Best Wind Generator For RV Reviews & Buying Guide – 2022

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If you are planning on undertaking a long trip with your RV, you should consider the best wind generator for RV to keep it running the entire journey. It is a form of renewable energy. However, you may think that batteries will work for you, but they may not last you long.

The Windmill 400W 12V wind turbine is our best pick which works for both land and marine applications to generate power efficiently. Besides, it is very easy to install and maintain. A built-in MPPT charge controller ensures its safety during use. With its lightweight design, it is sure to turn kinetic energy into electrical energy quickly.

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Top 06 Best Wind Generator For RV Reviews

01. Windmill (DB-400) 400W 12V Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Salient Feature

  • Rated power: 400W
  • Voltage system: 12V
  • Battery capacity: 50A
  • Rated speed: 28 mph
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Rotor diameter: 4 ft.


The Windmill DB-400 turbine features a design that is useful for both land and marine. Therefore you can comfortably use it on your RV so as to power its batteries efficiently. It is also applicable to residential and small commercial areas. You can as well use this generator alongsidesolar panels for excellent results.

Easy to Install

If you are into DIY projects, then this RV wind turbine tower is very easy to install. It features no complications as long as you read the instructions on the manual it comes with.


This windmill has good quality construction, boasting of high-quality polypropylene, and glass fiber material that ensures it serves you for an extended period.


It is very light in terms of weight with the three fiberglass blades and its tail cut to the most good millimeter, which improves its performance. It rotates at 360 degrees so as to conveniently convert kinetic energy to electrical from any direction of the wind.

Built-in MPPT Charge Controller

This feature eliminates the hassle of complicated wiring. All you need to do is plug in the battery to enable it to store electricity. It comes with an automatic braking system protection and high battery voltage protection. There are rare cases of overcharging and over speeding with this feature in place.


  • easy DIY installation
  • environment friendly
  • wide variety of applications
  • lightweight design
  • built-in charge controller
  • operates a 12V battery
  • well-built with a weather-resistant seal


  • costly

02. Eco-Worthy 500W Wind Solar Power Kit: 400W Wind Turbine Generator

Salient Feature

  • Rated power: 400W
  • Voltage system: 12V
  • Battery capacity: 20A
  • Rated speed: 78mph
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Rotor diameter: 4.7ft.


Speed is an essential feature of a wind generator as it determines the amount of power generation. The start-up wind speed of this generator is 5.6mph, while its standard rated wind speed is 23.5mph. Furthermore, the maximum wind speed is about 78mph. It rotates at a rate of 800r/min.

Short circuit protection feature

This feature prevents the batteries from overcharging as it automatically shuts down the wind generator once fully charged.


When combined with the monocrystalline solar panel, it is able to provide power to serve all night long. It also enhances the charging capabilities of your RV batteries.

Automatic Brake System

Do not worry about your wind generator exploding whenever there are strong winds, and its rotating speed increases. This brake system senses this and reduces the speed of the turbine.

Lightweight Design

This portable wind generator has small blades that are very light and can start rotating even in the slightest of wind. This makes it reliable. In places where there is no enough wind for turning it, the solar panel comes in handy, and your RV will remain in motion.

Easy to Install

It is hassle-free to put together this generator so as to start operation. Moreover, wiring is also easy.


  • durable aluminum frame
  • uses both wind and solar energy
  • suitable for homes, RVs, boats, farms, and off-grid application
  • lightweight design
  • low start-up speed
  • short-circuit protection feature
  • easy installation


  • standard speed rate is relatively slow

03. SHZOND Wind Generator 400W Hybrid Wind Turbine Generator DC 12V Turbine Wind Generator

Salient Feature

  • Rated power: 400W
  • Voltage system: 12V
  • Battery capacity: 200A
  • Rated speed: 800RPM
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Rotor diameter: 1.2m


If you are a person who loves doing activities for leisure, then the SHZOND wind generator is a perfect match for you. You can use this portable wind turbine for RV in charging your batteries in gazebos, RVs, boats, or chalets.


It features a start-up wind speed of 2.5m/s and a standard rated wind speed of 12m/s. Its three blades are lightweight and rotate at a speed of 800r/min. The three blades deliver low or no vibrations at all.

Easy to Install

This best portable wind turbine generator is not only easy to install but also to maintain. So if you are a DIY person, it will pose an easy time for you.


Its blades are constructed using reinforced glass fiber and have an optimized structure with an aerodynamic shape for an extended lifespan.

