Best Sound System For RV Reviews & Buying Guide – 2022

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Making a massive impact on life’s enjoy ability while listening to the favorite music on RV’s best sound system can offer you a better camping experience. The best product with a better price will surely provide access to entertainment when you are on the road. Finding a best sound system for RV should be your ‘stop priority. Many RV owners search for an RV sound system, but searching for one of the best products is quite challenging. It has become even more difficult as the technologies keep advancing, and the new features are coming day by day.

So, what is the best sound system for RV? After reviewing several sound systems for RV, we have come to a conclusion that the best-recommended sound system for RV is the Jensen JWM60A Bluetooth Wall Mount RV stereo, which provides many features to suit any RV owner. This sound system makes the device more comfortable to operate. You gain the ability to control its main functions by using almost all Bluetooth devices, and you will be able to access the parts through Bluetooth.

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What Are The Best Sound System For RV?

Here are some of the best sound system for RV we found:

01. Jensen JWM60A AM|FM|DVD|CD|USB|AUX|App Ready Bluetooth Wallmount Stereo With App Control

Salient Feature

  • Brand: Jensen
  • Dimension: 11.25×8.5×8.5 inches
  • Quality: Best
  • Remote: Yes
  • Cost-effective: No
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • 3 zone speaker: No

This Jensen JWM60A is a Bluetooth wall mount RV stereo, offers many impressive features. It allows users to experiences an easier way to operate. This product is readily available in the market


This comes with a waterproof system. It contains dual waterproof marine speakers, which gives access to avoid rain or any water effect on the device. A dual waterproof audio system is the best feature to consider while purchasing the best audio system for RV.

Touch Screen-

This product comes with a double din android car stereo and offers a touch screen in Dash Car radio video multimedia player and Bluetooth and wifi navigation system. You get the control to handle the audio device via Bluetooth only. You can quickly turn any smartphones into a wireless remote control to access this audio system. jControl app will sync and preset the settings and control the stereo and speaker from another room.

Audio Quality-

This product allows Bluetooth audio and hands-free calling. The product plays mp3 with no CD/DVD player. The sound quality of this product is beyond one’s imagination. The quality of sound will exceed the moment to enjoy even more with letting go of worries. This unique audio system is best for RV.


The JWM60A comes with the latest and best advanced audio technology with a sleeker profile, and that helps to maintain the same footprint, which has been used in over a million units. This product has dedicated or upgrading features and makes it possible to connect their smart device to the stereo.

Easy to process-

This product allows easy access to use and to have a better experience. You can control the whole function via Bluetooth. This product is easier than ever for campers to enjoy the music. The control app is readily available on the play store to turn on the smart Bluetooth function to play music.


  • This product has a digital AM/FM Tuner with 30 preset stations.
  • Bluetooth ready with A2DP and AVRCP stream the audio function.
  • Allow easy installation of jControl applications.
  • This product offers a protected disc mechanism.
  • Also, provide LCD Backlight Control.


  • The price of this product is somehow very high.

02. Furrion 120W 2-Zone Entertainment System With A Built-In DVD Player. Supports CD, DVD, MP3, WMA, MP4, AVI, AM & FM Radio With USB, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC & Mobile App Connectivity – DV3300S-BL

Salient Feature

  • Brand: Furrion
  • Dimension: 7.93×7.85×4.37 inches
  • Quality: Best
  • Remote: Yes
  • Cost-effective: Yes
  • Waterproof: No
  • 3 zone speaker: No

This product can control its primary function through Bluetooth only. This feature is possible, all thanks to Furrion. You can easily access the unique and impressive features through any smartphone or iPhones.


This product consists of a power output of 4 × 15W and is a built-in DVD player. This product offers the best experience by providing high performance. A 4″ LCD with the next generation 2-Zone entertainment system is mainly created to provide personalized audiovisual expertise.

Easy Connectivity Process-

This entertainment audio system is optimized for superior performance and contains Bluetooth connectivity with NFC quick touch communication system. This product allows all the users to connect with the Furrion Entertainment audio system by using Bluetooth easily. This product enables controlling multi-room play by using intuitive system controls

Supported Formats-

This product offers to play CD and DVD formats and also supports WMA or MP3 and MP4. It also contains AVI formats. Additionally, this product gives support to USB port media input with headphone Jack and subwoofer connections.


