Best Small Dehumidifier For RV Reviews With Buying Guide-2022

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Are you looking for a small dehumidifier for your RV? It may take you a lot of time to purchase because they are of different types. We have reviewed the best small dehumidifier for RV to make it easy for you to choose the one you need.

I would recommend you purchase the Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier, because it is one of the best brands that design these machines. It is small in size and does not take much space. The dehumidifier has a thermoelectric cooling technology to operate quietly. The auto-shutoff feature helps you to know when the water tank is full to prevent overflow. It has a water tank capacity of 16 ounces and extracts 9 ounces of moisture from the air.

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Top 07 Best Small Dehumidifier for RV Reviews

01. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1200 Cubic Feet for High Humidity in Kitchen, Basement, Caravan, RV, Garage-Auto Shut Off

Salient Feature

  • Water tank capacity: 16ounces
  • Average Moisture removed per day: 9 ounces
  • Led light indicator: yes
  • Automatic shut off: yes
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology: yes
  • Area covered: 1200 cubic ft
  • Optimum operating temperature: 59- 86 degrees F
  • Power/day: 0.55Kw
  • weight: 2.4pounds

Dimensions and weight

The Pro Breeze Electric dehumidifier is a small and compact machine that is 150 sq feet or 120 Cubic Feet.

Coverage Area

This machine is suitable for various rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and many more. It is ideal for places that are bigger than 1200 cubic feet.

Dehumidification performance

It can use very little energy, that is, 0.55kW when it runs for a whole day. The temperature needs to be lower than 41°F for it to function. It will perform best with temperatures between 59-86°F.

Water tank Capacity

This mini dehumidifier can take out up to 9 ounces of water per twenty-four hours. The machine will shut itself off automatically when the water tank is full. After that, you will need to drain the water through an outlet that is not difficult to use. A LED light will turn on to alert you that the tank needs emptying.

Noise Level

The machine runs very quietly.


  • This mini dehumidifier is very lightweight, making it easy to transport.
  • The power consumed is minimal.
  • This machine will automatically shut off when the water tank fills.
  • A LED light will alert you when the tank fills up.
  • The device operates without making much noise.
  • It is easy to dispense water from the water tank.


  • The machine can only operate efficiently in a room that is smaller than 150 sq feet.
  • Some water tends to condense on surfaces such as your windows when the mini dehumidifier is in use.

02. SEAVON Electric Upgraded Dehumidifier for Home, 2000 Cubic Feet (195 sq ft) Portable and Compact 500ml (16 oz) Capacity Quiet Small Dehumidifiers for Basements, Bedroom, Bathroom, RV, Closet, Auto Shut Off

Salient Feature

  • Water tank capacity: 16ounces
  • Average Moisture removed per day: 9 ounces
  • Led light indicator: yes
  • Automatic shut off: yes
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology: yes
  • Area covered: 2000cubic ft
  • Optimum operating temperature: 59- 86 degrees F
  • Power/day: 0.96kw
  • weight: 2.4pounds

If you are looking for an efficient dehumidifier, get the SEAVON electric upgraded dehumidifier.


The dehumidifier has a water tank capacity of 16 ounces. It can extract 250 ml or 9 ounces daily, making it a good machine for your RV.

Auto shutoff function

With an auto-shutoff function in place, you should not worry about overflow when the tank is full. The unit has an LED indicator that switches when the water tank is full. It is easy to remove water from the water tank and return the collection tank.

Thermoelectric cooling technology

The thermoelectric cooling technology on this machine increases its efficiency. You don’t have to operate with a compressor due to this technology. This makes the unit acquired operator when using it in your RV. You can run the whole night without any destruction of sleep due to its quietness.

Energy saving

The SEAVON electric upgraded dehumidifier saves energy and money. It only requires 40 watts per hour and 0.96 kW to run for24 hours. It is environmentally friendly equipment because it does not pollute the environment when operating.

Space covered

The dehumidifier covers 1200 cubic feet or 150 square feet.

