How To Stay Warm At Work Without Space Heater?

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The purpose of having a space heater is to warm the office. However, it may not be there or malfunctioning. Nevertheless, you need to stay warm, so how do you stay warm at work without a space heater?

Obviously, it’s a question that most people ask, and rightfully so considering the harsh weather outside. This guide is going to answer this question and afterward, you will never stay in a cold place at work. 

Working in a freezing office is very uncomfortable and makes your work harder. Thankfully, there are products you can use to remedy the situation by keeping warm as you go about your work. The low temperatures will not set up back because you have solutions that will beat the cold. 

Best Way To Stay Warm At Work Without a Space Heater

There are many things you can use to make yourself comfortable in a cold cubicle or work environment. We have listed some of the most useful tips that will keep you warm at least until your office decides to buy a space heater. Invest in the right gear to keep you comfortable when working. 

Dress appropriately

Dress the same way you would dress for cold weather. Remember, your office is cold and you need to stay warm to do your job effectively. Start by ensuring you have a warm sweater and heavy cozy ankle socks. The garments help you beat the cold by keeping your body warm. 

Shop for a good windbreaker and heavy coat that helps manage the cold. Also, buy gloves to keep your hands warm and ensure you don’t freeze in your office. 

Hot beverage

If your office doesn’t have a coffee maker, you can pack hot beverages and snacks in a flask to keep warm. Warming your body is important as it allows you to work under ideal conditions. Keep your stash of insulated flask and snacks around to enable you to partake in hot drinks when needed.

Wear insulated vest

Insulated vests easily fit into your bag. It’s a good alternative to shawls as they don’t require more storage spaces. Besides, it’s easy to remove when the temperature heats up and you no longer need it anymore. 

The vests allow your hands-free movement which means you can do your job without any hindrance. Keep yourself warm at all times to boost your productivity. 

Use throw blankets

Throw blankets are appropriate for ladies and come in a variety of materials. Nowadays, there are heated throw blankets that enable you to work in a relaxed office environment. Simply wrap your blanket around yourself to enjoy the warmth.

The heated throw looks like an ordinary blanket but comes with three heated settings and has a 3-hour auto-off function. Therefore, if you fall asleep, you are still safe. The blanket is comfortable and snugly meaning you can take it with you anywhere. 

Besides, the power cord is only 8-foot long and not restrictive. Therefore, you can remain warm at the office comfortably as you work. 

Hand warmers

These are special gadgets that are rechargeable. Hand warmers are necessary when you type a lot on your computer as it keeps your fingers warm in  cold weather. You can recharge the device using your USB connection to the computer. With this gadget, you will never feel cold as your hands will be warm throughout. 

Heating pad

Heating pads are versatile warming tools that you can use under your desk, chair, on your lap, or behind your back. The pad has a two hour auto-off feature which means it turns off by itself. 

Regardless of how you use it, it works great and warms you up nicely. Just sit at your desk and let the heating pad do the rest. You can place the pad on sore areas to relieve pain and to give you a heat massage. The spongy insert soothes aches and soreness quickly. This gadget gives you a full-body heat experience and it’s very discrete. 

Foot warmer

Foot warmer protects your feet against frostbites. It’s a convenient solution if you have exposed skin. It takes care of the chill and has an ergonomic footrest that you can adjust to your liking. The foot warmer is powered by a 105W heater to keep the toes toasty. 

The gadget is energy efficient and only uses 90W to keep your feet warm.  It comes with a footrest for comfort in three positions. You can place it flat, standing upright, or slightly elevated. Regardless of the position, you can stave off the cold and keep your feet warm. 

Giant heater slippers

Why have cold feet when you can wear heated slippers? There is no need to stock regular slippers when you have heated ones. Slip your feet into these slippers and relax as you work. 

The slippers warm your feet which warms up your body to make you comfortable as you work.  Besides, it takes three minutes to heat up and the slippers fit any foot size. 

Eat well

Drinks and sugary foods only make you sluggish and lower your energy levels. This will make you feel office chills. Instead, you can eat comfort foods like a light lunch, snacks, and fruits as they don’t tire you. Additionally, drink tea or coffee to keep you going and to boost your energy. The foods keep you warmer and more productive at work. 

Wear fingerless gloves

The fingerless gloves enable you to type while keeping your fingers warm. There are awesome USB powered-heated fingerless gloves that are better than normal fingerless gloves. Plus, the gloves are small and easy to store in your desk drawer or bag. 


Keeping yourself warm is vital to bear the cold. Remember, low temperatures can make you sick which is why you should strive to keep warm even while working. Knowing how to stay warm at work without a space heater is vital as you remain comfortable despite the unforgivable cold outside and low temperatures at the office.

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