This product offers durability and reliability as it is designed with functions vibration smart and signal smart technology. It is compact for extreme climates also.


This powerful audio system for RV is as stylish as it is seamless. This product comes with clear white illumination on LCD seamlessly blends


  • This product is durable and offers various unique features.
  • The sound quality of this product is good.
  • This product supports many formats, which gives a useful experience.
  • The product design is very stylish


  • This product also provides some noise.
  • It is bit costly with respect to others.

03. Magnadyne Rv6200 Am/Fm/Bt/Dvd Wall Mount Multimedia Receiver (Rv5090 Direct Replacement)

Salient Feature

  • Brand: Magnadyne
  • Dimension: 11×9.75×.9.5 inches
  • Quality: Best
  • Remote: Yes
  • Cost-effective: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • 3 zone speaker: No

This Magnadyne RV6200 sound system is another best option to choose from. It makes an easy system to transfer music or other files from any smartphones. This product is the right choice for your enjoyment.


The sound quality and overall quality of this product are unmatchable. This product provides one of the finest sound quality to enjoy music regularly. The users get extra benefits while turning on the theme with this sound system for RV as it provides the best audio output.


This product is durable, and you can experience the beat moment while listening to your music with this audio system device. This product automatically recalls programmable stations and also allows the functions of mute.


This product provides full backlight illuminations and consists of a display lighting dimmer. It also offers a multi-line LCD, which is easy to read in sunlight.


This product adaptor harness supplies for plug and play installation while replacing the models like adapter and adapter plate. This product’s adaptor plate fills the more massive mounting hole and provides a new mounting surface for the RV6200.


The product comes with a powerful and stylish touch screen control wall mount multimedia receiver, which acts as a direct replacement for linear series. This product overall displays an elegant look and works stylishly too.


  • This product offers parental control setting systems.
  • It provides compact connectivity and allows for turning a smartphone into a remote.
  • This product includes alarm clock features
  • The memory of this product is compatible
  • Access easy to control touch screen
  • Individual zone speaker volume control.


  • demo demo demo demo demo demo
  • The price range is comparatively higher.

04. Irv Technology Irv34 Am/Fm/Cd/Dvd/Mp3/Mp4 /Usb/Sd/Hdmi/Digital2.1/Surround Sound/Bluetooth 3 Zones Wall Mount Rv Radio Stereo

Salient Feature

  • Brand: iRV Technology
  • Dimension: 6×9.83×8.5 inches
  • Quality: Good
  • Remote: Yes
  • Cost-effective: Yes
  • Waterproof: No
  • 3 zone speaker: Yes

iRV technology product is mainly praised for its quality and the I installation process. Many buyers select this product to enjoy a music system with better sound quality. This product works like magic to provide enjoyment through music sound.

High performance-

This product allows users to experience high performance with high quality of sound output. This product is loaded with the unique process of performing and providing sound effects in significantly different ways to enjoy their happy moments.


This product’s sound quality is unmatchable, and it provides the audio output and exceeds the expectation of users. The quality of sound and the product’s quality are unmatchable that no product can beat the quality.

Easy to access-

This feature is essential for any sound system for RV. This product allows users to access and handle the function efficiently. These products ensure to provide easy to operate functions.

Unique design-

With a fantastic design, it is very durable also. This product comes with many different unique features that will surely satisfy the expectations of the users. This product has Bluetooth 4.1 to smart transferring music and provides app control from the cell phone only.

Wireless remote control-

You can also be allowed to turn your cellphone into a wireless remote control to access the audio system from any place. You don’t have to stick to the device to play or control the music you are playing.


  • Allow Bluetooth to smart transferring music.
  • Can download the remote control option from the play store or Apple store
  • Allow scanning the QR code.
  • This product has easy to operate functions.
  • The product proves three-zone speakers.


  • It does not give better performance with stereos.