Charge Controller

Each individual turbine has a charge controller that makes sure the batteries do not overcharge. It also allows you to get the optimum output from each turbine.

Built-in Brake system

This brake system engages automatically when it notices that the speed of the wind is rapidly increasing.

PVC Vinyl Material

The PVC material protects it against harsh weather conditions and harmful UV rays.


  • easily portable
  • simple installation procedure
  • built-in brake system
  • strong construction for durability
  • charge controller for safety
  • start-up wind speed of 2.3m/s
  • suitable for leisure and recreational activities


  • may apply brakes even when the wind is not fast

04. 2000w 48V Wind Turbine Wind Generator Ista Breeze (48V with Version 5 Blade, White)

Salient Feature

  • Rated power: 2000W
  • Voltage system: 48V
  • Battery capacity: 40A
  • Rated speed: 12mph
  • Number of blades: 5
  • Warranty: 30-days
  • Rotor diameter: 225cm


You can comfortably mount this wind generator on your RV and use it on any wind, whether low, middle, or high, and it will work correctly.


It comes with a portable wind turbine design that features an aerodynamic design that enables it to perform efficiently in converting wind energy into electrical energy.


Its aluminum housing is coated with powder to act as a rust and corrosion-resistant. Further, the 5 blades are made of UV-resistant and 30% glass fiber material so as to withstand any harsh conditions, thus durable.

Power Transmission

It transmits its power through a slip ring, thereby making sure that there will be no cases of cable twisting during operation.


The maximum power of this wind turbine is 2200w, while the rated capacity of the generator is 2000w. In addition to this, it does not produce lots of noise when it rotates. It delivers a maximum of 40 decibels, which is not badly off.

Easy Installation

You can easily install it in the mast tube by connecting it to a plug. The diameter of the mast tube should be 37mm so as to achieve excellent results.


It has a length measuring about 107cm, and each of the 5 blades weighs 780gram, thus lightweight. Besides, the rotor diameter is 225cm.


  • low noise levels
  • durable and sturdy construction
  • easy to install
  • maintenance-free sliding contact avoids twisting of cables
  • lightweight design
  • cooling fins
  • UV-resistant material


  • do not turn when the speed of the wind is slow

05. Marsrock Small Wind Turbine Generator AC 12V 400W Economic Windmill with MPPT Controller

Salient Feature

  • Rated power: 400W
  • Voltage system: 12V
  • Battery capacity: 100A
  • Rated speed: 13m/s
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Rotor diameter: 1.4m


Its precise injection molding blades feature an aerodynamic contour design that highly utilizes wind energy, which boosts the amount of energy produced.


The Marsrock wind generator is the most efficient wind turbine that is easy to install, maintain, and repair once you follow the instructions precisely. It starts operation quickly once you have installed it correctly. You can easily get your generator running with speed of as low as 2m/s.


It boasts a patented magnet rotor alternator that has a unique stator design that works to decrease the resistance of torque. Besides, the wind turbines blend effortlessly with the generators, thus enhancing its reliability.


With an automatic controller, it can avoid overcharging your batteries as it will switch off once the maximum charge is reached. Moreover, a circuit in its interior controls its brakes automatically. In the case of the battery voltage drops, this turbine automatically recovers to the battery charging. This protects the turbine and battery.


This best wind turbine consists of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel fittings that make it durable to give you long service. Also, its small and compact design makes it lightweight.

Blade construction

Additionally, its three blades have a high strength plastic material having 30% carbon fiber and anti-UV and anti-corrosion materials. This makes the generator resistant to rust and harmful UV rays, thus durable.


  • durable construction
  • easy to install
  • three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • automatic controller
  • resistant to corrosion and harmful UV rays
  • oxidized hub bracket
  • wide range of applications


  • cannot charge lithium-ion batteries

06. IstaBreeze Set Wind Generator 12V/ 24V 500W + Hybrid Charge Controller L-500 (12V, White)

Salient Feature

  • Rated power: 500W
  • Voltage system: 12V
  • Battery capacity: 20A
  • Rated speed: 3m/s
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Rotor diameter: 1.3m

Durable Construction

This wind generator features fiberglass construction reinforced with a strong plastic. Besides, its rotor blades, together with the casing, are also durable and stable to withstand any tough weather conditions. It is light and thus can quickly generate energy once there is wind.