Operating temperature

Just like the mini dehumidifiers, the machine cannot work below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The optimum temperature of operation is between 59 degrees and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dimension and weight

The dehumidifier will only occupy a small space in your RV because it has a Dimension of 6.5 * 5.3 * 11.5 inches and 2.5 pounds weight. The dehumidifier’s size makes it easy for you to move it effortlessly and place it wherever you want it to work.


The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty upon purchase of the model.


  • The dehumidifier is quiet and, therefore, suitable to run throughout the night.
  • It consumes less energy to operate efficiently and therefore saves you money and energy.
  • It’s lightweight, makes it portable.
  • The dehumidifier has a large water tank capacity of 16 ounces.


  • The model has a short cord.
  • It may perform slowly after some time.

03. ALROCKET Dehumidifier 35oz(1000ml) Small Dehumidifier for 2100 Cubic Feet (260 sq ft) Portable and Compact Ultra Quiet for Home, basements, Bedroom, Bathroom, Garage, Wardrobe, RV

Salient Feature

  • Water tank capacity: 35 ounces
  • Average Moisture removed per day: 16ounces
  • Led light indicator: yes
  • Automatic shut off: yes
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology: yes
  • Area covered: 2100 cubic ft
  • Optimum operating temperature: 41- 122 degrees F
  • Power/day: 0.96kw
  • weight: 2.87pounds

Auto shutoff function

There is no risk of water overflow because the dehumidifier has an auto-shutoff function that alerts you when the tank is full. When the dehumidifier shuts off, it turns the lights red.

Operating temperature

At 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the unit may not operate effectively. The optimal operating temperature is between 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 Fahrenheit.


The water tank capacity of the dehumidifier is 35 ounces, which is equal to 1000 ml. It can extract an average of 16 ounces of most humid air in the environment daily. You can be assured of air quality and a comfortable environment when using this model.

Noise level

When you are purchasing a dehumidifier, you need to consider one of the first things is the noise level. We don’t want to purchase a dehumidifier that makes a lot of noise. This dehumidifier is a quiet one because it operates through thermoelectric technology. You can then run it throughout the night or the day without any kind of disturbance.

Energy saving

You only require to use 0.96 kW of electricity for the dehumidifier to operate 24 hours seamlessly. The power required per hour is 40W.

Weight and dimension.

The unit has 2.87 lb The Dimension of 5.7 * 5.7 * 8.9 in which is easy to move it to the place you want it. It is ideal for a room with an area of 2100 cubic feet.


  • The auto-shutoff technology is an advantage because there is no risk of water overflow.
  • It is easy to carry and relocate the dehumidifier due to its lightweight.
  • The dehumidifier can eradicate Windows condensation discoloring and reduce wall staining.
  • It can also keep your beddings and clothes dry and clean.


  • Its water collection capabilities are slow.
  • The dehumidifier can shut off randomly.

04. Hysure Portable Mini Dehumidifier 2201 Cubic Feet Electric Safe Dehumidifier for Bedroom Home Crawl Space Bathroom RV Baby Room White

Salient Feature

  • Water tank capacity: 16ounces
  • Average Moisture removed per day: 9ounces
  • Led light indicator: yes
  • Automatic shut off: yes
  • warranty: 2years
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology: yes
  • Area covered: 2201 cubic feet
  • Optimum operating temperature: 68-86 degrees F
  • Power/day: 0.55kw
  • weight: 2.61pound

Coverage area

It covers up to 2201 cubic feet.

Dehumidification performance

It keeps a suitable humidity level in the surrounding by extracting humid air of up to 250 ml a day. The dehumidifier works effectively in a 10 to 20 square meter space. The optimum operating temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dehumidifier has an auto shut off the technology with the LED light indicator to alert you when the tank is almost full to reduce overflowing chances.

The unit only requires 23 Watts per hour to operate effectively.