05. Irv Technology Irv66 AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3/MP4/USB/SD/HDMI/Digital5.1/Surround Sound/Bluetooth 3 Zones Wall Mount RV Radio Stereo With Wire Adaptor Concertone ZX500/600/690/700,Genesis GT-3.0

Salient Feature

  • Brand: iRV Technology
  • Dimension: 8×6×11 inches
  • Quality: Good
  • Remote: Yes
  • Cost-effective: Yes
  • Waterproof: No
  • 3 zone speaker: Yes

iRV technology iRV66 is one of the finest products available in the market. Many buyers love this product for its design and overall look. This product protects the device from constant bumps.

Sound System-

This product exceptional sound output, and the quality of sound is one of the finest ones. This product allows us to experience the enjoyable sound with high performance.

Easy to Operate-

To perform or to operate, the function of this sound system for RV is straightforward. This product provides an easy to use the system.

Three Zone-

This product provides three zones wall mount RV radio stereo with individual volume control. It is the main feature to consider this product.

Speaker output-

This product allows 200 watts of peak power to the three speaker zones. Firat zone contains a digital 5.1 surround sound, and the two sub-speakers give second and third zones output.

Remote Control-

Just like others, this product also allows you to access your smartphone into a wireless remote control. You can control the sound system for RV by using your smartphone only.


  • This product comes with three speaker zones.
  • Allow accessing wireless remote control
  • This product allows phone app control
  • This product is known for its quality and high performance.


  • The resolution of this product is low.

06. Irv Technology Irv68 AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3/MP4/HDMI In&Out W/ARC/Digital 5.1/Surround Sound/Bluetooth/NFC,3 Zone Independent Wall Mount RV Radio Stereo W/APP Control, USB Play & Charge Both Android/Apple

Salient Feature

  • Brand: iRV Technology
  • Dimension: 16
  • Quality: Best
  • Remote: Yes
  • Cost-effective: Yes
  • Waterproof: No
  • 3 zone speaker: Yes

This product comes with many impressive features. It also allows the best and finest sound quality. The quality of this product is unmatchable. It offers plethora of mind pleasing features to enhance your RV ride experience.

Sound source-

This product offers 3 zone audio sources independent, and speakers can be easily mounted outdoors in an RV. This sound system for RVcan be controlled separately. This product provides a digital amplifier for audio output with low heat and low temperature in the mounting cabinet.

Easy to operate-

This product’s main feature is that it allows an easy process to access the sound system for RV. This product has HDMI output and ARC function, which allows stream audio from the TV to speakers by connecting the radio amplifier Bluetooth to the smart transferring music.


This product allows us to connect the sound system for RV via a dedicated Bluetooth button, making it easier than ever, especially for campers, to secure the smart device to their stereo. The application is readily available for Android or Apple devices and allows easy connectivity.

Wireless Remote control-

One can easily connect the audio system via Bluetooth and gain control by turning any smartphone into a wireless remote control. By using this wireless remote control, you can access and enjoy music from anywhere.


Known well for its excellent performance. The overall performance with the sound quality and other features make this product even more vital


  • Access Bluetooth to the smart transferring music system
  • Mounted outdoor RVs can be controlled separately.
  • Provide a dedicated Bluetooth button
  • Application is readily available to turn smartphones into a wireless remote control.
  • Best quality with high performance


  • Sometimes it seems to be too loud even on the low volume settings.

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How To Choose The Best Sound System For RV?

Music is one of the things that everybody likes and mesmerizes. To listen to that beautiful music and enhance the listening, we may need an RV sound system. Let’s have a quick buying guide for the sound system for RV.

Cost of sound system for RV:

Whatever you buy, cost or price becomes a primary factor. Everyone has a budget in their mind. The market is available with many options in multiple price ranges. Look for an RV sound system with extra features, and some sound system for RV can exceed your budget.

Check whether it has Bluetooth connectivity:

In the current world, everyone is expecting wireless connections. In a sound system for RV, Bluetooth becomes an integrated part. If you are a fan of wireless, look for a Bluetooth system. Bluetooth has many features, including controlling the system, changing songs to match your mood, etc. choose a sound system for RV with modern Bluetooth integrated with the system. Current generation devices are capable of Bluetooth. So, connectivity can’t be a big issue.

Have good user experience:

User experience is one of the things we have to look into. The device should be compatible to use. The sound system should contain an easy dashboard to make even a layman use the device. A sound system should contain a breeze, which will make the controls easy. We can control the sound system with a swipe.

