Best Steering Stabilizer For RV Reviews And Buying Guide -2022

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RV steering stabilizer is an important device for manage the force acting on the front end of a vehicle. With the device, you are assured of improved riding quality and handling. The RV steering stabilizer is also known as a steering damper. When purchasing, it is important to consider various factors to get the best steering stabilizer. Here is a list of the best steering stabilizer for RV you can consider when purchasing the device.

I would recommend the Road master RSSA Reflex Stabilizer Unit. The device can be used in all classes. It has a spring with tempered steel at both ends to increase durability. It also has auto-adjustment features that bring the vehicle back to a normal state in the event of oversteering.

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Top 06 Best Steering Stabilizer For RV Reviews

01. Safe-T-Plus Rv Steering Stabilizer 41-180 White (Rv Steering Stabilizer, Rv Steering Control, Rv Safety, Truck Steering Stabilizer)

Salient Feature

  • Class: A
  • Manufacturer: United safety Apparatus
  • Brand: Safe- T-Plus
  • Time of installation: One hour
  • weight: 17.4 pounds
  • Dimension: 34*17.4*3 inches
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

the steering stabilizer fits class A motorhomes. Examples include Ford F-53 class A length of 31 feet to 34 feet ( 00- 18).

RV steering stabilizer

RV steering stabilizers reduce driver fatigue resulting from passing semi-trucks, side winds crowned roads, and rut tracking.

Truck steering stabilizer

This truck steering stabilizer enhances vehicle safety and reduces tire wear. It also protects the driver.

RV steering control

You can be assured of safe drives because the steering control improves driving safety in case of road shoulder drop of potholes, tire blowouts, pavement drops, and other bad conditions on the road.

Ease of installation

The device takes one hour to be installed using a simple bolt-on installation.


The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Dimensions and weight

The steering stabilizer weighs 17.4 pounds and a dimension of 34 * 17.4 * 3 in


  • Offers positive centering capabilities
  • The model has a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, which guarantees you of the product’s quality.
  • The device reduces the wear and tear of the front end.
  • It is easy to do the installation.
  • It has hydraulic shock absorption capabilities
  • It reduces driver fatigue on the road.
  • On purchase, the device comes with a field guide to help you do the installation if it is your first time.
  • The steering bumps that come as a result of bad road conditions are fixed.


  • The steering maybe comes stiff.
  • When the power steering is not installed correctly, it may have some issues or fail to work.

02. Safe-T-Plus Rv Steering Stabilizer 41-230 Blue (Rv Steering Stabilizer, Rv Steering Control, Rv Safety, Truck Steering Stabilizer)

Salient Feature

  • Class: A
  • Manufacturer: Safe- T-Plus
  • Brand: Safe- T-Plus
  • Time of installation: One hour
  • weight: 19.8 pounds
  • Dimension: 32*4.5*4.5 inches
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

This is stabilizer only fits class A motorhomes, which include Chevrolet P- 72 and P-92, Magnum, Freightliner, spartan, tiffin Powerglide, Oshkosh, toy haulers, roadmaster, Ford -53 35ft plus (00-18)

RV steering stabilizer

The RV steering stabilizer reduces the driver’s fatigue that is caused by the following

  • Side winds
  • Rut tracking
  • Road wandering
  • Oversteering
  • Crowned roads
  • Passing semi-trucks
  • roads with bad terrains

RV steering control

the RV steering controls improve the driving security in the event of a tire blowout, Street shoulder drops off, potholes, passing traffic, asphalt drops, and any other bad road conditions.

Truck steering stabilizer

This device keeps the driver and the vehicle safe. It has less maintenance, therefore saving on cost, and also protects the tire wear and tear. All class 1to eight trucks have safe- T plus units.

Easy of installation

it takes about 1 hour to complete the steering stabilizer installation. You only need your standard garage tools to do the work simply.


Safe T plus offers a limited lifetime vehicle warranty.

Product weight and dimension

The product’s weight is 19.8 pounds, while the dimension is 32 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches.


  • It is easy to control the vehicle on the road due to the RV steering control.
  • Device installation is easy because you only need your standard garage tools.
  • It is as if a device that prevents tire wear.
  • Reduction of driver fatigue
  • the device comes with a guide to help you install it step by step


  • It only works in class A motorhomes.

