Best Space Heater For RV Trailer Reviews & Buying Guide-2022

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a homeowner, garage operator, office worker, or even taking a camping trip, looking for the best space heater for RV trailer is the most appropriate decision. They are available in small size, powerful for larger areas and highly portable to move from one place to another.

According to research, Lasko Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat Tabletop is our best space heater available on the market due to its durability and functionality. It constitutes an adjustable thermostat that is purposeful for RV owners who can adjust the heat depending on their needs.

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Top 10 best space heater for RV trailer Reviews

01. Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy Portable RV Propane Heater (4,000 , 9,000 and 18,000 BTU)

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 2.75pounds
  • Dimensions: 18.5’’ x 18’’ x 11.4’’
  • capacity: 4000-18000 BTUs
  • Included components: N
  • Fuel type: Propane gas
  • Color: Red
  • Warranty: (Y/N)1 year

Mr. Heater F274800 MH18B is one of the most famous propane product connected directly and the best solution for heating enclosed spaces. It is capable of delivering sufficient output that meets the heating requirements for most vehicle recreational owners. Accordingly, it comes with an integrated fan for filling warm air and increasing the ambient temperature within a short period.

The F274800 MH18B heater uses a Piezo spark that offers reliable ignition. Besides, the device comes with two swivel controllers that provide individuals with the ability of usability adoption from disposable cylinders to unreachable gas supply with the purchase of a single filter and hose.

Compact design

A compact design is an outstanding feature contained in the F274800 MH18B heater making it useful for outdoor and indoor activities. Similarly, this design enhances the simple transportation of this model from one place to another. Besides, the handle located on the upper part of the heater is essential for easy carrying.

Safe heating

The F274800 MH18B comes with safety construction and contains a tip-over detection mechanism and an oxygen depletion sensor used for low accounting oxygen. This makes the unit to turn off automatically ensuring ease and safety use for an extended period.

Maximum performance and effortless use

The portable heater comes with various elements facilitating to fullimplementation andeffortless service. It constitutes four-position control large heating surface, swivel-out connection and fold-down handle for the simple beginning of this unit. Accordingly, this unit raises its bar for distinction and portability in heating.

BTU output

The device uses propane gas and features a magnificent heat output ranging from 4000-18000 BTUs. This increases the heat of an enclosed space up to 450 square metres.


  • Convenient for use in outdoor and indoor spaces due to its high portability.
  • It is an efficient source of heat due to its clean-burning solution.
  • The heater constitutes three settings for heating temperature regulations such as low, medium and high.
  • Comes with a simple to understand manual for comfortable usability.


  • The device is not solid with its fan
  • Has lingering gas fumes.

02. Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater (4,000-9,000-BTU)

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 9pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.7’’ x 13.4’’ x 15’’
  • capacity: 4000-9000 BTUs
  • Included components: Piezo igniter
  • Fuel type: Propane gas
  • Color: Red-black
  • Warranty: (Y/N) 3yrs

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX is one of the smallest propane heaters recommended for your RV since it is more reliable, safe and very user-friendly. It comes with lightweight construction making it highly portable for simple carrying from one place to another without getting fatigued. Besides, this product features an efficient design and automatic shut off system for tip-over accidents and detecting a low level of oxygen.

Lightweight construction

The product is highly portable due to lightweight construction, thus making it simple for outdoor campers to carry from one place to another. Accordingly, the machine comes in a smaller size for simple storage without taking a lot of space.

Ease usability.

Its simple usability involves a small propane canister fuelling and hooking it on a propane tank. The machine warms up space quickly when in use for up to 225 Sq. Feet. Accordingly, it is necessary to purchase an adapter for connecting the product to a propane tank and efficiency fuel use.

Oxygen depletion sensor.

The sensor for oxygen depletion contained on this device is essential for monitoring the level of oxygen within the surrounding and become ceasing from operation as the sign appear. Proper oxygen monitoring enhances the performance of this model both for outdoor and indoor activities.

Safety heating

Safety is one of the best features to consider when purchasing a portable heater. The safety features emanating from this product include the automatic shut off system that is useful for shutting down the heater when tipped over to prevent an accident from occurring.


  • Has well-constructed indoors that are safe to use.
  • Comes with a warranty limited to three years for quality improvement.
  • Built with shock-absorbent components for durability enhancement.
  • Its fuel consumption is efficient, and it does not use much propane for illustrative purpose.


  • The device comes with minimal heat systems.