Dimension and weight

The dehumidifier has 2.61 lbs and a package Dimension of 11.25 * 6.5 x 5.25 inches. This is a light weighted product for portability.

Water tank capacity

The unit has a water tank capacity of 500 ml, and it is easy to remove and return it to the model.

Noise level

You cannot notice the equipment when working because it’s operation is quiet.


The manufacturer guarantees a 24-month warranty with professional customer service.


  • It is easy to use the dehumidifier because it has one-button control.
  • The dehumidifier is portable, compact, and lightweight.
  • It works efficiently by removing humid air up to 250 ml per day.
  • The quiet nature of the machine allows you to use comfortably without any disturbance.


  • The machine does the job but very slow and takes time to draw any water from a humid room.

05. Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier 2-PACK

Salient Feature

  • Water tank capacity: 6ounces
  • Average Moisture removed per day: 4ounces
  • Led light indicator: yes
  • Automatic shut off: yes
  • warranty: 5years
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology: no
  • Area covered: 333 cubic feet
  • Optimum operating temperature: Above 41 degrees F
  • Power/day: renewable
  • weight: 0.001pound

Coverage area

The small dehumidifier can work in areas of up to 333 cubic feet.

Dehumidification performance

The unit uses natural silica gel crystal to recharge and can extract up to 6 ounces of moist, humid air from the atmosphere over 20 to 30 degrees.

It is a cordless dehumidifier needing no cable or battery to operate. To reuse, plug it into a power strip, and the silica beads will try up to.

Dimension and weight inter the item has a Dimension of 6.5 x 5 x 3.5 inch and a weight of 0.01 pounds. It is compact and portable to wherever you want it to be placed.

Water tank capacity

The model has a water tank capacity of 6 ounces. When the tank is almost full, the indicator window changes from orange to green.

Noise level

It is a silent operator, and you can be assured of comfort when it’s functioning.


The manufacturer offers quality and durable products and gives a 5-year warranty guarantee.


  • It is a renewable system.
  • It is safe to use the dehumidifier when you have pets and children in the RV
  • Its operation is complete silence; therefore, no disturbance when running it.
  • It is an easy-to-use operator


  • The unit loses the ability to recharge over time.
  • The dehumidifier may not work on bad humidity problems effectively.

06. AUZKIN Small Dehumidifier for 2100 Cubic Feet (260 sq ft), 35oz(1000ml) Capacity Portable and Quiet Dehumidifiers for Basements, Home, Bedroom, Bathroom, Garage, Wardrobe, RV

Salient Feature

  • Water tank capacity: 35 ounces
  • Average Moisture removed per day: 16ounces
  • Led light indicator: yes
  • Automatic shut off: yes
  • warranty: 1year
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology: yes
  • Area covered: 2100 cubic ft
  • Optimum operating temperature: 41-122 degrees F
  • Power/day: 0.96kw
  • weight: 2.87poinds

Coverage area

The unit covers 260 square feet or a 2200 cubic feet space area.

Dehumidification performance

The dehumidifier uses the power of 40 Watts per hour to operate and 0.96 kilowatts of electricity to run continuously for 24 hours. This makes the unit effective and environmentally friendly because it does not produce any chemical substances when operating.

Dimension and weight

The small dehumidifier has a Dimension of 5.7 * 5.7 * 8.9 in and a 2.87 LB weight. It is easy to move the machine from one place to another due to its size.

Water tank capacity

The dehumidifier has a water tank capacity of 35 ounces and can extract humidity levels up to 16 ounces of water a day in a humid surrounding of 86 degrees Fahrenheit and 80% RH.

Noise level

The unit uses the ultra-quiet Peltier technology that does not require compressed air, and therefore you can be assured the noise level is below 39 DB. If you want to study or sleep when the unit is running, you can comfortably do so because it is not annoying.


You are assured of our 30 days money back when you don’t get satisfied with the product, and it also has a 12-month warranty guarantee.


