How To Use A Camping Coffee Percolator?

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Personally, I wouldn’t go for a day without sipping a cup of coffee. How would I forego that rejuvenating feeling after sipping coffee, among other countless health advantages of taking coffee?

 For over five years now, I have been using a coffee percolator to prepare coffee while camping. And honestly, I wouldn’t think of any other simpler technique to get the coffee ready on a camping site.

And if you are wondering how to use a camping coffee percolator, I got that sorted. But first, it is the things you should consider while using a percolator.

What To Consider While Using A Percolator?

Before getting to the main deal, it is ideal you get to know some tips that will ensure you get a delicious coffee. 

Besides, these tips will guarantee your safety while placing the device to the fire.  Or are you ready to get terrible tasting coffee, or worse, get out with a burn? Then let’s get to business! 

  1. Type of heat

Percolators are constructed to be used on different heat sources. For instance, some percolators can be used in a kitchen stove and not on direct fire. Consequently, you should consider the construction of the percolator and the source of heat.

In most cases, campers use direct heat. Thus while purchasing the percolator, you should consider one that can withstand the direct heat.

  1. Control the heat

Have you ever wondered why homemade coffee is likely to taste better than camp-made coffee? Likely, it is because of the amount of heat difference.

While in camps, direct fire is problematic to control. Either way, a huge amount of heat may lead to awful tasting coffee. So what’s the trick?

If the flame is too huge, place the percolator a distance from the flame. Or else you can try reducing the flame by reducing the firewood.

Better, if you have a grill rack, it will be relatively easy. Just position the grill rack at the highest recommendable level. 

  1. Add water appropriately

Always, the water level on the percolator should never exceed the indicated water limit.

If you need vast amounts of coffee, you should consider purchasing a more significant size percolator.

Still, there is no harm in using the percolator when the water level doesn’t reach the water limit.

  1. Add only the needed amount of ground coffee

You are likely to add too much ground coffee to have a strongly tasty coffee. As much as there is no harm in doing that, it isn’t economical. Still, there are other techniques that you can deploy to have a tasty coffee.

Preferably you should just put the right amount of coffee in the basket. But which is this right amount I am talking about?

Ideally, every cup of coffee should use at most two teaspoons of ground coffee

  1. Remove the grounds

Nothing sucks like when drinking the coffee only to feel some coffee grounds. Is that paining you? 

This is the trick to ensure next time you don’t taste the grounds in your coffee

Coffee grounds get into the drink because the percolator basket gets in touch with the water. Thus by adding an extra filter, it will prevent them from finding their way into the liquid.

Also, you can manually scoop the extra coffee grounds. However, the most recommendable technique is purchasing a high-quality percolator basket. 

How To Use A Camping Coffee Percolator?

Before we get to the steps of preparing coffee with a coffee percolator, let’s get to understand how this device works.

A coffee percolator has a pot-like design. Basically, the inner unit has a water tank and a basket. The water is poured into the tank while the coffee is placed in the basket. 

When the basket is placed back, the water gets into contact with the coffee and absorbs all the flavors and nutrients as the temperature increases. That is it!

Let’s face it now and learn how to use a camping coffee percolator. 


  • Source of fire

  • Percolator coffee pot

  • Water

  • Cup

  • Ground coffee

  • Grill rack(not compulsory )

Step1: Set The Fire

First, set the fire ready. While camping, you can use either direct fire from firewood or a stove. However, you should ensure that the percolator pot is compatible with the fire type.  

Step2: Measure Water

Now, with the fire ready, it is time to add the right amount of water. Strictly, you should not exceed the pot water level. Place back the basket into its place

Step3: Add Coffee

With the basket in its place and water in the pot, you can now add the right amount of coffee into the basket.

Ideally, for every cup of water, you should add at most two teaspoons of ground coffee.

Step4: Place It On The Fire And Wait

If you are using a grill rack, you can place it on the fire and place the pot into relatively intense heat. When the water boils, reduce the heat, or take the pot aside to allow the coffee percolate slowly.

Wait for at least five to 15 minutes

Step5: Remove From The Fire And Serve

When you drink it, remove it carefully from the fire.

Discard the coffee grounds and serve it when hot.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing A Percolator?

Some of the things that you should consider to ensure that you get a tool that is worth the money are:

  • Size- The percolator’s recommendable size depends on the amount of coffee that you are likely to make it. Typically, if you are a heavy drinker, you should consider a bigger-sized percolator. 

  • Construction- percolators construction determines the power source that can be used. Standardly, they are classified into two broad categories that can be placed directly on the fire and cannot. 

  • Quality- you are not planning to purchase a percolator that will short live your expectation, right? Then check on the quality of the device. Primarily, it should be of high-strength materials to promise longevity. 

What Should You Observe To Make A Delicious Coffee From A Percolator?

Knowing what is right precedes getting it right. Some of the tips that should use to get a delicious coffee from a coffee percolator are:

  • Use the right amount of coffee

  • Never exceed the indicated water level

  • Ensure that the water boils well 

  • Use the right type of fire source for the percolator

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Drinking hot creamy looking coffee brings an indescribable good feeling. However, without the necessary knowledge, any time you go camping, it might be impossible or worse, take you ages to have your coffee ready.

But I got good news. Purchasing a coffee percolator at only a few dollars will ensure that you got your coffee ready despite your location. It is ranked as the simplest technique that will get you a tasty coffee to top it off. 

If you are a newbie, you might be wondering how to operate it. Nevertheless, I got you. Here is a detailed explanation of how to use a camping coffee percolator. Still, there are some tips to ensure that your coffee tastes like a pro. 

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