03. Camco 57351 Olympian Wave-8 8000 Catalytic Heater

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23.4’’ x 17.6’’ x 5.7’’
  • capacity: 4200-8000 BTU
  • Included components: Piezo electric sparker
  • Fuel type: LP gas
  • Color: Red
  • Warranty: (Y/N) N

Camco 57351 Olympian Rv Heater is another safety model and the best for secondary heating operations. It produces sufficient heat used for warming over 290 Sq. Feet of space.Accordingly, the heater is useful as a portable unity and operates on reduced pressure gas. Besides, the operation of this device depends on clean, safe and efficient propane that is necessary for preventing batteries from draining.

Safety heating

The device comes with a shut-off safety valve that helps in protecting users from a direct discharge of non-ignition fuel. When using in high altitude, it is essential to handle this heater carefully, preventing it from cracking open and allow for more ventilation since it utilises a lot of oxygen.

Fuel efficient

Efficiency in fuel consumption is a significantlyvital aspect to notice while using Camco 57351 Olympian Rv Heater. The consumption rate of propane gas for this model at the maximum heat system is 1/8lb, and 1/5lb ate the lowest setting per hour. Therefore, you can use 20 lb of propane tank capacity for 5 hours approximately according to the setting of this device.


The Camco 57351 Olympian Rv Heater comes with the lightweight construction of 5 pounds. The smaller weight makes it easy to carry when handling both the outdoors and indoors operations. For camping functions, you can quickly shift this device conveniently from one place to another without getting fatigued. Accordingly, the storage of Camco 57351 heater is significantly more comfortable since it does not consume a lot of space.


  • The heater is extremely efficient to fuel consumption.
  • Its operation does not accompany noise generation.
  • Has ergonomic construction with safety measures in place.
  • Lightweight construction hence highly durable
  • Has safer operation due to the inclusion of the auto-shut-off valve.


  • Its construction has no thermostatic regulators making heating adjustments very difficult.
  • The space heater is costly as compared to other products available in the market.

04. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 6.95 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.25’’ x 7.4’’ x 23’’
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Timer (Y/N): Y (7hours)
  • Thermostat: Adjustable
  • Warranty: 3 yrs

The Ceramic Tower space heater is one of the most crucial devices manufactured by Lasko Company. It contains an elongated heating element that penetrates air velocity and a combination of widespread oscillation evenly heat distribution and comfort provision.

Accordingly, this heater comes with automatic overheat protection for safety provision and self-controlling ceramic element for convenient usability. The ceramic heater also comes with a programmable thermostat, electronics and quiet comfort settings controlled easily by the fingertips with numerous remote control purpose.

Safety features

The construction of the oscillating ceramic model constitutes components such as automated elements, overheat protection and the cool-touch cover for safety provision.Accordingly, the overheat protection is essential in keeping the heater and its surrounding protected against unpleasant incidents. Additionally, the cool-touch exterior helps in cooling the outer surface of this device.

Compact design

The ceramic device comes with different varieties of features, including thermostat control, oscillation, timer, and remote regulators. Seemingly, the overall design and size are highly compact, thus enabling it to perfectly fit into the system as compared to other surrounding components.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Keeping the ceramic heater clean is among the services that facilitate its efficient functioning and durability increase. The construction process contains colour-coded LED materials that make cleaning of this heater significantly easier.

Adjustability thermostat.

The ceramic heater comes with an adjustable thermostat that helps in maintaining the temperature required without relying on manual adjustment. Notably, the thermostat is essential in keeping the heating elements at high or low setting as expected. Therefore, it is simple for users to choose either the minimum or the maximum heating setting using LED temperature monitor ranging from 60 to 80 degrees.


  • Its operation is quiet without noise production.
  • The device heats a sufficient room faster.
  • Highly durable due to ceramic construction materials.
  • Easily affordable due to low prices.
  • Comes with perfect security due to the presence of automatic power shut off.


  • It is challenging to mount a ceramic heater on the wall.
  • Lasko Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat Tabletop

05. Lasko CD09250Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat Tabletop Heater

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 3.39 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.7’’ x 3.7’’ x 9’’
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Timer (Y/N): N
  • Thermostat: Adjustable
  • Warranty: 3 yrs

The Lasko Ceramic is one of the thermostat tabletop heaters that uses 1500 watts for room comfort enhancement. There are two convenient knobs situated on the top of this device that helps users in setting the adjustable thermostat to the required temperature. Accordingly, a convenient carry handle is essential for moving this space heater from one place to another.