  • It is easy to use a dehumidifier.
  • You can use it during the night because it is Silent in operation.
  • The auto-shutoff technology reduces the risk of water overflow.


  • It breaks easily.

07. LONOVE Dehumidifiers – (220 Sq ft) Mini Dehumidifiers for Home Bedroom, Bathroom, RV, Garage, 1000ml

Salient Feature

  • Water tank capacity: 34 ounces
  • Average Moisture removed per day: 12ounces
  • Led light indicator: yes
  • Automatic shut off: yes
  • warranty: 2years
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology: yes
  • Area covered: 2200 cubic feet
  • Optimum operating temperature: 59- 86 degrees F
  • Power/day: 0.96kw
  • weight: 1.8pounds

Coverage area

The dehumidifier covers an area of 2200 cubic feet and is ideal for RVs.

Dehumidification performance

The model has an auto-shutoff technology to prevent water overflow. The LED light will flash blue light to indicate that you need to empty the water tank.

The thermoelectric cooling technology makes the unit operate quietly. The optimum operating temperature is between 59- and 86-degrees Fahrenheit. It may not work effectively under 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dimension and weight

The unit has 1.8 lbs weight and 5 * 5 * 7 in dimension, making it easy to carry from one place to another.

Water tank capacity

The dehumidifier has a water tank capacity of 34 ounces and extracts 350ml per day at 86 degrees Fahrenheit and 80% RH.

Noise level

It is a quiet dehumidifier with a peak level of 35db.


The unit has a 2-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. The manufacturer also provides a lifetime customer service and offers 24-hour solutions for any question you may have concerning their product.


  • The dehumidifier is controlled by one button, making it easy for the user to operate comfortably.
  • The unit has an auto-shutoff function to know when the tank is full and dispense the condensed water.


  • It is slow when it comes to the extraction of moisture from the humidity environment.

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How to choose the best small dehumidifier for RV

There are various factors to consider before purchasing small dehumidifiers for RVs. RVs are enclosed spaces that increase water vapor when cooking, showering, and sleeping. Getting the right dehumidifier cools the environment and making it bearable by reducing their humidity levels. Below are the buying guides for a small dehumidifier.


Dehumidifiers are of two types: the refrigerant and the rechargeable model. One of the advantages of the refrigerant model is keeping your entire RV free from mold. The rechargeable model is used in localized spaces to get rid of mold but not the entire vehicle.

Power consumption.

You need to consider the power consumption of the dehumidifier so that you can know the maintenance cost. When it comes to maintaining refrigerant, consume less power compared to the desiccant.

Capacity and Efficiency

Choose a dehumidifier with enough capacity to remove moisture from the air in your enclosed space most efficiently and effectively. A dehumidifier that pulls 23 watts is an efficient operator.

Noise level

Some dehumidifiers have a high noise level compared to others. Since you are operating the machine in a small enclosed area, it is important to consider one with less noise for Comfort. For example, the desiccant dehumidifier is known to be less noisy.


When purchasing a dehumidifier, it is important to consider its weight for compatibility. Purchasing a product with carrying handles and wheels will help you if you’re planning to move the dehumidifier from one place to another. Most dehumidifiers used for allergies have a non-slip base and their weight greater to lower the center of gravity.


This is a tool in the dehumidifier that measures the level of humidity. Choosing a small dehumidifier with this system can automatically switch off the machine when the optimum humidity level is reached.


A dehumidifier that is non-toxic is safe for children and pets. It also provides renewable dehumidifying solutions.


It is important to have a budget of how much you’re willing to spend to purchase a dehumidifier so that you can get one that is within your limits. It is also important to balance cost and quality to ensure you are getting a good machine.

What is a small RV dehumidifier? 

Mold growing in RVs due to the room temperature. If not taken care of, they can build a big problem for the ceiling walls and the floors. A small RV dehumidifier can be a solution to do away with this mold. This machine creates healthier air. Generator, solar, or power can run RV dehumidifiers.

How does a small RV dehumidifier work? 

