a backup cellular hotspot for providing you an internet service.
  • A portable Antenna is perfect for trips and travelling, you just have to connect with public wifi by adding on wifi extender.

if you prefer dish satellite TV , it offers dish outdoors by which you can choose  between four different types of dish satellite antennas and Wally HD receiver bundles after picking your dish tv package or by adding dish outdoors to your existing account, make a call to activate it.

You have another option out of dish, that is DIRECTV, which directs you to third party suppliers to find a compatible satellite antenna and a receiver.

you need to just Simply call a Winegard programming specialist and they will walk you through the entire process including signing you up for programming, shipping you receivers, and will help you to activate.

What Are The Different Types Of Satellite Dishes For RV?

The first decision anyone has to take is to determine what style antenna is to install to the satellite tv coverage to the RV and what is the best satellite dish for RV?

We have to keep in mind about the number of TV systems,  the service provider we have, about weather and signals or the position of watching or listening while RV is in motion for example you are travelling

Below we will discuss some types of satellite tv antennas breifly:


they are installed on the roof of the camper and their position is fixed throughout its use whether they are open dished or domed.


It is very useful for those who frequently camp in heavily forested sites  and wish to extend their satellite TV options.  A connected cable is run to RV for viewing. These portable units required enough storage when you are not using it. Furthermore it will take additional setup time whenever you arrive to new site. You must have to take proper security measure to prevent it from weather damage.


They are a concave, large and open dishes which obtain signals from multiple satellites at once as well as in weaker service areas or a kind of bad weather. They can be folded down if needed when camper is moving.


They provide an option of in-motion entertainment so it would be a great feature if you are travelling with many friends. They are usually not compatible with DIRECTV satellites.

Difference Between Dish TV And DIRECTV:

Although both Dish and DIRECTV looks similar at a quick glance, but there is a slight difference between them which will help you to find the best provider.

Dish provides the best hopper 3 DVR option with the best price range in the long run but you will get smaller channel selection and fewer package tiers so you might face difficulty in getting the exact offers you want.

DIRECTV is a pro choice of sports lovers because of NFL sunday ticket channel and their all plans come out with an included Genie DVR but it is not as powerful as DISH’s hopper 3.

DIRECTV is more affordable during first year but price will increase after first year. Although they provide larger channel selection and more package tiers but Keep in mind that larger packages can be more expensive in DIRECTV than DISH’s in duration of two years. You have to sign a two-year contract with DIRECTV, whereas DISH gives you a no contract or two year contract option. Dish allows you to  manage DVR library and recordings from your phone. But in DIRECTV you will not be able to delete any DVR recording and will have to face buffering issues too.

How To Install A Satellite Dish For RV?

Installation of satellite TV antenna can be done without any professional because of its user friendly design. You can follow the instructions mentioned on user’s manual for the installation method.

  • TOOLS:

Here you will required some tools:

1)Power drill 2)coaxial cable 3)roof compatible sealant  4)pencil for marking a base location.


It will be recommended that install the antenna along the centerline of the roof or parallel to it.

The angle of roof should be 3° or less from level at the site of installation to function it properly.


STEP 1: First you should decide the location for antenna.

STEP 2: Mark by pencil or pen the screw hole locations so that they will be visible if the antenna moved away from your work area.

STEP 3: To secure the roof from sealant, apply a bead of sealant along the circumference between marked holes and over screw heads and along edges where antenna base meets the roof.

STEP 4: Now place the satellite antenna in to position and secure the antenna base with screws to your roof.

STEP 5: Route your coaxial cable to pre installed port on RV’s roof or you can drill 1 inch hole wherever you wish the cords to enter the interior but you will have to buy cap or plug accessory plate for this hole.


STEP 1: Complete retrieving of tripod and antenna from storage.

STEP 2: Keep the tripod in a position where it will have a view of southern sky.

STEP 3: Secure the antenna to the top of the tripod with screws.

