Where is a GPS Tracking Device Installed On A Car?

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Having a GPS tracker on your car is important regardless of whether it’s for insurance purposes or safety. The device enables you to keep track of the vehicle and can know its precise location. There are several reasons why you should install a GPS tracker on your car. 

Today, navigation systems and GPS are installed in cars during manufacturing. There are different types of GPS tracking devices in use. When it comes to fleet tracking you need a more comprehensive GPS device that comes with software that sends location data to a centralized software system. 

However, when it comes to installation, there are covert places that are well suited for this kind of installation. 

Where To Install a GPS Tracking Device On a Car?

There are several places you can install your GPS tracking device on a car. The best places to install the tracking device are;

  1. Obdii Port

It’s the best place to install your GPS tracking device on a car as the location ensures you never have to worry about running low on battery. The OBDII port gets power directly from the car. This location is mostly referred to as real-time GPS tracking and most drivers don’t easily see it. Besides, it’s very cost-effective. 

  1. Inside The Dashboard

You can hardwire your GPS tracking device inside the dashboard. The dashboard offers you a discrete tracking solution and most experts recommend this option as it conceals the device well. 

Your tracking device gets power supply from the vehicle too like the stereo system and it’s well concealed. Therefore, there is no hassle of taking it out to recharge before installing it again. 

  1. Under The Car

You can use a magnetic tracking device that easily sticks on the metallic part. Moreover, ensure your GPS tracking device is waterproof and if it’s not, then cover it with a waterproof casing to prevent exposure to water or snow. 

Plus, you can directly buy a GPS metallic tracker with a weatherproof metal case specifically designed for installation under the car. 

  1. Inside The Car Seats

It’s a perfect location if you want to keep your tracking device covert. You can take out the car seat seams and install the GPS tracking device then sew the seat to completely hid the device. 

You can install it along the seat sides or under the cushioning material. Installing it on the sides makes it difficult for anyone to know it’s there unless you tell. 

  1. In Front Of The Car Bumper

Rarely do people imagine there is a GPS tracking device hidden in front of your car bumper. The bumper houses all kinds of wiring for light, sensor, temperature, etc. Therefore, it’s the best place to hide the tracking device. 

Besides, it’s a location that is highly challenging and will require a trained mechanic to do it well. Moreover, your GPS tracker will have uninterrupted power as it’s connected directly to your car power supply. The installation ensures you have regular updates as long as it’s there without any issues. 

  1. Car Wheel Wells

It’s an innovative approach and nobody will think there is a GPS tracker hidden there unless you inform. You can keep your device in a tiny box or a cylinder or attach a magnetic tracking device to the metal section of the wheel well. 

  1. Rear Bumper

The real bumper has many wires just like the front bumper. Therefore, it’s easy to conceal a GPS tracker. Install your tracker alongside the wires and cables for cameras and sensors. It’s difficult for anyone to find the wire for the tracking device which makes it a safe place to conceal or install your car tracking device. 

  1. Under The Car Carpet

You can keep the tracker under the carpet between your car seats. It’s a good spot for concealing the tracking device. Alternatively, if you have a convertible car or any other with a sunroof, you can install the tracker on the sunroof.

  1. Inside The Glove Compartment

A glove compartment is a place that is easy to forget. These common places are easy to conceal something including a GPS tracker. However, it’s a tricky spot as it requires access to your car interior. If you can do that, then there is no worry. 

Take a look inside your glove compartment and check for that small device that looks like a TV remote control. Install the tracker there

How Does a GPS Tracking Device Work?

The tracker receives your GPS location signal from the satellite in real-time. It uses software that stores all your basic location information sent by the GPS tracker. You can see your location data on a monitor or other platform for viewing whenever you want to know your car location. 

Moreover, you can see your car details on the same platform after installing the tracker. Plus, users can set up related functions like fences on the same platform. 

How To Determine The Best Installation Location Of Your GPS Tracker

It’s good to know where your GPS tracking device is installed to ensure that you don’t accidentally damage the device. The tracker must be installed in a location where it can’t interfere with the satellite signal to ensure you have accurate information transmission. In case you install it outside your car, then pick a durable tracker.

How Do Fleet Management Companies Benefit From Installing Gps Tracking Devices?

The survival of any fleet management company depends on productivity. For instance, you can lose money if your employees are not productive in their working hours. However, with a GPS tracking device, you can track your fleet and know what is happening or which employees are not working. When you use the tracker time wasting will be non-existent.

The update on your fleet movement helps you decide which employees to give more perks, wages among other advantages due to their work input. 

You save money

Tracking your employee’s movement regularly helps you know who is productive.  Go ahead and notify them that all the cars have GPS tracking devices and it will have a positive impact on their overall performance as they contribute more to their work. 

Installing car trackers has a 100% boost on employee performance which increases productivity and profits. 

Improves work culture

Drivers utilize their working hours well which increases their productivity at work. To achieve this, they change their habits and focus more on their work. Therefore, installing GPS trackers indirectly pressurizes them to perform and avoid time-wasting. 

Your drivers drive carefully as they know you are monitoring them which means they don’t take alternate routes that use more gas. 

A rise in commitment and team spirit

You witness a significant rise in work commitment and team spirit as all employees pull together to achieve their goals. You get 100% which means installing a GPS tracker has a positive bearing on your goals. Besides, your overall fuel expenses go down even as dedication and commitment increase. 


Knowing where a GPS tracking device is installed on a car helps you conceal your car tracker well. S choose a location that is more secure and you can’t accidentally damage your tracking device. Car safety and the ability to monitor its movement is vital. Therefore, ensure the tracker is installed well and the work is done by an expert. You can do it yourself if you have the experience. 

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