03. Road master Rssa Reflex Stabilizer Unit

Salient Feature

  • Class: universal
  • Manufacturer: Road  master
  • Brand: Road master
  • Time of installation: One hour
  • weight: 18 pounds
  • Dimension: 30*4*4 inches
  • Warranty: Limited one year warranty


The spring is made of tempered steel to increase its durability. The steel is secured at both ends of the steering stabilizer.


The auto-adjust feature in this device brings back your vehicle to the normal state upon over steering issues. During packing, the spring automatically pushes and pulls back when expanded.

Reduce driver fatigue

The driver has an easy time controlling the vehicle no matter how lifted it is. The stabilizer can keep them are we focused and centered on the road. The driver has full control of the car to ensure safety in tire blowout crosswind Street edging or groove following.


it is easy to install the device because there is no welding or drilling required. You can take up to 1 hour to do the installation. Ensure you purchase the customer wanting bracket because it is sold separately from the device.


Road master provides a limited one-year warranty.

Product dimension and weight

The device weighs 18 pounds and a dimension of 30 x 4 x 4 inches.


  • you can use the steering stabilizer for all class because it is universal
  • It reduces drivers fatigue on the road
  • It can auto-adjust to the normal state
  • the steering stabilizer has shock absorption capabilities
  • It enhances the vehicles durability because it does not allow crosswinds for bad road conditions to create problems


  • It has a one year warranty.
  • It’s expensive compared to other types.

04. Safe-T-Plus Rv Steering Stabilizer 31-140 Silver (Rv Steering Stabilizer, Rv Steering Control, Rv Safety, Truck Steering Stabilizer)

Salient Feature

  • Class: C& B
  • Manufacturer: Unified safety
  • Brand: Safe- T-Plus
  • Time of installation: One and a half hours
  • weight: 7.7 pounds
  • Dimension: 3*8*3 inches
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

The unit fits class C and B

  • Class C
  • Workhorse P- 30/32
  • C- 4500
  • G- 30
  • Chevrolet P- 30/32/37 Cutaway
  • Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500
  • Class B
  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Dodge

RV steering stabilizer

The steering stabilizer keeps the vehicle at the center to prevent side winds and passing cars. The device reduces road wandering, driver fatigue, and oversteering.

RV steering control

The RV steering control is important to improve driving safety in the event of road shoulder drop off tire blowout passing traffic portholes, pavement drops, and other bad road conditions.

Truck steering stabilizer

The truck steering stabilizer protects the driver and the vehicle as it reduces the tire wear and maintenance cost.

The safety class units are available for all trucks under class 1 to 8.


it is easy to install the device because you only need the garage tools to tighten the bolt. With the help of the Safe- T – Plus fit guide, you will easily follow the step-by-step process.


The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime.

Product dimensions and warranty

The product has a dimension of 3 * 8 * 3 inches and weighs 7.7 pounds.


  • The wear and tear on the front end are decreased.
  • It has hydraulic shock absorption capabilities.
  • The metallic plating makes the device long-lasting.
  • The ease and simplicity of
  • Installation takes one and a half hours.
  • The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It offers comfortable and stable rides and reduces driver fatigue.
  • The device comes with a step-by-step installation guide.
  • The safety of the vehicle is intact since the steering stabilizer protects the car from bad road conditions.


  • You have to purchase the mounting kit separately.

05. Roadmaster Rssc Reflex Steering Stabilizer For Class C Motorhomes

Salient Feature

  • Class: C
  • Manufacturer: Roadmaster
  • Brand: Road  master
  • Time of installation: One hour
  • weight: 3.92 pounds
  • Dimension: 25.72*5.77*3.97 inches
  • Warranty: Limited one year warranty

This is a steering stabilizer that can only be used on class C motorhomes.


The steering stabilizer prevents oversteering and keeps the steering centered for firm handling of the vehicle. An ascended steering wheel reduces driving fatigue. You are confident on the road because you have full control of the car in case of crosswinds tire blowout or street edge.


During installation, avoid using an air impact wrench on bolts to prevent stripped threads. No drilling or welding is required during installation, making the process easy. Ensure you purchase the specified mounting bracket for your vehicle because it is not included when purchasing the device.


The steering stabilizer springs are made of tempered steel for durability. They also don’t get damaged easily and last longer compared to other products.


Roadmaster provides a limited one-year warranty for the device.

Product dimension and weight

The item weighs 3.92 pounds while it has a 25.72 * 5.77 * 3.97-inch dimension.


  • It is easy to install
  • You get a comfortable and stable ride when you are driving
  • it has durable steel that is made of tempered steel.
  • The springs reduce the steering bumps.
  • The device reduces road fatigue.