STEP 4: For better stability you have to secure antenna to the ground through screws or stakes.

STEP 5: Connect coaxial cord from a portable satellite dish which have an exterior designated port.

How To Adjust RV Satellite Dishes?

There are two ways to adjust RV satellite dish.

  • Adjusting with a physical meter
  • Without a physical meter


STEP 1:                              

Connect the coax cable from the outlet on the dish to the outlet of “To LNB out” on the signal finder.


Connect another coax cable now to the outlet of “To receiver” on the signal finder and connect the other end of the cable to your receiver.


Slowly turn the dish now left and right until the reading on the meter peak out and pay close attention to the meter and turn it in the direction from which it receives the strongest signal. you have to keep your horizontal position as you adjust the vertical.



Follow the link in resources to DISH POINTER and enter your address in the box labeled “your location” and click on the “GO” button.


Mention down the elevation, disk skew azimuth. Use the map available onscreen to get an idea of the direction in which to pinpoint the dish.


Enter the setup menu on your receiver to access its built in signal finder, if it is not available then use a compass as your guide.

Move the dish slowly in other direction, until you get to know by your partner that the signal has once again peaked. Now is the time to tighten the bolts on the mount to finalize the azimuth.

Loose the elevation bolts slightly, so you can angle the dish, and repeat the process until you have got the elevation fine tuned. Your signal strength must be at least at 80 for a usable installation and 100 or above is ideal.

Common Problem With Satellite RV Antennas:


Dish style satellite antennas have large surface areas positioned to capture the wind so RV owners have to experience the harsh noise of wind across an exposed rooftop of their campsite.


Moisture conditions caused by rain, snow or fog etc affect the picture quality of dome satellite antenna. It can also cause the function of satellite slow.


The issue of satellite signals created due to buildings, mountains, tree, forests because these signals do not bend around physical objects so it results in a lower quality programming.


Currently if you are a subscriber of DIRECTV with your RV antenna then it will be very beneficial to choose Winegard satellite system which provides the greater selection of options within Winegard’s lineup proving that its the best satellite TV for RV.  Furthermore, Winegard provides multiple antennas that are capable of simultaneous satellite signal reception and three or more receiver compatibility.

Read More:


  • Is dish or directv better for RV?

Ans: Dish provides the best hopper 3 DVR option and the best price range in the long run but you will get smaller channel selection and fewer package tiers so you might face difficulty in getting the exact offers you want. At another side, DIRECTV is a pro choice of sports lovers because of NFL sunday ticket channel. They  have more channels as well as a wider variety of sports packages than dish.

  • What is the best satellite dish to buy?

Ans: if you want manual, portable, HD and in- motion dish antenna so you can use it while travelling, camping ,at home or at your work area easily then Winegard dish satellite system is the best choice for you because it provides a wide range of satellite systems which include portable and roof mounted satellite antennas for your home or vehicle. You can watch live HD programming while travelling on the road by using in motion antenna.

  • How do I hook up my satellite dish to my RV?

Ans: Place it in the position that it will have a view of Southwest sky.

Now connect the coax cable from the satellite to the receiver and connect the receiver to the plugged in TV. Power on the receiver and and follow onwards the onscreen prompts for setup.

  • Does directv have pay as you go for RV?

Ans: Yes, you have to pay a flat fee to have DIRECTV in your RV for the mobile satellite equipment and then pay for a small monthly fee for the package you have chosen as you will be able to receive 100+ DIRECTV channels while on the go.

  • Can you get satellite Internet in an RV?

Ans: To get a satellite internet on your RV, you will need get an equipment and package from your satellite dish system that connects you to broadband global area network which works in mostly remote areas. 

  • Can I use a Genie Mini in my RV?

Ans: Yes, but it depends only if you have this dish or other sort of HD dish or dome. DIRECTV Genie DVR requires the use of SWM technology which means you must have a “SWM enabled dish” like the Winegard Trav’ler SK-SWM3 or something similar.

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