Where To Place Air Purifier? #Tips on Safety & Efficiency Improvement.

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The next thing after ensuring you purchase a high-quality air purifier is learning where to place air purifier. That is for the mere fact that a wrongly placed air purifier reduces its efficiency of cleaning your environment. 

So Which Is The Right To Place Your Air Purifier?

That is well answered in this article. But before you get started, let me give you a hint of where to place the air purifier. It should be far from every obstacle and slightly above the ground level.

Get the finest by reading this piece. But first, what should you consider when choosing the air purifier location? 

Placing the air purifier in the right location helps increase its efficiency, resulting in higher performance and faster results. 

Which is this right place I am referring to? That can be answered by taking in some considerations when choosing the location. Below are some of the things to take into account. 

  1. Slightly elevated locations

It is not advisable to place an air purifier on the floor. Why?

Here are the reasons;

Placing an air purifier increases the tripping hazards. Needless to say, most air purifiers are quite fragile that they cannot withstand a simple fall.

To add on, slightly raising the air purifier increases floor to ceiling cleaning efficiency. I mean, it can purify both the upper and bottom part of the room efficiently.

Nonetheless, the air purifier should not be elevated beyond 5 feet from the ground. 

  1. Away from too much moisture

As much as most purifiers act as a dehumidifier, please do not use it purposely for dehumidifying functions such that you place it in quite moist rooms like in a steamy bathroom.

Advisably, keep it in a different location, which is close to the moist room.

What are the repercussions?

In an incredibly wet room, the filters absorb moisture, which significantly shortens its lifetime. 

  1. Less congested locations

The air purifier should not be placed in crowded places. 

Advisably, if the room is too congested, slightly raise the air purifier.

Also, it should not be closely facing an object on the front part of the air purifier. Let it be in a way that the face can access the entire room without any blockage.  

  1. Away from electronics

An electronic device that operates on the same wavelength with a too closely placed air purifier may result in the air purifier damage.

This is the point:

When you are purchasing an air purifier to use near an electronic field, you need to ensure that it operates at a higher wavelength than the electronic device. 

  1. Directly to the odor source

Still, you should place the air purifier directly to the source of the odor.

In other terms, placing the air purifier closer to the odor source increases its efficiency of trapping the odor particles hence assuring faster results. 

  1. Near a doorway

Placing an air purifier on a doorway to a room you need to keep purified absorbs the dirt before they get in. 

For instance, if you want to purify the air into your bedroom, you can place the air purifier on the doorway with the front side facing the direction opposite to the bedroom. Hence, any incoming dirt particles will absorb before they get to the bedroom. 

  1. Not direct or close to a source of heat

This is a critical factor, especially when placing the air purifier in the kitchen. It should not be directly from a source of heat; neither should it be too close. 

You can place the air purifier on a wall with the front side facing the room in such a situation.

  1. Keep the room size in mind

Air purifiers are constructed to cover a limited amount of space. Thus, you ensure that the room area is equivalent to the air purifier capacity.

Some Of The Places That You Can Place The Air Purifier

Additionally, below are some of the room positions where you can place the air purifier

  • Near the wall sides

  • Close to the fridge

  • Near the dresser

  • In opposite to the television location

  • On a doorway to the room with the front side opposite the room

  • For RV users, you can place it on the roof or the sides


Knowing where to place air purifier significantly increases its performance. The vice versa, despite having an air quality air purifier, wrong positioning will yield unpleasing results.

Ideally, an air purifier should be slightly raised and far from objects. Still, it should not be close to an electronic device operating on the same wavelength. 

Those are just a few of the factors to consider when figuring out where to place the air purifier. Read this piece to get the fine details.


Can I Put My Air Purifier On A Table?

To be honest, it might be right or wrong to place the air purifier on the table, depending on the table construction.

This is what I mean, if the table is slightly raised, stable, and not regularly accessed, then you can place the air purifier.

However, for tables that are regularly used, such as dining tables and study tables, they are not ideal for placing an air purifier. 

Where Should Air Purifiers Be Placed?

Ideally, an air purifier should be placed in a safe place with minimal obstructions and good airflow.

As a result, you can be assured of its safety and efficient airflow of the air purifier

Should I Place An Air Purifier High Or Low?

An air purifier should be slightly above the ground to increase ceiling-floor cleaning efficiency and reduce tripping risks. 

However, it should not be raised beyond 5 feet from the ground. 

Which Way Should An Air Purifier Face?

The front side of the air purifier should face the direction with minimal obstructions. At least it should be five steps away from any object.

Also, it should face the direction where the odor is coming from to absorb the particles quickly.

Lastly, when using an air purifier as a dirt guard from the room, it should face the direction opposite to the doorway.

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