  • It is expensive compared to other steering stabilizers.
  • It has a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

06. Safe-T-Plus Rv Steering Stabilizer 41-140 Red (Rv Steering Stabilizer, Rv Steering Control, Rv Safety, Truck Steering Stabilizer)

Salient Feature

  • Class: C&A
  • Manufacturer: United safety Apparatus
  • Brand: Safe- T-Plus
  • Time of installation: One hour
  • weight: 18.9 pounds
  • Dimension: 33*18.9*5 inches
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

The steering stabilizer can be used in various vehicles, including class A and C Rv, Ford F-53 (89- 99)class A length 29ft, Dodge M300-600, F ( -550, -650, -750).

RV steering stabilizer

  • The RV steering stabilizer,
  • Reduces oversteering
  • Reduces road wandering
  • Driver fatigue caused by crowned roads rut tracking, side winds, and bad roads is also reduced.

Truck Steering stabilizer

The truck steering stabilizer reduces the wear and tear of the tired and provides the driver and the vehicle. The safe T- plus units are available for all trucks in class 1-8.

RV steering control

The control provides safety during front tire blow out, and bad road conditions such as potholes, pavement drops, passing traffic, and road shoulder drop off. The stabilizer fixes bumps and all other steering issues.

Ease of installation

It is easy to install the steering stabilizer using your garage tool. It takes approximately 1hr to do the installation. There is no drilling, wiring, or welding required.


The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Dimension and weight

It is a light weighted product with a 33* 18.9* 5-inch dimension. It weighs 18.9 pounds.


  • It provides comfort and reduces driving fatigue.
  • Reduces bump steers
  • Provide stable and comfortable rides.
  • The stabilizer promotes safe driving due to reduced death wobble.
  • The steering stabilizer provides positive centering capabilities.
  • It is cost-effective because there is no maintenance needed.
  • It is made out of long-lasting quality material.
  • The device has a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • It has decreased wear and tears on the front end


  • The product does not come with a mounting kit
  • It may be hard to install the steering stabilizer for first time users.

How To Choose The Best Steering Stabilizer For RV?

Steering damper

It is important to purchase a steering stabilizer for RV with a damper to manage the forces that act on the vehicle front end. A steering damper provides to smooth and sturdy driving experience.


It’s important to purchase a steering stabilizer that has a great damping capability to ensure you keep your vehicle straight on a variety of terrains such as ruts, rocks, and sand. A steering stabilizer’s damping capability reduces the effort used to control the Rv and ensure it is not fatigued.

Bump steer

A bump steer is a problem caused by incorrect geometry suspension. It occurs when wheels automatically steer themselves without the steering wheel. The problem occurs due to issues with the shock absorbers riding heights or steering linkages. When purchasing a steering stabilizer, choose one that offers easy installation to avoid bump steer.

Cantilever versus loop mount

A steering stabilizer has two types of mounts that are the cantilever and the loop. A loop looks like a regular shock absorber, while a cantilever mount has a loop or stud threaded on one end. On the other end is another 90-degree angle incorporated stud. The cantilever mount does not have removable bolts. You need to know the mount design you need for your vehicle before purchasing to be compatible.

Front mount/ rear amount

Some steering stabilizers will have the same amount on the front and the rear, while others may differ. Most steering stabilizers have a loop on the front mount and stem on the rear mount. Before purchasing, check whether you have the right tools on your stabilizer to determine the amount you will take


Get a steering stabilizer based on the lift your vehicle has. when you understand the vehicles lift, you won’t be able to purchase a steering stabilizer that fits your car will stop


IFP in full means Internal Floating Piston. This is a steering shock that ensures the nitrogen and the oil a separate using the piston. The nitrogen gas keeps the dividing piston at constant pressure for maximum damping.

Easy of installation

It would help if you got a steering stabilizer that is easy to install to take less time. You will also save on the cost you would have used when hiring an installer because you can do it yourself. The high rate devices in the market are those that have less time installation.

Shock absorbing capability

purchase a steering stabilizer that has advanced shock absorber being capabilities. This feature will ensure you get smooth and comfortable rides.

Death wobble/speed wobble/Wobble

Death wobble makes your steering wheel shake faster side to side due to the vehicle’s rapid oscillation of all of the vehicle’s steering components. It becomes difficult to control the car when moving at high speed. The only way to stop the mobile is to slow down or stop when the shaking is extreme. This problem occurs in most vehicles, and you should consider a steering stabilizer that can reduce the wobble.