The wind turbine has a rated capacity of 400W. Nonetheless, the generator can perform at a maximum of 500W.

Ease of maintenance

It has a maintenance-free grinding contact that has no carbon, which ensures there is an excellent flow of current. With this in position, twisting of the cable in the mast will not occur.

Quick installation

Furthermore, it is easy to install this wind generator in the mast tube by the use of a plug connection. However, it does not come with a mast. But you should not assume that the appropriate diameter of the mast tube to buy is 37mm.

LED Display

You can now monitor whether your battery is charging if it is connected and when the battery gets full using the LEDs on its aluminum casing.


  • lightweight design
  • durable construction
  • LED indicators on the aluminum casing
  • maintenance-free grinding contact
  • The 12-24V/650-watt hybrid charge controller
  • easy installation with the mast tube technology
  • budget-friendly


  • does not come with a mast

Related Post:

What Is A Wind Generator?

A wind generator, otherwise known as a wind turbine, is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into electrical energy. They are either in a horizontal or vertical axis, depending on your preference. Both of them deliver the same results as long as you mount them correctly on your RV.

The wind turbine converts wind energy into electricity using the aerodynamic force produced by the rotor blades. These blades work like an airplane wing. As wind flows across the blade, the air pressure decreases on one side of the blades. The difference in air pressure is what makes the blades to move.

Buyers Guide On The Best Wind Generator For RV.

Buying the best wind generator for your RV can never be an easy task. First, you may not know the specifics surrounding the most appropriate wind generator. Secondly, there are many brands available in the market, and this may confuse you big time. Below are some factors to consider.

  • Easily portable

As an RV owner, you should probably consider buying a lightweight wind generator for powering your RV. A small generator will not cause any imbalance issues on your RV, unlike a big one. Also, installing a smaller generator is relatively easy, and you can always do it on your own.

  • Design of Blade

The blades present on the wind generators are what makes them spin and produce energy. Therefore you should be careful about them while shopping. They need to have an aerodynamic shape which looks like that of an aero plane’s air wing. This shape is perfect if you want optimum energy output.

Moreover, generators for RVs may either have three or five blades. The fewer the number of blades, the faster they spin. However, high speeds can be dangerous too. But we recommend you to get a wind generator with three blades for excellent results.

  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance

It is essential to buy a wind generator that is easy to install, especially if you are a lover of DIY projects. The installation of most generators involves the use of a mast tube using a plug connection. There are some that come with a mast and those that don’t.

You should get a wind turbine that comes with a mast for convenience. Also, you should not face a hassle while maintaining these generators. Some come with a maintenance-free grinding contact that ensures the excellent flow of current.

  • Durability

Durability is vital as it determines how long your wind generator will comfortably serve you. Most turbines consist of the high quality aluminum casing, fiberglass, and strong plastic materials that extend their lifespan. So when shopping, ensure your generator constitutes either of the above materials.

Moreover, some materials are UV-resistant and anti-rust and corrosion-free. This ensures that your generator is able to withstand any tough weather conditions and harsh environments. Whether you are facing hot summer or cold winters, your generator should be good to go.

  • Vibration and Noise Level

It is very obvious that wind generators have to make noise as they convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. But it does not necessarily have to be loud noises. You will find some wind generators have low noise levels, and you will barely have to disturb your neighbors while on the move.

If you are planning to mount your wind generator on the roof of your RV, then you will need to get one with lower decibels. It is always important to mind our neighbors.

  • Power Output

This highly depends on factors like how much power output you need for your RV and the amount of batteries you need to charge. If you are using the wind generator for outdoor purposes, the power output will have to be enough.

Besides, if it is the only source of power you are depending on, you will need to get one that delivers excellent power output. The more the power output, the higher the performance depending on your consumption.

Advantages Of Wind Generators For RV Owner.

  • Reduced Energy Costs

Using wind generators to power your RV is very cost-effective as you will not incur extra costs so as to keep your RV running. All you need to do is buy it and install it, and you are good to go.

It is cheaper to use this form of energy as compared to others. On average, it would cost 5 cents per kWh. It is an added advantage for you if you buy one that costs less to maintain.

  • Environment friendly

Wind generators get their power from wind, which is a renewable form of energy. You can fully attest that wind does not cause any harm to the environment. If there is any, it is very little. No harmful emissions and leakages.

  • Provides power backup in case of a power outage

In case there is a blackout or your batteries run out, the wind generators come in handy and ensure that you do not lack power at whatever time.