Like refrigerators, small RV dehumidifiers take in moist air, extract moisture and blow out air less humid than the environment. They extracted moisture gathers in a collection tank that needs to be emptied regularly. Below is a step by step illustration of how small dehumidifiers work.

1. Electric fan draws in humid air

An electric fan is located at the grille in the dehumidifier machine. The fan collects humid air for processing.

2. Circulation of warm and humid air over the pipes

A dehumidifier machine has a cool refrigerant that keeps and maintains pipes at low temperatures. A compressor drives the refrigerant to operate. The warm and humid air flows through the cold pipes and cools down and extracts the moisture content. The moisture level the air can hold will depend on its temperature. When the temperatures are reduced, they also reduce the capacity to contain moisture.

3. Reheating the temperatures to room temperature

The air with reduced moisture content has a lower temperature compared to the required room temperature. The dehumidifier passes the resulting air over the hot condenser coil to bring it back to room temperature. Another grille in the machine blows the dry and warm air into the RV and create a fresh and healthy environment.

4. Collection of moisture

The moisture collected from the moist, humid air is collected in a collection tank located at the machine’s bottom. It is important to regularly empty the moisture manually to ensure the tongue has space for the process to continue seamlessly.

One of the advantages of using small dehumidifiers for RVs is that water cannot overflow. The model uses an automated system that presents the collection tank from leaking. As the dehumidifier continues to work, and more moisture is collected, the water level rise. The plastic will float, and when the container is almost full, it will contact the electric switch. The switch will trip and switch off the compressor and the fan. The user is then alerted by a lighting signal that tells you to empty the container.

What are the different types of RV dehumidifiers?

If you want to make the right choice when purchasing an RV dehumidifier, you need to have the correct information to meet your specific needs. There are three types of dehumidifiers available in the market. There are desiccant, refrigerant, and whole-house dehumidifier.

Desiccant dehumidifier

A desiccant is used in this dehumidifier to absorb moist, humid air from the atmosphere. If you are familiar with a silica gel package used in products such as a camera, computer, and shoes, they use desiccant material.

A dehumidifier collecting moisture through a desiccant has a wheel with a desiccant that turns and operates slowly to absorb moisture through the air. The desiccant is activated when the rotating wheel passes through the warm air and gets rid of moisture. The collected water may be automatically drained or stored in the collection tank. A desiccant humidifier is smaller than the refrigerant.

The dehumidifier can operate at low temperatures but consumes a lot of energy. To work in an hour, it requires between 600 and 800 watts of power.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers

We can compare the refrigerant dehumidifier process with that of a fridge. The moisture condenses on a metal plate. It has a fan that is always in operation, drawing air from the atmosphere through the dehumidifier and on the cold metal plate. The condensed water on the plate is collected in the dehumidifiers water tank and keeps the room at an average humidity level. After the humid level is reached, the unit switches itself until the cooling is required again.

Whole-house ventilation dehumidifiers

Whole-house ventilation dehumidifiers are regarded as the most effective units that can remove humid-air, damp, and mold in your house. They are energy-efficient and affordable. The models operate quietly through a discrete grill that is mounted hallway. Whole-house ventilation dehumidifiers insulation can take up to an hour, and you can do it yourself.

If you are considering purchasing RV dehumidifiers, there is variety in the market you can consider purchasing.

Pro breeze electric mini dehumidifier

Pro breeze dehumidifier is manufactured by the Pro Breeze and has incredible features that you be love. The unit covers 1200 cubic feet and does not take a lot of space on your RV. It is a lightweight head, and it’s easy for you to move around with it with less effort. The machine is user-friendly and has smart features such as a light indicator that will inform you when the collection tank is full. Apart from the automatic shut, it produces less noise.