Highly versatile

The versatility of the Lasko CD09250 Ceramic heater is of great value, making it useful for various activities. It is sufficiently versatile; hence users can use it as a tabletop or placing it under the floor of a desk.The quality construction of this device satisfactory that facilitates long-lasting usability.

Exterior compact design.

A coo-touch feature on the exterior part of this heater enables the users to touch the body quickly without the fear of getting burned. Accordingly, the heater comes with a complete assembly that allows users to get out of its box, connect to the power supply for its usability readiness.


The lightweight construction design improves the portability of this model. Accordingly, the handle contained on this device makes it easy to carry from one heating place to another. Besides, a smaller size of this heater makes it possible to be stored easily without taking a lot of space.


  • The lightweight construction makes this heater highly portable.
  • It comes with an effortless design hence easy to blend with any RV decorations.
  • Has safety features for overheat protection
  • Utilises energy efficiently.
  • Comes with very simple to operate controls.


  • The device lack safety features

06. BOVADO USA Portable 166648 Ceramic Space Heater

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.38’’ x 9.38’’ x 6’’
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Timer (Y/N): N
  • Thermostat: Adjustable
  • Warranty: 3 yrs

BOVADO is another space heater that you should not miss for in your home for either indoor or outdoor operations. It comes with a compact and reliable design that makes it one of the best heaters in the market.  The device is necessary for recreational car owners with the need for heating RV space and making it more cozy and comfortable, particularly in the winter seasons.


The small dimensions of BOVADO model make it simple to shift from one room to another without any fatigue. Accordingly, the lightweight construction makes it ideal for various places including homes, offices, mobile homes and yachts.

Use to use

The heater is very simple to use during heating operations. It involves turning the dial your suitable heating settings such as high heat, low heat or fan only. Besides, the heater comes with a red power indicator light showing the time when the device is on.

Savvy technology

Most of these heaters utilise a PTC heating mechanism specialized in ceramic heating discs that enhances heat transfer in small RV regions. Choosing a model with more ceramic heating discs is essential for more heat transfer in the RV spaces.

Reduces heating costs.

Heating your room using BOVADO heater is necessary due to its ability to lower house-wide thermostat slightly. For that reason, you can easily save cash on seasonal energy expenses. With this heater, you don’t require cranking up the thermostat when just warming a particular space.

Comfort zone for your protection.

Manufactures ensures reliability and safety of this product by designing and testing it to meet strict quality standards globally. There are various quality standards such as UL, ETL, NOM, SAA, CSA and CE.


  • Convenient and straightforward to use.
  • Comes with savvy technology that is important for saving heating cost
  • It is perfect for motorhome, office and homes.
  • Heats RV space effectively.
  • The model comes with a handle for easy carrying from one place to another.


  • It is expensive hence challenging to afford.

07. Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.25’’x 6.25’’ x 8’’
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Timer (Y/N): Y (1hour)
  • Thermostat: Adjustable
  • Warranty: 3 yrs

If you are looking for a small but significant device to run for an extended period without affecting electric bills, CD08200 Ceramic space heater is your best solution designed for bathroom purposes. The tool is efficient to energy use and capable of ramping up the living room of considerable space with temperature in a few minutes for cold eradication. With a temperature of 40 degrees, you can maintain the entire distance warm when set to the highest.

Suitable for bathroom use

The construction of CD08200 Ceramic space heater constitutes an integrated safety plug used for shutting off the unit power with a brief period. Accordingly, the mechanical ceramic heating component and automatic overheat safety helps in cooling the heater and making it easy to touch without any fear of getting burned.

It is durable

Lasko has been in the manufacturing industry for a long time and known in making quality items. Therefore, purchasing this heater is the best decision since you are confident to use it for an extended period without wear and tear. Besides the bathroom, it can be useful for cold spot elimination in the apartment hence saving the expense of using the entire house thermostat.

Easy to use

The heater does not come with installation assembly, and users can take it out of the box and plug it directly to the power outlet of the wall. Then, press the big button on the top for one hour of high heat distribution. You can also press the same button for low heat generation and when turning the device off.


  • Comes with safety features against overheat generation.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • It is easily affordable due to low costs.
  • Comes with a three-year warranty of top quality operations and replacement of broken parts.


