How To Remove RV Air Conditioner?

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There are many reasons why you want to remove your RV air conditioner. First, it may be malfunctioning or damaged and you want to replace it. Secondly, you may want to install a better RV Air conditioner. Regardless, you must know how to remove RV air conditioner to do the work effectively. 

Sometimes, this action is necessary to do maintenance services like repairing your RV roof because it’s leaking. Nevertheless, the task is intimidating and you need the right tools to safely remove the air conditioner.

Safety First!

Maybe you are not a certified electrician, so it’s be first to learn important safety measures. Electricity is important but also dangerous. You need to handle everything with care for safety reasons. Never attempt to handle any electrical component before knowing the power sources and disconnecting them.  Disconnect all the power sources to make the work environment safer. Alternatively, you can ask for help from a professional electrician if in doubt. 

How To Remove RV Air Conditioner?

Confirm that you have disconnected all electrical components of the AC. Removing the RVAC is easy and it’s best to start from the rig as you move on top. 

  • Start by popping off the air return grill. You identify it as the part having a few tabs or clips holding it in place. Popping it off reveals 4-6 screws.

  • Go ahead and remove the screws and take it out of the way.

  • Underneath, there are two additional screws to be removed to get access to the two remaining screws. 

  • Goa ahead and remove all the screws and cont to ensure you have all the screws 4-6 in total, then remove the cover. 

  • Remove the underlying 4 bolts that secure the AC internal components in place to the unit on the rig. The bolts are at the corners of the AC metal mounting bracket.

  • Remove the plastic covering to expose the bolts.

  • Use a ratchet and socket to remove all 4 bolts. Note that they are long bolts. 

  • After removing the bolts, remove the metal housing one side at a time.

  • All that remains are electrical connections that house everything. 

  • Now you have to disconnect two electrical connections on the unit that disconnects on the outside of the AC unit. Unclip the two electrical connections. 

  • Go to the next two electrical wire bundles plugged inside a covering. The covering panel is attached with a screw, go ahead and remove it to gain access to the bundle wires clip inside. Remove the covering then disconnect those wires. 

  • Now there is nothing left to hold the bottom AC unit to the rig. So, let it hang band ensure nothing is holding it that can damage the wire connections.

Now you are done with the inside part of the RV AC. We are only remaining with the top part which is on the roof. The AC cover is easy to remove, but it’s attached using screws on either side.

  • Remove all those screws then lift the cover off the base carefully.

  • The screws are tightly fit and expect a lot of friction. Remove the cover and set it down in a safe place that wind won’t blow it off or cause damage. 

  • Slowly lift the edges of your AC unit as you work around it to break that gasket free in case it’s stuck in place. 

  • You will feel the AC coming loose., it means you are almost done. 

  • Continue lifting until the AC is completely free. 

  • Remove it off the RV roof completely and carefully put it aside.

That’s it!

RV AC units are bulky and you may need a helping hand to get it off your RV roof. Take care here when getting it down so that you don’t damage it. Place it in a safe place where the weather can’t damage it as you may need to install it later or use it another time.

RV AC Maintenance Tips!

RV camping offers a chance to enjoy endless adventures. However, your RV AC needs proper maintenance to ensure that it serves you well during harsh weather conditions. Therefore, give your Air conditioner proper maintenance. 

  1. Visual inspection

Before going on that adventure, do a visual inspection of your air conditioner. Check for tear and cracks in the plastic covering. If there is an opening, then there is a problem probably caused by winter weather. Drive to a local RV repair facility to have it fixed. You need to replace the shell routinely as it’s vulnerable to physical and weather damage. 

  1. Clean up

Remove the plastic cover and clean the inside. gently wash the filters using soapy water and remove accumulated debris and dust particles from the plastic cover before putting it back in place. 

  1. Deep cleaning

Schedule annual deep cleaning using a spray cleaner, steady hand, and shop vacuum. Clean the vents, cooling fins, and remove clogged dirt to ensure your RV AC runs efficiently giving you cool air. 

However, be gentle with the fins as they bend easily and can affect the cooling efficiency. 

  1. Enjoy your RV AC

Proper maintenance ensures the AC is running efficiently and optimally. It serves you well and you have a happier life on the road. Remember, only do the maintenance service if you are okay with it. Otherwise, let a professional do the work. 

Annual maintenance is good and helps improve cooling efficiency. Also, regularly inspect and clean the Air conditioner to ensure you have an unforgettable summer. In case you hire an expert, ensure they are licensed professionals to get value for money.

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Once you know how to remove RV air conditioner, you can take care of the job yourself. S the guide above makes it easy for you. Master it and service your RV air conditioner effectively for better performance. Always inspect the air conditioner before leaving on a camping trip as the weather pattern is very unpredictable. Therefore, it’s good to be prepared for any eventuality. Consult experts if you have trouble with your RV aid.

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