Why Do I Need A Steering Stabilizer For RV?

When driving an RV, it can be difficult to have stable steering due to the heavy machine. You will find the difficulty in terrains such as rocks and sand. When you have also driven the RV for a long period of time, you will find a challenge to hold the steering. When you have a steering stabilizer on your RV, it can absorb road interference to provide you with sturdy and smoother rides to increase your driving experience.

Why You Need A Steering Stabilizer For Your Lifted RV?

A steering stabilizer is an important device on a lifted RV since the driver is towing over long distances most of the time. The stabilizer will improve vehicle handling increase stability and road fill. The driver will also drive with less effort and therefore reduce fatigue. Steering wobble is also prevented together with the bumper stare to have quality control of the vehicle.

Difference Between Single And Dual Steering Stabilizers?

Choosing between a single and dual steering stabilizer will depend on your vehicle’s tire size and the accessories you have. Dual steering stabilizers are needed on tires above 35 inches. When your truck has heavy-duty accessories, you will also need a dual steering stabilizer for quality rides. Vehicles with 33 inch and below tires and are not used for heavy-duty can use single steering stabilizers. Lifted cars that are for off-road functions will need dual steering stabilizers.

The Installation Procedure Of Steering Stabilizer For RV

1. Vehicle preparation

Your vehicle needs to be elevated to have ease of access as you work on it. You can either use a lift, a car amp, or a stand and ensure it is stable to avoid rolling. When elevating ensure, the front wheels are kept straight to make the work easier.

2. Remove the existing damper

The existing damper is located on the coil spring. When removing it and sure, the bolts holding the damper on both sides are removed. If there is a cotter pin, remove it as well. Clean the grim and the dirt around the Tampa area before installing the damper.

3. Damper installation

Near the coil spring, there is a mounting bracket where you will place the new damper. After the placement tightened the mounting bolt on both sides. You can either use the old damper bolt or a new one. It would help if you also had a torque wrench to ensure the bolts are tight enough. Follow the guidelines of using a torque wrench because they vary in the setting.

4.Cotter pin insertion

you will insert the cotter PIN on the opening hole between the bolt and slot in the nut. The appliance will help you to insert it properly and wrap it around. Your steering stabilizer is now fully installed, and you will be able to have smooth and steady control of your steering wheel on the road.

What are the safety tools you need in steering stabilizer installation?

  • Nitrile gloves
  • Wheel shocks
  • Safety Jack stands
  • Safety glasses
  • Operators manual of the vehicle
  • Torque wrench
  • Penetrating oil lubricant

How Long Do Steering Stabilizers Last In An Rv?

How long the steering stabilizer will last depends and how you are driving your RV. It also depends on the wear and tear exposure. You will be able to determine whether the steering stabilizer is going bad when you hear clunk noise beneath your vehicle or when you realize the hydraulic fluid pulling under your car. When you sense the steering wheel is unstable when you are off the road, this is also a sign that the stabilizers are not working.

How Do You Know A Steering Stabilizer Is Failing?

There are a variety of ways you will know when the steering stabilizer is going bad. Below are some of the symptoms.

  • Shaking of the steering wheel when the driver is at high speed
  • Clunk noise under the vehicle.
  • When the steering wheel feels loose or wobbly.
  • When steering is unstable when driving off the road.
  • When the hydraulic fluid is leaking under the vehicle.

Can Regular Shock Be Used As A Steering Stabilizer?

A regular shock does not work the same as a steering stabilizer. A steering stabilizer is 50/50 valved while a standard shock is not. A shock has different rates and valving. The vehicle creates resistance when turning on the left than when turning on the right. A shock that is pressure range we wanted to be extended, creating a pull when starting.

How Do I Know When My Power Steering Pump Is Failing?

The following are signs showing your power steering pump is failing.

  • Changes in the appearance of the power steering fluid
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel
  • High noise or whines when turning
  • Difficulty in turning

When you leave a bad power steering pump, it’s important to take the right measures because it is highly risky, especially when driving for extended periods. The pump can be damaged when there is no power steering fluid. A dry pump increases their vehicle hit levels and friction that may cause a lot of damage.

What Causes Death Wobble In A Vehicle?