  • Operation without connecting to power sources

Usually, wind generators do not need a power connection to operate, and this makes them very reliable for use in RVs. As the wind is a form of renewable energy, it can never deplete, so you do not have to depend entirely on power grids.

So for an RV owner, you can smoothly go off-grid without worrying about the source of power. During natural disasters, these wind generators surely come in hand as they store their energy.

  • Portability

The fact that these wind generators are light in weight means they can be easily carried around and can balance well atop of your RV roof. Also, you can easily install it if you are a person of DIY projects.

  • Versatility

These wind generators can be installed anywhere and not only on RVs. You can install it in your home, ranch or farm, boat, gazebo, or anywhere you will need renewable power.

Schedule Maintenance Of RV Wind Generator.

It is crucial to perform frequent maintenance schedules on your wind generator at least every six months. If you observe proper maintenance checks for your RV’s wind generator, then it will be able to serve you for up to 20 years.

Ensure to check the blades and nose cone for any damages. Clean any dirt off them and make sure there is no rust or corrosion. You should also ensure that the blades and nose cone balance well and are tight.

Moreover, you should also check that the battery bank is clean using a multimeter. Further, in case of any electrical connections, they ought to be secure and free from any corrosion and rust. This increases the efficiency of your wind generator.

Additionally, wind generators have movable parts that need lubrication. Hence, it is vital to add oil to these moving parts so as to ensure no friction and corrosion occurs.

You can also clean your turbines occasionally using clean water and damp cloth to get rid of any dirt and dust particles. Painting your wind generator is also a part of maintenance. This protects it against any rust and corrosive elements.

Most importantly, if your wind generator is not in use, take it off your RV and store it in places where there are no tough weather conditions. This largely extends its lifespan.

If you have no idea about the wind conditions in the area you are going to travel with your RV, you ought to conduct a local survey. Use a wind meter to determine the strength of the wind in that area. This ensures that you get a sneak peek of what you are exposing your wind generator to.

Types Of Wind Turbines For RV.

There are mainly two types of wind turbines for RVs depending on their axis; horizontal and vertical.

  • Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

Its rotor has its axis of rotation parallel to the ground and direction of the wind. There exist two types: upwind turbine where the rotor faces the wind, and downwind turbine where the wind hits the tower first before the rotor.

  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Its axis of rotation is perpendicular to the ground and the direction of the wind. It can efficiently operate even when the speed of the wind is slow. However, it needs a separate electric motor to make it begin operation.


Looking at these best wind generators mentioned above, you are able to choose which is the most appropriate for you in terms of location, budget, or personal preferences. Therefore, you should consider factors such as durability, power output, blade design, and ease of installation and maintenance.

If you are looking to achieve fantastic results, settle for our top-quality choices, and you will not regret it. On that note, we hope that this article will help you make the most appropriate purchase decision. However, if you have any problem concerning our products, you can visit our website any time to get more information on the best wind generator for RV.

Read More:


  • How much power can an RV wind turbine generate?

This depends on the price and model of the wind generator. Expensive turbines produce 2000W to charge 12-24-48V battery banks. A standard 400W rating applies for RVs and can go to as low as 40W.

  • Can I install the portable wind turbine on my RV roof?

The roof of your RV is the most convenient place to mount your turbine. There is a mast that comes with for installation, or you can use a mounting shaft that you buy separately. Making a pole from metal to reach the roof is also an idea.

  • Is it possible to completely replace solar power with wind power for RV?

No, it is not advisable as wind is sort of unpredictable as compared to sunlight, which is much more consistent. They can only work as power backups alongside solar panels, which are more reliable.

  • How long will an RV wind turbine last?

This is dependent on the model of the wind generator and the way you will maintain it. Most wind turbines last between 20 to 25 years on average. It is essential to replace moving parts once they wear and tear.

  • What voltage do wind turbines generate?

Large wind turbines (above 100-150kWh) generate a voltage of up to 690V three-phase alternating current.

  • What is a wind turbine blade made of?

Wind turbine blades are made of different materials ranging from reinforced plastic, fiberglass, or wood epoxy materials. Most of their casings consist of aluminum, which increases their durability. Moreover, some features matte finishes reducing reflection.

  • How fast can the turbine blades turn?

The turning speed depends on the number of plates a turbine has, the speed of the wind, or the brand of the turbine. The standard range is usually between 15-20 RMP.

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