Look for the product reviews, which has some additional features and buttons. Easy connectivity will also enhance the ease of use. But at the same time, the control system of the sound system for RV should be easily understandable and should be compatible for everyone’s use.

Compatible with CD and DVD:

People like some old features to be included in the sound system for RV. CD and DVD compatible sound system is less available in the market. Many people are expecting the CD and DVD system to be included in their sound system for RV. Now all the sound systems are coming up with Bluetooth connectivity, but you may need a CD and DVD compatible sound system for RV to experience an old school type sound. Make sure that the system is CD and DVD compatible. It is not a necessary thing, but it has some user experience enhancement.

Long lasting:

Whatever products you buy, durability is must check things. Durability tells whether the product is worth for money. The high durable products can withstand high wear and tear. Look for the materials in which the product is made. Go for some high products with good brand value. As the parts of a sound system are costly, look for the products with high durability. Have a look at the customer reviews to have a better understanding of the product.

Appropriate size:

In the products, we buy size matters. Especially in a sound system for RV size is the most important thing. It should not occupy more space in your house. It should be in size with available space in your house.

What Is An RV Sound System?

An RV stereo sound system is a device that plays music. The sound system for RV can be used while traveling in your cars, in your house to make your mood light. You can plug in a mobile, tablet, or insert a CD to listen to your favorite music. You need to connect the speakers to the sound system. It is a stereo system that enhances your performance in hearing music.

RV sound system features

Speakers add a feature by enhancing the sound quality. Amplifiers can also be added to power up the music and add a clean bass to the music. It also improves the sound quality when connected with a receiver.

You can also connect the receiver and amplifier to the sound system for RV via Bluetooth. At the sametime, it will cost more and can take up more space. The sound system for RV can also be connected with your cars, so you can hear your favorite music during long rides and can travel with a beautiful experience.

Types Of RV Stereo System:

The various types of RV stereo systems vary by several parameters. The various types of RV stereo systems include:

  • Hi-fi RV stereo system
  • Mid-fi RV stereo system
  • Lo-fi RV stereo system

Let’s look at the features of the types of the stereo system.

Hi-fi RV stereo system:

As the name says hi-fi, it is a Hi-fi stereo system with high features. If you are a strict music listener and want a song’s ups and downs to be clear,a hi-fi stereo system is for you. It can amplify the signal and can make it crisp and clear. It can increase the bass level without affecting tempo of music.

If you have a high budget, a hi-fi stereo system would be an excellent choice for you. It also has multiple features by its side. The price is also higher for the system as it comes with some additional features and can enhance the music we hear. Hi-fi stereo system also has superior quality audio components.

Mid-fi RV stereo system:

The Mid-fi RV stereo system is for casual listeners who don’t want much concentration on the music. It will be compiled with audio components with not that much quality. It also has some middle features, which include sound enhancement and low-level bass in it. It is ideal for customers who need to hear some good quality music at an affordable price.  Compared with other stereo systems, it is good and decent.

Lo-fi stereo system:

The final one is the lo-fi stereo system. It consists of a lower number of features. The stereo system is for casual listening and soft music. You can’t expect a superior quality music experience. It is especially for people who have a low budget and who are okay with the music. Compared with other systems, it does not have any special features and has some low-level controls.

That’s it about the buying guide and the types of RV stereo systems.

How Does The RV Sound System Work?

Each RV sound system has three sections, receiver, Amplifiers, and the Speakers.

Function of Receiver 

All excellent quality RV sound systems have separate electronic parts, radio, amplifier, preamp, and a sight and sound player (like a Bluetooth media player or USB/SD card media player). When it is for RV’s space,the gadget must be portable.

Purchasing a good quality receiver is highly essential for your RV sound system. Several receivers come with a touch display. It makes you control any feature easily. You should always buy a receiver with advanced features, including Bluetooth, integration with smartphones, and warranty.

Function of speaker

A speaker converts amplified sound signals to make the excellent sounds that you can hear effectively. It needs a preamp and a power amplifier to finish the job

Woofers and subwoofers are enormous speakers intended to duplicate just low-recurrence bass sounds.