  • Loose steering components
  • Steering components that are improperly aligned.
  • Worn out shocks and steering damper.
  • Unbalanced tires

Death wobble, in general, occurs due to steering and suspension issues. When you are on the road and realize your vehicle is experiencing a death wobble, keep your speeds below 45 to prevent this experience from altering.

Benefits Of Steering Stabilizers For RV Or Travel Trailer

  • Steering stabilizers protect the shock road and the oil seal with the available protective boot
  • You are guaranteed of your investment since most of these stabilizers’ manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty.
  • The steering stabilizer reduces wheel shimmy for vehicles with oversized tires and wheels.
  • Steering wheel vibration is reduced since the steering components are tightened to ensure they are not loose.
  • The device reduces bump steer.

A steering stabilizer absorbs a bump steer to stabilize the side-to-side movement of the steering wheel.

Best Brands Of Steering Stabilizers

Fox Racing Shox Steering Stabilizer

The company has over 60 years of experience since it was founded in 1957 by Bob fox. Fox steering stabilizer have a competitive advantage over others due to the high-quality materials they are made of. When you purchase these products, you can be assured you’re getting durable products that are well designed and developed. Fox Racing Shox has three line of products including Fox Shox 2.0 factory series smooth body stabilizer, Fox Shox 2.0 performance series ATS steering stabilizer and Fox Shox 2.0 performance series smooth body IFP stabilizers.

Sky jacker steering stabilizer

Skyjacker has been in the industry for over 40 years and has continued to provide the best steering stabilizers for a variety of models including dodge Chevrolet Toyota and Ford. It is located in Louisiana. The products lines include skyjacker steering stabilizer dual kits, skyjacker steering stabilizer single kids and skyjacker steering stabilizer which is sold individually.

Rancho steering stabilizer

The manufacturer was formed in 1950s. It manufactures leveling systems suspensions and lifts. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on all it’s a suspension and stabilizing systems. If you purchase stabilizers from the manufacturer, they give you a 90-day rate guarantee where you can return the products if you’re not satisfied. the product line of the manufacture includes Rancho RS7000MT monotube steering dampers, Rancho dual steering stabilizer kits and Rancho RS5000 steering stabilizers.

Pro Comp suspension steering stabilizer

Pro comp was established in 1992 to provide a wide range of off-road out of systems. Jeep owners have an advantage over these products because the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the stabilizers and suspensions. The products available in the company include Pro Comp single steering stabilizer kit, Pro Comp dual steering stabilizer kits, Pro Comp Pro runner single steering stabilizer and Pro Comp steering stabilizer cylinder.

Bilstein steering stabilizer

Bilstein is a company that provides a wide variety of vehicle components that are compatible with many vehicles. The company is in Germany and was established in 1957 by first introducing the mortar tube gas pressure shock absorber. The main product lineup of the company includes Bilstein B8 5100 series steering stabilizers, Bilstein B8 5100 steering dampers, Bilstein B4 OE replacement steering dampers, and Bilstein 4600 series steering dampers.


The highlighted review of the best steering stabilizer for Rv will help you make your purchasing decisions faster. Read through the feature pros and cons and get to choose one that is compatible with your vehicle.


Why Do I Need A Steering Stabilizer?

A steering stabilizer literally helps to balance the vehicle’s steering. Therefore, it is recommended to have a steering stabilizer because when the car sends shockwaves from the front axle, they can be absorbed by the steering stabilizers. This means that when you are driving on a rough road, the jolts are dampened, thus maintaining stability. Though your vehicle could still move without the steering stabilizers, it will be uncomfortable because of bouncing up and down.

Do You Need An Alignment After Replacing The Steering Stabilizer?

After replacing the steering stabilizer, alignment is not really needed. However, if a person has not done the alignment in a long time, it can be a great idea to do it. Seeking information from the vehicle manufacturer can also be helpful in the case of t. This is because they are experts; therefore, recommend it or provide more details on how to go about it.

Is Steering Stabilizers The Same As Shock Absorbers?

A steering stabilizer is different from a shock absorber because of the way they are valved. Although they may look the same, they have different damping rates, and therefore mounting of a shock can’t work on any steering stabilizer. This requires knowledge to be able to differentiate between the two. They also have different features; for example, the shock will have a 60/40 to enable control and movement quality.

Do I Need A Professional To Install The Steering Stabilizer For Me?

Involving a professional when installing the steering stabilizer is needed. This is because they are experts in handling this kind of task; thus, the vehicle will not experience serious issues. However, if a person is knowledgeable about the process and has the required tools, this can be easy for them to handle.

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