Hysure portable mini dehumidifier

This type of dehumidifier is 2200 cubic feet and is a perfect machine for RV. The model operation is less noisy. Besides, it has automatic shut-off features when the water bucket is full. It is an energy-efficient model that can help you save money. The lightweight of the model makes it an affordable machine.

hOmeLabs small dehumidifier

This type of dehumidifier covers 1200 cubic feet and does not take much room for storage. You will not recognize it as a present because it’s operation is less noisy. You don’t have to worry about condensed water overflow because it has an automatic shut off system. The user is alerted through a LED light when the tank is full. The dehumidifier has a 25 watt ETL certified adaptor that prevents it from overheating.

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

This is a strong dehumidifier covering 110 cubic feet. It is a good fit f small spaces. The unit is user-friendly with easy-to-use features. It is less noisy in operation and has an automatic shut-off feature. A transparent water tank of the model makes it easy for the user to see the water level accumulated.

KEDSUM Electric Small Dehumidifier

KEDSUM electric dehumidifier has a variety of options when it comes to size. You can either pick a 1500ml, 700ml, or 500ml dehumidifier based on the space you are dehumidifying. The 1500ml covers an area of 2200 cubic feet well the other to cover 1200 cubic feet. KEDSUM dehumidifier has CE and FCC safety approval, and you can be assured they will function properly when in use.

Why do you need a small dehumidifier for RV? 

Small dehumidifiers are very important for RVs. Below are some of the benefits you will get from having one.

Mold, pest, and bacteria prevention

High humidity levels create a good atmosphere for bacteria and mold to grow. The environment is also conducive for Pests like termites to breed. A good dehumidifier you will get rid of and prevent bacteria, molds, and pests from ruining your RV floor, walls, ceiling, and your belongings.

A dehumidifier will help you get healthy and fresh air.

It can absorb sweat from clothes, dump furniture, and Spilled drinks. You will be able to enjoy fresh air due to Quality circulation in the RV.

Prevention from respiratory diseases

A dehumidifier clears all the excess moisture in the RV and makes the environment conducive to allergy, sinus problems, and asthma.

Your healthy skin is maintained.

A dehumidifier keeps an optimal level of humidity in an RV to ensure you maintain healthy skin. It can present rashes, acne eczema, and other reactions. When the environment has a high humidity level, the skin pores will open up and become receptive to allergens, bacteria, and dirt.

What is the difference between RV dehumidifier versus regular dehumidifier?

When buying an RV dehumidifier, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to substitute it with the regular one. It is important to note that a regular dehumidifier may not work best for your RV, although all RV dehumidifiers can be used at home. A regular dehumidifier and some differences compared to the RV one that makes it impractical to use it.


A regular dehumidifier is built to function at a specific location and not in a continuously moving vehicle. An RV dehumidifier can sustain the movements and the shaking of the vehicle and still function optimally. While a regular dehumidifier may be difficult to move around with, an RV unit is light weighted and can be placed in any place where you want them to function.

Size and capacity

An RV will require a small dehumidifier because the room is not big. A regular dehumidifier is large and may not fit in the small area. Also, regular dehumidifiers have a high capacity to serve the RV since moisture is being removed from a small space.

Energy usage

Most regular dehumidifiers consume a lot of energy compared to RV models. If you plan to use a regular dehumidifier on an RV, it means your travel will be expensive because you need enough gas to operate the machine.

When looking for a dehumidifier for your RV, it is important to consider the nature of your travel and other buying factors to get one that will meet your needs.

How do you dehumidify an RV?

You can use various ways to dehumidify an RV to ensure there is a good circulation of air.

Weather station

A weather station is an important tool to have in your RV because it can help you read the humidity level. The acceptable humidity level is between 30 and 50%. You will know when the level is getting out of hand and use some tools such as dehumidifier and moisture absorbers to control the temperature.

Moisture absorber

A moisture absorber is a tool that is available in different sizes and forms. Products such as DampRid or silica packets can help in absorbing moisture. It is important to consider safety covering when purchasing these products since they have chemicals that could be dangerous for pets and children. If you have pets in your RV, you can consider using Kitty litter to reduce condensation.