The appropriately named midrange drivers handle the center reach frequencies. A few frameworks make it one stride further and utilize a particular midbass driver to deal with the problematic frequencies between low bass and midrange.

Function of Amplifier

The preamp is generally fixed in the head unit. It takes the information from a sound source and sends the information to the power amp. It somewhat supports the sound sign in the process, and makes it viable with the contribution of the power amplifier, and makes it impervious to noises which can transmit from different electronics,

How To Install And Use The RV Sound System?

Installing a sound system on your Van or RV is more comfortable than installing it in a car. It is so easy that you can do it without any help. But it is essential to realize that the method of installation can vary from one RV to another. Follow the below steps to install and use the RV sound system:

Step 1- Disconnect negative cables

First of all, you need to disconnect the negative cables from the battery, or you will be creating a short circuit.

Step 2 – Disconnect old stereo from van

Then you should remove all the parts that prevent you from removing the old sound system, and then disconnect the old stereo system from the van. Make sure that you remove the antenna wires because antenna wire holds the system firmly than other wires.

Step 3 – Install the new sound system

After removing your old useless sound system, it is time to install the new one. Match the wires of your RV’s harness to the new sound system; all cables are unique, so there wouldn’t be a problem identifying them. If the color-coded wires didn’t match the cables, you need to refer to the wiring guide with the sound system.

Step 4 – Try soldering or ceiling system

Try the soldering system of matching wires. It is more reliable and secured simultaneously, or you can try the ceiling system, which is quicker and straightforward.

Step 5 – Assemble the mounting kit

Then you should assemble the mounting kit to follow the instruction manual to mount successfully.

Step 6 – Connect constant power source

According to your choice, after assembling the mounting kit, connect the sound system with the constant power source or switched power source. Then connect the output converter to the audio system to work well with the new sound system. While doing this, make sure that there is not a single wire which is left unattended.

Step 7 – Check the new sound system

Then it is time to check the sound system turn on the stereo and check the CD components and the radio and align the balance settings as well so that speaker can work according to your choice. After you have finished all the testing, it is time to complete the installation process.

Step 8 – Mount the sound system properly

Mount the system in its right place and make sure you have heard the click sound to assure that it is in the right position. Then reconnect the component that has been disconnected in the process. Make sure that you have tightened all-important bolts. Recheck to see the wiring, bolts, and screws are securely in the place. Finally, you can turn on the system to check the sound. Check Bluetooth and USB ports as well.

How To Remove An RV Sound System/Stereo System?

If you want to remove an RV sound system or stereo system, it entirely depends on the old sound/stereo’s model. So, there is no general method to remove an RV sound system. However, you can take the help of an RV owner’s guide as it would have the content on how to remove an RV stereo system.

Get in touch with professional

If you can’t find that, we suggest you call a professional and get the job done. If you want to remove the sound system safely and securely, there is nothing incorrect about spending extra pennies. And this is the process that most of the RV owners follow.

You will find many challenges if you try to do it by yourself. If you are not an expert, you can also try your hands by searching on YouTube. You will find step by step guide according to your old RV sound system. You will also find some of the videos that will provide in-depth instructions and are endlessly useful.

Why You Need An RV Sound System?

One of the most simplified and convincing answers is that it offers your immense relaxation while those long, tedious journeys. But these top-notch RV sound systems provide some extra advantages worth traversing as well. We have a list of advantages that these RV stereo systems offer; take a look into it.

Provides the Ability to Customize Your Entertainment

If you have multiple playlists, it is not an excellent idea to stick to a single playlist during the trip. Many music lovers love to souffle around and try various playlists when traveling in an RV.

The top RV sound systems provide a customization factor. So that you can easily control your playlist while traveling.

Better sound quality

These top tier RV stereo systems can provide better than ever sound quality. Primarily, better than those outdated ones that lie within the rig at the moment. If you are about to buy an RV stereo system, we recommend investing your hard earn money into getting a model that can offer you clean, right, and sound liberal of distortions.

This new and top quality stereo may offer excellent sound quality that too, without spending extra cash on your new speakers.

Various Color Scheme Options

Many people are more enthusiastic about the color combination. They want the new RV stereo system should match the interior of their RV. Yes, there are top tier stereo systems that can fulfill these requirements.