  • It produces a lot of noise when in operation

08. De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater, Quiet 1500W, Adjustable Thermostat, 3 Heat Settings-EW7707CM

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 23.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.9’’x 13.8’’ x 24.9’’
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Timer (Y/N): Y
  • Thermostat: Adjustable
  • Warranty: 3 yrs

The EW7707CM oil-filled radiator is one of the best space heaters from De’Longhi Company constituting heat output of 1500 watts for heating medium sized RV spaces adequately. Its thermostat has three heat settings for simple adjustments and automatic maintenance of internal temperature. Accordingly, this model is energy efficient due to its ability to raise the electricity bill by a smaller fraction.

Free maintenance system.

The construction of De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater constitutes a permanent seal of the oils system that minimizes the burden of refilling the heater by users.

Comfort temperature button.

The device comes with an integrated comfort temperature button that helps in cutting down electricity bills due to the provision of automatic maintenance of optimal room temperature. Accordingly, snapping this heater in position is perfect without the assembly requirement.

Adjustable thermostat.

The thermostat of De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater comes with three heat settings. These settings help to facilitate heat adjustments within the room, depending on the needs of each user.


The construction of Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater is lightweight, making it highly portable and easy carrying from one room to another. Accordingly, its smaller size makes the device economical in terms of space since it has simple storage without taking a lot of space.


  • Comes with a comfort temperature button for cost reduction and room temperature maintenance.
  • Its operation is silent
  • Highly portable due to lightweight construction.
  • Has safety features such as anti-freeze system and thermal cut-off
  • It is ideal for bathroom operations
  • Comes with a three-year warranty of broken parts replacement


  • You need to temper with the unit before using since it takes a long time before heating your RV.

09. Suburban NT-30SP Electronic Ignition Ducted Furnace – 

30,000 BTU

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 39.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.4’’ x 14.6’’x 14.6’’
  • Capacity: 30000 BTU
  • Material included: Vent assembly
  • Thermostat: 
  • DC12: Volts

Suburban NT-30SP is one of the suitable heating models to consider when searching for a furnace replacement. It comes with all the assembly set up, such as a vent assembly to facilitate the heating process. The device operates with a long-lasting electronic ignition that is useful when starting the heating process. Accordingly, the low amp draw offered by this unit is critical for energy saving.

Low amp draw.

The low amp draw contained in Suburban NT-30SP furnace is essential for minimizing the cost of energy. It is easy to use this device is heating the entire space efficiently without putting on the whole thermostat during cold seasons.

Simple set up

The setting up and using of Suburban NT-30SP furnace is very simple since it does not involve a lot of guidelines. It comes with a vent assembly for faster fitting and begins the heating process. Generally, users can install this simple furnace within some minutes and have a perfect look within the heating space.

Compact design.

The device comes with a small and compact design that does not require a lot of space for fitting. Accordingly, there not needed additional reinforcement due to its lightweight construction for portability increase. Since this model is portable, users can carry it from one place to another with less effort.


  • The device has a high capability of using electric ignition.
  • It can heat all the spaces in a large RV
  • Comes with a compact design for durable usability.
  • It closes the gas valve automatically when there is no room detected
  • Highly portable due to lightweight construction
  • Comes with vent assembly for simple installation.


  • It is more costly hence not easily affordable

10. Suburban (2438ABK Nt-16Seq Furnace with Black Grill

Salient Feature

  • Weight: 24.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23.7’’ x 13.7’’ x11.5’’
  • Capacity: 16,000 BTU
  • Material included: Vent assembly
  • Thermostat: 
  • DC12: Volts

The Suburban 2438ABK Nt-16Seq is another best Furnace that comes with a compact design and little dimensions. Accordingly, the simple start-stop electronic ignition on this model help in making its operation pretty easy. Besides, the device produces a sufficient amount of heat within a short period that serve large spaces conveniently. Notably, it is essential to purchasing a thermometer separately that is useful for monitoring the van temperature levels.

Simple set up

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner; installation of this machine is straightforward since it takes some few minutes. The process involves vent assembly to help in channelling waste materials safely from the heater hence preventing the risks associated with waste emissions.

Quiet operation

The Suburban 2438ABK operates quietly without producing any sound that may irritate the users. Manufacturers have modified this machine to work quietly, which is one of the best ways of preventing noise pollution within the working environment.


The machine comes with a lightweight construction which is the best aspect of making it highly portable for users to shift from heating room to another without much hustle. Accordingly, the small size of this is easy to store as it cannot take much space.

Compact size.

The construction of this machine is minimal, which makes it very compact and useful for heating different several spaces of your RV. Accordingly, the sturdy design contains high-quality materials for long term usability as well as wear and tear increase.