You can keep your RV ventilated through different practices such as cooking with pan lids, cracking a window, cooking outside, and opening the rooftop vents when taking a shower or cooking. This practice can help you get rid of excess humidity that may condense in the vehicle.


You can consider rolling out your dehumidifier when the humidity levels get high. This is an easier way of getting rid of the most humid air faster and leaving the vehicle with great air circulation. When getting a dehumidifier, consider an RV one because others may not function well in such a unit.

Double pane windows

Double pane windows act as insulators to lower the condensation level in the RV. It is important to upgrade from a single pane window to a double pane to easily maintain your RV temperatures. This option is very practical during the winter and summer seasons.

Top brand of small dehumidifier for RV 


Small dehumidifiers from this brand are fantastic and have quality features. The dehumidifier is manufactured with a 24-hour timer to ensure the process is seamless. It also 6 Ways to set the device. The machine’s lightweight makes it easy for you to transport it from one place to another in your RV. Upon purchase, the model comes with attaching panel control with different functions including defrost shut off turbo mode, and restart. On average, the dehumidifier can dispel 70 pints from the air daily. It is a versatile machine that can be used to remove moisture from basement cellars and large rooms.


Frigidaire dehumidifiers are lightweight for easy movement. With this dehumidifier, your space is protected from mildew and mold. It has an average capacity of dispelling 70 pints from the air daily. This makes Frigidaire one of the best dehumidifiers in the market. The dehumidifier is an energy saver because it uses less energy to work effectively and quickly. The dehumidifier has are visible water level that can help you see the amount of water condensed. The model uses a standard 115-volt electric outlet.

Pro breeze

The most incredible feature of this model is that it has a water tank capacity of 16 ounces. The unit can get rid of moisture up to 9 ounces daily. The dehumidifier has a light indicator that alerts the user when the water tank is full to prevent overflow. The unit operates at a temperature of 59 to 86 degrees Celsius. It can cover up to 1100 cubic feet operating above 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eva- Dry

This is a good dehumidifier for both small and mid-sized rooms. It covers a space of 1100 cubic feet. It does not emit a sound when operating because of the Peltier technology it has been designed with. The most are extracted from the surrounding is stored in a spill-proof reservoir. The stagnant water air does not have any order because it is removed with ease. The model has a thermoelectric cooling system, and therefore you don’t need to have a compressor. The machine consumes less energy, and therefore you can be assured of saving money and energy.


When purchasing a small dehumidifier for RV, it can’t be difficult to choose because many are in the market. The highlighted reviews of the best small dehumidifiers for RV will help you make a decision.

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What size dehumidifier do I need for my RV? 

The size of your RV will be a determinant of the size of the dehumidifier you will purchase. Before purchasing, it is important to measure the square foot of your RV to know the amount of space you have. This way, you will be able to know how to allocate the space for a dehumidifier. Most small dehumidifiers can cover up to 1100 cubic feet, while others can occupy a space of 2200 cubic feet.

Should I run a dehumidifier in My RV?

When much of your time is spent on an RV, the humidity will always be an issue of concern. It is important to have a dehumidifier running in your RV to help you eliminate the moist, humid air to be comfortable in the vehicle. When you don’t use a dehumidifier, then your environment will be damp and unbearable to stay.

Should dehumidifier run-all-night in RV?

It is ok to run your dehumidifier all night in your RV. If you’re considering running it all the time, it is important to consider the auto shut-off features and the noise factor when purchasing one. To ensure the dehumidifier operates efficiently and sure you keep your air filter cleaned.

Do dehumidifiers stop condensation in RV? 

A dehumidifier is the best option when it comes to reducing condensation in an RV. Although it may not stop condensation completely because there is always a humidity level in an environment, it can help you live comfortably.

What is the best small dehumidifier for RV? 

The best small dehumidifier for RV should extract water at higher rates. It should be able to have our water holding capacity for the condensed water. It should also be reportable for easy movements. The best small dehumidifiers for RV include


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