How To Make Coffee While Camping?

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Am trying to imagine you are in a chilly and cold camp, the weather is unfair, and almost everything is getting out of your control. The only thing you can do to warm your body is to make a hot coffee. Sometimes you may wish to do so, but you don’t know how to make coffee while camping. 

Remember,  making a cup of coffee while camping is not similar to how you could do at home. The reason behind this statement is that you will be unable to access some resources. But let that not stress you because this article will provide you with reliable and straightforward ways to make yourself a cup of coffee right at the camp.

Therefore, if you are in love with camping, then this article can give you a good company.

Procedure Of Making Coffee

Method 1: Use The French Press To Make Coffee

Some of the useful materials that you need are French coffee maker, kettle, and water and coffee grounds. These materials are available, and you can afford them. So, I think there is nothing new to you, maybe procedures. Let us use the method to prepare a cup of coffee.

Add one spoonful of coffee ground in a cup of water. Boil the mixture of water and coffee grounds for about 90 seconds. Take half of the mix and then pour in your French Press. Wait for about 60 seconds for the coffee to brew before you add the remaining water. 

Remember, there is a need to allow your coffee water to steep all coffee grounds. If you need a rich coffee, steeping should be about 3 minutes.  Next, press the plunger of your French Press slightly then get your coffee for drinking.

This method is simple, but the final liquid will keep you warm in a chilly and cold day. Give it a try and realize the taste for yourself.

Method 2: Instant Coffee

This is the simplest way to warm your body with a hot coffee while camping. What you only need is a kettle, water and instant coffee. There are different coffee brands responsible for the production of instant coffee. Therefore, you may choose to use Viola or Alpine tart Instant coffee. 

Instant coffee preparation is straightforward as it takes a few minutes. This coffee crystal or powder is also known as coffee granules for instant coffee. The powders come from a part of brewed coffee bean. 

Many adventures prefer instant coffee due to their lightweight nature. They are suitable for backpacking. These campers need something that will not add weight to their luggage.

Steps to follow under this coffee making method are simple. Add coffee granule in a cup of water and then boil it for some minutes before stirring. Use a campfire or a stove to warm the water for a great tasting coffee.

Method 3: Using A Cult Or Coffee Brew Bag

This is another quick and convenient way to brew coffee using coffee bags. The material that you will need include; kettle, water, and the coffee bag which contain, butchers twine, coffee grounds, coffee basket filter. 

You can buy coffee bags from stores or sometimes you may make for yourself. If you are in cold-weather areas, then you require stepped coffee. The procedures are also simple including;

Put your coffee bags into steam and boiling. Boil for some few minutes using a cooking fire or stove. Put the coffee bag in the boiling water and leave it there for some minutes and then knot your basket coffee filter using butcher twine.

Give it time for dangling to develop a tail for holding when untying it. Cut off all excess filters. When your coffee bag is stepped from brewing, take it out from your kettle before turning out the coffee. Your coffee is ready and safe for drinking.

Campers find this recipe simply because they only need a few resources and also it takes less time. When camping, you don’t need anything heavy for easy carriage. The coffee bags are lightweight to meet such expectations. Also, you may not have enough time to prepare a cup of coffee as you do at home. This is the simplest and cheapest for a quick cup of coffee.

Method 4: Use The Cowboy Technique To Make Coffee

Before we start the process, make sure you have a kettle, little water, and coffee grounds. This technique is ideal for campers who hate much weight. Using this method to make coffee is very simple as you only need some few resources. 

A kettle is an affordable and reliable material that you can use to brew coffee by placing it on a campfire or a camp stove. Steps include;

Pour water in the kettle and boil it. Boil the water for not less than 7 minutes, and then allow it to cool. The next thing will be to add the coffee grounds in the water before stirring. 

The mixture will produce a sizzling sound immediately after coffee grounds come in contact with the cold water. Also, you may see some foam.

Giving your mixture some minutes will enable the coffee grounds to settle at the base of the kettle. After this, transfer the coffee to a cup slowly. There you have your coffee. Go on and drink.

Method 5: Pour-over

Using this method to brew coffee will give you a close coffee taste to that of home. You will need materials such as a dripper, mug, coffee grounds, filter cone, water and kettle. With all these requirements, you will make an average cup of coffee in less than 10 minutes.

Pour water in the kettle and boil it. Put the pour-over equipment one the mug before adding the cone filter. Add the coffee grounds in the filter and then add water in the cup through the coffee grounds. You will need to add water slowly for seeping. Continue to add water until the mug is full. 

However, using this technique to make coffee is not ideal for a large company/group. It is time-consuming because you will have to give enough time for one cup to seep before adding the other one.

After you are through with pouring water, remove the filter cone and have your coffee. It is ready.

Method 6: Use Campfire Stove And Moka Pots To Make Coffee

Experienced adventures claim that this method can prepare a well-brewed and vibrant coffee. Some of the materials that you will need are a Moka pot, water, and coffee grounds. Another name for Moka Pot is Stovetop Espresso makers so, don’t ask yourself many questions about the p Moka pots. Europeans find this coffee making technique prevalent.

The method involves a simple procedure that will not strain you. The steps include;

Take your Moka Pot and pour water to the lower compartment until it is full. Fill your device’s middle chamber with the coffee grounds. Remember, these Pots are made from aluminium, and therefore, you can use them to prepare coffee on the campfire stove. What you only need to be careful about is its hot handle. 

Next, cover the pot’s top with a serving container. Give your water some minutes to boil. This is the stage you will realize your coffee extract is moving in an upward direction in the serving carafe. This coffee is a replicate of an espresso. Consumers say that the final product is vibrant, strong and sturdy. 

Method 7: Aeropress Coffee

Here is another convenient coffee-making technique for campers that takes just a few minutes. This method is associated with those people who take their coffee seriously. The materials you need include; clean water, AeroPress and filter, kettle, coffee grounds, and a sturdy mug.

This method partly behaves like a pour-over, Pneumatic Press and French Press. Some people affirm that this method can produce a deliciously smooth and creamy coffee. This is because it incredibly compresses the coffee grounds to a good puck and also it is simple to clean when the brewing process is over. The steps include;

Add two spoonful coffee grounds to the Aero Press’s large tube. Allow the coffee grounds to bloom for about one minute after soaking. Fill the chamber your AeroPress unit with hot water and then stir the mixture using a paddle.

Place a strong mug in the chamber of the AeroPress before you press down the plunger. Doing so will reduce coffee spills when you begin to press it down. The next step will be to add some water to your mixture so that you add to taste. 

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From the above discussion, you can realize that sometimes you don’t even need electricity to prepare a cup of coffee. What you only need is the knowledge on how to make coffee while camping using various methods. These techniques are simple and involve an easy step to follow. When you carefully follow the procedures, you may make strong and rich coffee similar to that you could prepare at home. 

I don’t think you may miss a choice from the above methods. Making use of this handy guide will enable you to prepare coffee conveniently. Why shiver when there are several ways to warm your body with a hot coffee? Let’s say goodbye to shivering while camping. 

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