  • Comes with a button for easy starting.
  • Its vent assembly enhances simple installation.
  • Has a separate thermometer for monitoring heating temperature.
  • Constructed with a quiet operation
  • Highly portable due to lightweight construction.


  • It is costly hence challenging to t afford.

Relevant Article:

How to Choose the best space heater for RV trailer?

Buying theright space heater is crucial if you are aiming for comfort improvement in your RV due to excess cold. Making the best selection is cumbersome since there are several space heaters in the market. Therefore, my guideline constitutes specific qualities to consider in the RV space heater before making the appropriate purchasing decision:


Size is one of the ideal aspects to consider when purchasing the RV space heater in the market. Although efficiency is among the significant demands, the heater should not be too large to occupy a large amount of space available in the interior of your RV. Therefore, it is critical to select a portable heater that is sufficiently mobile to carry to fewer demand places during the summer season.

Heater type

The type of space heater is another factor to consider when purchasing heaters in the market. There are numerous options of top portable models to choose that ranges from ceramic to propane heaters. There is a need to go for the most convenient device after perfect scrutiny on their various advantages and disadvantages. The ceramic heater operates by heating air and supplying it throughout the room using a fan. Propane heaters don’t produce noise during operation and rely on propane gas for heat production.

Safety features

Protection is paramount among the users of space heaters of RV. If you are in the market, you need to purchase heaters with outbuilt and inbuilt safety protection to avoid impromptu fireworks. Proper care of space heaters is necessary to minimize the chances of causing fire destruction in the area. Notably, there is a need to obey specific features of every product strictly with minimal manipulation.

Power consumption

Energy consumption is the next aspect that every user require to consider before making a purchasing decision. Here, you need to choose the models that are highly efficient and capable of running even when there is the low power input. Avoid heaters that require a large amount of power since it may be challenging to find a power source hence expediting the chances of the battery blowing out. Therefore, it is crucial to select a space heater with low energy consumption and high heat output.


Looking at the amount of noise produced is essential since some of Rv space modes produces a lot of noise as compared to others during the operation. Before purchasing, you need to run the best device of your choice to determine the amount of sound it produces. It may be not easy if you are purchasing online, but reading the user reviews can help in making the right decision.

What is the safest type of space heater for RV trailer?

  • Propane Space Heaters

If you have less accessibility to an electric power heater, a propane space heater is likely the only choice available in the market. Its operation is perfect, and new devices are safe for indoor activities. Accordingly, propane heaters are the best models for warmth maintenance when there is no electricity or around a picnic table.

Besides, it is crucial to examine safety shut off features if you are purchasing a propane heater. The shut-off elements are essential for proper engagement in case the heater knocks over accidentally or when there is low oxygen supply.

  • Ceramic Space Heaters

Ceramic space heaters have become famous in the market for customer selection as a result of their technical design and the best heat output. Their operation involves heating the air compared to the nearby objects and circulates the warm air throughout the room. As a result of this modification, Ceramic space heaters are efficient in heating several spaces of your RV.

  • Electric Space Heaters

The electric space models are perfect for RV devotee due to their compactness and user-friendly. Accordingly, these devices are ideal for heating operation and can turn a frosty evening into cosy and warm. Besides, if you are purchasing an electric space heater, you need to pick the one with medium size and relative to RV.

  • Ceramic space heaters

The ceramic space heaters operate by heating the air and supplying it throughout the room using coils and fans. Accordingly, these models are efficient in taking cold out of the air very fast and in a swift manner, thus considered the safest sources of heat for RV trailer. This is because the coils of these heaters are not hot and does not emit poisonous gases during the heating process

Accordingly, ceramic space heaters do not emit smells that may irritate the users within the room. Despite their remarkable ability to generating and releasing a sufficient amount of heat, there are no much worries of touching it since they remain cool to any touch. Mostly, ceramic devices radiate heat in a single direction, especially where they are facing.

Usually, these heaters generate more heat whenever there is an increase in electric current passing through them. For this reason, there is an increase in resistance, thus limiting the suitability flow of current. Besides, ceramic heaters are efficient for energy use and can utilise as much electricity as expected.

Can you run propane heater in RV Trailer while driving?

Many RV owners can run propane as they are driving since they can allow for conveniences, including efficient running of refrigerators.  Accordingly, propane help in maintaining hotness of water in the heater for the effective running of a heating system in the RV. Besides the many benefits of travelling with propane running, individuals can get exposed to severe risks.