You can also get the touchscreen RV stereo systems that enable you to change the background color.

More convenience

Nowadays, RV stereo systems have evolved a lot. You can ultimately make use of smartphones as these systems offer wireless features. With this feature, you can use Bluetooth in calls and text. You can also control the stereo volume via voice control.

In end, all the RVers want a safer and convenient way to roam in a giant vehicle, such as an RV. So, they must think about purchasing an ungraded stereo system for advanced benefits.

Wider Collection of Music Sources,

If you have ever got introduced to old stereo systems, you must have noticed that they offer AM/FM for entertainment. But, these top-notch sound/stereo systems can provide your entertainment through various formats like WMA, MP3, and AAC.

Many top tier stereo systems support content from Android iOS devices. Also, some of the systems give access to satellite radio and online streaming applications like Spotify.

What Are The Top RV Sound System Brands?

The different brands provide different specialties. Many brands have gained the trust of customers by offering world-class RV sound systems.

But, if we talk about the brands that offer all-in-one products and trusted by thousands of RV owners, Jenson and iRV technology are the best. Both of these companies have received an enormous response from the buyers by offering excellent sound equipment.

We have covered many companies in our product review section, and all those companies are profitable. We will get into an in-depth analysis of both of these companies.


Over the last 80 years, Jenson has created world-class radios and speakers that meet customer’s requirements. The ability to create excellent quality equipment has come from their continuous research. They have continuously enhanced the design and production of their products.

Also, this company has reached the level that no company can even think about matching. The company’s customer service is also fantastic and noticed a positive gesture by the products’ buyers.

iRV technology

IRV technology has gained popularity by creating products that are useful in terms of RV owners. The company has always been in the top section when it comes to RV stereo systems, and their equipment is always top of the chart.


It is highly tough to get the best sound system for RV. But after going through the post you will surely able to get most appropriate sound system for your RV. We have shared some of the best sound systems and covered buying guide and several points in detail to make your purchase ease. Read out each point wisely to get a good quality sound system for your RV.

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Can you put a car stereo in an RV?

Yes. You can quickly put a car stereo in an RV. You will need a faceplate and figured out that the panel fills the opening where the old radio was and has holes cut in it. You will need speakers and a place to put the stereo.

What size are RV speakers?

The size of RV speakers is overall of dimensions 5-¾ inches in diameter and 2-¾ inches deep. Mainly the size of RV speakers comes at this range. Every audio system has its dimension, so it depends on the product also.

How do I replace my RV speakers?

To replace the RV speakers requires pulling down the ceiling and includes the routine new wire around the slide out. According to the instruction, you can personally replace the RV speaker by the top or opt for some professionals’ advice.

What are the top 10 stereo systems?

  • Logitech Home Speaker
  • Bose wave sound touch music
  • LG CM4590 XBOOM Bluetooth audio
  • Yamaha YHT-4930UBL 5.1 channel
  • Sony All in One Stylish Micro music
  • Rockville HTS56 Home theater
  • Sharp XL-BH250 speaker system
  • Philips BTM2180/3u micro music
  • Yamaha MCR-232 micro component
  • Sharp XL-BH250 micro-component

Who makes the best stereo equipment?

Well, this depends on the person’s choice. As the products mentioned above are one of RV’s best audio systems, all are best reviewed. While considering the best stereo equipment, you can opt for Bluetooth equipment, waterproof quality with too high-quality sounds

Is Denon better than Bose?

Like other audio companies, Denon is very popular. It also depends on the person’s choice. Bose and Denon are very competitive. As for Denon, it has a wide range of audio equipment. Denon is the go-to brand for many commercial and professional audio equipment. At the lower end, the quality of Denon components might not be so good, but it is almost the same for all companies related to audio systems.

How do you remove ceiling speakers from an RV?

To remove ceiling speakers from an RV, you should use a flat head screwdriver. By using that, disengage any retention clips and secure the speaker assembly to the mounting system. In the ceiling, pull the speaker out of the top very carefully and gently unplug the ceiling’s audio cables. Now, open the audio lines from the speaker’s back and then remove the speaker from the ceiling. That’s it, and you will be able to remove the ceiling from an RV.

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