There is a movement of appliances in the process of travelling that can break the line of propane and allow easy escape of the gas inside the propane tank that can trigger fire instantly. Therefore, it is essential to turn your propane off and all other stations before moving into a gas station.

How can I make my RV furnace more efficient?

Built-in furnace

Nearly all RV comes with a built-in furnace for warming up the interior spaces during cold conditions. Commonly, propane gas is useful for running RV furnaces, and this may force the inefficient furnace to burn through propane quickly, thus leaving you shivering in the cold. Therefore there are various ways of making the propane system more economical and efficiently

Switch out pilot lights

Switching out pilot lights on the heater with electronic igniters is one of the best ways leading to efficiency improvement of your RV furnace. Taking this step is crucial in making less consumption of energy by the RV system throughout coldness. Accordingly, programming the thermostat for the system adjustment will help in lowering temperatures either when you are from home or asleep

Service the RV

Servicing the RV furnace at least every year is the next meaningful way of making it more efficient. It involves taking the model to RV technicians and ask for proper inspection of the battery unit and the propane system. The use of technicians in necessary as they can notice various problems and fix them appropriately.

This will facilitate the proper functioning of your furnace under the optimal condition which cannot prevent it from working when you are on the road.  It is also important to note that technicians can inspect safety detectors, including propane leak detector, carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector ensuring their proper operation and preventing any furnace-related accidents.

Safety issues of space heater when using in RV Trailer

Investing in top-quality portable models for your RV is the essential thing if you are spending a lot of time with your RV during winter seasons. Safety is also another major concern when purchasing the best space heaters to prevent the outbreak of fire caused by the heating systems. There are various safety issues for utilising space heaters in the RV to minimize hazardous problems caused by fire:

  • Keep highly flammable items far away from operational space heaters to prevent them from catching fire quickly.
  • Monitor your children and keep them out of reach near the space heaters to prevent them from burn injuries.
  • Carry out a regular check-up of carbon monoxide, propane and smoke detectors in your RV by ensuring that they are in good condition for proper functioning.
  • If you are using electric space heaters, you should plug it into the wall directly or use a small extension cord and a larger gauge wire to reduce tripping potential.
  • There should be a tip-over safety switch on the electric heater for easy holding without any fear of getting burned.
  • Ensure that there is a thermostat on the space heater to prevent your RV from overheating.
  • Invest in carbon monoxide detectors in the case of a gas or propane heater since it does not support combustion if there is a fire outbreak.
  • Select a space heater that can fit in your RV comfortably without occupying a lot of space which can cause operational difficulties.


Choosing the best space heater for RV trailer is one of the most critical decisions. If you are in desperate demand of warmth within the house, you need a model that will deliver heat and maintain your comfortability. Accordingly, reading through this article is essential to help you stand a better chance of getting a perfect idea about the best heater your particular requirement. Besides, I welcome all customers to the website and learn more information before choosing any product to avoid future problems related to heat.

Read More:


  • What is the best space heater for an RV Trailer?

MR. HEATER F274830 MH18BRV is the best heater for RVs since it uses propane gas without the need for electricity. This model is capable of heating the room efficiently and safe to work with numerous safety protection

  • Are catalytic heaters safe in RV Trailer?

Yes.  Instead of an open flame production, the catalytic heater RV utilises heat-generating catalytic reaction. Even though it is safer than other products, you need to practice safety progressively.

  • Do RV heaters run on electricity?

Yes. The RV models require electricity for proper running since furnaces are the components of electricity. Besides, they needa power supply for turning on, sparking, creating heat and to dissipate heat.

  • How can I heat my camper without electricity?

There are the most accessible and feasible means of heating your RV camper without during winter seasons without electricity demands. It begins by using a vehicle’s heater designed for boondocking and mounting a vented furnace on it. Then, maintain the camper well insulated and use safety gear during heating for your protection.

  • How long will RV furnace run on battery?

Various furnace types run differently when set for heating. However, the RV furnace using a battery can take 12.5 hours approximately heating the space sufficiently.

  • Do camper heaters run on propane?

Yes, camper models can use propane in their operations. Besides the RV’s furnaces depending on electricity for igniting the thermostat, they mainly use liquid propane in running since it is an efficient fuel source.

  • Why do I smell propane in my camper?

It is possible to smell propane from campers due to its ability to leak from various heating equipment such as heaters, stoves, water heaters and refrigerators. In case of any smell of propane and there is an alarm from your propane detector, it is vital to get out immediately for your safety

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